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NEWARK, Ca., July 5, 2011 -- Rock's Bar-B-Que, the creator of the Stoker Power Draft System, today announced the release of their new control unit, The Stoker Black Box. This is the first power draft controller with WiFi capabilities, making it the most advanced controller on the market. . The new "Black Box" Stoker system features: Built-in WiFi capabilities to improve integration into your home network. Rugged and sleek Black powder coated exterior. New 2-piece design with front hood helps improve visibility and weather resistance. Additional 6th port to accommodate even more Stoker devices. The new Stoker Black Box power draft system is great for backyards BBQ enthusiast or competition cooks. Easy integration, coupled with the temperature stability of the Stoker, allows you to spend more time entertaining guests than hovering over your cooker. You can watch football and keep an eye on your cooker temperatures all from your couch. You can even share your BBQ experience with friends and family all over the world by sending them the link to your Stoker web page. The Black Box power draft controller is currently available on the company website at The "Black Box" units will be fully functional with the current version of the software. The units can be upgraded to WiFi by simply updating the firmware using an Ethernet cord and standard PC when the new firmware is released in January 2012. The firmware update will be available through our website for free, and units can also be updated at our shop. Prices are currently discounted until January. Single cooker packages start at $295 and dual cooker packages start at $385. If you already own a Stoker system, the control unit can be purchased for $215. UPDATE September 19, 2011: NEWARK, Ca., September 19, 2011 ­ Due to unexpected circumstances, the release of the WiFi software has been delayed until January 2012. We sincerely apologize for the extended delay of the software. UPDATE February 1 2012: Thank you very much for your patience. We are working diligently on the WiFi firmware and plan to have it released in one to two weeks. We had underestimated the effect WiFi would have to the software as a whole. In initial testing the performance was too slow. We were unable to achieve the speed and performance needed without modifying the existing architecture, which has been much more work than anticipated. These issues coupled with unavoidable schedule conflicts have created unintentional delays. We are confident in our product and it is not our intention to further delay the release of the firmware. We will release the firmware as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone's support and understanding.

Prices for the new Black Box WiFi Stoker will remain discounted until the software is released. For more information, visit us at, email [email protected], or call (510) 792-7700.


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