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Rolfing® and Trauma

with Lael Katherine Keen assistant Pedro Prado

June 7-14 2010 El Rompido (Huelva.Andalucía) Spain

3 working days - 1 day off - 3 working days

Trauma leaves a profound mark on the bodies and spirits of our clients. In this workshop we will learn about the physiology of trauma, how it affects our Rolfing clients, and how to work with stuck traumatic energies in the body. What are some common signs that may indicate that your client has unresolved trauma? · Patterns of neuromuscular tension that do not yield to manipulation techniques. · A history of physical or psychological trauma. · The client is tense and wirey and unable to relax or let down. · The client has flaccid, unresponsive musculature. · Chronic pain · The client is unable to let you touch certain areas of his or her body. · The client is dissociated from his body and unable to feel the effects of the Rolfing sessions. · Spatial disorientation (the client tends to not know the boundaries of his body and frequently trips and bumps into the objects that surround him) As we work together, we will apply knowledge and techniques from Somatic Experiencing® (Peter Levine's somatic-based approach to treating PostTraumatic Stress) to Rolfing.


Topics covered · How the physiology of trauma works · How to recognize trauma in our client. · How to track unresolved traumatic energies in the body and help them to release. · Touch techniques for working with trauma generated patterns of hyper and hypo tension. · How trauma distorts our capacity to orient. · How to recognize and help release trauma generated orienting patterns. · Release of the deep, intrinsic musculature of the spine through accessing and restoring Orienting Response..

The techniques and practices that we will use will be easily applicable to Rolfing and Rolfing Movement.

Lael Katharine Keen

Is a teacher of Rolfing® and Rolfing® Movement for the Rolf Institute International Faculty, and a founding member of the Brazilian Rolfing Association. She is also a teacher at the Advanced Level, of Somatic Experiencing ® for the Foundation for Human Enrichment and a founding member of the SE® Brasil Association. She holds a 5th degree black belt in Ki-Aikido from the Ki Society International in Tokyo Japan and is a certified teacher of Shin Shin Toitsu Do (The Art of Mind and Body Coordination) She lives in the south of Brazil with her husband and daughter and is currently studying Art Therapy.



Hotel Fuerte EL ROMPIDO (Huelva. Andalucía. Spain) GORGEOUS!!!!! · · · · · It´s a 4 stars hotel, in a beautiful area of the south of Spain (1 hour away from Seville, 1&1/2h away from Faro. Portugal) It´s close to a small fishing village 5mins. Walking By boat you may go to a wild (really wild!) beach 10mins. away from the hotel. The food is excellent and the hotel does have swimming pools outdoors and indoors. It´s possible to go site-seeing/walking in very beautiful surroundings.

WORKING ROOM: AMAZING!!!!!! facing the sunset! 250m2!!!! with private terrace!!!

TUITION 700 - maximum 16 students Confirmation: as soon as possible!!! Payment before February 1st


70,25 per day: double room for single use breakfast and dinner buffet lateral facing room 102,00 per day: double room breakfast and dinner buffet lateral facing room



Organizer: Fuensanta Muñoz de la Cruz & Gumersinda Naranjo Naranjo [email protected] [email protected]



Rolfing and Trauma,

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