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NomadISP 3100 N. Lake Harbor Lane, Suite 116 Boise, ID 83703 Phone: 208-342-1789 ext. 203 Email: [email protected] Web Site: StarBand Communications Inc. Tracy Niess 1750 Old Meadow Road McLean, VA 22102 703-245-6477 [email protected]

NomadISP and StarBand Announce `Anywhere Hotspots' Wi-Fi Partnership

StarBand Dealer Network to Begin Selling StarBand Powered NomadISP Wi-Fi Hot Spot Services

Boise, Idaho ­ January 7, 2004 ­ NomadISP, a division of LinOra Corporation, and StarBand Communications Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to provide NomadISP's AH-1 `Anywhere Hotspot' product through StarBand's dealer network. The partnership enables the creation of StarBand powered 802.11 Wi-Fi hotspots to locations throughout North America in areas such as campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, Truck Stops, and other areas traditionally lacking affordable high-speed Internet access. "The AH-1 Anywhere Hotspot product is a turnkey solution providing pay-per-use and monthly hotspot access through the connectivity provided by the new StarBand 481 satellite Internet service. Combining the AH-1 Anywhere Hotspot product with the talented and extensive dealer network of StarBand, creates an effective solution to service areas that have been unable to deploy Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and opens a complete new market to existing StarBand dealers," states Kelly Hogan, CEO and founder of NomadISP. "Demand for a turnkey Wi-Fi Hotspot service from our dealers has been great," said StarBand Sales and Marketing Vice President Howard Lossing. "Working with NomadISP and our network of independent StarBand Dealers to provide the `Anywhere Hotspot' service is just another way we are helping provide high-speed Internet to the tens of millions of people in this country without DSL or Cable broadband access." "Most traveling people today depend upon access to reliable, high-speed Internet access regardless of where they are. The market for Wi-Fi hotspots has been traditionally focused around major metropolitan areas, whereas now consumers can expect to have the same access and quality within their favorite recreational area," stated Hogan. More information on the service can be obtained at or email [email protected]

About NomadISP:

NomadISP is a systems integration ISP marketing directly to businesses with challenging ISP requirements. They specialize in Satellite connectivity, 802.11 Wi-Fi hotspots, and offer their products to remote housing areas, campgrounds, RV Parks, Marinas, and Truck stops. They are headquartered in Boise Idaho, with offices in Portland and Medford OR.

About StarBand Communications:

StarBand Communications Inc., headquartered in McLean, Virginia, is America's first nationwide provider of two-way, always-on, high-speed Internet access via satellite to residential and small office customers. In 2003, StarBand introduced its fourth generation satellite modem, the StarBand 480 Pro, a professionalstrength, network-ready and business-grade modem delivering high speed connectivity and instant networking capability. StarBand followed this launch with the announcement of StarBand 481 Telecommuter and Wi-Fi services. StarBand Residential service offers price plans with monthly fees as low as $39.99. StarBand's network comprises customers and service in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Visit StarBand at StarBand is a registered trademark of StarBand Communications Inc.


NomadISP's AH-1 `Anywhere Hotspot' Service powered by StarBand

Now, Both StarBand Dealers and Their Customers Can Profit from Wi-Fi Hotspots!

StarBand and NomadISP partnered together to provide StarBand Dealers with a new Wi-Fi Hotspot service paying StarBand Dealers our highest commissions to date. Additionally, the Dealer's customer is able to re-sell the StarBand service on a pay-per-use basis to their clients making this a win-win for both the Dealer and the Dealer's customer. Wi-Fi hotspot services are a fast growing business segment. For owners of campgrounds, marinas, truck stops, and other locations with frequent short-term visitors, providing high-speed Internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot is a competitive advantage and increasingly an expectation of campers, truckers, etc. Many will only visit locations with Wi-Fi access and are willing to pay for the service. In Spring 2004, StarBand Dealers will be able to sell NomadISP's AH-1 `Anywhere Hotspot' Wi-Fi service powered by the new StarBand 481 hardware. Dealers should sell this turnkey hardware package to owners of campgrounds, marinas, truck stops, cafes, and other locations visited by people seeking Wi-Fi enabled Internet access.

Program Overview:

StarBand Dealers must first successfully complete the NomadISP Wi-Fi hotspot installation certification program StarBand Dealers purchase the turnkey package from StarBand PartnerPlace for sale to campgrounds, marinas, truck stops, or other commercial locations seeking to provide a for-fee Wi-Fi service to their clientele. The Dealer receives the StarBand 481 hardware from StarBand and the AH-1 `Anywhere Hotspot' hardware from NomadISP. Following installation and account activation, the Dealer's customer logs onto the NomadISP Account Creation and Management site to set pricing and other service rules. The Dealer's customer pays StarBand for the service; NomadISP pays the Dealer's customer up to 60% commission on the service usage. The Dealer earns standard Dealer Direct commissions and an additional commission from NomadISP each time the service is subscribed to by a client of the Dealer's customer. Training website: - available Spring 2004 PartnerPlace website: - available March 2004 Hardware will cost $1,995. Shipping will take two to three weeks Account Management demo website: Two monthly price plans: 12-Mo. Term: $189.99; Month-to-month: $289.99 Up to 20% of monthly fees from StarBand and $0.25/user from NomadISP

Great for Dealers and Great for Customers:

Dealers can make over $450 per year in StarBand commissions with this service and up to an additional $450 from NomadISP if the service is used by as few as five people per day. A campground offering this service with usage by as few as two campers per day can easily recover the monthly StarBand service fees based on the generous revenue-share program administered by NomadISP. Better yet, with as few as five campers per day paying ~$7/day for usage, the campground would earn up to $600 in commissions from Nomad - more than three times the cost for the StarBand monthly service.

How Wi-Fi Hotspots Work:

As shown on the right, the NomadISP hardware is easily mounted in proximity to the StarBand dish. The tall antenna shown on the right-hand side of the picture transmits a Wi-Fi signal across a 1,500 foot radius within which customers with a Wi-Fi enabled computer could elect to purchase high-speed Internet connectivity. NomadISP also sells `signal repeaters' for customers wishing to expand the Wi-Fi coverage area. NomadISP takes care of billing and customer service needs of the end-users. The Dealer's job is to sell and install the system and wait for the commission checks from both StarBand and NomadISP!

Ready to learn more?

Call NomadISP at 877-254-6672 or StarBand Dealer Support at 888-424-4121.

StarBand is a registered trademark and the StarBand logo is a trademark of StarBand Communications Inc.



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