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DESCRIPTION: Supplier Quality Expectations TITLE: EC00002 DATE: 10-02-2011 VER: 08 Page 1 of 8


Raytheon Microelectronics España, S.A. (Raytheon Spain) has a commitment to Excellence as the joint of exceeding our customers' expectations. We must provide our customers with products that are competitive in cost, that possess outstanding quality as well as unsurpassed service. What does Raytheon Spain expect from our suppliers? In direct support of Raytheon Spain's commitment to excellence, it is expected that our suppliers work towards exceeding our expectations and requirements. This must be demonstrated through zero incidents, zero disruptions, providing products with zero defects, flawless delivery performance and on time responsiveness to issues. Suppliers must have a philosophy of total quality commitment, with subsequent planning and actions that drive to perfection.

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Quality System Requirements

Unless otherwise specified, suppliers must have their Quality System certified under ISO 9001:2008 by a recognized third party certification body. Current certificate must be available for review. In addition, those suppliers of components for automotive products must promote the development of their quality management system in order to meet ISO/TS 16949:2002 requirements. The certification must be conducted in compliance with the IATF automotive certification scheme. Current certificate must be available for review. Whenever requested, the supplier must comply with standards AS 9100 and AQAP 2120.


Advanced Product Planning

Suppliers are required to conduct documented Advanced Product Planning activities on all new products and major re-designs of existing custom (Raytheon Spain or Raytheon Spain's customer design) products. The following are minimum Raytheon Spain requirements at every stage: Prior to First Shipment · · · Supplier Assessment (for new suppliers). If required, provide and maintain Process Control Plan(s); in case of products under AS 9100 or AQAP 2120 standards, it is required a quality and a configuration plans. Complete Raytheon Spain Production Part Approval requirements, prior to shipments of initial production; in case of products under AS 9100 and AQAP 2120 standards, it is required to comply with the First Article Inspection.

On Production Stage · · · Drawing and Engineering change monitoring. Respond to Raytheon Spain claims according to "Corrective Actions Procedure". Notified specification deviation for Raytheon Spain approval (deviations).


Production Part Approval / First Article Inspection (FAI) (for AS 9100, AQAP 2120)

The purpose of Production Part Approval / FAI is to determine if all drawings/specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier and if the process has the potential to meet these requirements during production run at the quoted production rate. This procedure applies to custom (under drawing specification) products. Sample approval / FAI will be required whenever one or more of the following conditions occur: · · · · · · · First production. New tooling is made. Modifications are made to existing tooling. Existing tools are moved to a new manufacturing location. A significant change is made to the manufacturing process. A new sub-supplier or outside processes is introduced. A tool has been out of production for more than 12 months.

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All samples are to be manufactured using production tooling and processes. When tooling containing duplicate fixtures or multiple cavities moulds, dimensionally inspected parts from each must be submitted. Each sample submission shall be packaged separately and identified as "Sample Submission for Production Approval / FAI". Submission must include completion of all Raytheon Spain required documentation; in case of products under AS 9100, AS 9102 standard will be followed for submitting the FAI documentation, unless otherwise specified. No product will be shipped until samples / FAI are approved by Raytheon Spain in writing form. Once the Approval has been granted, any deviation from the original master sample is unacceptable. It will be the supplier's responsibility to notify Raytheon Spain of any changes for its approval or of any request of new units for the Approval / FAI.


Drawing and Engineering Change Control

It is the supplier's responsibility to procure material that meets all engineering drawings and specifications supplied by either Raytheon Spain or our customer. In order to maintain these quality expectations, the supplier shall establish and maintain a system to assure that only the latest applicable drawings and specifications are used. Raytheon Spain will send new drawings and proposed changes to the supplier. Any changes including but not limited to process, design, component, packaging, component suppliers, or facilities, must be communicated to and receive written authorization from Raytheon Spain prior to implementation. In case of components manufactured under AS 9100 or AQAP 2120 standards, change management must be included in the configuration management plan.


Corrective Action Procedure

Suppliers will have a corrective action procedure in place that responds to complaints received from Raytheon Spain. To assure timely resolution of nonconformance issues, supplier shall identify root causes and implement permanent corrections in order to protect Raytheon Spain or Raytheon Spain's customers from receiving any defective material. When Raytheon Spain has discovered nonconforming material and supplier responsibility has been verified through proper analysis, Raytheon Spain will issue a Problem Report and Resolution form (PRR) to document pertinent problem information. Supplier will be required to submit a corrective action report. This report will be prepared utilizing the supplier response section of the PRR form and will be sent to Raytheon Spain. The initial response must be due in 24 hours and it is designed to document initial supplier actions to identify, contain, and isolate the problem. The final response with verified root cause, effective corrective actions, disposition of nonconforming material on hand and dates corrected shipments, must be due within 10 working days.. Repeat PRR's of the same problem, lack of response to a PRR or resolving the issue is not acceptable. It is expected that suppliers work towards reducing their number of PRR's over time. Supplier has financial responsibilities for nonconforming material and their effects, which may include warranty issues and cost recovering for sorting, re-work, scrap, premium transportation and other types of charges.

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Request for Temporary Deviation

In certain instances, material that does not conform to all specifications may be fit for use if the nature of the nonconformity will not impact the fit, function or appearance of the final product. Supplier may submit a request for approval to use such material by requesting a Temporary Deviation Authorization. In all instances, a written corrective action plan must be prepared and attached to the request, describing steps taken to prevent a recurrence of the deviated condition. If the deviation is approved, deviated material and accompanying shipping documents must be positively identified with the deviation number prior to shipment from the supplier. Supplier must be made aware that it will be expected to pay any cost incurred by Raytheon Spain due to special processing, handling, or customer penalties caused by the use of material covered by any deviation.


Right of access

Supplier must allow Raytheon Spain, their customers and regulatory authorities to access to all the facilities involved in the purchase order, and to all the applicable records.



Supplier working at the same time with sub-suppliers must ensure that the latter have all the documentation provided with the purchase order, including this document EC00002. Key features control shall be included in this documentation, whenever applicable.


Supplier Performance Surveillance

The purpose of the supplier performance monitoring is to provide a means of evaluating each supplier. The following will be evaluated: · · · · · · · · Quality of delivered product. Performance of delivery schedule. Extra freight charge incidents. Disruptions for the customer due to nonconforming material or delivery delays. Market returns. Customer notifications about quality. Customer notifications about deliveries. Possible improvements, which will be notified to supplier.

10. Controlled Shipping

Controlled shipping is a request demanded by Raytheon Spain for a supplier to put in place an additional (to normal controls) inspection process to sort for nonconforming material, while implementing root-cause analysis and corrective actions. The following will be considered by Raytheon Spain for determining the need for controlled shipping: · Repeat PRR's.

DESCRIPTION: Supplier Quality Expectations TITLE: EC00002 DATE: 10-02-2011 VER: 08 Page 5 of 8

· · · ·

Duration and severity of the problem. Incapable processes. Inadequate resolution of non-conformances from customer claims. Production disruptions due to nonconforming material.

When Raytheon Spain decides Supplier Controlled Shipping, written communication defining the problem, the expectations of containment and irreversible corrective action and the exit criteria will issue to the supplier. Supplier responsibilities: · · · · · Return controlled shipping confirmation reply letter. Immediately establish an additional inspection activity over and above the current process controls. Commence the sort activities and record the results to communicate to Raytheon Spain with a frequency agreed. Establish appropriate identification to indicate controlled shipping status on outgoing material. Meet the defined exit criteria and submit a request to exit from controlled shipping including the appropriate data and documentation to show that the corrective actions are effective.

Raytheon Spain will evaluate if the exit criteria have been met and will provide a written response to the supplier. If the supplier is unable to meet the exit criteria or the suppliers' containment plan is not effective, then the containment continues. Exit Criteria: The exit criteria will include clear and measurable elements, which will be specific and relevant to the nonconformance issues to be addressed: · · The containment activity continues for a period of thirty production days after implementation and verification of corrective actions. Data from the containment activity demonstrating that the revised production controls are effective. implemented and validated.

· Documentation showing the root cause was identified and verified and that corrective actions were

11. Packaging and Labelling Instructions

The supplier's packaging system must ensure part integrity during transportation and subsequent handling and storage through point of use. The overall responsibility for the design of the packaging system and the quality of the parts remains with the supplier. The product must be properly oriented for part presentation to the operator. All the material shipped by Distributor or Agent must be in addition labelled with the original Manufacturer label.

12. Component manufacturing Data Code

· For electronic components, manufacturing data code shall not exceed two (2) years.

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· ·

For printed circuit boards, manufacturing data code will be in compliance with the IPC-7351A standard, Table 3-25, not being accepted boards with an expiry date lower than 75%. For perishable material, products with an expiry date lower than 75% will not be accepted.

13. CoC (Certificate of Conformance)

All the components under military standard, or those customized and under AS 9100 or AQAP 2120, must be accompanied by a CoC.

14. Components finishing in ­LF

All components finishing in ­LF, must comply with the European Directive 2002/9E/EC (RoHS).

15. Control of records

Suppliers of custom parts (under custom specification), must keep for a minimum period of time of 5 years (otherwise specified in the purchase order), all records generated in manufacturing. For custom parts under standard AS 9100 and AQAP 2120, those records are: training, validation and maintenance of tooling, FAI, calibration/verification of measuring devices, inspection results in manufacturing, tests results, risk analysis, CoC of raw material. For other parts, it will be specified in the purchase order. As stated in paragraph 7, those records must be accessible to Raytheon Spain, Raytheon Spain customers and the statutory authorities, whenever needed.

16. Specialty Metals

If specified in the purchase order, suppliers must comply with federal laws and regulations (DFARS 252.225-7014) of the Department of Defense of the United States (DoD), regarding the source of specialty metals. Specialty Metals include certain steels, including most stainless steels, and other metal alloys. Subject to certain exceptions, specialty metals contained in items, must have been melted or produced in the United States or its outlying areas. More information in the following web page:

17. QNotes Raytheon

For all those purchase orders that Raytheon Quality is included you Notice (RQN), the suppliers should fulfill the requirements of this notes. The definitions of these notes can be consulted in the following page web:

When a discrepancy exists between the information of "QNOTES" and the sections previous of this document, the requirements of QNOTES will prevail.

DESCRIPTION: Supplier Quality Expectations TITLE: EC00002 DATE: 10-02-2011 VER: 08 Page 7 of 8

18. Tin Whisker

Otherwise specified in the purchase order, all purchase orders that include components for Raytheon´s Programs, suppliers should fulfill the requirements of following note, in accordance with Raytheon "Tin Whisker" mitigation program: "Raytheon has a Tin Whisker mitigation program. The bidder is requested to identify any components that have solder terminations which are pure Tin or Tin immersion and quote alternative part with a finish of no less than 3% lead (Pb) composition if Tin (Sn) is present in the product."

19. AQAP 2120

For those products were AQAP 2120 is a requirement, Raytheon Spain shall insert the following in all purchasing documents: "All requirements of this contract may be subject to Government Quality Assurance. You will be notified of any Government Quality Assurance activity to be performed." The Supplier shall flow down the applicable contractual requirements to Subsuppliers by referencing the stated contractual requirement, including relevant AQAP(s).

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