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Engine Management






Works with any PERFECT System application!

Typical PERFECTION CalTool display screens:

DASHBOARD Displays real-time engine data RPM, throttle position, engine temp, boost, air/fuel ratio

WHEN STOCK IS JUST NOT ENOUGH PERFECT PERFECTION IS THE SOLUTION You're ready for a bigger cam, adjustable rockers or custom heads? Even adding a big throttle body and high pressure injectors requires some tuning on the ECM mapping. Now each of our PERFECT System applications can be custom programmed to optimize those types of hardware changes. TOTAL TUNING CONTROL The PERFECTION CalTool TM software installed in your PC will allow infinite adjustments to spark curves and fuel management in 100 rpm increments of incredibly precise mapping. Easy to navigate screen charts put the power in your hands to squeeze every bit of muscle out of your modified engine no rocket science needed!

FUEL SCREEN Develop base fuel tables Fine tune all fuel levels: Transient fuel, Crank fuel, Base fuel Permits precise air/fuel mix throughout the RPM range IDLE SCREEN Allows for precise idle speed adjustments Dial in ideal cold start air / fuel ratio


PERFECT Perfection Software CD


PERFECT Systems with PERFECTION Software kit for: 1985 1992 1996 1997 1985 1994 1991 1998 92 95 97 04 93 95 98 Up General Motors T.P.I. 5.0L and 5.7L General Motors LT1 General Motors LT1 (requires coil kit 60126) General Motors 5.7L LS1 Ford 5.0L Ford 5.0L Jeep 4.0L Mopar Trucks and Jeep 5.9L #65246 #65247 #65247 #65248 #65250 #65251 #65252 #65253

SPARK SCREEN Allows for precision timing Compensate for engine temp and load

Tech Line 1.800.423.9696


08 PP Cat pg 7 rev D.pdf

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