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From the MO's desk


The Vigilance Awareness

Week is being celebrated

from 3rd- 7th

November, 2008 as per the directives of Central Vigilance Commission. I am happy to note that Vigilance Department is organizing various activities to promote awareness about the benefits of honesty and

integrity not only through participative programmes for our employees but also involving young minds from the schools in Gurgaon. I request all our employees to take full advantage of the activities being held during this week and to take the flag of our organisation higher and higher in business ethics. With best wishes,

v. K. From the evo's desk .


RITES Limited, one of the largest public sector infrastructure consultancy companies in India, has operations in India & abroad and a strong network of offices across the country. RITES is one of the first few public sector companies who have leveraged technology to become more efficient, reduce costs and achieve greater customer satisfaction. It is the first Public Sector Consultancy Company to be awarded ISO 9001. Leveraging technology has also helped RITES to have an efficient risk mitigation system in place and also to develop a response plan that helps repair any kind of damage caused by irresponsible acts, if any. Vigilance function in RITES is an integral part of management. The department functions with the

concept of "Vigilance for Excellence". Adopting an approach of "Preventive Vigilance", our constant endeavor is to promote improvement in systems, processes and practices. It believes that with best practices, adequate controls and transparency in place, decisions taken will be professionally efficient, effective and consistent, leading to corporate excellence. RITES aim is to sensitize each and every employee to this concept and the rules/regulations of vigilance, so that their thoughts and actions are in unison with the companies aims, objectives & policies. The Vigilance department in RITES, has the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), at it's helm, assisted by AGM (Vigilance) and his team at the corporate level, along with teams at Delhi & Gurgaon. The CVO, on the basis of the investigations carried out, provides advice to the management to bring about qualitative improvement in the functioning of the

company. CVO also acts as a link between the company and the agencies like CVC, CBI, Railway Board Vigilance etc. on vigilance matters and also for sharing of the qualitative initiatives suggested and implemented in the company. The major work profile of the department comprises investigation of complaints received from Railway Board Vigilance, CBI, CVC, RITES Management, individuals and other sources. Preventive vigilance like surprise inspections, regular surveillance/ scrutiny of contract files and CTE's intensive examination reports, scrutiny of property returns of employees and coordination with sister agencies. Vigilance is a friend for the right intentioned. It is a management instrument to achieve organizational objectives which in turn is of value to every employee of ours. The overall integrity perception of RITES is highly satisfactory. This should add to our self esteem and motivate us to work together to attain zero tolerance level. Vipin Saxena

Lighter side of Vigilance


Tips for efficient tendering

1) 2) 3) 4) Prepare a realistic cost estimate before 7) Option of tender to be submitted by all approval of NIT. Give wide publicity & print media. NIT to be issued in advance ofthe date of sale of tender Complete tender document (including drawings) to be uploaded on web & option of downloadingto 5) Corrigendum, be given. if any, including extension of to NIT through web site 8) 9) available options including hand etc. post! courier/ by

Opening oftender in presence of bidders. Check credentials of bidders with back in reference to issuing office.

10) Finalisation Guidelines 11) Issue immediately letter

of tender of

as per datelines Management. award

on Construction i ntent/


on (;lcceptance of tender.

date of submission to be available for public immediately on approval, forthe last date. . 6) without waiting

12) Post the LOll award letter by all modes at the contact details indicated in bidder's offer. -Rajesh Aggarwal, AGM (Vigilance)

Option of tender to be issued by all modes including post! courier/ downloading.

Public Interest Disclosure

Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) IS the

should be superscribed "Complaint under the Public Interest Disclosure". iii)The complainant should give his/her name and address in the beginning or at the end of the complaint or in an attached letter. iv) Anonymous/ pseudonymous complaints will not be entertained. v) The text ofthe complaint should be carefully drafted so as not to give any detail or clue as to his/her identity. However, the details of the complaint should be specific and verifiable. 3) In order to protect the identity of the person, the Commission will not issue any acknowledgement and the whistle blower is advised not to enter into any further correspondence with the commission in his/her own interest. 4) Motivated/ vexatious complaints are liable for action against complainants for any complaint made under this Resolution. -Sudhir Hari, Manager (Vigilance)

'Designated Agency' to receive written complaints for disclosure on any allegation of corruption to or or misuse of office and recommend appropriate action. The jurisdiction any employee would be restricted Government of the Central

any Corporation established by or under any Central Act, Government Companies, Societies or Local Authorities owned the Central Government. or controlled by

2) In this regard, the Commission,

which will

accept such complaints; has the responsibility of keeping the identity of complainant secret. Hence, it is informed to the general public that any complaint, which is to be made under this resolution should following aspects, i) envelope. ii) The envelope should be addressed to Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission and comply with the

The complaint should be in a closed/secured

Case study


A Purchase order was issued by Railway for The same was rejected as ERW pipe was supplied instead of Seamless pipe required as per purchase order. In cases if the applicable for more material than indicated drawing gives option to be used, the only be one material

supply of seamless

pipes as per drawing.

drawing indicated in the purchase order gave material as ERW welded pipe. The drawing also indicated optional material as Seamless pipe which was required in the purchase order. The inspection was carried out & the Inspecting Engineer got the testing done for ERW pipe & accepted the same, as ERW pipe was also indicated in the drawing. On receipt of material at the consIgnee end, the

in the PO should

supplied & not the alternate material(s) given in the drawing. In case nothing is given, it is advisable to call for clarification from the purchaser to avoid rejection at a later stage.

-Sudhir Hari, Manager (Vigilance)

Regional Project office

Regional building. Vigilance tendering Project office was awarded construction of The work was under progress & RITES/ did an audit check of the work including process. were detected during the

Following anomalies inspection: I)

Work was awarded to the contractor before receipt of administrative sanction of the appropriate amount from the client. However, the initial sanction of a lesser amount was available. Site in-charges, should take adequate steps to checks during the stages of execution of the project, so as to avoid mistakes leading to recoveries/ rework. CTE/ CVC during one of the cases have commented that pre-check and prevention, and not recovery, is the solution to the defect. -Rajesh Aggarwal, AGM (Vigilance)

2) Inspection of site - The color code of electrical wiring done was not as per IS specifications. At places green color wire was used for phase supply & red color wire was used for return current (neutral), blue color wire was used for earth. 3) Door frame used in the project was not as per BOQ. Profile "B" was required to be fitted, instead ofthis profile "A" has been used.

"Heaven is above all yet; there sits a judge, that no king can corrupt. "

- William Shakespeare

"It is better to deserve and not have rather than to have and not deserve. " "We are what l't.'e because of the caliber of the ethical and intellectual are equipment in us. "

Activities during Vigilance week

1) 2) Oath ceremony on Vigilance Awareness Debate by school children Topic "Who Succeeds - Honest or Corrupt Person?" 3) 4) Essay competition among RITES employees on Vigilance Awareness "Ethics & Business", MDs' award for the best suggestion for "System improvement in eliminating corruption" .





Registered office: RITES Limited, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110092 Vigilance Cell Ph. 011 22024662,22024663, Fax 011 22024688,01242571660, 01242571666,

E Mail [email protected]


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