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Eaton® Aftermarket Products Reman® Transmissions

The Eaton® Fuller® RemanTM Transmission when an ordinary rebuilt just won't do.

· The choice is yours. You can settle for an ordinary rebuilt when that's all you need. Or you can get the quality and long-haul dependability of the next best thing to a new transmission; Eaton® Fuller® RemanTM. Every Reman comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labour, including R&R, that's fully transferable and good throughout Australasia. *Conditions apply. Eaton technology is used to expertly remanufacture and performance-test every single unit at our specialised Eaton Fuller Reman Centre. All models contain the latest engineering upgrades. Get all the genuine Reman exclusives no rebuilt can match. The assurance of Eaton quality, dependability and durability. Don't settle for less. Comprehensive Roadranger service support. The best in the business.

Contact your nearest franchised truck dealer or authorised outlet for fast supply and fitting.




Now available, the Range and the Stock

· · Latest technology, Australasian specs. Performance bearings in all critical areas for quiet, smooth operation.


Note: See back for model and part number listing.


*Labour payable only when fitted by a dealer or an authorised outlet.

Eaton® Fuller® RemanTM Transmissions

Eaton Fuller Reman Transmissions are available for the most popular models. Ask your Truck dealer for competitive pricing. Reman's are available ex stock from your dealer or a ship direct can be arranged from your closest Eaton Facility. Call your heavy truck dealer for pricing and availability or Eaton for more detailed information. Popular Models

MODEL RTO 11613A RTO 14613A RTO 14915 RTO 16915 RTLO 14913A RTLO 16913A RTLO 14918B RTLO 16618A RTLO 16918B RTLO 18918B RTLO 20918B RTLO 22918B PART NUMBER REM11613 REM14613 REM14915 REM16915 REM14913 REM16913 REM14918 REM16618 REM16918 REM18918 REM20918 REM22918 OPTIONS F F F F, N F, N F, N F, N F, N F, N F, N F, N F, N

Check with Eaton for availability of any model not listed. Part Number Explanation






Base Transmission Model

Direct Drive

Standard entry Lid Forward entry Lid Standard entry Lid Forward entry Lid & & & &

Forward Entry Lid

Nodal Mount CH


REM20918B REM20918BF REM20918BN REM20918BFN = = = = RTLO20918B RTLOF20918B RTLO20918B RTLOF20918B with with with with No. 1 Iron Clutch Housing (non-Nodal) No. 1 iron Clutch Housing (non-Nodal) No. 1 Iron Nodal Clutch Housing No. 1 Iron Nodal Clutch Housing


· Eaton Reman Transmission part numbers are all prefixed with REM. · The models are overdrive unless suffixed with the letter "D". · When ordering, be aware of the options, standard or forward entry lid, and standard or nodal mount clutch housing. · Reman transmissions are fitted with 2 inch (50mm) pull type input shaft, grey iron clutch housing, 16 tooth speedo rotor and 1810 output yoke. They do not contain loose parts such as shift knob, reverse light or neutral start switches.

For further information contact Eaton

MELBOURNE Tel: (03) 9751 8800 Fax: (03) 9728 3377 APML 0001 (8/05)

APML 0001/1

SYDNEY Tel: (02) 9671 0666 Fax: (02) 9671 0676 BRISBANE Tel: (07) 3712 6700 Fax: (07) 3272 2526 NEW ZEALAND Tel: +64 9 576 9089 Fax: +64 9 576 5865

The Roadranger® System is an unbeatable combination of the best products from Eaton and Dana, partnering to provide you with the most advanced, most trouble-free drivetrain in the industry. And it's backed by the Roadrangers ­ the most experienced, most expert, most accessible drivetrain consultants in the business


Eaton Roadranger 24293.indd

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