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of the CANADA'S CUP COMMITTEE, Rochester Yacht Club


The Cup Committee Bespeaks

Judges for Eliminations and the

Your Continued Interest

Final Cup Series

This monthly Bulletin is intended to inform our members, R.Y.C. is fortunate in baving persuaded Charles Van subscribers and we!!-wishers on the progress of plans for Voorhis, our veteran of past Canada's Cup series, to serve defense of Canada's Cup. as the Rocheste, member on the Judges' Committee for the it will be mailed to you monthly up to and including the 1930 Cup races. He will also sit with the preliminary judges during the trial races to decide our choice of a time of the regatta, in August. defender. in holding the regatta, after a Canada has already designated as lapse of 23 years in Internationa! her member of the "Big Three" who yacht racing in Rochester waters, our will judge 'the Cup races, another city has an opportunity to stage one veteran, whose name carries weight of the most impressive maritime specon the opposite shore of the Lake-tacles ever witnessed at this end of H.A. Moore. the Lakes. Suggestions will be made In naming the third and neutral from time to time in these pages, as member for the Judges' boat, Messrs. to ways in which you can help to Van Voorhis and Moore have as first make this event the great success it choice that world-famous 3achtsman: deserves to be. Clifford C. ~Iallory, of New York. For tbe present, may we venture Mr. Mallory is known to followers the thought that it will help if you of yachting everywhere as president make it a point to "talk-up" this of the North American Yachting regatta among your friends in other Union, and the one man who has parts of the country? Urge your perhaps done most for the sport duryachting friends all over the Great ing the present generation. There is Lakes to visit Rochester for the said to be little doubt of Mr. Malraces. Every visiting yacht added to lorv's acceptance at this writing. He the regatta fleet during the races is understood to be under considerwill help to spread the prestige of able pressure to serve as one of the Rochester and to place our town on selection committee for the BritishCHARLES VAN VOORHIS the "world's front page" during that American Cup team series, which will week. be sailed on the Eastern Seaboard To the end of a successful regatta and a triumphant out- this summer, but all bands are confident he will join with come of the races, we hope for your active interest in the ~[essrs. Van Voorhis and Moore in presiding over the most important races to be held on fresh water. Canada's Cup races of 1930. The all-important series of defender eliminations beSincerely tween "Cayuga," "Conewago" and "Thisbe," in Rochester waters during June and July, will be judged by a Club CANADA'S CUP COMMITTEE committee comprised of such old stand-bys as George Culp, Frank Christy, Charles Faxon and George Roat, with Wm. P. Barrows ~,V. L. Todd Charles Van Voorhis. Walter L. Farley Philip G. Hoffman There is a feeling that the judges, both in trials and I¥m. P. Farley Commodore (ex-.fficio) /inals, have their work cut out for them this year, and conLorenzo A. Mabbett Thomas C. Parsons Wihnot V. Castle gratulati(ms are in order that such an arra), of big-league John Taylo, Chairman talent is available as enumerated above.




Designers of Two of Rochester's "Big Three" Represented in the Three-Million-Dollar Fleet for America's Cup - - - What Does This Mean ?

Three greyhound yachts in the 8-meter class are now built or building fox tile honor of representing Rochester Y. C. against Canada in the races for Uanada's Uub tins August. Simultaneously, down east, four of the largest singlestickers ever built are rusbing to completion for the honor of representing New York Y. C. as defender of the historic .rlmerica's Gap, against that traditional friendly-enemy, Sir Thomas Lipton, in September. Both series will be sailed in American waters America being the challenged party in both cases--the Canada's series off Rochester; tbe America's on the eastern end of its actual ~alue as so much silver bullion is not great-about $500 original cost. What makes it historically beyond price is the tradition surrounding the contests for its possession, covering the past 30 years, and its significance as the emblem of yachting supremacy between America and Canada on the Great Lakes. (Unlike the America's Cup races, Canada's are intense!3 amateur in all respects of skippers, crews, and the whole spirit of the contests.) Both invading boats will be truly British in every detail of design, rig, ownership and handling, gikewisei both defenders a,e just its distinctively American. The prize con*ended for in each case is tbe one most coveted International

"'C.'I}'UGJ." the Club Syndicate Boat. Desit/,ler. Frank Paine: Builder. La.wley's of Bostoll /

/ !

~Z____....--/ "CONEIUJGO," I!'alter L. t:arley's Prig'ate S:'ndicate Boat. Desic;,zer, Oli, J. Stephells: Builder, .lacobs of City lsla*~d Long Island Sound (,~ot off Sandy Hook its ira past years), tropb.v in its class. Both cups have long been held by AmeriThe challenge in both cases comes from our cousins of the can clubs Citnada's by Rochester. America's by New York. British Empire, across the Lakes in the first instance, across Held against repeated vain attempts to "lift" tbem by British boats ai~.d crews. Possession of both trophies has remained the Atlantic in the other, America's Cup is the one outstanding classic of lnterna- undisputed ira tbis country, however, for several years past. tional salt-water yacht racing. It dates back to the 3'ear No challenge bas beera issued in either case since just after 1851, when it was "lifted" from our British cousins by the the "\Vorld ~¥ar, up to tbe present eventful 1930, A. D. in Yankee boat "America," whereby the trophy derived its fact, Canada's Cup was last defended by Rocbester ira 1907 bistoric name. .l[illions upon miliions of dollars have been nearly a quarter-century of no competition. Now. then. it becomes plain, with both of these epochal spent, since then. ira the vain effort of the British to regain it. It is estimated that the fleet of four boats built to furnish contests taking place in the same season, after a lapse o~ so a worthy American defender for this year's series wi!! rep- many years, why 1030 is the lhst year of major significance resent a cost, first and last, of at least 33,000,000. In- in International yachting since the War. For another significant parallel between the two series: cidentally, these America's Cup races are essentially professional as to seamanship, crews, and the entire technique of Of the three boats nominated to contend ira Rochester waters this summer for final Canada's Cup race honors, two the contests, Canada's Cup dates back to 1896, when it acquired the of the trio are from the boards of pre-eminent designers name it will bear for all time. through the victory of the represented in the America's Cup fleet o~ ~our. Toronto sloop "Canada" over the American "Vencedor." Looking over the following list of American nominations The trophy is commonly refened to by yacbting at, thorities for fleets from which the two defenders will be selected, as the "Blue Ribbon of Fresh "~Vatei.'" Like the other cup, the picture will bc understood at a glance. ,co,zt. on pa~,e 4J




A ~

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Georffe C. Buell Burr & Starkweather W. E. Bush, Inc. Charles L. Cadle William Calkins Henry D. Carhart Arthur Castle John H. Castle Wilmot Castle Wilmot V. Castle Newton B. Castle Cre.-:cent Puritan Laundry Henry L. Crittenden P.V. Crittenden V¢. D. Crittenden William H. Cross N.L. Crow ey George P. Culp Clarence G. Culver Atl~ustine J. Cunnin~ham Thomas R. Dwyer William A. E. Drescher Theodore ~. Dreseher James P. B. Duffy Albert B. Eastwood Harry L. Edgerton M.H. Eisenhart Dr. R. E. glliott J.E. Emerson, Lockport, N. Y. t.. H. Engleson,

Heartiest Thanks to Each and E.z,ery One of the Fo/lou'iny, and to the ~-umerous ~÷llkllo~.'ll Subscribers ~Iost gratifying to the Canada's (_'.up Syndicate was your prompt and generous answer to our solicitation for funds to

build the Syndicate contender. " ~,~7e entered upon our task filled with iears and misgivlags. Your ~racious response leaves us deeply in your debt. ~. Later, we hope to have an announcement in this Bulletin regarding invitations ior each subscriber to participate in this epoch-making Regatta aboard an official Club boat, for at least one of the races, as our ~uest. Plans now under way toward that end will, we trust, be successful and very acceptable to you. Sincerely, " CANADA S CUP SYNDICATE.

Mortimer R. Ansticc VVilliam P. Bal'rows Leon L. Benham Lorenzo (;. Mabbe:t Milton B. Miles Mortimer J. Miller

m~,'~rdLaundry & Central Castle Supply Company Chamberlain Rubber Company L.w. Chapin Frank T. Christy Harold T. Christy Edmund L'. Chapin E. Payson Clark R.P. Clark

[;rackett H. Clark George H. Clark Donald G. Clark R.N. Clarke Howard H. Clapp J ..... c. Clements George H. Clune Cook Tire Store Cook h'on Store Arthur T. Crapsey Stephen E. Comstock, Newark, N.Y.

Haro'd S. Curran g.P. Curtiss Wendell J. Curtis J. WarrenDailey Cutler Donald A. Will:am C. Daley A.H. Dalzell H. C. D'Aunnunzio Harry R. Darling .lohn P. Day EverettGeorge Davis D. Davis Warren

v, ri:liamson, N. Y. F.M. Enos Gustave Erbe, Jr. William J. Erdle W.G. Erwin Raymond V,r. Everest, New York City G!en tL Ewell E.E. Fairchild Corporation Walter L. Farley

George W. Davis & Co. D.E. Delgado DeMa!lie Signs Charles T. DePuy J ..... A. De Puy George Dietrich Dollar Dry C eaninw Co. .James C. Dryer Charles G. Dumont San, uel E. Durand

William P. Farley Joseph Allen Farley C.A. Faucher (~. W. Faxon Fee Brothers Fer~ .... Hardware Co. Harold L. :Field .James Field Company Thomas W. Finueane Louis W. Fisher IC~ntinuedon ?,'~:vt Page,)

Theodore C. Briggs

~,Vilmot V. Castle John H. Castle Frank T. Christy Arthur H. Crapsey George P. Ct, lp Augustine J. Cunningham William C. Daley .XValter L. Farley William P. Farley Harold L. Field Charles P. Gallagher Frank E. Gannett Fred H. Gordon Dr. C. Sahler Hornbeck John ~,V. Jardine Lewis B. Jones

Eric C. Moore

Gifford Morgan Wilbur ~,V. O'Brien Thomas C. Parson> WinfietdP. Pembroke Edward Rosenberg Thomas A. Sharp Harry C. Stevenson Douglas C. Townson Harold C. Townson Charles Van Voorhis James J. \Villlams : E. Clinton V,'olcott


Donald Woodward

Philip G. Holfman, Commodore, Ex Officio

J. Howard Kidd

l:red A. Mabbett

\Valter L. Todd,


The comph'te list of subscribers to the Syndicate" fund, as ofJlarch 10, is as follo.-,c.,." Daniel M. t-leach Joseph T, Adams Harry S. Beardsley ~,ViIiiam S. Addison George W. Adlam Dan'l M. L'each, Jr. Ahrens L.M. Beattie Robert Charles !3. Bechtold lnnis P. Allen Becket's Market R. C. A1;en M. Pearl Breton Wheeler D. Allen David Bellamy AAianee Motors, Inc. Benedict Building Atkinson A!len Corporation Freeman C. Allen Delanej" r. Bentley E. M. Alling Oscar V, Bergman American Auto Stl!)Bickford Brothers ply Company Miss M. E. Bingeman Charles F. Ames Vincent S. Bennett Gilbert T. Amsden Arthur S. Blanchard D. C. Anderson Leon L. Benham Mortimer R. Anstice Fred H. Bloom Mort. R. Anstice, Jr. Guy H. Bloom Wesley M. Angle Geo. F. Argetsinger R.A.S. Bloomer Leslie A. Block W. Osborne Ashley Clay Babcock Ezra J. Bo!ler Geo. D. IL Bonbright Gordon C. Baird irving E. Booth Raymond N. Bal! James J. Boucher Curtis IV. Barker John P. Bowman Henry Barnard C. Scott Boyer Barnard, Porter & John P. Boylan Remington Herbert W. Bram!ey William P- Barrows Eugene F. Brennan Arthur A. Barry T.C. Briggs Carl A. Bausch Brighton Place Dairy Edward Bausch James C. Bristol William Bausch Wa':d N. Britton Florus R. Baxter


, ~ "THISBE," H m. P. B~,.,rou's Able Nominee

Raymond! J. P, ant~,l

Walter tJauner C. C. l;eahan

5I. C. g. re'own

I-[en','y L. l~runntq" Mrs. Georgv C. Buell

~niorlunate]', no profile vh'u' o.f "'Thisbe" is a~,ailabh, for ~'Olll~al']SOll zvith the oI]ters.


,~,,;~l~ vv~,_,,a~'~"~I~T*'~'~, THISBE

(O.,minuedD'om Page 21) Rochester Yacht Club's boats for Canada's Cup series: Boat Designer Builder Lawley's "Cayuga" Frank Paine "Conewago" Olin J. Stephens Jacobs Clinton Crane Nevins "Thisbe" New York Y. C. boats for America's Cup series: Builder Boal Destffner Lawley's "Yankee" Frank Paine Clinton Crane Herreshoff "'~S eetamoe Lawlev's "Whirlwind" L.F. Herreshoff " Burgess Herreshoff "Enterprise" The only one of the Rochester trio not represented in the New York quartet by designer, or builder, or both, is "Conewago." Mr. Farley's choice of a designer for "Conewago" in Olin J. Stephens is based on the reputation Stephens acquired in the smaller classes such as those demanded by the rules pertaining to the Canada's Cup boats. His 6-meter "Thalia" was the sensation of the Eastern seaboard last season, and is entered for the bi~ ~ races off Bermuda this spring. The fact that such designers have interested themselves in designing boats for the Canada's Cup requirements, is emphasized here to impress on the non-yachting public of Rochester the world-

wide significance of this August regatta, which is to take place in our own waters.

Arthur H. Ingle Irondequoit Coa! & Supply Co. E.A. Irwin P.V.C. Jackson Meyer Jaeobstein A. C. Jackson John W. Jardine Harold M. Jenkins Dr. David B. Jewett Lewis B. Jones Joseph S. Judge William C. Kaelber J.C. Kalbfleiseh Fronk B. Kelly J. Howard Kidd Robert P. B. Kidd Clarence Kinney John Hill Kitchen James E. Kittrell Chas. E. Kohlmetz Iron Works Kominz Tire Co. F.R. Ladd R.A. Lander Gerould T. Lane Lanni & Neel David F. Lawless Volney E. Lacy G. Fred Laube A.C. Lattimer Arthur H. Lauterbach William R. Lee Harbert R. Lewis J. Lechart

Raymond F. Leinen

Levis Music Store George C. Lennox H. Kenneth Likly A.M. Lindsay, Jr. B. C. Little Frank J. Little David B. Little

Rev. George E. Norton Wilbur W. O'Brien William J. O'Hea Herbert Occumpaugh O'Connell Electric Co. Fred J. Odenbach James P. O'Connor Charles P. Odenbaeh George D. Oliver Charles S. Owen O.K. Printing Co. Theodore E. Pennock Gilman H. Perkins Gilman Craig Perkins James G. Palmer Samue! R. Parry Mrs. Martha Parsons Thomas C. Parsons Winfield P. Pembroke Peoples Coal & Lumber Co. Ericson Perkins Ericson Perkins, Jr. Edward S. Pierce Fred J. Pierson John D. Pike Alfonse F. Pieper Oscar H. Pieper H.R. Potter Harry Otis Poole Carl A. J. Popp Carl S. Potter John Craig Powers John J. Powers, Jr. Glen Poyzer Dr. Howard L. Prince William Pitkin Albert J. Prescott Th ..... B. Pritehard Mr. & Mrs. H. Dealt Quinby, Jr. Chester Rambert

blian F. Pratt

George W. Stafford E.A. Stahlbrodt P.A. Stacy Charles H. Stearns Staub & Son Edwin Allen Stebbins Henry H. Stebbins Irving W. Steele Simon N. Stein George R. Steele Judge J. B. M. Stephens Harry C. Stevenson Stephen B. Story G.H. Story, Jr. St_~wart & Bennett Edward Straus John F. Strobel Homer Strong Pritehard H. Strong C.H. Stuart Newark. N. Y. Adolph Stuher Clyde F. Sutton A.H.S. Swan H. A Swift George H. Taylor C.H. Taylor Joseph F. Taylor Roscoe L. Taylor John A. Taylor James E. Taylor Dr. F. J. Tarrant W.O. Terry Peter Tettelbaeh

R.L. Thompson

Old Man Weather

b..D y~a-s:--

Rochester's ot-}icial wind records for the month of August (furnished by' Observer Jesse Vanderpool, of the local Bureau) taking Jesse W. Lindsay Car! F. Lomb the month's means for several vears past, read like this :-Arthur C. Lohman

Average velocity, 7 m. p. h. Prevailing, southwesterly.

Elmer Raithel Eugene Raines

Charles hi. Thorns Dr. C. A. Thorn Kenneth C. Townson Harold To,," .... Frank S. Thomas Phyllis Todd George L. Todd

Both "Cayuga" and "Conewago" were designed with the above Thomas E. Lunt A. Luseher very mild weather conditions in mind. "Thisbe's" record shows MarvinLudington Claude her to best advantage in light to moderate breezes. "Time will Clarence S. Lunt, at-. Chas. Lyman, Inc. tell." Mrs. Edmund Lyon

Frank W. Lovejoy

Otto R. Rohr F. 13. Rae Oil Co.

George W. Todd A. Richard Todd

L.M. Todd Walter L. Todd

Edwin C. Redfern Lester H. Reed Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Co.

What Does "8-Meter" Mean?

You will hear this phrase, "8-meter," a heap-plenty before summer is over. May as well make a mental note that it refers to the class in which this year's Canada's Cup boats are built under

the present International rtde. It means a boat of somewhere between 45 and 50 ft., overall length, and in the neighborhood of

Judge John D. L'vnn r ....... G. Mabt~ett Harry A. May

30 ft. waterline.

The modern 8-meter boat, with its sky-scraping spar and triangular Marconi rig, looks and performs very differently from Cup boats of yester-year. In a future issue we hope to give you a little summary of the features of design and rig that distinguish the new type.

List of Subscribers (Continued from Page 3)

Charles W. Fleischman Dr. Ralph R. Fitch C. A. Flint Alonzo Flack Paul Folger Richard T. Ford Warren S. Forsythe S. B. Foster Marion B. Folsom Foss-Soule Press" George V. Fleekenstein Frey the Wheelman H. H. Frank Franklin Colortype & Print Company John W. Force B. Forman Company A. C. Freer Warren D. Foden George A. Fritscite William W. Foster Louis S. Foulkes Fred A. Frost Charles P. Gallagher Frank E. Gannett Frank Fletcher Carlock Leonard M. Card J. H. Gilmore Andrew C. Gleason James E. Gleason Harwood H. Garfield Harry Glen Clayton W. Gilmore Warren C- Giles C. H. Clover Mark G. Goddard Goodmore Tire Cornpany Fred C. Goodwin Edwin S. Gordon Fred H. Gordon Fred H. Gordon, Jr. George C. Gordon ~,Vm. H. Gorsline C. W. Griswold E. P. Goslin General Tire Sale-* Company Charles J. Grate H. B. Graves Co. John H. Gregory Julian Guernsey, Webster Martha Guernsey, Webster Roscoe A. Hagen Frank L'. Hagaman Ezra A. Hale J.C. Halbleib Lyell T. Haltett Thomas J. Hargrave J.E. Hansen Edward Harris Harry Harrison Robert W. Hannan, New York City Hart & XHek Hauser Machine Co. R. P. Hawkins George H. Hawks Hayes, Sharp & Haggerty Haverstic'k & Co. A. B. Headley Bernard Held William Henry Walter L. Heughes Sol Heuman Jeremiah G. Hickey Werner Heye S. Rae Hickok William W. Hibbard William R. Hill Burlew Hill J. Taylor Howard P. Honan Louis W. Howell E.J. Horton John B. Howe Jesse S. Horowitz A.A., Hopeman Evelyn M. Hotchkiss, Filmore. N.Y. H. C. Howlett Martin B. Hoyt, Phillip G. Hoffman Chas. E. Hoyt Dr. Harry C. Hummell Stewart B. Hubbell. Canandaigua Maro S. Hunting C.F. Hutehison Victor W. Hurst imperial Floor Co. Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. Imray

DeWitt D. Maeomber William B. Macomber Mathews & Boucher Norman W. Mayer Hiram Marks C. W. Markus W. Roy McCanne MeFartin Clothing Company Frank H. McChesney John J. MeInerney Arthur J. Meisenzahl L. A. Mertz

Fred A. Mabbett R.W. Marran Oscar Marth Edwin Marth

John C. Rodenbeck Gzo. W. Robeson Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. George Roar

Douglas C. Townson Unit Parts Roehestar Corporation M. Utz

LeRoy A. Robus Joseph Rohy S. B. Roby Compa Rochester Folding

H.E. Van Dsrhoef Dr. M. C. Vaughan Charles Van Voorhis John Van Voorhis Ward L. Vaughan ty

a.S. Mertz

Box Company Edw. Rozenberg. Jr. David S. Nutty St. Clair Rogers Herman Russel! T.W. Russell David S. Rutty Leon W. Sage Frank T. Sage Nelson Sage Charles P. Sehlegel George C. Sehlegel William M. Scott

Albert E. Vogt Albert L. Vosburg E. N. Walbridge W. Herbert Wall

Arthur J. Messner Aza D. McBride L.H. Merriam Graham Mess Herbert E. Meier VT. I. Meier Milton B. Miles Mortimer J. i',Iillel" Frederick S. MilletBuell P. Mills Edward G. ,a, liner Donald McMaster Arthur Mohr Gifford Morgan Howard C. Morse Clarence P. Moser Charles C. Morse Robert J. Menzie Charles C. McCord Gilbert J. C. Mceurdy Henry W. Moore, Bl, ockport A. G. Moore Henry 17,r. Morgan Frank M. Morris Alfred E. MoscTop R. H. Nagle Otis J. Nagle Joseph 5I. Neisner A.H. Neisner Frank L. Nied William T. Noonan A.S. Newell George J. Nier George B. Nev,'elI Thaddeus S. Newell T. Carl Nixon

George A. Scoville

Fred L. Walton Charles N. Wanzer Frank H. Ward Harry P. Warheim James S. Watson J. 5I. Ward Wehle Baking Co. Chas. W. Weis. Jr. John F. Wets Rudolph G. Wets R.H. Wellington ,John F. Wets Rudolph G. Weis

Etbert I. Serantom E.C. Scobetl Fred F. Sabey Eugene Sackett Edward A. Sarrow Dr. Boyd G. Saunders Howard A. Sauer Joseph 5I. Scanlan C.C. Shaeffer G.A. Sehaub Russel! G. Seheer E.J. Scheer Bernard J. Shaw Thomas A. Sharp Thomas W. Shannon G.W. Sargent George V. Shaw F. t3. Se'huber P.W. Shelley Lowell W Shields F. Harper Sibley Paul C. Seel Harry T. Seaman Hiram W. Sibley J.H. Slocum Smith Sheldon Ray M. Smal! Alexander T. Simpson William J. Simpson Win. E. Sloane, Jr. Carl Smith Charles W. Smith Clarence W. Smith Frank J. Smith James Snell Col. Oscar M. Solbert Thonms G. Spencer

R.H. Wellington

J.F. Weller Capt. Charles }I. Weller, Pi~:L~ford Edward Wrier C:arence Whe,qer Mrs. Warham Whitney C. L. Whiting F. D. Whitney ~,Vhitmore. Rauher & Vicinus Whil!ock Bros. Julius M. Wile Ernest R. Willard Dr. J. R. Williams Edward L. Williams Charles H. Wiltsie Louis S. Whitmore Harry Wilson tlerbert J. Winn C. ,J, Wo!eott E, C. Wolcott Buland Woodward Dona!d Woodward Le Roy, N. Y. F. E. Woodworth Wolf Adv. Sos. A.a. Wright & Company .John S. VTright Francis J. Yawman i~red W. Yates Fred W. Zo!ler Willis Zahrndl l:re:i Zwaek Printed in I~'. S. A.


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