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Rolla/Phelps County, Missouri: Retail M k t A I f R t il Market Area Information ti

Rolla, Missouri: Retail Market Assumptions A i

Counties included in our Market: - Phelps - Pulaski - Maries - Crawford - Dent

Rolla/Phelps County: Retail Market

County Phelps Pulaski Maries Crawford Dent Population (2005) 42,125 44,125 8,989 23,932 15,083 Wages (2005) $513,648,323 $350,827,200 $31,911,955 $155,729,755 $94,351,487 Per Capita Income (2004) $25,203 $26,879 $22,960 $24,334 $20,697

Rolla/Phelps County: Retail Market


(source: Claritas)

10 miles 37,233 39,108

30 miles 127,816 133,980

50 miles 277,051 287,248

2006 estimate 2011 projection



The regional draw area for this retail market would extend for 50 miles to the west, south and east. There area virtually no retail shopping options for people in the South Central region Most are forced to go to region. St. Louis, Jefferson City, Springfield or Lake of the Ozarks. None of these options can be accessed in less than 70 minutes drive time.

Rolla/Phelps County: Retail Market

Effective Buying Income 2004-05: $612 558 000 $612,558,000

source: Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

Source: Claritas 2006 estimates Avg. Household Income Median Household Income Per Capita Income Median Age Family Households % white collar


Phelps County

30 Miles







$18,181 30.67 3,880 37.54

$19,325 35.22 11,126 33.69

$18,264 33.6 33.033 27.89

Rolla/Phelps County: Retail Market (Phelps C t I f (Ph l County Information) ti )

Phelps County 2007 pop est 42,848 42 848 Phelps County 2007 est. average f il h family household h ld income $56,523 Estimated average EBI $38 936 $38,936 University of Missouri ­ Rolla enrollment over 6 000 6,000 Estimated daytime population 47,795 47 795

Estimates of additional sales potential for Rolla/Phelps County

Estimate of sales that Rolla could capture with upgrades to it retail p pg

Investment Opportunities: Rolla/Phelps County, Missouri

Contact: Elizabeth Bax, Rolla Regional Economic Commission (573)201-3772 or [email protected]

Rolla/Phelps County: Retail Development Opportunities:

Contact: Elizabeth Bax, RREC Bax (573)201-3772 or [email protected] Rolla West: A long range, planned redevelopment of the west end of Rolla, including an extension of Highway 72 on to I-44 as well as a 5th Western Interchange. The planned improvements should open roughly 400+ acres for new retail development. Intersection 44/63: The City of Rolla is selling 10 acres at the South side of the interchange. Hypoint/I-44 and Highway V: Several parcels of varying size located on the East side of Rolla; adjacent to the Hypoint Research/Industrial park. Heavy traffic area. Lions Club Park: 25 acres on the Highway 63 at the southern edge of Rolla.

Rolla West: The City of Rolla is currently in the planning stages for this thi area of new retail development. f t il d l t

New University Research Park Extensive transportation improvements. i t Roughly 500 acres opened for new retail development Addition of a 5th western interchange on I-44. Incentives available

Rolla/Phelps County, Missouri

Rolla West: Proposed Extension of Highway 72 and New 5th Interchange

I-44 MoDOT Traffic Count 2005: 34,000 +/- cpd


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