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Crochet Irish rose

Sc ­ single crochet Dc ­ double crochet

- Start by making a chain with 8 sc

Virginie Lykins 2009


- Join and make 18 sc in the loop. At the same time tuck in the end thread by working the sc over the thread at the same time as the loop. -Close

- Make 5 sc,, skip two sc, and attach. Make 4 sc, skip two sc, and attach, and so forth till you have 6 loops.

Virginie Lykins 2009


-For the petals make 1 sc, 7 dc, 1 sc. And so forth till all the petals are done. End by passing the thread into the back of the first petal.

- For the second row make 5 sc, attach at the base of the petals. Try to hook the last \ first thread of the petal bases, this way your work will be very neat.

Virginie Lykins 2009


- The second petals have 1 sc, 9 dc, 1 sc. So forth all the way around.

If done properly the petals will have a braided line along the joints. - Finish off by threading the thread with a needle into the back of the flower.

Virginie Lykins 2009


-To make more petals, just add 1 sc, to the chain, and 2 ds to the petal. -For example row 3 would have a chain of 6 sc, and the petals would be 1 sc, 11 ds, 1 sc. - You can add beads by threading into the thread before starting the flower, and slowly placing it in the desired spot. Or try adding a picot to the petals.

Have fun making Irish crochet roses....

Here are some of my brooches, notice the neat joining of the petals

Virginie Lykins 2009



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