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ah-vee'-sen ­ "The Newspaper" "Teaching Norwegian heritage in a contemporary world" Volume 29, No. 3 Letter from the President

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Letter from the President

ope you all had a wonderful summer. I just had arthroscopy on my right knee so I've had to stay low for a while. Many of you probably noticed me hobbling around at our recent Rosemaling Show. My knee surgery on July 5th was successful, so the doctor said, and therapy will make it good as new! Well, I can only hope. It was a good time for me to catch up on my painting projects, commission work and completing the reports for our show. We had a very successful show this year, even though the weather was rainy on opening day. Many thanks to all of those who painted, donated, volunteered, and baked. Without you there would be no show! My wish is that one or more of you will come forward and volunteer to head up our 2007 Show. I'll be very willing to work with you on next year's show. Please think about it and call me! Our September general meeting is coming up on the 30th. Hope to see a lot of you there. It's always fun to get


together for our annual potluck and garage sale down in Newark. Please read about our upcoming general meeting on page two in this letter. Scandinavian Day (VASA Park) date is Sunday, September 10, 2006. Join us in South Elgin, IL, and bring along your painted items that didn't sell at the Rosemaling Show. There's always a lot of good interest there for Rosemaling. It's a great day with music, dancing, food and other crafts.

lso check out the upcoming classes that Bev Gunderson has been busy putting together for us. Some exciting things are happening! All of our classes are going to be held in two separate locations ­ in the Northwest/Chicago area and Newark area. Take advantage of these classes and use your chit certificates for money off of the class fees. Everyone who worked or baked at the show should have received a chit certificate in the mail. I'll see you in September. May you always have: Love to Share, Health to Spare and Friends that care. Donna Benson


Next General Meeting

It's a yummy potluck and general meeting!

Saturday, September 30, 2006 - at 10:00 a.m.

at the Firehouse Newark, IL

Avisen September 2006


Meetings Next General Meeting

Come for a yummy potluck and informative general meeting!

General Meeting Saturday, September 30 at 10:00 a.m.

at the fire station in Newark, Illinois

Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.

at the Firehouse in Newark, IL

Bring a dish to pass! Guests are welcome!

Potluck Luncheon Business Meeting Garage Sale Discussion

ur next General Meeting will be held at the firehouse in Newark, Illinois, home of the WOW (Way Out West) painting group. We'll have the usual yummy potluck lunch, so bring a dish to pass. Show us your cooking skills! We always have a wonderful variety of great food. Try out those new recipes on us! Oooh and aaah! We'll also be holding a garage sale of all those pesky pieces of woodenware


that no longer inspire you, any spare books or patterns you finished with long ago, or any other bits and pieces clogging your painting room. Bring it out and sell it! One painter's junque is another painter's treasure! Of course, we must get down to business at some point, so we will be hearing reports of a successful Rosemaling Show & Sale and other club matters.

work. This will be an open discussion, with input from new and long-time painters. Bring your opinions and examples; we need to hear from all sides. We hope to see everyone at the firehouse in Newark. If it's a long drive for you, catch a ride with friends and come as a group. Enjoy the weather. Go over to the museum in Norway, IL, to see the INRA permanent art collection. Make a day of it! See you in September!


inally, we'd like to discuss something that so many painters have problems with ­ PRICING their

Directions: Maps - courtesy of Mapquest &country=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=home&formtype=addre ss&popflag=0&latitude=&longitude=&name=&phone=&level=&c at=&address=&city=Newark+&state=il&zipcode=

Further information (847) 272-2597

Avisen September 2006


Meetings Last General Meeting

the 2nd year now, our group was led by Greta Sorensen (5) and Amy Southern (7) in their Norwegian costumes. Weren't they the sweetest? (I happen to know each very well). They assisted Cathy in passing out candy. Thanks, Cathy! fter the parade, we picnicked, sold rosemaling, danced the Grand March, ate some more, sold some more and had a blast. We took in $112 in raffle money, $210 for Ornament of the Year, and $277 in general


Syttende Mai Meeting in Park Ridge

yttende Mai in Park Ridge was fun, wonderful, and gorgeous. We gathered in Hodges Park, setting up our sales/raffle table, our chairs and food table in the relaxation area, and walked across the street to Brickton Art Gallery where we conducted one of our three INRA General Meetings of the year. While in the gallery, it's always fun to see the current exhibit, to hear the bands warming up and see the colorful costumes walking by as all the vendor's tables in the Park are assembled. I always feel it is small town America at its finest, wishing a big-name magazine were there to photograph the Chicago area's celebration of Norway's independence. Two of those colorful, gorgeous bunads walked right into the Gallery as the meeting was going on. They were worn by our own Margaret Knutson and Margaret Wix. Unfortunately, they had gotten lost. Sorry, Margarets! he weather, once again, was beautiful for which we are always very thankful. For some reason, the weather always seems to be great. After the meeting some of us were driven to the beginning of the parade where we lined up to march while others stayed back to "man" our sales table, which had constant activity. Lynn Søve Maxson, the parade commentator, always gives the Illinois Norsk Rosemaling Association (because she is one of us, I suppose) an enthusiastic introduction as we walked by the parade, reviewing stand. In the meantime, our very own member, Lorraine Straw, has already paraded by as President of the Norwegian National League, which puts on this event. We're proud of you, Lynn and Lorraine! For


sales. Thanks to all of you for being so faithful at our sales table -- Mary Lou, Lillemor, Dorothy - our Tre Flickas ­ (Is that the name we settled on?), the two Margarets, Holly, Karen, Marilyn, Cathy, and Sue. Congratulations on a job well done! In the meantime, those of us faithful in attending this general meeting need to spread the word on how much fun it is, doubling the attendance in 2007. Maybe we'll talk about that at our September general meeting. I'm already looking forward to Syttende Mai in Park Ridge, 2007. Ruth Haller


Put these important dates on your calendar

Save these Dates:

Sunday, September 10, 2006 Saturday, October 7, 2006 October 12 - 15, 2006

Scandinavian Day - South Elgin

Leif Erikson Fest - Elmhurst Public Library

Chicago Autumn Tour to Vesterheim Rosemaling Classes with Donna Benson

Oct. 31, Nov. 1 & 2 AND Nov. 4, 5, 6 Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scandinavian Heritage Fest - Palatine

Avisen September 2006



Golden Agers:

can't believe we did it again! I thought there was no way to top last year's show but guess what? Once again, we did it! This year's show was our most successful ever! What I mean by this is that our net profit was greater this year than ever before. Of course, profit isn't the only thing that makes our show successful. All of the members who volunteered before, during and after the show put in the most ever hours. 728 volunteer hours were accumulated by 44 members and 9 husbands, sons, grandchildren, neighbors and even my own brother-in-law. My husband, Bill, just happened to be up in Canada fishing during set-up. Pretty fishy indeed! At least he was back in time for take-down. It's hard to thank everyone who helped but I would like to especially thank the different committee heads for all of their work: Holly Green worked tirelessly setting up, taking down, packing up, and organizing the woodenware department. Cathy Coy & Marilyn King unloaded storage boxes on Friday night and Cathy did the decorating of the red swag curtains and the center pieces on the coffee tables, she ordered the ribbons, wrote articles for me, and put in many hours at the show. Marilyn and Karen Murray set up the head table, got cashiers to work it, checked pieces in and out and every time I looked up they were there working at the show. Becky Cleghorn did her best to fill the demonstrator's slots and when all else failed, did it herself. Ruth Haller and husband Ken helped at set-up and Ruth was in charge of the


I.N.R.A 29th Annual Rosemaling Show

Raffle and the Ornament of the Year project (Ken did all of the background work). Joan Soderberg, with Lois Dahlberg's help, took charge of Husfliden and Lori Karcz filled the work schedule with monitors. Jurdis Walton printed up all of the sale cards and Marilyn King ran off the registration forms and provided bulk mailing for us. Karen Murray spent a lot of time updating all of the registration forms on her computer and was a great help at take-down on Saturday. Winnie Stauffer did a great job organizing and working in Kaffekos, and the smell of her lefse being made in the kitchen was wonderful! There were so many wonderful people helping everywhere. Believe me when I say that everyone's help was appreciated and you should all be proud of our show's success. Tusen Takk. hose of you at the show probably remember how I was hobbling around with a really bad right knee. My doctor wanted to operate 10 days before the show. NO WAY, I said. Well, the operation took place on July 5 and then I had therapy. My knee felt great, so I headed up north for the rest of the summer on July 24. Hope you all had a restful and relaxing summer. Donna Benson, Show Chairman INRA 29th Annual Rosemaling Exhibit and Competition Winners ­ June 2006

1st Diane Olson, Darien, WI


2nd Margaret Wix, Morris, IL

3rd Karen Sanderson, Muskego, WI

Honorable Mention Helga Schultz, Des Plaines, IL

Honorable Mention Diane Olson, Darien, WI

Honorable Mention Karen Sanderson Muskego, WI

Avisen September 2006



Other Winners

INRA 29th Annual Rosemaling Exhibit and Competition Winners ­ June 2006



40th Annual Wisconsin State Rosemaling Exhibit Winners ­ May 2006

Beginners: 2nd Eun-Jeung Lee, Madison, WI Golden Agers: Honorable Mention Karen Sanderson, Muskego, WI Professional: Honorable Mention Karen Nelson, Sacramento, CA and Jean Creel, Sussex, WI

2nd Eun-Jeung Lee Madison, WI

1st Keiko Okuda, Palatine, IL

Vesterheim National Exhibition of FolkArt in the Norwegian Tradition Winners ­ July 2006

Blue Ribbon: Christina Keune, Arlington, VA: Hordaland-style ambar Red Ribbons: Karen Nelson, Sacramento, CA: Hallingdal-style bowl Marie Sollom, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: Telemark-style twohandled bowl Sara Tollefson, Preston, MN: Valdres-style plate

3rd Rebecca Cleghorn, Marengo, IL

Honorable Mention Eun-Jeung Lee Madison, WI


White Ribbons: Gretchen Carew, Bemidji, MN: Hallingdal-style bucket Ellen Kerbs, Platteville, CO: Telemark-style desk Honorable Mentions: Gretchen Carew, Bemidji, MN: Hallingdal-style cupboard door Catherine Coy, Addison, IL: Vest Agder-style compote Patti Goke, St. Cloud, MN: Agderstyle ambar Linda Miller, Middlebury, CT: Telemark-style tute Kanne (spouted ale pitcher) Best of Show: Christina Keune, Arlington, VA: Hordaland-style tine

1st Holly Green, Northbrook, IL

photo unavailable we apologize Honorable Mention Eun-Jeung Lee Madison, WI

Gold Medal: Christina Keune, Arlington, VA People's Choice: Norma Wangsness, Decorah, IA: Small Valdres trunk with Norwegian scene on lid Congratulations to each and every winner and entrant.

"If you done it, it ain't bragging." - Walt Whitman

2nd Toshie Kani, Buffalo Grove, IL

Avisen September 2006



Show judges: Pam Rucinski & Elaine Schmidt

INRA 29th Annual Rosemaling Exhibit and Competition Winners ­ June 2006


1st Place

Lorraine Straw, Chicago, IL

Best of Show

Catherine Coy, Addison, IL

People's Choice

Catherine Coy

2nd Catherine Coy, Addison, IL

3rd Lorraine Straw, Chicago, IL

3rd Nadine Buck, Lisle, IL Honorable Mention Emiko Inoue, Highland Park, IL

Avisen September 2006



Bev Gunderson

INRA Rosemaling Classes - Autumn 2006

Two classes / Two locations


t's been a while since we have had a Hallingdal style class, so you'll want to attend this one. Donna will be teaching this class in oils, but you are welcome to use acrylics. We are now doing classes in two locations in an effort to reach everyone. We know some of you have traveled many miles to get to classes and we hope this will help build our classes as well as make it more convenient for you. Donna Benson is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist proficient in many rosemaling styles. Donna will be teaching a class in Newark, IL for those of you who live "Way out West".

Oct. 31 Nov. 1, 2 Cost $100 Place: Newark Fire Station Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 31, November 1 & 2, 2006 Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM Cost: $100 per session Nov. 4, 5, 6 Cost $100 Date: Saturday, Sunday, & Monday, November 4, 5, & 6, 2006 Place: Norwood Park Home's "White House", 6049 W. Northcott (at Nordica & Northcott) Chicago, IL 60631 Times: 9:00AM - 4:00PM Cost: $100 per session Bring all your regular supplies and

bag lunch (There are also a number of restaurants in the area). Treats are also welcome. Coffee and tea will be provided. The project may be picked up at the general meeting so you can background it for the class. If you have any questions please contact Bev Gunderson at 847-390-7846 or by e-mail [email protected] See You There! Registration deadline is October 28,2006

Coming Spring 2007

"Telemark and Scenes" with Jean Giese. Mark your calendar for March. Details at the general meeting and in a future Avisen.

Registration form: Hallingdal Class with Donna Benson Your name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Address: Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________________ Payment Enclosed: $____________

Choose Location: Newark Chicago

Please make checks payable to: INRA Please send checks to the INRA c/o Donna Benson, 4208 Highland Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515

Vesterheim Benefit Auction Viewing Begins

DECORAH, Iowa Early-bird bidding begins on September 25 for Vesterheim's Fourth Biennial Benefit Auction. You may view the auction items online anytime at, or in person from 1:00-5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, in Vesterheim's Westby-Torgerson Education Center. Everyone is invited to make early-bird bids by e-mail, fax, or post. The auction includes over 70 pieces of folk art by the most prominent contemporary artists in rosemaling, woodworking, fiber arts, and knifemaking. The artists are Vesterheim Gold Medalists, award winners, or instructors. "This is your chance to own pieces by the best folk artists in the Norwegian style," said Annette Stahr, Vesterheim events coordinator. The live and silent auction final event will be held on October 21 at 8:00 p.m. in the Westby-Torgerson Education Center. During the live auction, bidders from across the country can join in by telephone bidding. The evening will begin with a Gala Dinner at the Hotel Winneshiek at 5:30 p.m. A dessert reception will be held during the auction. Reservations for the dinner can be made by calling the museum at 563-382-9681 before October 13.

"I used to have a handle on life, but it broke."

Avisen September 2006


Opportunities Rosemaling Classes in Decorah

Transition to Acrylics for Telemark Rosemalers taught by Karen Jensen

By Lynn Søve Maxson t was an exciting and very motivational class for Holly, Lorraine and me. Although we had used some acrylics previously, Karen had us use Windsor Newton Finity tube paints and only water. It was exciting to see her create as she talked, and each day was a new project. More than a transition class, it was a design and creative class. Karen learned each student's strengths and limitations and was an old fashioned, strict teacher. We were encouraged to stretch and grow with the flow. She said, "Feel the motion of the design and flow with the movement. Don't think of flowers but think of filling space. The space determines the shape of flowers. Look for transparency and musical movement. You need a little opaque along with transparency to have strength to hold the design together."

Telemark Rosemaling on Natural Edge Bowls taught by Turid Helle Fatland

By Rhoda Fritsch uring the hottest weather this summer in Decorah (and most everywhere else) there was a real treat: the Rosemaling class taught by Turid Helle Fatland from Etne, Norway. She is as sweet and kind as she looks in her photos. The technique is hers, she has developed it and though she has never taught this method in Norway, she was most gracious to teach it at Vesterheim. She taught full classes how she paints on the Natural Edge bowls. We had 3 prepared bowls to work on ­ a variety of sizes, some with the bark on, and some with the bark off, but all beautiful as they were. She does her background in layers while she adds colors, always keeping in mind the grain of the wood. The grain of the wood, the colors, and the design are equally important to have a beautiful finished piece. urid uses paints, brushes, glazes, but mostly paints from her heart! She stressed how important it is to feel within yourself how you want to design the bowl and then let that come out in your work! Her colors are soft, well blended, and are painted in a spontaneous way with careful attention to detail. She loves her bowls... and when she sells them, she feels that part of herself goes with the bowl. She wanted us to learn and use our time wisely. It did not take long to know we had better be ready at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM or we have already missed some of the teaching. We did work and learn, and have some beautiful bowls to prove it! The class was delightful. Thank you, Turid, for coming and for teaching from your heart! We hope you come back to Vesterheim soon.





aren did not usually sketch a complete pattern but started with the center, then everything else flowed outward with strong stems and supports. She built on simple "s" or "c" embellishment. Her strokes on one side of her flowers were "Cs" and on the other "Ss". When making scrolls or flowers Karen filled her brush to the ferrule with burnt sienna and double loaded. Her dirty white usually had a bit of all of her pallet colors. When she filled her liner, she emptied the tip before starting. The use of round brushes usually makes the design more opaque. We were encouraged to explore new colors and methods of painting as an exercise in learning. We even did some finger painting (with eyes closed) and then looked for a design to embellish with our liner. It was an exciting exercise. Karen emphasized that when it comes to entering competitions, traditions still hold true. I really enjoyed the class and felt that I learned a lot and improved my painting.

There's nothing grate about sliced cheese.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." - Anonymous

INRA library list via e-mail upon request: [email protected]

Avisen September 2006


Opportunities Area Rosemaling Classes

Newark, Illinois -- Thursdays from 9:30 am to 4 p.m. Get together to paint every Thursday (almost) at the Newark Fire House meeting room. Ruth Ann Dierzen arrives by 9:00 to get the coffee going. The others start coming by 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. depending on what they have going on. They usually break to go out for something to eat, but occasionally someone may make a pot of soup etc. for lunch. The painting usually ends by 3:30 or 4:00 but there are days when some are still there at 5:00 p.m. They just want to get something finished! Everyone is welcome. They would love to have more people join in the fun. If you are interested, it would be wise to contact Ruth Ann to make sure it is a day they are painting. Phone 815 695-5757, e-mail [email protected]

Chicago, Illinois -- Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm - Winter session 8 Weeks - beginning January, 2007 Beginning and Intermediate Level Telemark Style $80.00 with Lorraine Straw - 773-539-7690 [email protected] Intermediate Level Valdres Style $80.00 with Bev Gunderson - 847-390-7846 [email protected] Workshop only - This workshop allows you to paint with other rosemalers. 8 weeks beginning January $50.00 CLASS LOCATION Norwood Park Home - Activity Room -- 6020 N. Nina, Chicago, IL FOR INFORMATION CALL: Bev at 847-390-7846 - Lorraine at 773-539-7690

Special events in the area

Chicago Autumn Tour to Vesterheim Leif Erikson Fest 2006 - Elmhurst Public Library

October 12 - 15, 2006

----Northeast Iowa Artist's Studio Tour Vesterheim Benefit Auction Viewing Tours of area attractions Trunk Show


October 7, 2006 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM

- music - storytelling - crafts The Norwegian National League is sponsoring another Leif Erikson Fest on October 7, 2006 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM at the Elmhurst Public Library, 125 S. Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126, phone: 630-279-8696. A program of music, storytelling and crafts provided by individuals and groups representing five Nordic countries will entertain young and old alike. Plan to attend this event! Elmhurst Public Library 125 S. Prospect Avenue Elmhurst, IL 60126

Tour Details:

$549.00 per person For single supplement add $30.00 Reservation and down payment of $100 Mail reservations to: Vesterheim Museum, Attention Marla Klocke PO Box 379 Decorah, IA 52101 Vesterheim contact: Marla Klocke at [email protected] 563-382-9681 x

Presented by: Sons of Norway Skjold Lodge

Scandinavian Heritage Fest

Sunday November 19, 2006 - Free admission

Bethel Lutheran Church 3839 W, Frontage Road Palatine, IL 60067 The church is located just north of Algonquin Road on the West Frontage Road.

Hours 12 noon to 4 p.m.

- Craft and Food Demonstrations - Bunad Show - Norwegian food bake sale All items demonstrated will be for sale

Avisen September 2006


Happenings 2006 Midwest Folk Festival

ing. Thunderstorms in the morning put a literal damper on things, but by 11:00 we were set up in the museum demonstrating. Then the storms gave way to a bright sun, the people came out, and the rest of the day was busy again. This spring the INRA was approached about being part of the festival. It was an opportunity not to be passed up. As a demonstrator I was able to share with people about rosemaling. I had several different styles and books on display. Fellow rosemaler and INRA member Lois Mueller was also there, representing Wisconsin. In three years the festival will be back at Bishop Hill, and I hope we will have another chance to be there. It will be well worth the day trip to go again. Thanks to Illinois Arts Council for the opportunity.

Bishop Hill, IL Bev Gunderson


ucked in amongst the miles of rolling cornfields in western Illinois, is the little historic settlement of Bishop Hill. Settled long ago by Swedish immigrants who were searching out a place to call home, Bishop Hill still has several of the Scandinavian touches that make it a nice place to visit. Its historic quaintness also made it the ideal place for the Midwest Folk Festival to make its debut, in Illinois, this past August. The Illinois Arts Council shares in taking turns with Iowa and Wisconsin to be the host for the festival. More than twenty ethnic and folk groups presented various forms of art including music, hands-on activities, demonstrations, displays and artist-led discussions. With five staging areas going

and lots of good food from the local people, there was always something

to do. Saturday was a beautiful summer day on the town square while Sunday proved a little more challeng-

2007 Show Chairman needed

The Club is in need of a Chairman (or Chairmen) for the 2007 Rosemaling Show. If one of you would volunteer to head it up, I'll be very willing to work with you on next year's show. Remember, there are many who volunteer to chair the various show committees. We just need someone to coordinate it all. Please think about it and contact me! - Donna Benson 630-963-2717 [email protected]

design: Holly Green


NEW MEMBER SINCE LAST AVISEN: Krista Morrow OTHER CHANGES: Geri Paloian Winnie Stauffer Lorene Sherpinskas Russell Wickman

Avisen September 2006


Information Artists' Materials

Is linseed oil toxic? Are cobalts and cadmiums dangerous if inhaled? Do acrylic paints release ammonia and formaldehyde gases as they dry? Will I absorb cadmium by painting, smoking or eating shellfish? The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is a non-profit association of manufacturers of art, craft and other creative materials. ACMI has a really informative web site. It has a strong caution about flake white. You'll want to read a lot more at True Art Information is a site you may wish to search for information about the difference between volatile (which evaporate into the air and can be inhaled) and nonvolatile ingredients in paint, and the hazards (if any) of each. It's obvious that this site is talking about watercolor paints, but the information about pigments should apply to any artist's paints regardless of the vehicle. Skip down to "health and environmental issues" for a good read. The site also touches on "light fastness" and paint ingredients. You can read about cadmium at: (opinion) And read what the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry writes about cadmium at:

Flax seed The seeds produce a vegetable oil known as linseed oil or flaxseed oil. It is one of the oldest commercial oils and solvent-processed flax seed oil has been used for centuries as a drying oil in painting and varnishing. The seeds are edible, and cold pressed linseed oil is suitable for human consumption. DON'T


Linseed oil from the hardware store is only for painting.

design: Holly Green

INRA members Holly Green, Lynn Søve Maxson and Lorraine Straw collaborated on this special publication.

Norway: an Activity Book for Children, with glossy, color cover, has 32 pages of fun-filled activities. The black and white line art invites children to color the pictures and solve the puzzles. The book includes mazes, word searches, and a dot-to-dot, all designed to teach children about the history of Norway. Pages feature Norway's animals, the Norse gods, Sagas, Viking explorers, the union with Denmark and Sweden, and just how Norway gained its independence. The book appeals to young and old alike. All proceeds from these books will be used by the Norwegian National League to further its educational outreach to children and support its scholarships for students in grades 1-12. For further information contact

Avisen September 2006


Club News An OOTY Report

by Ruth Haller

"We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads."


hat's an Ooty, you ask? It's an Ornament of the Year. Holly came up with calling it an Ooty and I think it's a cute, lovable name for a successful project. Last year was the inauguration of this endeavor and... there is no turning back. We sold almost all 200 of the fjord horses beautifully painted by you ­ members of our Association who have earned a ribbon at least once in one of our shows. This year, we sold well over 100 Christmas trees (our 2006 Ooty). In fact, Cathy Coy demonstrated, at our Show, painting the 20 she was given in her very beautiful way of rosemaling with acrylics, and they were sold before the paint dried. All of the rosemaled fjord horses that had been left over from last year were sold at our show. I still have some to paint for future shows. With new and improved organizational techniques, I numbered and distributed all two hundred 2006 Ootys by the end of our show. I had 6 packages of 10 each that I was not able to give out by show time, but by Saturday, each of our 2006 Ootys had been assigned. As the co-coordinator of this project, it is like Christmas each time one of you turns in your ornaments. It's so much fun to see the design and colors chosen. They are effortless to sell (they do need an explanation) and I am so proud of our organization that has backed this 100% to make it the success it is.

Membership dues are now due for the upcoming year September 2006 through August 2007. Be sure to make your check payable to the I.N.R.A. and mail it to Jurdis Walton 1044 Golfview Rd.. Glenview IL 60025



The following get the 2006 Tusen Takk OOTY Award for the ornaments you so willingly and beautifully painted. Marilyn Brooks Holly Green (20) Marilyn King Becky Cleghorn (20) Cathy Coy (20) Donna Benson (20) Margaret Wix Margaret Knutson Bev Gunderson Ruth Haller (20) Lou Wise Yuko Nakashima Nadine Buck Keiko Okuda Emiko Inoue Lorraine Straw

I approached some of our Wisconsin, ribbon-winning painters when they came to the Show to either bring or pick up items to ask if they would be willing to paint some of our ornaments next year and each gave me a positive reply. This will eliminate some of us painting 20. There is a possibility of a Gold Medallist or two in this group, which is extra exciting. Right now Donna's 20 and Yuko's 10 were the only gold medallist ornaments we had so far. When someone chooses one of theirs, I proudly tell him or her that they have chosen one painted by a Gold Medallist. special, huge TUSEN TAKK goes to Kenneth Haller, backgrounder extraordinaire. This project would never happen without you, Ken! I overheard someone asking him at our local Ace Hardware what he did in retirement and he proudly replied, "I'm an Ooty backgrounder." With that, the person looked puzzled, walked away, and decided to end the conversation right there and then. Well, we have about 75 of our 2006 Ootys still to sell. Then we can speculate what our 2007 Ooty will be. In the meantime, let's let Ken think he is on vacation... for a short time, anyway.


Applying mascara in a car can cause whipped lashes.

Avisen September 2006


The Way We Were

Remembering Gladys

Gladys Rucks Hawbecker was a founding member of the INRA. She passed away on April 29, 2006. Her obituary is from "The Beacon News"

""Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought." -Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

Avisen September 2006


Return to Jurdis Walton

Membership Form

Membership ­ through August 31st 2007

Membership Fee - $15.00

Membership Pin - $5.00 Please fill in the form below and mail to:

Write check to: INRA

Jurdis Walton 1044 Golfview Road Glenview, IL 60025

Member Benefits:

· Informative, fun meetings · Rosemaling classes taught by Gold Medallists · Use of the INRA library of rosemaling books and patterns · 10% discount on woodenware sold at the Rosemaling Show · Subscription to the Avisen

Name_____________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ City__________________________ State_____ ZIP_______________ Telephone: (____ )___________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Illinois Norsk Rosemalers' Association

Hallingdal detail by Donna Benson The Illinois Norsk Rosemalers' Association (INRA) is an organization with the purpose of promoting Norwegian Rosemaling through classes, exhibits and general meetings. Avisen is sent to INRA members and sister rosemaling organizations, Subscriptions for the U.S.: $15.00 per year. Write Avisen, Jurdis Walton, 1044 Golfview Rd., Glenview IL 60025 ALL ARTICLES in Avisen, with the exception of those indicated as taken from other sources, may be reprinted in full or in part without further permission simply by crediting Avisen. DESIGNS AND PATTERNS should not be duplicated without first obtaining permission from the artist. Unsolicited articles and designs are welcome, but no responsibility can be assumed by Avisen for them. Unused materials cannot be returned.


Published three times per year in Chicago, IL by the Illinois Norsk Rosemalers Association.

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Avisen available in color via e-mail:

This electronic issue is being sent to members who have submitted their e-mail addresses. For the following reasons we have begun to send the Avisen via e-mail Our printing and postage bills have been climbing higher and higher. We will save some trees. We can use COLOR in our newsletter. We can share more designs and samples of rosemaling. The e-mail version can be bigger - and better! Send your e-mail address to our membership chairman Jurdis Walton at [email protected] Those who do not have e-mail receive the Avisen via the regular mail. If you DO have e-mail but would prefer receiving the black and white version, please inform Lorraine Straw at [email protected] Please do not request both versions. That defeats the effort to save money for the club. The expanded, full color version of the Avisen is available by mail from Lorraine Straw for $15.00 per issue. (cost of printing and postage)

"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook." - William James

I hope you enjoyed receiving this electronic Avisen. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Lorraine Straw - [email protected]

End Volume 29 No 3



14 pages

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