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Pablo Elementary Kindergarten: sturdy school box crayons (16 or more/no sharpeners) 6 pencils 1 eraser 2 glue sticks 1 set of washable markers 2 boxes kleenex backpack or school bag

First Grade: 24 pencils (to be shared) 2 block erasers 1 box crayons 1 package of highlighters (pink,green & yellow) 1 box water based markers 1 box colored pencils 1 pair scissors 1 bottle of white school glue (4 oz) 2 large glue sticks 1 wide lined spiral notebook 2 double pocket folders school box backpack or school bag 2 large boxes kleenex 1 box of gallon-sized and/or quart sized ziploc bags Second Grade: 24 pencils 1 box crayons (24 count) 1 large eraser 2 glue sticks (large) 4 wide lined spiral notebooks 1 double pocket folder pencil box 2 boxes kleenex 1 bottle of white elmer's glue 1 pair of children's scissors package of highlighters (pink, green & yellow) colored pencils backpack or school bag 1 container clorox wipes *no trapper keepers

2008-09 School Supply List Third Grade: 1 box crayons (48 or less) 24 pencils to be shared (no mechanical) 1 large eraser 1 box cap erasers (to be shared) 6 wide spiral notebooks highlighters (green, yellow & pink) 2 large glue sticks 1 box kleenex backpack or school bag 1 pair scissors 1 sturdy school box *no trapper keepers

Fourth Grade: 1 box crayons (24 count) 36 #2 pencils highlighters (green, yellow & pink) 4 glue sticks 6 blue pens school supply box 1 pair scissors 6 spiral notebooks 4 packages wide ruled paper 1 set of washable markers 1 box colored pencils 2 boxes kleenex 1 large eraser backpack or school bag

Pablo Elementary

School Supply List



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