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ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources

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midterm test 3 9th midterm test 3 9th Level: intermediate Age: 14-100 Downloads: 6

Forum recent posts: english volunteering opportunity

Redbull Hi all teachers around the world, Partner sites: I ´m looking for young adults OR students from round the world to teach as a volunteer for two weeks or three months depending on how long the volunteer want ´s to stay. Teaching as an international volunteer it can be a rewarding way to interact with students of all ages and backgrounds who are eager to learn.You will teach the English education to schools where volunteers will provide to local children at no cost. We are looking for people that have just finished Uni or having a break from Uni. and people who are having a career break from work. This is for the children of Thailand to have a chance in learning English from native and good educated people from other countries. Our children need you now. All volunteers will only pay for their travelling exspenses to Thailand and back home. Please download the pdf file at the link for more "In-depth" information. Thanks. Link is HERE REDBULL GIVES YOU WINGS YOU KNOW

27 Apr 2011

English Exercises:

here we publish online learning activities for our students.

Visit also: Magic Vocabulary

English vocabulary games and worksheets generator.

simple or continuous present Use the simple or continuous present when necessary Level: intermediate Age: 12-14 Downloads: 1


Post an answer india quiz (format word) The powerpoint was too heavy so here is the word version of the powerpoint used with my students as a quiz after the webquest. Level: advanced Age: 14-100 Downloads: 1

Help me, please!

hongduyen Could anybody please tell me what preposition I should use in this sentence? " Did he learn much (via/ through/ by) reading?" Thank you!!!!

27 Apr 2011

It is commonly said "learning by doing", hence it should be "learning by reading" then. I think the other two alternatives[27.04.2011 10:59:53]

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources


are possible, too. I don ´t think it is a MUST to have only one fixed answer in this situation.

27 Apr 2011

Post an answer Privacy Policy Contact: sirhaj

Collection of stories and poems

Hi, I have written a collection of short stories and poems under the theme/title " Iconic Figures of Celebration" in which the stories and poems focus on prominent figures in every celebration ( Santa for Christmas, Cupid for Valentine ´s Day, Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween, Easter Bunny for Easter, Leprechaun for Saint Patrick ´s Day, Jack Frost for Winter, Father Time for New Year ´s Eve, Mother Earth for Earth Day, Jester for April Fool ´s Day, Turkey for Thanksgiving, Three wise men for Epiphany and many more), I had tried the stories with children ( pupils) and adults and they all loved them and told me to publish my works. However, In Malaysia, it is hard to publish English work since English is our second language and not the first language, can anybody help me on how to publish my works so that I could expand these works to nationwide and probably international level. I think children will love them and I think they can be very useful in teaching English especially on cultural exposure and celebrations. Please Help me, Thank you. Sirhajwan

27 Apr 2011

One Droopy Knight This is a worksheet with pre-, while- and postviewing tasks for the cartoon entitled "One Droopy Knight" available on YouTube. Level: intermediate Age: 10-100 Downloads: 0

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A question about mobiles

Hi! How do you say in English "no tengo cobertura"? I have no reception, is that right? are there other ways? WestHampstead THANKS

27 Apr 2011

...There are 4 previous answers... farm activities farm animals language games. Level: elementary Age: 6-7 Downloads: 0 I have no network coverage napster

27 Apr 2011

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Where are my ws?

colita I uploaded these two ws last April 22nd: and I

received the points for those and good comments, however I would like to know why they do not appear in the recent contributions page, not yet. I ´ve been checking ever since I uploaded them. Why is this?

26 Apr 2011

...There is 1 previous answer... I always tell my sts to read the task before they start working. Here - we are supposed to be teachers so I ´d expect everyone can read. So why are here on the forum the same questions day MJ_Misa by day? Just read the rules and FAQ and you ´ll get the answer!

Mid Term Test N°3 I hope it´ll be useful.Thx for downloading Level: intermediate[27.04.2011 10:59:53]

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources

Age: 13-14 Downloads: 7

27 Apr 2011

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My students ´ performance

Hello everybody, I just wanted to share with you the sketch three of my students performed on the school festivity day. We had some problems with the microphones (two students had to Yolandaprieto share one) and that was a pity but if you try not to pay attention to that, you may like it. The students are only 12 and were so happy to be there. Hope you like it Yolanda

26 Apr 2011

...There are 10 previous answers... Directions Map, directions and places to talk about directions and locations. Level: elementary Age: 10-100 Downloads: 2

27 Apr 2011

Keep up the good work with your students! alakhthou

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past = passed??

hi i´d like to know if it is ok to say past as a mark in an exam? missluly i saw this in an exam checked by an english teacher at a private school. thanks in advance luly

26 Apr 2011

...There are 2 previous answers... A successful grade "passes", so the only correct form is "passed". He passed the test easily. yanogator In the past, he passed every course. Bruce

27 Apr 2011

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Please, I need help with the word

olga1977 Can you explain me what does this phrase mean " meringue powder" and what does it look like. Thanks in advance.

26 Apr 2011

...There is 1 previous answer... Hi, Olga. Meringue powder is simply dried egg whites with stabilizers and anti-clumping agents such as cornstarch. Mar0919 It looks like this:[27.04.2011 10:59:53]

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources

You can just google it and get lots of information! Hugs!

26 Apr 2011

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Rayner History book.

I was asked to substitute a teacher of history and I need urgently a book called: A Short History of Britain. by Raymond Rayner. Do you know where can i find it? I now it ´s mamefr very old... Do you know any other ? thanks for your help.

26 Apr 2011

...There is 1 previous answer... I agree with roney - why doesn ´t the school provide you with the book? libertybelle

27 Apr 2011

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I have a vocabulary question...

Hi everybody, Hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays. chenchen_castrourdiales Could you please help me with these questions? It ´s a common ..... to see young people hanging out at the shopping mall. A view B scenery C sight D vision

"C" is the right answer but can ´t explain the real meaning of this word in an easy way. I know sight means something seen but my students don ´t get the idea very well. How can I explain the use of this word to them? The woman deliberately gave the man ... information, she knew he was a spy. A artificial B counterfeit C false D fake

According to the "KEY", "C" is the right answer but dunno really why. Thanks for your time and always useful help in advance.

26 Apr 2011

...There is 1 previous answer... sight - scroll down to see the notes on usage false fake artificial[27.04.2011 10:59:53]

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources

counterfeit ueslteacher I guess those are pretty much self explanatory. Sophia P. S. looks like Bruce and I were posting at the same time:)

26 Apr 2011

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