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Installing GWB Essentials 7.0

Under MS Windows® XP and Vista

Please follow these instructions to insure a successful installation of the GWB Essentials software package.

Installing the programs and supporting data

1. Insert the "The Geochemist's Workbench Essentials" CDROM in your computer's CDROM drive and follow the instructions to complete the installation. 2. To fully enable a new installation of the software, you need to obtain a License Key. When you start any of the GWB Essentials programs, you will see a dialog

When you select Get a License Key, a second dialog


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GWB Installation

3. Send the Hardware Key shown along with your name and serial number to [email protected], or call 1.800.775.6745 (+1.303.278.3534 outside the United States). Type or paste the License Key provided in the field at the bottom of the dialog and click OK. Your software is now fully enabled and ready to run.

Joining the GWB Users' Group

Gwb_users is an independent group of users who share comments and results and answer questions of general interest over the Internet. There is no charge for joining the group. The group serves as a bulletin board where we post announcements, bug notices, and other current information about the GWB. To join, click on Start All Programs Geochemist's Workbench Essentials 7.0 GWB Users' Group.

User help

You will probably find that most information needed to work successfully with the GWB Essentials software can be located quickly in the on-line documentation. The text "Geochemical Reaction Modeling" (available from RockWare or Oxford University Press) contains many fully-worked examples. Further help may be obtained from the GWB Users Group (see above) or via consulting services available through RockWare. When posting an inquiry to the Users Group or RockWare, please follow these suggestions, as appropriate: · Report the software release, thermo dataset, and hardware platform in use. · Give a complete input script that demonstrates your problem or illustrates your question. Be sure to provide specific information, such as the error message received or the program behavior you expected. · Check for spelling mistakes in your input and that you reset the program before beginning the problem.

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GWB Installation


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