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Position OF/2B OF/P OF 2B P/OF 3B 1B SS/P P OF C P/1B P/1B P/OF P/SS C P/3B SS # 10 3 11 1 15 9 17 8 5 7 6 20 21 16 13 18 14 12 Player Austin, John Benninghoff, Jack Boushka, Mark Burns, Patrick Cheray, Andy Czinege, Todd DeGraw, Mitch Gray, Logan Huber, Joe Lanning, Harrison Mancuso, Joey Maxwell, Jake Nutt, Brody Rhodes, James Rutscher, Cody Sorrentino, Pete Weiler, Henry Wiedeman, David Year SR FR SR SR JR SO JR SO SO SO SR SR SO SR FR JR JR SR Position OF/P P/OF OF OF 2B/P P/2B SS OF C P/3B OF/P SS/P OF C P/1B P/1B 2B


# 8 18 12 30 5 10 6 24 36 3 20 2 26 32 1 Player Able, Travis Boerger, Xavier Brancato, Victor Ginther, Reagan Heying, Connor Huber, Joe Hunt, Shane Lanning, Harrison Maloney, Billy Prins, Dalton Ritter, Austin Rutscher, Cody Spalitto, Anthony Sweatt, Nick Walker, Carl Wasche, Matt Watt, Chase Year SO SO SO JR SO SO JR SO SO SO SO FR JR JR SO SO SO


Position SS/P OF/P 3B/P 1B/P 1B/P C 1B/P C C/P OF OF/P 0F2B/P OF/P OF/P 3B/P OF OF/P SS/P # 12 32 20 28 16 4 8 5 10 3 2 24 30 14 6 18 Player Aguirre, Austin Broadbent, Nate Callahan, Shea Fontana, Victor Goodwin, Sam Hisky, Charles Martin, Tom McCormack, Tom Mercer, Jack Prins, Logan Reardon, Sean Reichmeier, Andrew Romano, Nicholas Saladino, Vince Simsheuser, Jayke Spalitto, Dominic Tanner, Sam Vickers, Trey

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Vars. Assist: Junior Varsity: Freshmen: Jim DeGraw Matt Nolen, Will Gorden. David Belfonte Nick Vaughn Kevin McGill



President: Rev. Terrence Baum, S.J. Principal: Greg Harkness Athletic Direct. Pete Campbell


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Baseball Roster.xls