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I used to be an ordinary person minding my own business getting into my car, going about my life in an ordinary way, not thinking of anything out of the ordinary. But then one day, I was spiritually activated, and at that point, all hell broke loose. I came to realize that everything society teaches us is completely wrong. We are living in one great big lie! Since that time I have made it my life journey to help activate the other people around me. Over time I concluded that the biggest conspiracy in our world is not about global warming, banking scams, the fake 9/11 terrorists or the suppression of free energy. As it turns out, the biggest conspiracy is the suppression of reality its self, who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Here's a few small random bits to get you started. I won't ask you to believe everything that is written. But I will ask you to please read this and spend some time thinking about it.

We are being sprayed with chemicals. Watch the sky for a few days. You will see that on some days, white

colored airplanes will fly over and cover the entire sky with artificial clouds called chemtrails. You will see the planes spraying a heavy white contrail, which then turns into a cloud that gets larger over time. This is not a contrail, it is a chemtrail. Chemtrail planes are always white colored, with very vague features and are very hard to see. There is evidence to suggest that some of these airplanes aren't planes, but are holograms. There are videos of chemtrails being formed by airplanes which appear to be invisible. Those who don't believe in Chemtrails have been affected by a form of mind control. A chemtrail discussion can determine the level of awareness of an individual.

Fluoride does not help prevent cavities, it causes death. There are no independent studies to show that it

helps the body. Every non-government funded study shows that it causes death. Fluoride is a poison, just like lead or arsenic. It was first tested on the people in Nazi concentration camps. Fluoride accumulates in the Pineal gland in the brain, causing permanent damage. The pineal gland regulates life span. If you damage the pineal gland, you reach puberty at a younger age, and you die young. The pineal gland produces DMT, and DMT allows your mind to act on a multidimensional level, to have precognition, intuition, dream recall, etc. With the consumption of fluoride, we are destroyed, physically, and spiritually. This is one of the greatest chemical conspiracies in our history.

We all have a soul, and we are reincarnated. We are all born with certain likes and dislikes which are unrelated

to our environment or our conditioning. We are born with scars, birth marks, pains and allergies that have no biological explanation. This occurs because our consciousness affects our DNA and manifests the same physical problems lifetime after lifetime, until we correct our thinking. Sometimes we are even born with the wrong physical gender, one that does not match our inner personality. Why do you think this is? Contrary to the shallow spiritual teachings present in the world today, there is a science to reincarnation, and it is possible to destroy a soul so it cannot be reincarnated. Not everyone goes on forever, and it is possible to be fragmented. Things such as nuclear war, or time travel experiments can damage the soul energy. The next time you you wonder what makes you separate from everyone else, try to consider the fact that you have a soul. This is a fact, now proven by science. Search George Green on YouTube or read Dolores Cannon's amazing books.

Aliens actually control our planet. This is by far the most important thing to understand, and yet it is the most

difficult thing to understand. The reason it is so hard to understand is because we are hypnotized using mind control through electronic warfare with subliminal messages and frequency modulation, all of which prevents us from having any logical thoughts about aliens. Humans are living on the planet, but the planet is really controlled by ET's. The DraconianReptilian and Zeta-Grey ET's are part of an evil faction trying to gain control over the entire Human race. The Illuminati Humans on Earth work with the ET's, but the Illuminati themselves have special genetics and aren't really the same as ordinary Humans. For all intents and purposes, all of the people running the Earth are aliens. It is important to realize that the problems on Earth are not caused by Human citizens. The technology and the processes used to control Humans on Earth is derived directly from ET's. The Illuminati and evil ET agenda on Earth involves wiping out a large portion of the population, while reducing our genetics so we will never evolve. If this is allowed to happen, our Human race will eventually become extinct. The plan has been going on for thousands of years, and will be finalized very soon, unless we can stop it. The first step is to avoid being brain washed. And that is why I am giving you this flier. If enough people can avoid being brain washed, none of their plans can work. Then we can continue to evolve and thrive as a race. The ET's that are controlling us can only control us if we don't know they are there. Truth will indeed set us free. It is absolutely vital that we acknowledge what is really going on in the world. Please print this flier, pass it on to everyone you can. Your physical effort really is needed. Let us try to do whatever we can to wake people up. The Human race depends on it. Research the following websites, authors and speakers for more information. Do not be afraid to ask for help. There are ET races and angelic beings who wish to help us. Your prayers are always heard.




Robert O. Dean, George Green, Barbara Marciniak, Dolores Cannon, Ashayana Deane, Randolph Winters, Steven M. Greer, Clifford Stone, David Icke, Alex Jones, Alex Collier, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Jim Marrs, Philip J. Corso, Charles James Hall, Miriam Delicado, Barry King, Philip Schneider, Bob Lazar, Stanley Meyer, Len Horowitz, Stephen Bassett


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