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White Wines

1 SOAVE CLASSICO D.O.C. (12%), Domini Veneti, Veneto (250ml) Grape Variety: 80% GARGANEGA, 20% TREBBIANO di SOAVE Traditional wine making with soft pressing and skinless fermentation, straw yellow colour, the palate is zesty and harmonious taking you through to along finish with plenty of elegance. NORMANNO BIANCO SICILIA I.G.T. (12.5%), Rallo, Sicilia Grape Variety: INZOLIA, CATARATTO A blend of local grape varieties, predominantly Inzolia and Cataratto Normanno Bianco shows good aromas and an attractively silky texture. BIANCHELLO METAURO D.O.C. (12.50%), Colonnara, Marche Grape Variety: 100% BIANCHELLO Pale straw colour with green hues. Bouquet recalls fresh fruit and white flowers. Dry, very fresh and harmonious. LA CALA VERMENTINO DI SARDEGNA D.O.C. (12%), Sella & Mosca, Sardegna Grape Variety: 100% VERMENTINO Light straw with green tinges. Intense and complex bouquet. A light structure, fruity and mellow, harmoniously soft. SAN MARCO I.G.T (12.5%), Scialleti, Abruzzo Grape Variety:: Chardonnay, Malvasia, Passerina and Trebbiano. Bright yellow verging on golden, dry rich pleasant strong and velvety. Of noble quality. PINOT GRIGIO DELLA VALDADIGE D.O.C. (12%), Santa Margherita, Trentino Grape Variety: 100% PINOT GRIGIO Dry, full bodied but crisp and firm in structure, with an intense & typical aroma. Pinot Grigio is considered worldwide one of the classic Italian white wines. VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO D.O.C.G. (12.5%), Casa Vinicola Bruni, Toscana Grape Variety: 100% VERNACCIA Pale golden colour, fresh, smooth, dry and agreeably rounded. A fine, elegant wine. LA MERLINA GAVI DI GAVI D.O.C.G. (12.5%), Gemme Fausto, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% CORTESE Refined but intense, tangy dry white with an intriguing hint of lime. CHARDONNAY D.O.C. (12.5%), Pitars, Friuli Grape Variety: 100% CHARDONNAY Fine, elegant, valuable, lightbodied. The bouquet reminds to fragrances of apple and crust of bread. Taste is charming, fine and soft, with apple and acacia hints.









10 SAUVIGNON D.O.C. (12.50%), Pitars, Friuli Grape Variety: 100% SAUVIGNON Pale yellow with intense aroma of Iychee, yellow bell pepper, tropical fruits. Aromatic and long on the palate, good acidity, slightly dry, an historic wine of real character. 11 GRECHETTO DEL UMBRIA I.G.T (12.5%), Bigi, Umbria Grape Variety: 100% GRECHETTO Bright, pale yellow colour with golden tints fine elegant bouquet with a marked fragrance of exotic fruits and apricots well balanced, fresh velvety flavour with a clean and pleasant palate, slightly bitter aftertaste of peach kernels. 12 LUGANA COSTARIPA D.O.C. (12.5%), Costaripa, Lombardia Grape Variety: 100% TREBBIANO DI LUGANA Pale yellow with green highlights. On the nose fragrant with delicate notes of apple. Elegant, full and fine intensity. The taste subtle full bodied, almost crisp agreeable good flavour and excellent freshness. 13 CRITONE BIANCO DELLA VAL DI NETO I.G.T. (13.00%), Librandi Grape Variety: 90% CHARDONNAY, 10% SAUVIGNON It has clean, varietal perfumes with its elegance and finesse and good structure. It is an excellent wine. 14 CANTEIO' ROERO ARNEIS D.O.C.G. (13.00%), Enrico Serafino, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% ARNEIS Straw yellow with greenish Highlights. Complex, longlingering bouquet of fruit and flowers laced with notes of citrus. Dry and freshtasting on the palate, which reveals minerality and good structure. 15 PINOT BIANCO ALTO ADIGE D.O.C. (12.5%) Kettmeir, Trentino Grape Variety: 100% PINOT BIANCO Straw yellow with green reflections, this Pinot Bianco is without doubt one of the true wonders of Terlano. Of rare rich nest and balance witch nears perfection. A splendid wine on the palate with an absolutely exceptional finish.

Red Wines

16 VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO SUPERIORE D.O.C. (250ml) (12.5%), Domini Veneti, Veneto Grape Variety: 65% CORVINA, 20% RONDINELLA, 5% MOLINARA and 10% CORVINONE Ruby red colour with a hint of violets. The bouquet is a combination of red fruits, vinous and spicy on the palate is well balanced, full bodied and velvety smooth. The tannin is sweet. 17 NORMANNO ROSSO DI SICILIA I.G.T. (12.5%), Rallo, Sicilia Grape Variety: 100% NERO D'AVOLA Bright ruby with purple tones. Intense nose with berry fruit aromas. Medium weight with forward fruit flavours and a silky texture. 18 SANGIOVESE TERRE CEVICO RISERVA D.O.C. (13.00%), Cevico, Romagna Grape Variety: 100% SANGIOVESE Its taste of ripe fruits with an elegant nuance of oak and displays a restrained undertone of wild berry fruits and toasted almonds full bodied, nicely tannic an particularly well balanced on the palate. Ruby to garnet in colour, its intense yet elegant bouquet is reminiscent of violets. 19 MALBECH DEL VENETO ORIENTALE I.G.T. (13.00%), Margherita, Veneto Grape Variety: 100% MALBECH This is a successful attempt at producing a wine from 100% Malbech. It has a medium intensity, fruity aromas, good texture, balanced acidity and ample finish. 20 BONARDA D.O.C (13%) Torre Del Pian, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% BONARDA Incredible colour and concentration made from two separate grape selection the Bonarda. Round on the nose where subtle vanilla blends with the fragrance of ripe cherries. Impressive almost meaty depth and alcohol well balanced by the rich extract. 21 LACRIMA DI MORRO D'ALBA D.O.C. (13.00%), Colonnara, Marche Grape Variety:100% LACRIMA DI MORRO D'ALBA Intense purple red with ruby reflections. The nose is rich and stylish. Deliciously full on the palate with a very marked but exceptionally elegant flavour. A wine with a good balance. 22 CHIANTI GINEPRONE D.O.C.G. (13%), Col D'orcia, Toscana Grape Variety: 93% SANGIOVESE, 7% CANAIOLO A generous full bodied style of Chianti produced in the Montalcino Area of Southern Tuscany. Soft, smoky flavours combine with round tannins and a touch of oak. 23 LITINA BARBERA D'ASTI D.O.C. (14.50%), Cascina Castle't, Piemonte Grape variety: 100% BARBERA A deeply coloured garnet red with ripe, leathery aromas and a hint of vanilla oak flavours. Maturation in second and third year barriques adds elegance and structure to the full berry fruit flavours and balanced acidity classic of low yield Barbera. 24 PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA D.O.C. (14%), Leone De Castris, Puglia Grape Variety: 100% PRIMITIVO Grown in the Santera area, deep red in colour with purple hints. Distinctive bouquet, fruity, very rich with hints of cherries and liquorice. Full bodied, velvety, warm and fragrant. 25 DUCA SAN FELICE CIRO' ROSSO RISERVA D.O.C. (13.5%), Librandi, Calabria Grape Variety: 100% GAGLIOPPO Powerful and full bodied in every respect starting with the dark red colour. On the palate the warmth and sweet fruit are juicy and mouth filling. 26 ROERO D.O.C. SUPERIORE (13.50%), Enrico Serafino, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% NEBBIOLO The most typical wine of this rugged, hilly zone is obtained from Nebbiolo wine (the same as that of Barolo and Barbaresco and is softened by the addition of a small amount (less than 5%) of Arneis grapes. Roero doc has a garnet colour, a smooth velvety texture and a subtle reminiscent bouquet of violets. 27 ROSSO CONERO HORUS (13%) Colonnara, Marche Grape Variety: 100% MONTEPULCIANO Intense bright ruby red colour. Intense bouquet with hints of ripe fruit, cherries and sour cherry. Dry, fruity, warm and soft. 28 TERRE RARE RISERVA CARIGNANO DEL SULCIS D.O.C. (13.5%) Sella & Mosca, Sardegna Grape Variety: 100% CARIGNANO Intense ruby with purple tones. Full fruit aromas with spicy and floral notes against a slightly oak background. Warm and generous palate with smooth tannins and subtle use of oak.

Red Wines cont

29 PHIGAIA AFTER THE RED I.G.T. (12.5%), Serafini & Vidotto, Veneto Grape Variety: 60% CABERNET, FRANC and 40% MERLOT Lovely in colour with a very elegant nose with aromas and spices. Rich and long on the palate the exceptional concentration is due to grapes of quite outstanding quality. 30 RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE D.O.C. (14.00%), Ca' Rugate, Beneto Grape Variety: 40% CORVINA, 30% RONDINELLA, 30% CORVINONE Intense garnet red in colour. Concentrated aromas of red fruit cherries with a hint of spice and flowers. Full bodied palate with soft tannis which make it velvety. 31 PINOT NERO D.O.C. (12.50%), Pitars, Friuli Grape Variety: 100% PINOT NERO In the broadest terms, the wine tends to be of light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry, raspberry or currant. 32 BANDITELLA ROSSO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C. (14.00%), Col d'Orcia Grape Variety: 100% SANGIOVESE Rich, massive, with intense, inviting fruit, elegantly supported by the noble tannin and by the spices deriving from oak creating and impact both impressive harmonic and pleasant. 33 NIRVASCO BAROLO D.O.C.G. (14%), Bersano, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% NEBBIOLO The king of wines and the wine of kings. Brick red in colour, austere robust and intense concentration refined and ethereal.

Rosé Wines

34 PINOT GRIGIO DEL VENETO ROSE' I.G.T. (12%), Torresella, Veneto Grape Variety: 100% PINOT GRIGIO The faint pinkish hue tends towards light copper. Fresh delicate aromas that open up in the glass and an excellent balance between mellow fruit and fresh acidity on the palate.

Sparkling Wines

35 PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE MILLESIMATO D.O.C. Tenuta Val De Brum (11.5%), Astoria, Antonini Ceresa, Beneto, (250ml) Grape Variety: 100% PROSECCO Produced by the Charmat method, (a second fermentation in vats). Excellent bubbles, clean perfumes and a fruity character. It shows good aromatic length on the palate. 36 PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE BRUT D.O.C. (11.5%), Santa Margherita, Beneto Grape Variety: 100% PROSECCO A brilliant pale colour with fine perlage, this is a very clean, fresh sparkling wine. The aromas of green apple and peach blossom are complemented by a soft gentle texture with a crisp finish. 37 ASTI SPUMANTE D.O.C.G. (7%), Vallebelbo, Piemonte Grape Variety: 100% MOSCATO BIANCO Italy's most famous sparkling wine noted for its seductive Moscato aroma, refreshing sweetness and moderate alcohol. 38 COSTARIPA BRUT METODO CLASSICO (12%), Costaripa, Lombardia Grape Variety: 95% CHARDONNAY, 5% PINOT BIANCO A Cuvée of extraordinary finesse, the peak of "pas dosé" sparkling wines. Crystal clear with an outstanding, slightly toasty nose. An incomparably soft wine with mouth filling finish. 39 GRAN CUVÉE BRUT ROSÉ FRANCIACORTA D.O.C.G. (12.5%), Bellavista, Lombardia Grape Variety: 60% PINOT NERO, 40% CHARDONNAY It has a lovely, white mousse, the finest ­ grained, slow releasing long lasting. Bubbles and classic "onion skin" rose colour. The intense fruit carries fragrance of wild strawberries, orange rind, golden delicious apples and roses. Dry, fresh and graceful, with a background of blackcurrant. With silky structure it is a wine of class.


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