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How to communicate between Allen Bradley and Siemens on PROFIBUS

Allen Bradley and Siemens are both DP master on the PROFIBUS network

Use a SIMATIC DP/DP Coupler to link both master together. The DP/DP coupler provides 2 independent slave devices in one housing. Each slave can have 244 byte input and 244 byte output data. So both master can exchange the maximum possible user data on PROFIBUS via the DP/DP coupler. Configuration of the DP/DP coupler is done with STEP7 (for the SIMATIC S7), COM PROFIBUS or with a 3rd party configuration tool via GSD file. The GSD file comes together with the coupler. If you do not get the file, please logon to and download the file

Allen Bradley as DP slave and Siemens as DP master on the PROFIBUS network

Within Siemens, you can select, depending on the customer needs, a lot of diffe rent controller that support DP master functionality: · · · SIMATIC C/7 S7-300 / S7-400 - CPU with integrated interface or via PROFIBUS CP card Win AC as Soft-PLC with CP5613/5611 or Win AC Slot-PLC PC with CP5613 or CP5611 and SoftNet-DP

Now the Allen Bradley PLC does not need to be the DP master anymore. It can be a DP Slave on a PROFIBUS See the latest product announcement from Woodhead/SST

Allen Bradley as DP master and Siemens as DP slave on the PROFIBUS network

The Allen Bradley PLC requires a DP master interface that is provided by Woodhead/SST

Programmable Controller Communicates with

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Allen-Bradley PLC -5 GE Fanuc Series 90-70 Honeywell PlantScape Reliance AutoMax Profibus AS-Interface Profibus (scanner) Profibus (adapter) Profibus Profibus Profibus Profibus

SST PLC Network Module Part Number


Siemens provides a lot of possibilities to set-up the SIMATIC S7 as a PROFIBUS slave · · · · · SIMATIC S7 ­300 and S7-400 CPUs which can be DP slave SIMATIC C7 has also DP slave capabilities CP342-5 for the S7-300 EM277 for the S7-200 PC with CP5611 and SoftNet DP Slave

SIEMENS ET200 distributed I/O devices with CPU functionality · ET200S /CPU · ET200X /CPU

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