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My name is Rocco Muscedere Sales Representative for Regency Realty Limited, I want to share with you a little information about myself. I started selling real estate in 2004 and I have set forward certain goals in my chosen field. First and foremost; all my client's best interest are held close at heart and "It is not just about getting the sale" because I will advise and give my professional opinion everytime. I am a strong negotiator for my clients. I have over 25 years of construction and building experience. Being a home builder, foreman for a major Windsor Developer as well as owing a flooring business, it is a tremendous asset as I am able to help buyers and sellers with this indepth knowledge that will put them at ease. I have made a committment to myself as well as all my client and perspective clients that I will always be, available for them, returning their calls, meeting with them or giving advice. My clients will not have to wait hours or days to speak or meet with me. I am fluent in Italian, making it easier and more comfortable for those in the Italian community. "Per tutti amici Italiani, se avete bisogno d`aiuto a comprare oppure di vendere, sono a vostro servizio."

Rocco Muscedere


519-734-5656 (Office) Rocco Muscedere - Sales Representative 519-999-0240 (Cell)


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