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2007 Annual Report

Healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence

From Our Chairman of the Board of Directors

Whether patients seek services for themselves or for their loved ones, for preventative medicine or for long-term treatment, they know they can rely on Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Our professionals are healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence everyday. Your donations to the Roper St. Francis Foundation accelerate the acquisition of advanced technology and facilities, and this commitment to provide a higher level of medical care helps create a healthy community in more ways than one. In 2007, the 481 members of the Rx Society, along with many other donors, raised over $6.1 million to support the Mount Pleasant Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation at Roper Hospital, Nursing Scholarships, the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center and a wide variety of other special projects. These dollars will go a long way toward ensuring the patient experience at Roper St. Francis Healthcare is of the highest quality. You will read more about these projects in the remainder of this Annual Report. I am sure you will find that your contributions, along with those of your friends and neighbors, made a lasting impact on the programs and services of Roper St. Francis Healthcare. It is important to remember that philanthropic support enabled the advancements detailed in these pages. Quite simply, health system revenues maintain and grow our current healthcare capabilities, while Foundation funding enables us to provide the next level of cutting-edge technology and healthcare. All this is possible because of your support. The Foundation strives to keep our donors well informed, to provide opportunities for partnership and participation, and to be gracious in our attempts to thank and recognize the people who make us successful. Many of you attended the Annual Donor Appreciation Gala in January, and I hope you found it a fitting celebration of your contributions last year. I humbly thank you for helping the Foundation raise the bar in healthcare in 2007. I remind you that every stride we take toward compassion, faith and excellence requires the assistance of a committed community. I hope you will continue your relationship with the Roper St. Francis Foundation in 2008. Sincerely,

John B. Holloway, Jr. Chairman Roper St. Francis Foundation Board of Directors

Dear Friends,

Today, we celebrate! We celebrate the quality of life we enjoy here in this beautiful community we call home. We also celebrate health and wellness. And, we celebrate YOU... the generous donors to the Roper St. Francis Foundation. Thanks to you, our mission ­ healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence ­ is stronger than ever. Our patients benefit in so many ways from your generous support of the Roper St. Francis Foundation. Thanks to you... we know the joy of bringing newborn babies into our world, and helping keep families healthy and strong through preventive medicine. Thanks to you... we provide comfort and relief, easing people's pain when they are sick or hurt. Thanks to you... we offer state-of-the-art medical technology in patient-focused facilities. Thanks to you... we provide strength and support in times of loss and sorrow. I am proud of our employees and our physicians, who, with your help, are always striving to be better, striving to make Roper St. Francis Healthcare the best that we can be ­ both in the care of our patients and in service to our community. Yes, we have much to celebrate and be thankful for. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest thanks to you, and say how very pleased I am to have you as part of our Roper St. Francis family. Sincerely,

David L. Dunlap, FACHE President and Chief Executive Officer Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Roper St. Francis Foundation Board of Directors

John B. Holloway Jr., Chairman D. Grant Carwile, Vice Chairman Timothy Scott, Treasurer Victor Apat Edgar A. Buck Sr. Brian M. Carmody Lonnie N. Carter Charles T. Cole Jr. Sandra Fennell James M. Hayes, MD John R. Hoover Lenwood Howell John M. Jordan Jr. Gerald W. King, MD Joseph McDonald Kimberly Love Meyer Michael A. Molony R. Kelly Molony William A. Moody Jr. Edmund Puckhaber Elizabeth C. Simmons O.L. Thompson III

Physician Partners

Paul L. Baron, MD John G. Boatwright, MD Adam C. Brown, MD James L. Bumgartner, MD Brian G. Cuddy, MD Mary Mulbry-Decker, MD Alison E. Dillon, MD Lon R. Doles, MD David M. Ellison, MD F. Strait Fairey, MD Alan W. Fogle, MD Waddell H. Gilmore III, MD J. Michael Grayson, MD William J. Grossman, MD John J. Hallett, MD Marta T. Hampton, MD Thomas B. Harper III, MD James M. Hayes, MD Samuel E. Hazell, MD Julius R. Ivester Jr., MD Patrick J. Kelly, MD Robert B. Lowery, MD John A. Mitchell, MD Edward C. Morrison, MD Alan I. Nussbaum, MD Mark L. Pinosky, MD Allan A. Rashford, MD Daniel Ravenel, MD Geoffrey E. Renk, PhD, FACEP MD , James W. Schnell, MD C. Willy Schwenzfeier, MD Steven D. Shapiro, MS, DMD, MD Robert "Woody" Smith, MD Lisa R. Stewart, MD Timothy E. West, MD G. Frederick Worsham Jr., MD

The Foundation raised over $6.1 million in 2007, which is the equivalent of generating $120 million in clinical services.

2007 Initiatives and Beneficiaries

MOUNT PLEASANT HOSPITAL If you live East of the Cooper or further north, this beautiful and brand new hospital will give you 24-hour emergency care, 85 patient rooms, a Women's Pavilion with outstanding baby care and surgical suites filled with the very latest technology. All services will be located in a specially designed 220,000 square foot facility where every component will help create a healing environment. From soothing colors and careful configuration of the patient rooms to the fully staffed Emergency Department, every aspect of the new hospital will help minimize patient and family stress while ensuring that the healthcare professionals have the very best equipment readily available. However, to avoid diverting much needed funding from other projects and to minimize the use of critical reserves, we must partner with the community. The community's generous philanthropic investment will make it possible for us to move forward confidently, creating a new hospital worthy of Mount Pleasant and of Roper St. Francis Healthcare. CARDIAC REHABILITATION AT ROPER HOSPITAL Today, the Roper St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center is the most advanced facility of its kind in the state. Patients come from throughout the region to receive treatment. Although our expertise in diagnosis and cardiac treatment is unmatched, this represents only the first part of the healing process. When the cardiac patient actively participates in a program of rehabilitation, lasting health is restored. Renovations of our existing rehabilitation facility will better accommodate the needs of more patients, provide a comprehensive "whole body" approach to the healing process and extend the Heart & Vascular Center experience from diagnosis to surgery to a thorough rehabilitation. The new facility will include updated cardiac equipment, state-of-the-art technologies for measuring and recording improvement, expanded studio area for stretching, yoga and tai chi, a demonstration kitchen for healthy cooking classes and classroom space for stress management, social therapy and other non-physical rehab techniques. NURSING SCHOLARSHIPS Excellence in nursing is one of the hallmarks that makes Roper St. Francis Healthcare the Lowcountry's leader in patient satisfaction. Because well-trained, compassionate nurses are vital to the health of our patients and to the work of our doctors and staff, Roper St. Francis is proud to offer a Nursing Scholarship Program to support those pursuing a career in nursing or an advanced nursing degree. The scholarship program, funded by the Roper St. Francis Foundation, is open to anyone entering the profession who has been accepted to nursing school, as well as to any current Roper St. Francis employee.

William Momier, Lisa Irvin, Steven Shapiro, MD and Matt Severance honored caregivers from floor 7 Buxton with a Mission Accomplished award at a luncheon held in their honor.


In 2007, Roper St. Francis Cancer Center unveiled its CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System, a state-of-the-art treatment that gives new hope to patients with cancer and their loved ones. Roper St. Francis Cancer Center is the first in South Carolina offering CyberKnife technology. The Foundation played a key role in funding this high-tech addition to our healthcare system. CyberKnife, which is housed in the Radiation Oncology Department at Roper Hospital, is a non-invasive robotic radiosurgery system that treats cancer anywhere in the body, including the brain, spine, lung, liver, prostate and pancreas. Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that uses directed beams of ionizing radiation. Intelligent robotics allow CyberKnife to continually track tumor position, detect any tumor or patient movement and automatically correct the treatment delivery without the need to manually reposition the patient or interrupt the treatment.

The Foundation helped fund Roper St. Francis Healthcare's CyberKnife, the first in South Carolina and one of roughly 120 worldwide.

CyberKnife is housed in a speciallydesigned and constructed full-lead vault, the only one of its kind for stereotactic surgery in the United States. Materials required to build the vault include one million pounds of lead, an 18,000-pound door and a four-foot concrete floor.

daVinci Robot

The daVinci Surgical System is a sophisticated robot allowing surgeons to perform complex surgeries through tiny incisions. Using four interactive robotic arms, a surgeon's console and a high definition three-dimensional vision system, daVinci translates a surgeon's hand movements into more precise movements by special instruments designed with seven degrees of motion that mimic the dexterity of the human hand and wrist. Each instrument has a specific surgical mission, such as clamping, suturing or tissue manipulation. To help bring this state-ofthe-art technology to Roper St. Francis Healthcare, the Foundation provided funding for the required software. The daVinci Surgical System offers patient benefits such as shorter hospital stays, less pain and a quicker return to everyday activities. The system is used most prevalently in urological cases, but other applications include gynecologic surgery, such as hysterectomies to remove cancerous tissues, and cardiothoracic surgery, ranging from mitral valve repair to coronary bypass.

Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden, funded by generous donors, incorporates four major elements connected by winding pathways and spectacular portals designed to invite and engage our senses of touch, smell, sight and sound. These elements, which comprise Phase One, are scheduled to open in early 2009. Labyrinths have aided in prayer and meditation as a source of strength and wisdom through the ages. The McQueeney Labyrinth will serve as a central element to the Garden. This feature is being modeled after the labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral. The exquisite Prayer Garden, complete with cascading fountain and water wall as well as special seating areas to enjoy them, is being donated by Beverly and Jack Hoover in memory of their parents. The Sister Margaretta Camellia Garden, sponsored by the Molony Family, will offer a spectacular display of fall and winter blooming camellias, hollies and magnolias. The walkway is fashioned in a "figure eight," the universal symbol of eternity. A dramatic sculpture of the living Christ, strong and healthy with outstretched arms, will stand six-feet tall. This original statue is being crafted from Indiana limestone in memory of Margaret McAlister Mevers. This beautiful garden will be situated beneath the natural cathedral formed by a grove of 12 magnificent live oak trees on the campus of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

Top: The Meditation Garden, planned for the campus of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, has been designed to integrate the beautiful live oaks already on the property. Bottom: Kitty McMasters, Brandon Hoffman, Jack and Beverly Hoover and Sonny Mevers at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Meditation Garden.

The Rx Society and Donor Appreciation Gala

Left: George Fennell, Woodie Smith, Tim Scott and O.L. Thompson. Below: Vereen Coen with Dr. Jim and Barbara Hayes at the 2007 Rx Society Donor Appreciation Gala.

Named for the founders of our two hospitals, Colonel Thomas Roper and Sister Xavier Dunn, the Roper Xavier (Rx) Society recognizes individuals who donate at a leadership level and share the commitment of Roper St. Francis Healthcare to enrich the health and quality of life in the Lowcountry. A minimum contribution of $1,000 in the calendar year earns the donor the distinction of being recognized as a member of the Rx Society. In recognition and appreciation of the generosity of this leading group of donors, the Foundation hosts an annual Donor Appreciation Gala. This world-class affair, held on January 26, 2008, and open only to Rx Society members, featured speakers Bob Woodruff, one of the first American news anchors to be wounded in a war zone when he was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and his wife Lee Woodruff, a contributing editor at Family Fun Magazine. The event, held at Charleston Place Hotel, showcased drummers and geishas to complement the Asian-inspired theme for the evening. Nearly 800 guests enjoyed a menu with an Asian flair. The Donor Appreciation Gala continues to grow and spark community interest in the important work of Roper St. Francis Healthcare. The 2008 Gala promises to continue the tradition of celebrating the success of the Rx Society.

2007 Physician Champion Award Winner

The Physician Champion Award, presented by Cogdell Spencer Charitable Fund, recognizes a physician of exceptional leadership and devoted service to the Roper St. Francis Foundation. A Physician Champion is a distinguished 2007 Recipient: Patrick J. Kelly, MD physician who serves as an example of compassionate caring and philanthropic service, representing the interests of not only patients and Roper St. Francis Healthcare, but also the communities we serve.

The Future

In 2007, memberships in the

Rx Society increased 15% to

a total of 481members, including 175 physicians.

The Roper St. Francis Foundation has experienced significant growth in the past three years. The number of donors who believe in the work of Roper St. Francis Healthcare has expanded, and the amount of money the Foundation has been able to provide for programs and services that enrich the patient experience has been impressive. With a solid and stable philanthropic base on which to build, the Foundation is looking forward to a period of continued growth. 2008 promises to be an exciting year for the Roper St. Francis Foundation, and we hope each of you will stretch to help us maximize the good work that happens every day in our facilities. Each donor, each volunteer and each advocate is a powerful force in our mission of healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence. You helped us help so many in need during 2007, and we hope you will extend your generosity again this year to help us continue this work.

Roper St. Francis Foundation Growth

7 6 Millions of Dollars 5 4 3 2 1 0

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007



Total Contributions

Total Funds Raised by Type in 2007

Gifts of $10,000 and above 28% Grants 56% Annual Gifts & Gifts under $1,000 10%

Grant List

Abbott Laboratories Roper St. Francis Women's Services Bon Secours Health System Mission Fund Medicaid Navigator Carolina Park Medicaid Navigator C.R. Bard Foundation Breast Cancer Outreach South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Newborn Hearing Screening

Gifts in Kind 6%

Jack Hoover, Jeff Wiggins from W.L. Gore, Susan Sullivan, Jeb Hallett, MD, and Bob Hosler in the Hoover Conference Room at Roper Hospital.

The Duke Endowment Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic Health Resources and Services Administration RSFH Ryan White Program Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Healthcare Facilities Partnership ­ Hospital Preparedness Program Susan G. Komen for the Cure Lowcountry Affiliate Mammograms Trident Area Agency on Aging RSFH Lowcountry Senior Center Trident United Way RSFH Lifeline Program

Bruce Jayne, Charlie Cole, Martha Holloway, and John Holloway at the December 5, 2007 groundbreaking ceremony for the Meditation Garden at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

Johnny Jordan, Bill Moody, OL Thompson, and John Holloway at the annual Roper St. Francis Foundation Board of Directors Retreat in February.

Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation Medicaid Navigator



($100,000 - $999,999)

Anonymous Belimed, Inc. The Duke Endowment Mr. William Momier TRUMPF Medical Systems Ted and Tricia Legasey A. Lawrence Lemel, MD David T. Lewis, Esquire Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank Jr. Medtronic, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Middleton Morrison Management Specialists, Inc. The National Bank of South Carolina The Pepsi Bottling Group Program Management Resources, Inc. Matt and Ashley Severance Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Shapiro Beth and David Simmons Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy Ms. Susan Sullivan Synthes Spine Mark J. Cumins, Jerry Scheer and TBonz Restaurant Group Mr. Mark C. Tanenbaum Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Thompson III Trident Construction Co., Inc. Trident United Way Wachovia Bank, N.A. Warner Bros. Television Martha and Pat Waters Wulbern-Koval Company Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jordan Jr. Lowcountry Medical Associates, PC The McNair Law Firm Foundation Bobby and Louisa Mead Medicraft Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Molony Bob and Glo Novello Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oakes Philips Lifeline Publix Super Markets Charities Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Puckhaber Roper Hospital Auxiliary Ross Pediatrics Woodie and Carleen Smith St. Jude Medical William S. Stuhr Henry C. "Buddy" Touard James E. Warmoth, MD Dr. and Mrs. G. Frederick Worsham Jr. Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation, Inc. Young Clement Rivers, LLP


($50,000 - $99,999)

Angelica The Laurie I. Brown Estate Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Cole Jr. Complete Building Corporation David and Pamela Dunlap John and Martha Holloway Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. King McQueeney Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Medical Society of South Carolina The Molony Family SGM Architects, Inc.


Berchtold Corporation Bovis Lend Lease Cogdell Spencer Charitable Trust The Duke Endowment W. L. Gore Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA HDR Linda and Bill Hollingsworth Susan G. Komen for the Cure The Sonny Mevers Foundation Susan and Chris Momeier Moore & Van Allen, PLLC National Baromedical Services The Post and Courier Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Read South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. SC Lt. Governor's Office on Aging SunTrust Bank Surgical Associates of Charleston, PA Trident United Way Bill and Tomi Youngblood


($10,000 - $49,999)

AIG Retirement C.R. Bard, Inc. Mrs. Nella G. Barkley Berchtold Corporation Blackbaud, Inc. Bon Secours Health System, Inc. Beth and Larry Burtschy Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Carmody Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Carrara Carolina Park Associates, LLC Mr. D. Grant Carwile and Ms. Sharon Watson Louise B. Clay, MD The Family of William J. and Gladys G. Condon Dixon Hughes, PLLC Elizabeth and Mallory Factor Force Protection Industries, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Doug Harrison Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hoover The Family of Virginia O'Brien Hostetter Intuitive Surgical Lisa Irvin Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Kassing


($5,000 - $9,999)

ACCURAY Emmy Lou and Peter R. Anderson AT&T BB&T Beryl R. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Buck Sr. Mrs. Julian T. Buxton Jr. California Dreaming Carolina Federal Savings Bank Lonnie and Laurie Carter Charleston Anesthesia Group Charleston Emergency Services Dr. and Mrs. William B. Crymes Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen Corporate DevelopMint, LLC Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fennell Dave and Cookie Garner Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Hagood Dr. John Hallett and Dr. Linda Austin Barbara and Jim Hayes Harry L. Johnson Jr.


($1,000 - $4,999)

Albion Associates Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aldinger Dr. and Mrs. James C. Allen Roddy and Margaret Allen Mr. and Mrs. Ivan V. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Armfield

Dr. and Mrs. Randal Atkinson Dennis and Katherine Avery Mickey and Patti Bagg Roberta L. Banks The Estate of Leon Banov Dr. Sofia I. Barbosa and Curtis J. Bakle Drs. Paul and Lisa Baron Robert and Mary Barrineau Ms. Mary Barry Mr. Peter B. Bartlett Buddy Bebergal Charles J. Beischel, MD, PhD Ann Belden Jackie and Herbert Berlinsky Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bianco Mrs. Ruth Anne Bindursky Richard W. and Dede R. Blackburn John and Judy Bleecker Dr. and Mrs. Matt Blue Dr. Ettaleah Bluestein and Mr. Nicky Bluestein Drs. John G.P. and Barbara S. Boatwright Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital Volunteers Mr. J. Sidney Boone Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bottcher Mrs. RoseMary Kerr Bouvette Kristen and Greg Bowden Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bowles Dr. and Mrs. Alex Boyer Douglas and Regina Bowling Vickey Boyd ­ Moultrie News William and Anne Bradley Eleanor Fay Hord Branks, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1961 Mr. Wayne L. Brannan and Dr. Sarah E. McWhorter Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brock Mr. and Mrs. William Glen Brown Jr. Brumley Family Foundation Jim and Barbara Buckley Bill and Sharon Buehler Elizabeth Page Bullington Dr. and Mrs. James Bumgartner Bunch Realty, Inc. ­ Dexter X.O. Bunch Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Buncher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Burke Mr. and Mrs. James T.H. Buxton Walker and Eddie Buxton Mr. and Mrs. William A.W. Buxton Mr. and Mrs. James Willis Cantey III Drs. Lori and Stephen Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Campbell

Loren and Lynn Carlson Charles and Mary Page Carmody Allen and Mindy Carroll James E. Carroll Jr. Michael and Nichole Cassells Mrs. Robert S. Cathcart III Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cay III Dr. and Mrs. Buyng Choi Elizabeth S. Christian, MD Charles Clark, MD Terry and Jean Clark Tracey Cole, MD Dr. and Mrs. Bradford Collins Ms. Alieen F. Condon Dr. and Mrs. Louis E. Costa II Mr. Phillip W. Creger Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cuddy Cullum Constructors, Inc. Hutchie and Jerry Cummin Blue and Nancy Currie CWIBenefits Kristin Daley, MD Dr. and Mrs. David Dalu Cindy and Bart Daniel Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Daniel Dr. and Mrs. John Davidson M.W. and Joan Davis Sumter and Clydie deBrux Dr. Mary Decker and Dr. Bill Mulbry Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher C. Derrick Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter John DeStefano Dr. and Mrs. Charlton deSaussure Dr. Alison E. Dillon and Mr. Matthew Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiNicola Ms. Stacey Dodd Lawrence A. Dodds, Esq. Jon and Berta Donaldson George W. Douglass, MD Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Driggers Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Driver Dr. Marc Dubick Mark J. Dunlay Dr. and Mrs. Ted A. Dunn Ms. Monika E. Dutton Sister Patricia A. Eck, CBS David and Julie Ellison Dr. and Mrs. Haskell B. Ellison Dr. and Mrs. William B. Ellison Jr. Drs. John and Catherine Ellyn The James and Rebecca Evans Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Fabian Mrs. Lolly A. Fabian Dr. and Mrs. F. Strait Fairey Jr. Frank J. and Dorothy M. Farfone Rick and Pamela Farley

Farmers & Merchants Bank of SC James and Rosemary Fayssoux Ms. Allison Fennell-Wilson Leslie and Scott Fennell Mr. Thomas J. Fetter Leo and Carol H. Fishman Casey and Sue Fitts Rear Admiral and Mrs. James H. Flatley III Rev. Dr. Terence K. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Charles Florsheim Ms. Jerry Flury Mr. R. Patrick and Dr. Anne Flynn Thomas and Mary Flynn Dr. and Mrs. William J. Fogle Chris and Karen Fraser Richard J. Friedman, MD and Sandra Brett Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gabriel Ms. Geraldine Gallashaw Daniel K. Gamé ­ Pulmonary Disease Care Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Garcia Dr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Geer Dr. C. J. Geilfuss Dr. and Mrs. George F. Geils Jr. Dr. and Mrs. George Frederick Geils Sr. Christopher and Lindsay Glenn GMK Associates, Inc. Grace Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. David Grant George E. Gratzick, MD and Anna K. Tsalapatas, MD Ms. Julie Graudin Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Grayson Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Greenebaum Harry B. Gregorie Jr. Major General and Mrs. John S. Grinalds Dr. and Mrs. William J. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Guerard Mr. Bengie Hair Drs. Marta and Lex Hampton Mrs. William O. Hanahan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Hanckel Jr. Ashley and Rodney Hancock David and Debi Hand Ken and Robin Hanger Dr. Joseph Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hartnett Chris and Fran Hawk Nancy D. Hawk Edward L. Hay, MD Ms. Jean H. Haynes Ms. Terri Henning

Mark Herrin, MD Dr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Henry Dr. and Mrs. Cary S. Hickman Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hill Nancy and Jim Hinchey Charles S. Holladay, MD Robert and Carin Hosler Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Hutchison III Lisa Irvin and Dr. Robert Irvin Mrs. J. Ray Ivester Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Julius R. Ivester Jr. Ms. Ellen Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jarrell Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Jenkins T. Scott Jennings, MD Bret and Kelly Johnson Donald R. Johnson II, MD Wilbur E. Johnson, Esquire Kenneth W. Johnstone, MD Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jones Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kafer Dottie and Gerald Karst Dr. and Mrs. Ward A. Katsanis Wim Kellett Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly Dr. and Mrs. George P. Keogh Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kerr Dr. and Mrs. George H. Khoury Kindred Hospital Dr. Lowrey P. King Mr. and Mrs. Flash Kinloch Jr. Drs. Jonathan and Amy Kirshtein Sam and Mitzi Kirshtein Nancy and Homer Klock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kloos Glen and Kelly Koepenick Ms. Ellen Kolender Drs. Joseph and Michelle Lally Chris and Christine Landers Kathy and Joe Landing Dennis and Karyn Lee Miriam and Jim Leib Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis Ms. Wynde W. Limehouse Dr. Levern Livingston and Mr. Larry Livingston Low Country Diagnostics Mrs. Walden E. Lown LS3P Associates, LTD Dr. and Mrs. David G. Lucas Jr. Ms. Dawn Rooke Ludwig Dr. and Mrs. Thomas MacDonald Dr. and Mrs. John C. MacIlwaine In Memory of Mrs. Martha Dora Oliver Maguire, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1939 Ms. Bobbie Jo Maner



($1,000 - $4,999)

Mr. Bruce M. Manigo Ted and Jackie Mappus Mr. and Mrs. Benedict T. Marino Deirdre Gugelot Marion and David F. Marion Bruce and Michele Marlowe Dr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Martin Marga F. Massey, MD John F. and Katherine M. Maybank Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Dr. and Mrs. Douglas McAdams Adriane and John McAvoy Ms. Elizabeth McCaleb Dr. and Mrs. R. Layton McCurdy Dr. Rick McEvoy Joseph H. and Evelyn M. McGee Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Mr. and Mrs. William McGowan Callie and Don McLaurin Mr. David and Dr. Kelly McSweeney Dr. Daniel E. and Dr. Marjorie M. Mengedoht Mr. and Mrs. Don Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John N. Michel III In Memory of George W. Miller John A. Mitchell, MD and Holly C. Mitchell, MD Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Moe Robert M. Moise, CPA Mr. and Mrs. David A. Molony Mr. and Mrs. David L. Morgan Chaplain Robert R. Morris Dr. Edward C. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. William M. Murphy Jr. Gene and Jocelyn Notz Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Nussbaum Mr. Thomas P. O'Brien Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Troy Ockerman Ms. Susan T. Oliver Mr. Robert P. Olsen Dr. Stan and Claudine Ottinger Charles Outz, MD Ms. Kelly M. Pabst Greg Padgett Palmetto Project, Inc. Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP William W. Peagler III Ed and Elaine Pendarvis Pendley Construction David and Pennie Peralta Russ and Pam Perkins ­ Nature's Calling, Inc. Dave and Maemillicent Peterseim Drs. Jim and Stephanie Phillips Karen and Mark Pinosky Suzanne and Gary Piper Teresa Pischner, RN Steven C. Poletti, MD Bill and Sheila Prezzano Pride Philanthropy, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Principe Michael Purcell Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rama George and Deanna Rask Dr. and Mrs. James M. Ravenel Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Rawe Red Letter Events Bo and Alyre Bozman Dorothy and Jack Rhodes Michael and Elizabeth Ricciardone Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Richards Mr. Alan Richey Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rieder Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P.R. Rivers Dr. and Mrs. George Rodelsperger Mr. Robert T. Roland and Dr. Patricia J. Roland Ronald and Jacqueline Roy Dr. Lars and Shannon Runquist John and Joanne Russ Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Sanders St. Stephens Episcopal Church Dr. and Mrs. Frank Schabel Mr. and Mrs. James F. Schaffer Dr. and Mrs. John Schnell Ed and Judy Schott Don Schweiger, MD C. Willy Schwenzfeier, MD Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Secrist Michael and Michele Seekings Mark J. Segal, MD Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Shealy Elden P. Sherman, MD T. Grange Simons V James G. Simpson, MD O.J. Small Dr. Woody and Karlin Smith Mrs. Annette L. Snyder Dr. and Mrs. William H. Snyder III Dr. and Mrs. D. Tod Sokevitz Dr. Susan Sommer-Kresse and John L. Kresse Kathleen C. Sottile, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1963 Dr. and Mrs. John A. Spratt Mr. and Mrs. Richard Statuto Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stelling Hannah T. Stewart Lisa R. Stewart, MD Fred and Georgette Stone Dr. and Mrs. S. Preston Stone Edward R. Strauss, DMD, MD Dr. Wade Strong Charles and Elizabeth Sullivan Mr. Dillard Lee Sumner Jr. James Talmage and Lois King Anne and Jody Tamsberg Judy Tarleton Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Tarwater The Tecklenburg Family Mr. Peter J. Tecklenburg Cathy and Michaela Therrell Kathy and Denny Thomas Mr. W. Tony Thomas Wm. Bonner and Barbara A. Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Tomlin M. Keith Tomlin, MD Ms. Stephanie Tucker Dr. and Mrs. Warren Tucker Drs. Karen and Michael Ullian Mr. Thomas W. Utsey Sandra and Philip Vineyard Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Walter Dr. and Mrs. John Walters Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wassén Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Weinstein Randi and Vic Weinstein Dr. and Mrs. Mark Weiss Dr. and Mrs. James D. Wells Maude Banks Welsh and Roland L. Welsh Dr. and Mrs. Timothy E. West Ms. Joan Wherley Kenny and Mimi Wiland Kay and Ken Willingham Sue and Ed Williams Gardiner and Elizabeth Willis Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Wilson William Wingfield Jr., MD Thomas D. Wooten Jr., MD Mr. Francis Wyckoff Jr. Gene and Charlotte Zurlo Dr. and Mrs. Sean Zyblewski


Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson Ms. Liz Anderson Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Bartley E. Antine Mr. and Mrs. James R. Appleby Ms. Susan Parsons and Dr. Angus S. Baker Mrs. Mary Gordon Baker Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bennett Mary C. Bevis Mr. and Mrs. Charlie W. Black BlueCross Blue Shield Ms. Marguerite A. Bohne A. Henry and Janet Brandt Gloria Pinto Bresnihan Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely G. Britton Betty Jean Brodeur Ms. Harriett C. Brown Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cantey Coastal Carolina Corvette Club Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Capelli Ms. Patsy Cavato Ms. Christine Champagne Charleston Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clement Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Cline Mr. Elliott S. Close Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Colantone Dr. and Mrs. John A. Colwell Mr. and Mrs. John M. Compton Jr. Ms. Colleen Condon Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Cook Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Corley III Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cowan Daniel Island Dental Group, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Darby Ms. Christine C. Dickens Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dixon Ms. Heather M. Donahue Dover Electronics Timothy Egan Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ellin Florence B. Appleby Family Limited Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Geiger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Geiss Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Goodwin Dr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Gourdin Mrs. Lucille B. Greene Mrs. Marie E. Grobusky Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gross Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hand Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haskell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Haughey Drs. Paul and Noreen Herring Mr. and Mrs. Whit L. Hickson Sr. Mr. George M. Hillenbrand III Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Mrs. Mary E. Horton Mr. William M. Housley Mr. Russ Howard Ms. Frances F. Hutson Hyde Park Foursquare Church Hydro Systems Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Jackson Ms. Bess H. Jones Ms. Linda C. Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Carium Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Paul Karppinen Harriett and Walter Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Austin J. Kennedy Ann Hudson Kennedy Ms. Kay E. Kennerty Mr. Harry Kenny Mrs. Evangeline B. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Kessler Jr. Ms. Nadine Kingsley Thomas A. Kirkland Jr., MD Mr. Thomas J. Knott Mrs. Mary W. Koob Law Offices of Wendy A. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. David Leit The Levine Family Rev. Capers H. Limehouse and Dr. W. Limehouse Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lipman Lowcountry Cardiology Associates Mrs. Dorothy M. Maginn, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1945 Mr. and Mrs. John Manzi Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Marti Bea Stroman McKay, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1933 Mr. and Mrs. Bradford L. McKeel The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph S. Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. John N. Miller Molony and Condon, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Montgomery Benjamin A. Moore Jr. Mt. Olive Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. George E. Norton Ms. Marion Molony O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Preston E. Oliver Jr. Ms. Mary Kay Pace

Ms. Sherry Palmer Ms. Margaret Parke Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pearce Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Neill M. Perrin Ms. Louise R. Perry Ms. Dororthy B. Petit Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pezzolla Mrs. Ashton Phillips Ms. Gertrude J. Pina Ms. Elizabeth C. Pittleman Mr. Grady R. Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Reiner Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rivers Jr. Mary Jo P. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sarnoff Mr. and Mrs. David R. Schools Ms. Mary R. Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. John P. Seibels Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Shahid Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shahid Ms. Jo Anne Shields Mrs. Karen W. Slanker Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George G. Staimer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Stamm Ms. Erika Stancliff Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stowell Mr. and Mrs. Ervin E. Strickland Jr. Ms. Ursula Stuerchken Leah Alta Whaley Sullivan Hy Sussaman, MD Ms. Virginia T. Svendsen Ms. Liz Tascio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Taylor Mrs. Helen S. Terndrup Mr. and Mrs. Davis Walker Mr. and Mrs. William E. Walpole John H. Warren III Mr. Jorgen Warrer Mrs. Grant D. Whipple Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Wilbanks Jr. Mr. Edward P. Williams Mrs. John C. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Witherspoon Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Scott L. Woodfield Mr. Peter H. Yaun Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Zimmerman Jr. Ms. Cheryl Zobel


In Honor of June Bradham In Honor of Vicki Hollingsworth In Memory of Gladys Condon In Memory of Douglas C. Appleby Sr., MD In Memory of Eve Coleman In Memory of Elna Catherine Kennedy In Memory of Claudette Kenny, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1955 In Memory of Yetta Dumas Levkoff In Memory of Martha Dora Oliver Maguire In Memory of Ida Moran McAllan, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1938 In Memory of John McCrady Jr. In Memory of Theresa Middleton In Memory of Sister Gemma Neville In Memory of Gilbert Parker In Memory of Susan Powar In Memory of Janie Joseph Shahid, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1938 In Memory of Elizabeth Dozier Bennett Murphy, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1935 In Memory of Laura S. Steele, St. Francis Xavier Nursing School Class of 1940

Staff Listing

Susan S. Sullivan Executive Director

Ann Belden Director of Major Gifts and Physician Relations

Amanda Holloway Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Glennda McGann Director of Major Gifts

Anne Weston Sass Grants Development Officer

Annette Sheppard Finance and Database Administrator

Liza Turcotte Development Specialist The Foundation wishes to acknowledge Page Bullington and Ashley Hancock, former staff members who contributed significantly to the achievement of the Foundation's goals in 2007.

125 Doughty Street, Suite 790 Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 720-1205


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