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Dear Friends:



One area of research qpen to us and often forgotten in our rush to research in courthouses, census records, reference books, etc. are original manuscripts. These records are made up of original papers and records dealing with all sorts of old records: diaries, journals, letters, legal papers, memoires, etc. and are found in local libraries, museums and archives. Indexes for such records are often printed in book form, where they are abstracted into paragraphs to give you an idea of what they contain. Two examples are books that have been published on the manuscripts in Western Reserve Historical Society and Ohio Histroical libraries. A most fascinating collection on this area of Ohio is to be found in THE DAPPER PAPERS. The originals are in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Lyman-E. Draper---TT818-1891) loved this country's history and, as a young adult, began to write pioneers asking them for remininscences about life on the frontier. By 1843 he had started to travel through the eastern and middle states gathering oral history from the early settlers. He also started collecting papers of early explorers, Indian fighters and settlers, such as: Daniel Boone Papers, George Rogers Clark Papers, The Si,mon Kenton Papers, The Frontier War Papers, Pittsburgh and Northwest Virginia Papers (W. VA. today), The Brady and Wetzel Papers (Indian fighters), and Draper's Biographical Sketches, Historical Miscellaneous and Memoranda Books. These name only a part of the collection which has been microfilmed and are to be found in various libraries in Ohio. My favorite place to view them is at the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, IN, where they make.positive copies. Lyman Draper came through central Ohio during the middle o~ the 19th century and interviewed Richland and Crawford County pioneers, viz: John Cuppy, near Savannah, Ashland Co., Ohio, Dec. 7 & 8, 1860 Jesse Edgington, Richland Co., Ohio, Dec. 11 & 12, 1860 John Cox, near Shelby, Ohio, Dec. 16 & 17, 1860 Gen. Joseph Ga _ ,Shelby, Ohio, Dec. 17 & 18, 1860 Mrs. Cline, Rome village, Richland Co., Ohio, dlo George Faulks, Dec. 16 & 17, 1860 Hugh McGuire, Ashland Co., Ohio . One of the families mentioned was that of Abraham Cuppy, listing his children: Series 5, Vol. 16, p 264. Jun 15 1787 Elizabeth (Mrs. Noble) Sep 26 1789 Margaret (Mrs. Hoffman) Ashland, ohio May 10 1791 Sarah (3 times married) (dead) Ann (dead) Jul 4 1793 Apr 7 1797 John (in Illinois, Tonika) Apr 7 1797 Mary twin May 17 1799 William (dead) continued next page 13

President's Message continued Abram - near Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., Ohio Feb 26 1802 Perrin & Rachael (dead) twins Apr 5 1804 You will need an index to determine what to research. One of the best may be hard to find: Descriptive 'List of Manuscript Collections of the ~ .Q..f. Wisconsin, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites, pub. Madison, 1906. Also, Guide !.Q. the Draper Manuscripts, Josephine 'L. Harper. Microfilm may be obtained on interlibrary loan from the state Historical society of Wisconsin in Madison. Ask your reference librarian. Mary Jane Henney, President See you at the 1986 NGS conference in the States - hosted by the Ohio Genealogical Society. Please stop at the Richland County display in the Ohio Room and register your name and the surnames you are researching,. If you are not registered, there is still time, don't miss out May 28-31, 1986 in Columbus, Ohio. Send for info to oGS, P.O. Box 2625, Mansfield, OH 44904. We shall have our Richland County books for sale at that time.


EDITORS MESSAGE I would like to talk about a very important issue in Richland County and that is the bond issue for our county and branch libraries that will be on the May 6 ballot. lhere is no need for me to ask our members how many hours they have spent or are spending in libraries throughout our area. You realize how essential they are in doing our genealogical research. I know myself, that a~ soon as I was able to read, the library was the most fascinating place to me and still is as an adult. Many times my trusty books have saved the day, keeping me calm and collected through long delays while I was waiting for children at school, sitting in doctor's offices or waiting for other appointments,and coming from a railroad town, waiting on long, long trains at crossings. It always seemed the better the story, the shorter the train! We have a tendency to forget all the other services that our libraries perform for our communities beside providing books to read. Some services are records, films, childrens programs, pre-school story hours, voter registration, career information, photo copy machine, microfilm reader/printer, reference assistance, applications for Golden Buckeye Cards, talks to groups, community bulletin board, book delivery to housebond individuals and meeting rooms available to community groups. Our libraries can provide us with knowledge, entertainment and relaxation, education, and all at a very low, low cost to us. So, please support your libraries, be it city, county state or national. They are great presevers of our past!!!! Carolyn J. Heydinger, Editor


MAY MEETING: Join us on May 22 meeting at KIngwood Center in Mansfield. We meet at 7.30 in the meeting room of the big house. The May meeting will be youth night and our program will feature the winners of the Ohio Genealogical Essay Contest Bnd the 4-H Genealogical Project winners. We might be able to pick up a few pointers from these young people. Br ing a gues t I


THANK YOU, THANK YOU: Danja has ~eworked our -masthead that we use on the first page of our newsletter. We appreciate her artistic ability and I know I would be lost without it.


COVENTION TIME: There is still time to get reservations in for the convention for a one day session. If. you would like to go for just one day, write to NGS CONFERENCE, P.O. Box 2625, Mansfield, OH 44906.


MAILBOX: I have received a very nice letter from the Plymouth Adviser offering their help to people looking for their ancestors. They have bound volumes of the ~ewspaper dating back to 1926. The obituaries have a lot of extra information because th prior owners knew most of the people in the are and could add alot of extra facts about the families. There are alot of stories on the Civil War veterans as they passed away and their history was included in their obituaries. Maybe one of our members who live in Plymouth would like to give us a hand and abstract some of these obituaries and newssotries for the newletter. Again our thanks to Mrs. Elizabeth Paddock for bringing this to our attention. Please do not call them but drop by and they wi11 help you in the office.


The nice thing about memories is that they don't spoil no matter how long you keep them.


"Happy is the man who recalls his ancestors with pride,who treasures the story of their greatness; tells the tales of their heroic lives; and with joy too full for speech, realizes that fate has linked him with a race of goodly men." By Goethe


Divorce Records

in Richland County, Ohio These records were abstracted by Mary Jane Henney and were taken from Richland County Common Pleas Court Records. Those listed as "Not Recorded" were applied for and may not have become final ... perhaps were settled. The records are not complete ... just those found to date. (Continued from February Issue) HOY, Elizabeth filed 3 Apr 1848 vs William Hoy Married: Oct. 1842, Washinton Twp., Richland County, Ohio Maiden Name: Elizabeth Hively


KEESTER, Esther filed 15 Apr 1853 vs Samuel Ket:!ster Married: 30 Apr 1850, deft. was from Ashland County, Ohio and they lived in Hayesville until the Pltf. left him in Apr 1852. Charge: Extreme cruelty and asks for care for herself and one child.


KELLEY, Carrie H. filed 21 Nov 1880 vs James S. Kelley Married: 14 Apr 11869 at New York, New York Children: . Isabella b 27 Apr 1870 and Cora, b 26 Jul 1873 Charge: Adultry and Cruelty Deft. said to be in Franklin, Warren County, Ohio


IRWIN, Henr iet ta filed 13 Oct. 1882 vs George W. Irwin Married: 25 Apr 1862 Ashland, Ashland Co. Ohio Charge: Cruelty Four children: Nellie Irwin aqe 15 yrs., and Flora Irwin age 10 yrs. only ones named.


KERR, Etta filed 19 Feb 1881 vs Robert C. Kerr Married: 6 Mar 1876 Shelby, Ohio Charge: Cruelty Children: Gertrude Armina Kerr age 4 yr on 4 Sep 1880 and Lennie Mack age 3 on 27 Oct 1880 He is living in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri


JOHNS, Sarah filed 30 Mar 1877 vs Hudson Johns Married: 20 June 1872 at Bellville Charge: Adultry Separate divorce papers


KINER, Jane filed 19 Jul 1858 vs Jacob Kiner Married: 22 Dec 1847 Wyandot County, Ohio Charge: Habitual Drunkeness Children: Mary Kiner age 9, John Kiner age 6 and Phillip, age 9 mo.


JOHNSTON, Almira filed 4 Oct 1858 vs Frank Johnston Married: 14 Jul 1858 Charge: Neglect and cruelty Maiden Name Almira Sloan


KING, Mary filed 20 Jan 1879 vs Charles C. King Married: 20 Sep 1859 Richland County, OHio Children: Curtis E. King age 14 yrs and Foresta Reose King age 12 yrs. Charge: Cruelty


JOHNSTON, Martha filed Aug 1852 vs Nathan M. Johnston Married: 5 Apr 1838 in Martinsbugh, Knox County, Ohio by Rev. Henery HerveyChildren: Mary Jane Johnston age 9 yrs Octavo Ellen Johnston age 2 yrs


KARLE, Michael filed 11 Feb 1881 vs Margaretha Karle Married: Jul 1879, New York, New York Children: Lui Alfred Karle age 1 yr, 2 mo. She had been married once before


KISTLER, Samuel A. filed 24 Aug 1876 vs Elizabeth Kistler Married: 27 Aug 1870 in Cumberland County, Pe'nnsy I vania Children: Leretta Kistler age 4 yrs and Sarah Kistler deceased Deft's last known address was Perry Twp., Stark County, Ohio


KEEFER, Eleanor filed 4 Feb 1860 vs Josaih Keffer Married: Mar 1851 in Franklin Co .. PA Children: Four living with the pltf.


KRAUSE, Mary A. filed 9 Mar 1881 vs George Krause Married: 7 Mar 1867 Richland County, Ohio children: Lena Krause age 13, George Krause age' 11 and Anna Krause age 2 Maiden Name: Mary A. Sonner


LAMBERTON, Crist J. 15

filed 12 Apr 1878 Continued next page

Divorces continued ... LAMBERTDN, Crist J. filed 12 Apr 1878 vs Anna Lamberton Married: 16 Nov 1876 at Mansfield Charge: Cruelty Maiden Name: Anna Geyner Note: Packet cover marked "Dismissed" LAUDERBAUGH, Mary filed 13 Oct 1879 vs Walter Lauderbaugh Married: 7 Aug 1879, Mansfield, Ohio Charge: Deft. committed to penitentiary LEWIS, Joseph filed 15 Apr 1853 vs Elizabeth Lewis Married: 3 Jan 1815 Westmoreland Co., PA Moved to Ohio in 1817 and lived in Carroll Co., Ohio for 15 years. In May 1848 lived in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio where she left him and she is now living in Tuscarawas Co. Children: Winifred Lewis m ? Burrell, Sarah Lewis m John Burrell and Catharine Lewis is the youngest daughter. Maiden Name: Elizabeth Masters General Information: David Masters was a brother of Elizabeth and May Masters a sister of Joseph Lewis. Elizabeth filed again 27 Oct 1859 for alimony. Two sons are mentioned, William and Jonathon Lewis. LINDSEY, Rebecca filed 7 Mar 1853 vs John Lindsey A contract had been made (separation) and son John Jr. was to get the land in return for the care of his mother. The son became insane and was put into an asylum in Columbus. The Pltf. petitions for care. Married: June 1814 in Richland County, Ohio Children: All of age Suit mentions a 14 year old boy who is not capable of caring for himself and never will be able. Deft. now lives in Defiance Maiden Name: Rebecca Lee LOWRY, George D. filed 11 JUl 1853 vs Elizabeth Lowry Married: Nov 1844 She left him in spring of 1850 and went to California and is still there. He asks custody of son about 6 years old Charge: Adultry and absence

*** *** *** *** ***

McLaughlin. He had earlier been sent to the penitentiary for grand larceny and arson.


McGARVEY, Mary J. filed 9 Sep 1876 vs Joseph McGarvey Married: 21 Feb 1851 at Bellville She asks custody of her minor children Maiden Name: Mary Jane Gatton McMAHON, Mary E. filed 12 Sep 1881 vs William T. McMahon Married: 23 Jul 1865 Knox County, Ohio Deft.'s Answer: He divorced her on 29 Mar 1876 at Beaver Co., Territory of Utah and is now married to Mary Tracy and lives in Bellville, Ohio.

*** ***

MCMANN, Martha filed 2 Feb 1859 vs John McMann Married: 4 Nov 1838 and lived together until Dec 1856. She was a resident of Richland County, OH for 34 years. Charge: Extreme cruelty Children:Malinda age 20 on 15 Nov 1859, John age 15 on 14 Feb 1860 and Robert Henderson 12 on 22 Oct 1859 Her mother is Sarah DeLong of Hartonville, Outagame Co., Wisconsin He filed a cross petition stating that he charged her with willful absence. Mc MUNN, Anna E. *** filed 26 Jul 1858 vs William H. McMunn Married: 15 Feb 1855 Plymouth, Richland Co., Ohio Charge: Cruelty Children: Eldorado McMunn age 2 years, 3 mo, George McMunn age 1 year Maiden Name: Ann Brewer


McCONAHAY, Harriet filed 15 Jan 1864 vs William Edward McConahay. Married: 9 NOv 1862 Mansfield, Ohio He was put into the penitentiary from Lorain County, Ohio for ~tealing d horse. Alias's were James McLaughlin and William 16

MATER, Samuel Henry filed 18 Jan 1859 vs Mary Ann Mater Married: 15 Dec 1849 Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., PA. Charge: Adultry, she is now living in Middletown, PA with David Sponsler. Children: Sarah Jane age 7 and Margaret Elizabeth ..age 4 years Maiden Name: Mary Ann Beistline of North Middletown, Cumberland Co., PA . MATTHES, Caroline *** filed 26 Jul 1881 vs Louis F. Matthes Mar'ried: 26 Sep 1878 Mansfield, Ohio Children: Barbara age 5 and Harry age 1 yr. MAWHIRTER, Lydia vs William Mawhirter


filed 9 Dec 1858 continued next page

Divorces continued ... Married: 25 Aug 1849 Richland County, Oh Charge: Absence Children: William, b 16 Mar 1849 and Hamdon Bartley, b 21 Dec 1850. Maiden Name: Lydia Davis


MAY, Eliza filed Sep 1878 vs Frank May Married: 18 Dec 1876 at Hicksville, Defiance Co., Ohio charge: Extreme Cruelty


NIXON, George P. filed 2 Jan 1882 vs Sarah Ann Nixon Married: Apr 1878 at London, Upper Canada Charge: Adultry Disposition attached.


METZGER, Catharine filed 23 Jan 1879 vs William Metzger Married: 23 Oct 1872 in Mansfield, Ohio Charge: Drunkenness and neglect Maiden Name: Catharine DuPoy


MILLER, Mary Ann filed 3 Sep 1859 vs John Miller Married: Aug 1855 in Monigahn County, Ireland Charge: Absence


PARKER, Jane filed 23 Oct 1858 vs John Parker Married: 24 Feb 1842 at Cadiz, harrison Co. Ohio Children: Gershom Parker 13 and Margaret Ann Parker, age 5 Charge: Cruelty and drunkenness Dispostions included **f PARRY, Athalinda/Mallnda filed 23 Jan 1878 vs James Parry Married: 27 Jul 1862 in Mansfield, Ohio Charge: Adultry Children: Luella Parry age 14 and Perly Parry age 13 Maiden Name: Athalinda Hacket PARRY, Malinda filed Oct 1880 vs James Parry Married Jul 1862 Richland County, Ohio Charge: Absence and adultry He now lives in Franklin, Marshall Co., Kansas Children: Ell Parry age 17 and Pearl Parry age 16

*** ***

MILLS, Ann E. filed 27 vs Samuel J. Mills Married: 25 Dec 1870 at Hamilton Deft. now living in Toledo, Ohio taught school to support herself Mar 1874. Cross petition filed 20 Sep 1877


Aug 1877 Co., Oh, and has since 15

MONOSMITH, Sarah E. filed 3 Mar 1879 vs Frank Monosmith Married: 15 Aug 1860 Charge: Adultry *** MOORE, Mercy filed 30 mar 1853 vs John Moore Married: Nov 1834 Children: Mary Jane, age 12 on Dec 1852, Angeline, age 10 on Sep 1852 and Albert, age 4 on Jul 1852 She asks for alimony MULREADY, Peter No filing date vs Margaret Mulready Married: 10 Apr 1849 Charge: Absence, she stated he is in Cheyenne, Dakota Territory MYERS, Lydia filed 18 Jun 1880 vs George H. Myers Married: 19 Dec 1878 at Mansfield, Ohio Charge: Adultry She asks custody of child Ida, now about 8 months old.



PARTELLO, Luzetta filed 14 may 1864 vs Hiram Partello Married: 17 Mar 1847 at Richland co., Ohio Children: Almeda Partello, age 16 yrs on 15 Feb 1864; Bishop Partello, age 14 on 25 Feb 1864; Edwin Partello, age 12 on 22 Mar


Ida Partello,S on 22 Mar 1864; Eva Partello, age 3 on 7 Dec 1863 and Eunice Partello born on 9 Dec 1863. PATTERSON, Laura J. filed 18 Jan 1882 vS Alexander G. Patterson Married: 25 Sep 1878 at Mansfield, Ohio Charge: Absence Maiden Name: Louisa J. Brown

*** ***



WILLIAM filed 26 Jul 1881 vs C"larrie Patton Married: 17 Jan 1879 at Mansfield, Richland Co:, Ohio" Charge: Adultry Maiden Name: Carrie Miller



The divorces will continue in the Sept. Issue



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Portrait s

~iiiii ================================

We will be having a two-part family portrait running in the next two issues of the Past finder. Part 1 will be in this issue and is an overall review of the family and, the events that happened after the parents death. In the next issue we will run the original ~and map, poem,and story written by John Patterson Jr . .dQ!:J!:! PATTERSON John Patterson purchased 174 acres in Section 28 and 29, Mifflin Twp: from Andrew Donaldson on Apr. 11, 1836. The Crimson Road farm and a 160 acre tract in Crawford County represented the entire holdings of this Pennsylvania farmer. His life in Richland County was brief and uneventful, and he died July 15, 1842, aged 62 years. Then the fun begins! John Patterson did leave a will (vol. III, p. 557) in which he gave his Crawford County land to his sons, Ebenezer, Alexander, David, and William; however, he bequeathed his Crimson road farm to his wife Anna and to all the other children -- equally -except for daughter Jane Richey (my ancestor), who received some books from the library. John Patterson Jr. petitioned the court (Vol. 9, p 700) Jan, 22, 1853 to divide the tract, and the notice of the coming partition was published in the Shield and Banner later that month and in five succeeding issues. The court responded during their March Term 1853 (Journal 19, p. 466) meeting with a sketch showing their decision. 3/7 share was alloted to John Patterson Jr., 1/7 to Joseph B. Patterson, 1/7 to Margaret Ann Patterson, 1/7 to Susannah Patterson, and 1/14 each to grandchildren Mary Ann and Hannah Jane Andrews through guardian James Reitt, all subject to the dower of the widow. John Patterson Jr. and his wife Sarah Ann Sheriff remained on the Crimson Road farm for several years moving in 1862 to Newville where they had an interest in a woolen mill. Their son, John Franklin ~atterson, born Oct. 19, 1853, wrote a poem about his primi~ tive log birthplace in 1934, and the drawing from the common pleas partition suit and the verses sescribing the very same home compliment each other perfectly. Children of John and Anna Patterson: 1. Ebenezer, b ca 1812 PA, m 31 Mar 1841 Richland Co. to Elizabeth Ohler, sold Mifflin Twp. land in 1866 and moved on. 2. Jane, b 13 Dec. 18.14 PA, d 18 Mat. 1894 Mansfield, m 15 Sept. 1836 Mansfield to Henderson Richeyj lived in Mansfield. 3. Alexander G., b July 1816 PA, d 7 Mar. 1894 Wooster, m 27 May 1847 Ashland Co., to Sarah Amy Perrinej resided in Ruggles Twp., Ashland Co., and later was an auctioneer in Wooster. 4. Hannah, b 1822 PA, d 6 Jul 1852. bur. Franklin Twp., Richland Co.; m (1) 16 May 1845 Richland Co. to Harvey Andrewsj m (2) 27 Feb 1851 Richland Co. to William Stough. 5. David, b Mar 1820 PA, d 16 Jun 1848 Mifflin Twp., apparently unmarried; Adm. records, Vol. 8, p. 19j Vol. 9, p. 8. 6. William, of New Madrid, MO in 1848 when he disposed of Crawford Co. land. 7. Margaret Ann, b ca 1825 PA. d 11 Mar 1884, m 20 Aug 1855 Richland Co. to John McSherry; operated Tremont House in Mansfield. 8. John, b ca in PAi.d 28 Sep1870~Webster CLty, IA; m· 1 Jul 1852 Richland Co. to Sarah AnnSheriffj sold Newville Woolen MilIto Henry.Reed and went to Iowa for the healthy spring water. 9. James - no accurate information; "of Ashland Co." in 1847. 10. Susannah, b ca 1829 PA, d 3 Apr 1891 Chicago, ILL; m 28 Jun 1852 Richland Co., to James R. Marker; resided in Mansfield; Susannah left a will. 11. Samuel, b ca 1831 PA, d summer of 1851 in Richland Co., unmarried; will (Vol. 1, p. 236), Adm. (Vol. 10, p. 294) names siblings. 12. Joseph B., b ca 1833 PAj brother John pays his wasy to CA gold camps in 1853, sponsor Eckels McCoy; Joseph's 1853 notes declared "worthless", presumed dead. Submitted by Thomas Stephen Neel On the following page we have printed as best we can, the drawing of the cabin and property as it appears in the courtnouse records. In the next issue (hopefully in June) we will be printing the second part of our family portrait on John Patterson and family, and it will consist of the original poem that John Patterson Jr. wrote about his log cabin home and a narrative on what life was like in this area. 18

Family Portraits continued JOHN PATTERSON














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Harsh words are like frost. No matter how much it warms up later, the damage is already done.



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QUERIES MUST INDICATE SOME RICHLAND COUNTY CONNECTI~PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY ~I~}~~.f~ ~ ~_. TO KEEP ERRORS TO A MINIMUM. ****** MANN I need info on the MANN family and allied families, some of which were later in Ashland and Wayne Counties, OH. ---Mrs. Joseph B. (Ruth Gentry) Weaver, 3412 C Water Vistas Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA, 30245. McFARLAND I am looking for the Parents of Daniel McFARLAND b ca 1828, where ANDREWS PA?, m 19 Feb 1858 in Kosciusko Co., IN to Mary Jane ANDREWS, d 14 Jul 1864, Kosciusko Co, IN ? Daniel met Mary Jane ANDREWS in Richland Co. where she was born. They were mar in Kosiusko Co., IN because her par did not approve of the mar. They are not listed in 1860 census, but all 4 of their ch were b in Kosciusko Co., IN. Does Daniel have any bro & sis? His widow Mary Jane and 4 ch are listed in Kosciusko Co. 1870 census. ---Mrs. Ann McFarland, 1144 East Fourth Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544. TEBO Wish to correspond on TEBO of Loudonville; YUNCKER of Massillon, YUNCKER Wooster, Mansfield and Loudonville; and William FAUST who resided FAUST in Mansfield 1884-1893, Foreman of the DAILY NEWS 1886-87 and compositor of EVENING NEWS 1891; removed to Columbus, OH as newspaper printer 1893. ---Mrs. James Faust, 402 East Spring Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas. SCOTT William SCOTT b 11 Mar 1848 NY m Isabella BURNETT b 8 Nov 1852 NY. BURNETT William's father b Scotland, mother b Ireland. Isabella's father HANCHER James b NY. Need both par and anc data on both. Lydia Hancher b CHEW 1779 probably Frederick Co., VA. m William Chew. Both died in LuCAUDY cas, OH. Need anc of her par John Hancher and Sara CAUDY. ---James D. Brainard, 511th Avenue One, Snohomish, INA 98290. PURDY Would like to correspond with anyone researching the surnames of HARTLEY PURDY, HARTLEY, or DICKSON (via PURDY marriage?). DICKSON ---Mrs. Kennel Lewis, P.O. Box 3154, Lexington, OH 44904 BRENNAN I am looking for the names and birthplaces of my husbands grandBRANNON/BRANNAN father's par as we are planning a trip to Ireland and want to locate his roots. James T. BRENNAM/BRANNON/BRANNAM b 27 Sep 1845 Mansfield, OH d 25 Sep 1899 Sioux City, Iowa. ---Mrs. J.E~ Brennan, 1007 N. Marion Avenue, Janesville, WI 53545. KELLER Would like any information or records on Jacob KELLER who liv in BARNES Richland Co., ca 1830 to 1840. His son Andrew Jackson KELLER was b in Mansfield, OH Apr 1837. The 1830 census records list a William KELLER who I believe was Jacob's bro. Jacob m Mary BARNES and their ch were William b 1829, Rebecca b ca 1831. Andrew b 1837, John, Lucinda and Elizabeth were born between. Andrew was raised by an uncle from about the age of 4, when they moved to IN. Jacob's wife, Mary was b in VA. The KELLER family came from Switzerland. I would like any records on this family. --- Gloria G. Bell, 2918 Esquire Dr., Boise, ID 83704. John DOWNS was b ca 1759 and mov to Mansfield about 1812 with his DOWNS fam. John m Mary A. ? . Their son John DOWNS wac b IN VA. in 1796. I would like any info on Mary A. DOWNS, birth, place of birth, etc. Could Mary A. Downs be his dau instead of his wife? ---William Braun, 304 Chanticleer Trail, Lansing, MI 48917. Seeking any info on Jo~n & Mary HUSTON. John b ca 1799 PA and Mary HUSTON b ca 1804 PA. They liv in Butler Twp., Richland Co., OH. He was a HECKENDORN miller by trade. Ch were Peter" age 22; Jess age 21; Andrew, age 18; Elizabeth, age 10 and John age 13. The 1850 census also lists Levi, age 7 and, age 4. Jessie's m Mary Jane HECKENDORN b PA 21. --- Elizabeth Eastman, 137 W. Kinder, Richland Center, WI 53581. GREEN Need info concerning William Ira GREEN m 1866 liv Mansfield, OH 1870. ---Golda McDermott, Box 433, Humboldt, NE 68376. continued next page 20




Thomas SHANKS was b ca 1820 Richland Co., OH m Louisa LARRABEE 29 Oct. 1843 Lorain Co., OH. Need her par.Would like to correspond with anyone researching same families or who have any info. ---Mrs. Marvin G. Carlson, S. 3397 Lincoln Ave., Marshfield,WI 54449. Robert NEWELL & Mary NEIFNER m 21 Mar 1839 by John Smurr, J.P. of Orange Twp., Richland CO., OH. Can't find surname NEIFNER anyplace. Could this be error for HEIFNER? Would this be the Robert NEWELL (18181896) & wife Mary (1820-1891) buried at Old Canaan/Newell cemetery, Orange Twp., Ashland Co., OH? Who were their par? ---Ada E. lewis, 1606 W. North St., Springfield, OH 45504 Would like burial place of Jacob OSTER d 1818 wife Elizabeth d 1825 near Mansfield, OH. George OSTER (1816-1839) left Mansfield area ca 1839 for Missouri. Also need info on Mary REFFNER m GLUNT and later mar Thomas HAYS who liv in Richland CO., OH in 1830's. Possibly left for Missouri ca 1835? I would like to hear from anyone researching or having any info on these families. ---Mrs. Eva J. Southern, 1721 W. Main Street, Jefferson City, MI 65101. Eva, check February Issue under early divorces in Richland Co., OH, an Andrew Glunt divorced Mary Glunt on 9 Nov 1857. They were m in PA. There are 4 ch listed and he asks for custody of the ch.,John age 22, James age 16, Mary Elizabeth age 12 and Franklin age 5. Need info on Archibald PURDY 1795-1875 m in 1825 to Margaret PURDY 1802-1881 liv in Springlfield Twp., Richland Co. Ch: Charlie b 1826, James b 1828 m Mary Barr, Cunningham H. b 1831 m Mary MARSHALL, Boyd W. b 1831 m Catharine MASON, Sarah b 1836 m (1) John DOUGAL, (2) James FIFE: Mary b 1838 m Logan McD. SCOTT, Andrew b 1843 m Eliza SOUTH; William b 1844 m Louisa GUENTHER. Would like to hear from these families. These are my g-grandfather's Archibald family. James PURDY was a prominent citizen of Mansfield. Would like info on James Purdy b 1793 m Mary HODGE. Ch: Mary b 1840 m William WELDON; Jeanette b 1843 m Joseph HEDGES; James b 1846 m Emma KENNEDY; Helen b 1850 m Henry WEAVER; Adelaide b 1852 m Frank S. lAHM; Katherine b 1853 m Dr .. Frank BAIN; Hamilton b 1855. Also interested in hearing from these families. ---Mrs. Martha Lewis, Rt. 3, Box 182, Shelby, Ohio 44875 Martha, I hope you will write to Mrs. Kennel Lewis in Lexington who is also researching the PURDY families. I hope you will be able to help each other. Mrs. lewis is on previous page this issue. I would like an update on the STEVENS-FINNEY-TULLOS families. Need info on a Sally VAN HORN, Shelby OH m an attorney Thomas FINNEY liv in Washington, D.C. at one time. Thomas was b 1924. ---W. Elaine Jacobson, 2505 Chickasaw DR. NW, London, OH 43140.


For our families researching the WILLET surname: Fulton Footprints Newsletter, Fulton Co., Oh. had the following in their Oct. issue. Quote: Received from Lillian DeHart, 2250 E. Ellsworth, Ann Arbor, MI 48104: My g-grandmother was FAnny WILLET who marries Dwight STITT of Chesterfield Twp. in 1856. She ~asborn in 1838 and d 1863 and is buried in Hawley Cemetery. Her parents were David and Rachel (Smalley) WILLET. Can anyone help me with this line? She also enclosed a post card she received from Albert J. WILLET, 209 Irvin DR., Smithfield, VA 23430. It advertises a WILLET Families of North America book. Published in June 1985, 15,000 name index, two hard-backed cloth bound volumes, 1040 pages and 26 chapters. It can be purchased for $55.00 postpaid. There is a WILLETT House Quarterly, cost $12.50 per year. 1 hope this will help our WILLETT/WILLET researchers, good luck and happy hunting!


ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY The library has births, deaths, marriages for most of the 92 counties from 1882-1920 as compiled by tho UPA Historical Survey. This is an excellant library and it contains a large variety of material on the New England States. The Genealogical area is located on the second floor. Their address is 900 Webster st., Fort Wayne, IN 46892. 21

MARRIAGE LICENSES The State of Ohio Department of Health started to keep a record of marriage licenses in September of 1949. Prior to this date, ~ou must obtain them from the County from which it was obtained from. The fee for an uncertified copy of a marriage record is $1.10 per copy. They do not issue certified copies. The address is: P.O. Box 118, Columbus, OH 43216

Five Generation Charts

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· D~lbert Clark Banks IF..... 01 No. II b. 23 Jan.1871 p.b.Hi ch · Co ~ OH .


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Clarence ~arl Banks Dec. 189g...... 01 N.. II p.b. h'ich. Co. OR m. 25 Dec.1918

~. David Aaron Banks (FltMCoIN..., ~. 28 Mar. 1889 b. 13 Jun. 1844 17 Sarah Coutrip;ht (Molher of ..... '. p.b.Lt. Washington,OH c.... _'... c1N.. _ b. m. 17 Aug. 1865 d. d. 17 Har.1930 Isaac Pulver 18 p.d Hansfield,OIi Ib.~ Mar.1BOl ,Fo.... oIN.... Sarah j~lizabcth Pulver m. 27 Apr. 184'O"""'MnNo.c....... 01 No. ') !d. 7 Apr. 1883 Hannah Armstrong 111 b.29 Feb. 1844 p.b. Lt. Washington, all d. 7 Nov. 188.5 p.d Hich. CQ.OH

Charles Banks Sr ... I. ~e4Jan. 1807 c...... c.... tNo._




Caleb Franklin Grice

(hu.« )

14 Mar.l831 Cora Almedia Grice p.b.Fayettc Co. PA 5 L.....::.=.::....;:;.:.::::.;;;.:::;.;;:;;;~~--lm. 23 0 ct. 1866 , c ,01 No. 2) .... b. 20 Mar. 1880 d. 17 Dcc.1913 'P.b.Hi'ch. CO.Oll p.d Co.Oll . d. 25 Oct. 1945 11 Har aret Ann Hiller p.d.~ans fi eld, ~H ,"sM, 01 N.. S) b. 13 Sep. 1843 p.". Lancaster Co. FA 1 Bernadene Doris' Banks d. 16 Feb. 1922 p.d. Ia. ch. Co · all b. 29 Oct.1925 p.b. Bellville,Oll m.19Aug.1944 Clever 12 An than





b. 17 Apr. t80'j7t- ....... - d.23 Jul.1870 28 _William S a de p.b. Rich. Co. all 0 t 1 d. 19 Mar. 1977 l ' Sanuel Spayde c · If.::.."":.-:''~~_ .r-'------~~==.....,.....--f: . ca. 1829 p.d. Mansfield,OH(hospital) " ....·.. ".. 7 ) . 6 Feb. 1885 b. 14 Jul. 1843 29 therine Huston p.b. Co. au b.8 Sep.1809 ~~~.:::7 Lilly Cecelia Spayde m·21 Sep. 1862 d.6 May 1877 b.' '16 Nov. H~~""oINo.3) d. 14 Oct. 1926 Henry Secrist ·p.b.~C~.Co. Oll p.d Iach. Co. OIl , . e. (MIle-I' . . . . . . . II. 16. Jan. 1934 15 j·;liza Jane Secrist m.10 Sap. 184 ,e-"'.'''No.l'--===-==--':::'==~I""::=,,;,,,;''';'_:=;I);--~d.14 Feb. 1899 p.d. BE!llville, OH b. 18 Feb.' 18L~3' 31 j~lizabeth Sintz William Floyd Dickson .,.b. b. 26 Jan. 18TLt".:·:.. .. ,:~_ :, ("""".... No.1) b. 15 Jun. 1925 d. II. n ,Jule 1852 d. 26 Har.1888 p.b. eich.(';o. Oll p.d. }l.". ;;ich. Go. UH


b. 25 Jan. 1826 p.b. Cumberland Co. PA e,.........ut,.I.ll.L~.r..Ji<...I.:e!U:..==-:,.,,-..--_-Im. 10 Nov. 1853 '22 Jun. 1856·...... d. 25 Feb.1912 p.b. Rich~Co. OH p.d 'm.28 Dec.' 1882 , 13 _Susanna Andrews . d.19 Oct. 1930 '5 >'1 1833'......... No... , .d Bellville, OH b. I' aY OH 3 Bessie Rose Clever d. 3 May 1913 b. 8 Jul. 1985w" M 'oINo. 1l p.d.Iach. Co. OH

(Fellll'r '" Nt..')


13 Dec J8(,4 Mary sthclUer .-.. "No. I b.7 Aug.l806 e-.~,..n':':_ d.30 Dec.1886 28 Jacob Andrews . 1--Mar.1803.~~c-~-~I~~.. .. m. Dec. 1830c-. .. '.... _ . 22 Aug. 1883 2? Christina Baker

25 ·



~ Immigrant

N_ 01 Campl1Br


# Desire Information eIMt X Have more infomation

Chart No. _ _



:- :::==-

::.. ...=.

fay City. st.te Shelby, Ohio_ 44875 · 1W~ibJ1J.1.Y.....Q..g~~~~:m.....~ .16 Deo -18 4! ,..' .. ,_........ . 12 Dec 1868 D.te March 1985 b. 24 Mar 1831 17 Jemima COLE I p.b. Richland Co., Ohio b.6 Nov 1806 Pa. 4,1dlrti.1.B...JI....-.QlL~~1:k~-lDl. Jon 1851 . 3 d.7 Jan 1848 b. 6 Oct 1860('- ...... 2) d. 12 June 1899 p.b. Plymouth Twp., Ohio· p.d Shelby, Ohio Fa. ~":''' D1. 9 Feb 1887 III Ann ' d. 17, Oct 1932 ..... PIoco" Doodo .d She1by, Ohio b. 19 Apr 1830 p.b. Penney1vania 2 Floyd_H. CHAHPIOH _. ~_"""') d. 17 Aug 1919 b. 10 July 1u88 p.d Sharon Twp., Ohio p.b. Plymouth Twp., Ohio D1. 16 ld~ 1910 d. 8 Nov 1961 .d Shelby, Ohio




xxxxxxxxxxx R I" Box 182 No.1 anlh" chart .. lh8.aDie per_ .. N o . _ chart No. _ _·








Rachel Rebecca B.... b. 18 June 1865" d. 15 Liar 1865 p.b. Plymouth Twp., Ohio p.d Shelby, Ohio d. 21 Hay 1942 11 Sarah MOR:!lHEAD p.d. Shelby, Ohio . .. .... " b. 13 Feb 1825 p.b. Shnron Twp., Ohio d. 3 Feb 1908 p.d. Shelby, Ohio





Aroh!bald PUIIDY

b. 9 Apr 1795 p.b. D1. 1825 ~====~~~~~r---;d.6 Oc~ 1875 p.d RiohJ.and Co.,


(,_ ........


. Fa. :-----4

Mar aret PURDY




Ida Lin



b. 29 Mar 1892 p.b. Cookton, Ohio d. 9 Apr 197.6 p.d. Shelby, Ohio



b. 22 Aug 1802 p.b. d. 19 Aug 1881 p.d.



b. 13. July 1828 p.b. Germany 7L....::L~0~u1~e~a~Ma~~~G~UE1~l~B.L.--1D1. 8 llov 1855 b. 24 June 1~"""" d. 6 July 1905 p.b.She1by, Ohio p.d Shelby, Ohio d. 4 Aug 1899 15 Ma ~Jaria T p.d. Shelby, Ohio (MGw ...... l) .Kennel TroL LEWIS b.19 Dec 1837 (s,.. .. lie: I) p.b. b. J.9 Dec 1919 d. d. 6 Aug 1917 p.b. Blaze, Ky. p.d. p.d. Shelby,. Ohio




b. d.

Ann Dora h 1800 Ger


Name 01 Compiler


,,~ cbart Ia Loi ~, P,rOITnc Peucn No. 1 on thla e~the earn. peucn u No' - -on chart No' - - ' xxxxxxxxxx 133 Gos~ Ave ."


Chart No. _ _


City, Iltala'_ Santa Cruz,CA ~5065

, lfllii.;crt" l'rOl'llC .' r ~·4 Jul~' 177C <:onolc::~~




8James l'iadison BrOHne

(,..... "' .... 4)

Date,_ _ 20 Feb.

1 ~8l)


S :rov.



... .......... ..


1, ~.


ii I1f III


~~Philadclphia, PI\ b. 1,i lUI)'!, · 17~':~~~:"--1 Franklin Henrv Browne m. 1833 d. 1,~ Dec. 182? d. 6 Apr, 11385 21 Aug. 1 ~-:ti "' .... 2) b. 18 p.d =rc·~lark , 0:110 ~. (F""'''''''''. ~------J 1lIoh"'_ p.b. Zanesville, Ohio COIL 00 chart No. m. III llarrict Amelia nracJlcy rn. Dol. '" Man10p 4) d. 2G !lov. 1905 1lIoh"'~ ]d. "'~ III ~.d i:eHarl< , Ohio b. 1812 b. p.b. I'hi ladelpl1ia, PA 2 Chnrlef; rrorris Drovme d. (,...... 01 No. I) d. 1 R~G b. 29 July 157/1 p.d 20 p.b.Fewark , Ollio (Felber« No. JO, b. Coat, .." cbart No. _ _ I m. 14 July 1922 m. 10Francis Le0 Harwood d. 22 Sept. 195,i (F..... "'N.. !) d. .d Newark, Ohio 21 b. ca 1812 ~"'No.lo, .. *11 N o . - - . ) b. P.b·Vil'ginia 5 Jccmnette Ann HarVlood m. d. 18~"'No.2) d. b. In Apr. 22 Peter. Coffman (KauI~{:.,an) p.d p.b. Kentucky g-:r" ..... ..... _ _ ) Jb. .doon u. d. 30 I·lilY 1926 m. 11 ~:arv (Polly) Cof1'rnan (M.-rol"" S) p.d. ;-Iel'lark, Ohio d. b. 20 Apr. 11315/17 23 Ann Strickler P.I)· · Jewark, Ohio ~a<Mr"''''''1I. b.20 Dec. 1770'-- ............. ---1 1 James ~adison Browne d. 11 Jan. 1909 d. p.d. [Jcwar!;:, Ohio b. 4 Aug. 1923 UIsrael ltiller p.b. Nevmrk Ohio ~. l10c t · 1 7 ~hJ ~""'fIlNor.12. ~ -..c:MI1 .... m. 13 Aig. 1944 John r-tiller 12 lin. (._01""6) ~. 30 AI1"-',1272 b. 17 Jan 1H1:, 25 1 "o0:ina'" p.b. Cumberland Co. , PA ~"'''''II. _ _) .doon ..... b. e Georue lUller m. d. d. 15 Sept. 1891 b.b June 1876_.~. z8.1 fred Lincoln p.d iiercer Co. , Ohio p.b.Richland Co., Ohio ~01""'I" 10· 1777/7'('. ...... No.---l m. G June 1875 13, Emily Ann Lincoln 1m.


10 i':ov. 1831 Hanr.ali Knox







!j.f. 'wi

Ii, i.:


15 June 1921 Ohio



(M.-r"' ..... 6)

~ JUly 1818 b. p.b. Connect1.cut

·d '·Jereer Co.,

~ 27 "hebe IJi.:iond

b. 1796/9!J d.



Philena :·l1ller

p.d. 28David Crouch 24 June 1894 p.b. J ef f .T\'/p. Richland CO,Oli ~tl""l _ _) ·· ~. 173G? .doon ..... 14Francis Judl<in Crouch !m'15 July 1785 24 Jan. 1971 ('_oIllo.7) Porterville, CA ~. JUl~ ,1,8h b. 1796 211 E eano ;.ichee ~"''''''I'' - - J p.b. He\! York · .......... b. Philena Jane Crouch 7I m. d. b. 28 Dec. 1b~/5"" d. 17 110'1. 1865 30 p.b.t·lereer Co. , Ohio p.d Hercer Co ·· Ohio lb. ~-:':'.:';~ d. 24 !Iov. 1927 m. 15 ;·lercy 110gers p.d.i-:ercer Co. , Oh io <_01 ..... " d. b. 1 flO::; 31 ~ Alice J.6~Cler7lent ",No. I) ---l p.b·;,)e·,</ York b. b. 8 Apr. 1924 d. d. . d. d 24 Feh. 1li92 p.b6oulder Creel<, p.d. p. ',Jercer C~., Ohio CA


(M.-r '"


10 iJov. 1875 I.lercer Co., Ohio



e-.._.... 1".. _"'






D~({'ikA ss



,-- - - - - - - - 1 1 MARRIED 'DIE

99.el9 , I · uno.l lIlIlf4 lllUS lf~lfUO BEt USQllrwlf · ~ If U3n80~

lIedA't f BORN




















II,.."AJ l> S6N



BORN Il-I-Itlf l P' WHERE8.«.l:lfWIAfli""",,






MARRIED 6,4Joll 14f'tfl










338 OTTAWA STRUT xxxxxxxxx PA8k FOk(ST. II 60461

.O~(R£TTA R. AI~IIllS£.


~u4LA1SS ..JAao~5


BORN T'f-I"7 WHERE k",:;,.1f MARRIED:l-I,,-I,n A L WHEREIW"N,qolf" c.. IIVA BORN 1/-/1- / ~~,. DIED DIED ,,-~ /9¥


BORN '1-;j!q- 19'1'1

WHERE/lfltltTlNS t IUS, INZ,· WHERE cQo /fT5,C,,-1:. 1 IL,



f:H-1.$-3-1.";1.. J>


WHERE"I~A'o"Q.o. PIIb.



DIED 1'2-,,-,q.fjA.. WHEREP~f(TtA""o~~E. I



MY FAMILY TREE I started out at first to climb a puny, little tree. It seed a tiny twig at first: For there was only me. My sisters and my brother; Then Dad said I should add his folks, His Father and his Mother. The list has grown down thru the years, And now my family line; Seems to extend a mile or more, At eight thousand ninety-nine. And still it keeps on growing By twos and threes each day, So where the line will finally end I'm at a loss to say. But, if and when, the end is reached, As "end" all good things must, I will not be around to tell; For I'll be merely dust. Composed Dec 8, 1985 by Doris L. Sweeny, a member of Carroll Co. Genealogical Society.

checks payable to Heritage Research. ***** "PEOPLE FINDERS", P.O. Box 651, Batavia,ILL. 60510. $12.00 a year. This magazine has a genealogical column along with missing persons and adoption name search ads. ***** "HERITAGE QUEST", Drawing HQ, Orting WA 98360-0040. Membership rates are $25.00 for six bi-monthly issues. This magazine includes many articles and genealogical columns.


CLIMB IT RIGHT, Progenesys, P.O. Box 2623, Christiansburg, VA 24068. Authors, John & Carolyn Cosgriff, 112 pgs., $14.95 postpaid. This book discusses using computers to organize your genealogy.


=..BE=..;W-,-A_R-",E~S _LI_S_T _GR_O_W_S The latest genealogy fraud is now the genealogy chain letter. Recipients are in****************************************** vited to make five lists of every name they are researching and to send a list and $2.00 "ULSTER HERITAGE" to five people listed in the letter and to "ULSTER HERITAGE", 121 Saint field Rd., Belmake 100 copies of the letter and mail them. fast, N. Ireland, BT8 4HN or 7 LancasterThe letter states that chain letters are ian St., Carrickfergus, N. Ireland, BT38 7 illegal, but this one is mereJy selling a AB. This journal will be devoted to geneaservice. IT IS STILL ILLEGAL!I! DO NOT PARlogical and historical research and will TICIPATE !! IF YOU RECEIVE SUCH A LETTER, be published for the first time in Marchi CONTACT YOUR POST OFFICE. April 1986. It is published 3 times a year, Reported by the Mecklenburg (N.C.) Genea~~~::::~ ~! ~ ~ ~ _:: ~! ~: _ ~ _!~ ~.: ~~ _~ _~ ~ ~::.: _~~ ~~ _.. __l_o_g_i_c_a_l__S_o_c_i_e_ty_,__s_o__w_e__c_a_n__f_o_r_e_w_o_r..n__o_t_h_e_r_s . ~::




MAY 1986


14 pages

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