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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 16, 2008 Everett Roehl Receives Wisconsin Trucking Industry's Highest Honor MARSHFIELD, WI--Over the years, Roehl Transport has earned hundreds of distinctions, from the safest carrier in the nation to recognition as one of the best managed trucking companies in America. Other accolades include excellence in customer service, leadership in environmental issues, and the top claims and loss prevention record in the transportation industry. One person to see all the various maintenance, driving, marketing and sales awards was company founder Everett Roehl, who was recently presented with the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association's (WMCA) highest honor at a ceremony in Madison. Everett, in customary fashion, is quick to share the credit, emphasizing that "the (WMCA) Babbitt Award reflects the quality and professionalism of the entire Roehl organization." The award also recognizes the recipient's contribution to the industry and the community over the course of his career. "Our success and industry leadership is something every Roehl employee has a part in. We have a great team," he added. "I've known and worked side-by-side on important industry issues with many past Babbitt Award recipients. They're outstanding men and women, and I am honored to be included among them," Everett said. The Marshfield, WI-based company has made many strides in critical industry issues such as highway safety, environmentalism, and driver training, development and success; Roehl sets worthy goals for the industry and demonstrates a process for achieving them. In addition, Everett has worked for industry and community causes directly. A former officer of the WMCA, he continues to serve on the industry association's board at the state level and is a vice-president-at-large at the national level with the American Trucking Associations (ATA). He has served on different committees and currently serves on the ATA's Highway Policy Committee, where he has received the Association's annual Star Award recognizing his generosity and support. In presenting the award, Duplainville Transport's John Drake cited Everett's community involvement in his hometown of Marshfield, where he is active in the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, the Marshfield Industry Committee, and has generously assisted and supported many other community causes. Drake called Everett the embodiment of the American dream, starting with one truck in 1962 and building one of the largest trucking companies in the nation, but adds that his success is also measured by the respect he has earned from his colleagues. "Everett has great business instincts and combines this with a sense of humor and a love for his community and industry."

Everett Roehl is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Roehl Transport, Inc. With over 2,300 employees, Roehl provides diversified transportation services throughout the U.S. and Canada. -###For more information about this story, please contact Greg Koepel, Roehl Transport's Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration, at 800-826-8367.


Everett Roehl Receives Wisconsin Trucking Industry's Highest Honor

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Everett Roehl Receives Wisconsin Trucking Industry's Highest Honor