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Title: A History of Fire Fighting & Equipment Achieving Excellence in the Fire Service Aerial Apparatus (1st ed.) Aircraft (3rd ed.) Aircraft Accidents (A Practical Guide for Responders) Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (4th ed.) America Burning BLS Health Care Provider nd Breathing Apparatus (2 ed.) Building Construction (Methods & Materials for the Fire Service) Building Construction for the Fire Service 4th ed. Catastrophe Preparation and Prevention for Fire Service Professionals Chemicals Suits Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (3rd ed.) Chief Officer (1st ed.) Command & Control Company Officer (2nd ed.) Company Officer Promotional Case Studies Confined Space & Structural Rope Rescue Confined Space (Entry & Rescue) Confined Space Rescue Confined Space Rescue (Instructor Guide) Confined Spaces Handbook Decontamination for Haz-Mat Emergencies Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Developing Standard Operating Procedures Emergency Care 10th ed. Emergency Operations in High-Rack Storage Emergency Rescue Emergency Response Guides Emergency Response to Terrorism Essentials of Fire Fighting (3rd ed.) nd Explosives "Identification Guide" 2 ed. st Extrication (1 ed.) Fire & Emergency Services Ergonomics Fire & Life Safety Education 2nd ed. Publisher/Authors: Ingram Brady - Janing IFSTA IFSTA Delmar - J. Anderson, J. Hawkins, R. Gill IFSTA USFA AHA IFSTA Brady - Michael Smith NFPA - Brannigan McGraw-Hill USFA Brady IFSTA FPP IFSTA Brady - Becker Michael Roop CMC George J. Browne George J. Browne Lewis Timothy V. Henry Delmar USFA Brady Fpp D.O.T. USFA IFSTA Mike Pickett IFSTA USFA IFSTA RCC ID #: RCC-RB-179 R. Evans 35422 RCC-RB-052 35458 RCC-RB-001 1-4018-7910-1 RCC-RB-167 36386 RCC-RB-150 RCC-RB-002 RCC-RB-189 35421 RCC-RB-003 0-13-117251-4 RCC-RB-157 R. Evans 978-0-07-338285-2 RCC-RB-172 RCC-RB-004 RCC-RB-075 35222 RCC-RB-053 RCC-RB-121 35385 RCC-RB-054 R. Evans RCC-RB-135 RCC-RB-134 RCC-RB-138 RCC-RB-139 RCC-RB-005 RCC-RB-130 RCC-RB-101 RCC-RB-006 RCC-RB-185 RCC-RB-080 RRR_RB-182 RCC-RB-007 RCC-RB-008 35475 RCC-RB-055 RCC-RB-129 35388 RCC-RB-009 R. Evans R. Evans Pub. # Quanity: 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 40 1 2 1 2 1 1

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Fire Administration Fire Apparatus Purchasing Handbook Fire Attack 2nd edition Student manual Fire Behavior & Combustion Process Fire Cause & Determination (1st ed.) Fire Chief's Guide to Administration and Management Fire Command Workbook 2nd ed. Fire Company Evolutions Fire Department Commutations Fire Detection & Suppression Systems (3rd ed.) Fire Fighting Fire Fighting Strategy & Tactics Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 7th ed. Fire Instructor's Training Guide 2nd ed. Fire Investigations Fire Officer (Principles and Practice) Fire Officer's Legal Handbook Fire Protection Hydraulics & Water Supply Analysis Fire Protection Systems Fire Resource Guide Fire Service Emergency Care Fire Service Instructor (Principles & Practice) Fire Service Law Fire Service Orientation & Terminology (4th ed.) Fire Service Personnel Management 1st. ed. Fire Service Personnel Management 2nd ed. Fire Service Pump Operator's Handbook Fire Service Search & Rescue (7th ed.) Fire Streams (7th ed.) Firefighter Autopsy Protocol Firefighter Exam Firefighter Interview Study Guide Firefighter's Handbook (1st ed.) st Firefighter's Handbook (1 ed.) Student Manual Firefighters from the Heart (True Stories & Lessons Learned) Firefighting Strategies & Tatics Firefighting Strategies & Tatics (workbook) Brady - Randy R. Bruegman Peters Fpp IFSTA Delmar - raymond Shackelford IFSTA Brady - Richard A. Marinucci NFPA - Brunacini Wieder USFA IFSTA Delmar FPP IFSTA Bachtler Delmar - Russel K. Chandler NFPA Delmar - J. Curtis Varone Brock Delmar - A. Maurice Jones Jr. USFA Brady NFPA Brady - Lawrence T. Bennett IFSTA Brady ­ Steven Edwards Brady ­ Steven Edwards Isman IFSTA USFA Learning Express Delmar - Shawn Cooligan / Keith Manser Delmar Delmar Delmar - Steve Chikerotis Delmar Delmar 0-13-172084-8 RCC-RB-171 R. Evans RCC-RB-143 RCC-RB-163 RCC-RB-010 RCC-RB-169 R.Evans R. Evans RCC-RB-011 RCC-RB-148 RCC-RB-012 RCC-RB-116 RCC-RB-174 RCC-RB-178 RCC-RB-166 RCC-RB-175 RCC-RB-176 RCC-RB-180 RCC-RB-160 RCC-RB-013 RCC-RB-076 RCC-RB-164 RCC-RB-173 RCC-RB-145 RCC-RB-084 RCC-RB-084 R.Evans RCC-RB-149 RCC-RB-056 RCC-RB-014 RCC-RB-125 RCC-RB-158 RCC-RB-072 RCC-RB-073 RCC-RB-161 RCC-RB-098 RCC-RB-099 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1

1-4018-8016-9 35036 0-13-613110-7


36741 1-4180-0960-1 0-7637-2247-2 1-4180-4113-0 1-4018-6262-4

0-7637-4910-9 0-13-155288-0 36613 0-13-012885-6 0-13-117766-4 36686 35366



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Fireground Support Operations st First Responder (1 ed.) First Response Handbook (Fire Service Edition) First Response Handbook (Workbook) First Response Pocket Guide Flammable Hazardous Materials (3rd ed.) Forcible Entry (7th ed.) Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction 2nd ed. Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills Student Workbook Gasoline Tank Truck Emergencies nd Ground Cover (2 ed.) Ground Ladders (8th ed.) Guide to Developing & Managing an Emergency Service's Infection Hazardous Materials (1st ed.) Hazardous Materials "Strategies & Tactics" Hazardous Materials Air Monitoring & Detection Devices Hazardous Materials Field Guide Hazardous Materials for First Responders (3rd ed.) Hazardous Materials Hand Book Hazardous Materials in North Carolina Hazardous Materials Incidents 2nd. Ed. Haz-Mat Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigators Haz-Mat Protective Ensembles HazMat Response Team Haz-Mat Response Technology Assessment HazMat workbook Heart Saver FACTS Hose (7th ed.) Implementation of EMS in Fire Service In the Mouth of the Dragon Incident Command Systems Industrial Exterior & Structural Fire Brigades Industrial Fire Brigade "Principles & Practice" st Industrial Fire Protection (1 ed.) Inspection & Code Enforcement (5th ed.) Instructor (4th ed.) th Instructor (5 ed.) IFSTA IFSTA Delmar Delmar Delmar Brady ­ Scott W. Kenly and James H. Meidl IFSTA Brady - David J. Icove / John D. Dehaan NFPA Fpp IFSTA IFSTA USFA IFSTA Brady Hawley A. Bevelacqua IFSTA Delmar UNC - Chapel Hill Chris Hawley Hilderbrand & Dunn USFA Fpp USFA Fpp National Safety Council IFSTA USFA Wallace Fpp IFSTA NFPA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA 35290 RCC-RB-123 RCC-RB-057 RCC-RB-119 RCC-RB-118 RCC-RB-117 RCC-RB-086 RCC-RB-015 RCC-RB-170 RCC-RB-156 RCC-RB-077 RCC-RB-016 RCC-RB-017 RCC-RB-018 RCC-RB-058 RCC-RB-074 R. Evans RCC-RB-131 RCC-RB-151 RCC-RB-159 RCC-RB-113 RCC-RB-132 RCC-RB-019 RCC-RB-020 RCC-RB-083 RCC-RB-021 RCC-RB-079 RCC-RB-188 RCC-RB-022 RCC-RB-023 R. Evans RCC-RB-082 RCC-RB-152 RCC-RB-155 RCC-RB-059 RCC-RB-060 R. Evans RCC-RB-061 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1

35289 0-13-222857-2 0-7637-3576-0 35135 35109 35336

36653 1-4283-1971-9


36955 35010 35334 35407

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Reference Books

Introduction to Fire Origin and Cause 3rd. ed. Introduction to Fire Prevention Introduction to Fire Protection Introduction to Fire Protection 2nd ed. Introduction to Fire Pump Operations Introduction to Fire Pump Operations Instructor's Guide Introduction to Origin & Cause 2nd ed. Kirk's Fire Investigations (4th ed.) Kirk's Fire Investigations (5th ed.) Kirk's Fire Investigations (5th ed.) Instructor's Manual Knots Leadership (1st ed.) Management in the Fire Service 4th. ed. Managing People Model Procedures Guide for Highway Incidents (1st ed.) Model Procedures Guide for Structural Firefighting New Technologies in Vehicle Extrications NFPA 1001 Professional Qualification NFPA 1002 Driver / Operator NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training NFPA 1404 Department SCBA's NFPA 1410 Training NFPA 1500 Occupational Safety NFPA 1521 Department Safety Officer NFPA 1901 Automotive Apparatus NFPA 1911 Testing Pumping Apparatus NFPA 1971 Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting Occupational Safety & Health Standard (construction industry) On Rope Orientation and Terminology (3rd ed.) Prehospital Emergency Care 6th ed. Preparing for Biological Terrorism Preparing for Terrorism Principles of Fire Prevention Private Fire Protection (2nd ed.) Propane Emergencies st Public Fire Education (1 ed.) IFSTA Brady ­ James C. Robertson Delmar Delmar Delmar Delmar IFSTA Brady ­ John D. DeHaan Brady ­ John D. DeHaan Brady ­ John D. DeHaan Geoffrey Budworth IFSTA NFPA - Harry R. Carter / Erwin Rausch Kenneth C. Henry Fpp Fpp USFA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA NFPA OSHA Padgett and Smith IFSTA Brady Delmar George Buck Delmar (David Diamantes) IFSTA Hilderbrand & Dunn IFSTA 36685 RCC-RB-168 RCC-RB-089 RCC-RB-024 RCC-RB-140 RCC-RB-100 R. Evans R. Evans RCC-RB-087 RCC-RB-109 RCC-RB-110 RCC-RB-128 RCC-RB-062 RCC-RB-177 R. Evans RCC-RB-146 RCC-RB-078 RCC-RB-025 RCC-RB-026 RCC-RB-027 RCC-RB-028 RCC-RB-029 RCC-RB-030 RCC-RB-031 RCC-RB-032 RCC-RB-033 RCC-RB-034 RCC-RB-035 RCC-RB-071 RCC_RB-181 RCC-RB-063 RCC_RB-183 RCC-RB-112 R. Evans RCC-RB-133 RCC-RB-064 RCC-RB-036 RCC-RB-065 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1

35364 0-7637-5169-3 36612



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Pumping Apparatus 2nd. ed. th Pumping Apparatus (7 ed.) Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (1st ed.) Rapid Intervention Teams Rapid Intervention Teams Leaders Guide (for DVD) Rescue (5th ed.) Rescue Technician (Operational Readiness) Residential Fire Sprinklers Multifamily Structures Residential Fire Sprinklers Multifamily Structures Case Studies Residential Sprinklers "A Primer" Respiratory Protection for Fire and Emergency Services Respiratory Protection for Fire and Emergency Services (1st ed.) Responding to Utility Emergencies Rope Rescue Safe Fire Fighting Levels I & II Safety (2nd ed.) Salvage & Overhaul (7th ed.) Silent War 2nd edition Student manual Standard First Aid Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground Street Smart Haz Mat Response Structural Fire Fighting Structure & Function of the Human Body Study Guide for 3rd ed. of Essentials Study Guide for Aerial Apparatus (1st ed.) Study Guide for Breathing Apparatus Study Guide for Chief Officer (1st ed.) Study Guide for Company Officer (1st ed.) Study Guide for Fire Inspections (5th ed.) Study Guide for Hazardous Materials (1st ed.) Study Guide for Pumping Apparatus (7th ed.) Swith water Rescue Technical Rescue for Structural Collapse Technical Rescue Technology Assessment Telecommunicator Terrorism Handbook 2nd ed. Terrorism Handbook for Operational Responders IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA Fpp Fpp IFSTA MFRI USFA USFA Fpp IFSTA IFSTA Michael Callan CMC 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill Steve Kidd, John Czajkowski IFSTA IFSTA Fpp IFSTA Red Cross Brady - James P. Smith Michael Callan NFPA Martini IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA IFSTA Slim Ray IFSTA USFA IFSTA Bevelacqua 35337 36310 RCC-RB-178 RCC-RB-066 RCC-RB-037 RCC-RB-114 RCC-RB-067 RCC-RB-126 RCC-RB-038 RCC-RB-039 RCC-RB-081 RCC-RB-122 RCC-RB-144 RCC-RB-141 RCC-RB-127 RCC-RB-154 RCC-RB-068 RCC-RB-040 RCC-RB-142 RCC-RB-186 RCC-RB-111 RCC-RB-115 RCC-RB-120 RCC-RB-187 RCC-RB-105 RCC-RB-101 RCC-RB-102 RCC-RB-103 RCC-RB-104 RCC-RB-106 RCC-RB-108 RCC-RB-107 RCC-RB-137 RCC-RB-153 RCC-RB-042 RCC-RB-124 R. Evans R. Evans 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1



#35447 35111

35476 35423 35431 35269 35457 35365 35363 35387 36500

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Terrorism Handbook for Operational Responders 3rd. ed. Test Preparation for Orientation & Terminology The Chief Officer The Company Officer Instructor's Guide The Fire & EMS Department Safety Officer Tools of the Trade Trench Rescue UL Building Materials Directory UL Electrical Appliance & Utilization Directory UL Electrical Construction Equipment Directory UL Fire Protection Equipment Directory UL Fire Resistance Directory (Vol.1) UL Fire Resistance Directory (Vol.2) UL General Information for Electrical Equipment Directory UL Hazardous Locations Equipment Directory UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory Vehicle Rescue Vehicle Rescue & Extrication th Ventilation (7 ed.) Ventilation Practices 6th ed Visual Dictionary of Firefighting Tools & Resources Volunteer and Small Community (6th ed.) Water Supplies (4th ed.) Delmar - Armando Bevelacqua / R. Stilp IFSTA Brady - Bruegman Clinton Smoke Brady ­ Gordon M. Sachs Fritz, Richard A. James B. Gargan UL UL UL UL UL UL UL UL UL Brady ­ Harvey D. Grant and James B. Gargan Ronald E. Moore IFSTA IFSTA Delmar - Phillip L. Queen IFSTA IFSTA 1-4283-1145-9 37048 RCC-RB-162 RCC-RB-147 R.Evans R. Evans RCC-RB-085 RCC-RB-097 RCC-RB-136 RCC-RB-043 RCC-RB-044 RCC-RB-045 RCC-RB-046 RCC-RB-047 RCC-RB-048 RCC-RB-049 RCC-RB-050 RCC-RB-088 RCC-RB-140 RCC-RB-069 R. Evans RCC-RB-165 RCC-RB-070 RCC-RB-041 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 1 1

35702 1-4018-9790-8 35126 35340

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