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July 2010

New Shuttle Miticide

New to Rosemania! These days, ornamental growers face a tough challenge: How to achieve effective control of spider mites while managing the continual threat of mite resistance. But now there's a product that can help you in both regards - Shuttle 15 SC Miticide from Arysta LifeScience North America. When applied according to label directions, Shuttle delivers rapid knockdown and outstanding residual control of twospotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) and spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis). That's because Shuttle destroys damaging mites at every life stage, from eggs to adults. Shuttle Miticide also features a unique active ingredient with no known cross- resistance, making it the ideal choice for managing mite resistance. In addition, it's safe on predacious mites and other beneficial species

High performance (85psi) Shurflo Pump designed for heavy-duty spraying applications. This pump has Viton valves and a Santoprene diaphragm compatible with most present day horticultural chemicals. 7 gallon high density tank with graduation marks by the gallon; Extra tanks available and easily interchangeable; Sealed 12volt lead-acid type rechargeable battery complete with battery Charger included; Spotshot's polypropylene spray gun with lockable trigger; The standard version comes with a 30 foot hose and 24 inch wand. The Special Rosemania Version comes with an longer 30" wand and 50 feet of hose! An adjustable nozzle and a tee-jet flat spray nozzle are included in both models. Industrial-type 8" wheels with tires mounted on "no rust" high impact polypropylene wheels.

$169.99 - pint

Great for small gardens and spraying herbicides. This 4 gallon backpack sprayer comes complete with battery charger and several wand attachments. The battery life lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge!

Hudson NeverPump Sprayer $134.95 Free Shipping!

Standard Version


Special Rosemania Version $439.95

Free shipping to the Lower 48 States!

Our Complete Catalog & Secure "Online" Ordering at

Orders: Toll Free 888-600-9665 M-F; 8-5 Central; Questions: 615-794-4416 Fax: 615-790-4981

FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 States on all orders over $15. Rosemania 4020 Trail Ridge Drive Franklin TN 37067

New Kontos Miticide/Insecticide

Rosemania is proud to announce the introduction of Kontos InsecticideMiticide to the greenhouse and nursery markets. Kontos is a new systemic insecticide that is both xylem and phloem active, meaning the active ingredient moves upward and downward in treated plants. Kontos can be applied as a foliar spray or drench and controls a number of major sucking insect and mite pests, including aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, spider mites, and whiteflies. Kontos, with active ingredient spirotetramat, is the first systemic insecticide with activity on spider mites. Kontos provides a rotational tool for those growers who have been using neonicotinoid drenches and want to change things up. It's a great alternative."

Banner Maxx - $69.99 (pint)

Tired of spraying every week? Banner Maxx has become our best selling preventative fungicide and for good reason.. it is very effective with a 14 day spray interval. For best results, alternate with Compass. If you need a more economical alternative, spray your first rotation with Banner Maxx mixed with Pentathlon DF or Mancozeb. After 14 days, use Banner Maxx alone and continue to repeat this process throughout the growing season. Usage is 1/3 2/3 teaspoon/gallon.

$69.99 (new lower price)

Floramite SC - $289.99 (quart)

Now this fantastic miticide/ovicide is available in a soluble concentrate. Floramite SC is a selective miticide that provides outstanding control of mite pests on ornamental plants. Floramite produces quick knockdown through contact activity and long residual control of more than 21 days. It is effective on a variety of species of mites and all life stages of Tetranychidus spider mites. (Yes, this means it kills the eggs!) And because of its novel mode of action and selective nature, Usage is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of spray. This is one of the best on the market!

$199.95 per 250 ml bottle Mancozeb & Pentathlon

Mancozeb and Pentathlon contain the only chemical we know to kill the blackspot spore. If you already have the blackspot fungus, your regular preventative like Banner Maxx, Cleary's, Funginex, Immunox, or Compass won't be effective. Mix Mancozeb or Pentathlon at a rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of spray material. Spray every three days for three or four spray intervals and your blackspot should be under control. At that time you can go back to your regular preventative program. Mancozeb comes as an easyto-dissolve liquid. Pentathlon DF is more practically priced as a powder for large gardens. Pentathlon LF ( liquid formula) is intended for large gardens or commercial growers.

Conserve SC - $149.99 (quart)

Recent studies on thrip control have revealed the effectiveness of Conserve, a spinosad insecticide. Spinosad is derived from a soil dwelling bacteria. Studies at Ohio State University found that Conserve was significantly better than Orthene at controlling thrips while retaining high numbers of beneficial insects. Conserve also works great for control of bud worms, bag worms, fall webworms, gypsy moth, and spruce budworms. Usage is1/3 teaspoon per gallon)

Mancozeb (pt) $24.99 Pentathlon DF (6 lb) $47.99 Pentathlon LF(2.5 gallon) $124.99

Longnecker Garden Tools - NEW!

Longnecker Trowel - $26.95 Longnecker Weeder - $26.95 Combo (Both!) - $49.99

Forbid Miticide/Ovicide

Forbid offers outstanding knockdown and residual control of mites and whiteflies. The active ingredient in Forbid, spiromesifen, represents a new class of chemistry from Bayer Environmental Science, called the tetramic acids. Thanks to its novel mode of action, foliar-applied Forbid offers growers an effective tool for management of mites resistant to conventional products. It features translaminar activity, controlling mites on both sides of leaves, and has activity from egg through adult life stages (This means you can spray the top of the leaves and Forbid will still kill mites on the underside!) Usage is only 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoons per gallon of spray solution.


Shuttle New! (quart) Shuttle (pint) Avid (8oz) Avid (quart. New lower price!) Lucid (quart. New generic Avid) Kontos (New miticide 250ml bottle) Floramite SC (quart) Forbid (8oz) Akari (For Greenhouses! quart) TetraSYan 5 WDG ( New! 1 lb) Hexygon (6oz) Spider Mite Pheromone Stirrup M (8oz) $289.99 $159.99 $109.00 $285.00 $249.95 $199.95 $289.99 $289.99 $169.99 $114.99 $195.00

(To be used in conjunction with a miticide for better mite control.

$289.99 - 8oz Limestone F



$59.99 $31.99 $145.00 $149.99 $22.99 $99.99 $199.95

Merit (2oz) The fast, safe and easy way to raise Orthene 97% (.773 lb) the pH of your soil. Liquid Formula. Mavrik (quart) See our website for complete informa- Conserve SC (quart) Great for thrips! Neem Oil (pint) tion and for application instruction. Talstar (quart) 2.5 gallons - $79.99 Kontos (yes, its an insecticide too!)


Banner Maxx (pint) $69.99 Honor Guard(Same as Banner Maxx pint)$57.99 Decree (for boytrytis) 2.5lb $265.00 Eagle 20 EW Liquid for mildew (16oz) $69.99 Compass (1lb.) $469.00 Heritage (Now in 4oz size) $149.99 Daconil Ultrex (5 lb) $89.95 Mancozeb (pint) $24.99 Pentathlon DF (6 lb) $47.99 Pentathlon LF (Liquid 2.5 gallons) $124.99 Kocide 2000 DF (3 lb) $39.99 Clearys 3336F (quart) $72.99 Aliette WDG (5.5 lb) $154.95 Immunox (16oz) $23.00 Subdue Maxx (quart) $235.00 Stature SC $199.99

Orthene 97%

We are happy to offer Orthene 97% labeled for ornamentals. Orthene 97% comes in a easily dissolvable granule instead of a fine powder, giving all the benefits of Orthene 75%, without the offensive odor. In our opinion, this also makes for a safer product as dust seems to be greatly reduced. Orthene has a proven track record as a reliable pesticide for aphids, thrips and other common insects. With the new higher concentration of active ingredient, it only requires 3/4 tsp. per gallon of spray solution.

$31.99 Merit

(.773 lb)


Hudson NeverPump Hudson 1/2 Gallon Hudson Bak-Pak (3 gallon) Hudson Porta Sprayer (3 gallon) $134.95 $29.99 $93.00 $52.00

Bayer - Purcell brings us the latest secret weapon for aphids and Japanese Beetles. We originally used this product to control aphids that had become resistant to Orthene. Wow, does it really work! The big bonus was how effective it was on Japanese Beetles. The recommended application rate for roses is 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of spray solution applied every other week.


- 2 oz bottle

Safety Equipment

Nitril Disp. Gloves;100/box (S,M,L,XL) Goat Skin Gloves (S,M,L,XL) West County Gauntlet Gloves Bionic Gloves, mens & womens sizies Dual Cartridge Respirator Dual Cart. Respirator for small faces Full Face Respirator Respirator Replacement Cartridges (2) Splash-Proof Goggles Tyvek Coveralls (M,L,XL,XXL - 1 pair) Tyvek Coveralls (5 - 9 pairs; price each) $21.99 $15.99 $32.95 $29.95 $35.99 $35.99 $165.99 $18.99 $19.99 $9.25 $7.50

Dual Cartridge Respirator

This dual cartridge respirator is the perfect tool for being certain that you are not breathing harmful chemicals. We highly recommend every rose grower wear a pesticide respirator when spraying any type of pesticide. We are very pleased with the comfort of this mask along with the heavy duty elastic used in the construction of the straps.

Remember, if you can smell the chemical, you are breathing it!

Nitril Disposable Gloves

When it comes to hand protection from pesticides, the best glove money can buy is constructed of Nitril. Here is a quote from the Virginia Tech Pesticide Program. "You should never handle a pesticide without using a pair of unlined chemical resistant gloves....Look for gloves made of nitrile or neoprene....". Our Nitril disposable gloves make it especially easy to handle measuring-spoons during mixing where the chemicals are at their most concentrated form. A box of 100 gloves will last most users 2 years.

$35.99 Gardener's Phone Pak

This is a wonderful accessory for all of us that carry and use multiple tools while working in the garden. Great for pruners and hand spades as well as a special place for your cell phone. Fits waist sizes up to 42" New at Rosemania. Our steel markers are durable and easy to use. Comes as a set of 25 markers and EACH SET INCLUDES A CARBON MARKING PENCIL AT NO CHARGE!


$21.99 Box of 100 Indicate 5

Indicate 5 is the choice of expert growers across North America for getting the most out of their spray programs. Years of testing have proven that pesticides are more effective and last longer when mixed and sprayed in a 4.5 to 5.5 pH solution. No pH strips are needed as Indicate 5 will turn the water a light pink color when the correct amount has been added. Usage varies, but ranges between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon per gallon of spray solution. Indicate 5 also contains a great surfactant (spreader/sticker) to evenly distribute the spray across the leaves and stems. Available in quart and gallon sizes.

$22.00 Rosemania Stem Stripper!

We have had hundreds of inquiries for this product. Until now, we didn't believe there was a stem stripper worth its own cost. We love these and you will too. Inexpensive and does an excellent job of removing leaves and thorns without damaging the stem. The side is hinged to easily open around any size stem.

$22.99 (quart) $51.99 (gallon)


Specialty Products

Milky Spore for Japanese Beetles (10oz) Indicate 5 (quart) Indicate 5 (gallon) Sequestrene 330 Fe Chelated Iron (5 lb) Superthrive (4oz) - Growth Hormone Superthrive (16oz) - Growth Hormone Tilted "T" Stake Rose Markers (25) Tilted "T" Stake Rose Markers (50) Tilted "T" Stake Rose Markers (100) Garden Marking Pen Copper Makers (10) Steel Markers (25) w/marking pencil Brass Siphon Mixer Showing Good Roses (Book by Bob Martin) Growing Miniature Roses (VHS or DVD) Dip N' Grow (2oz) Pro-Tekt (gallon) Liquid Fence (quart) $37.50 $22.99 $51.99 $54.00 $15.25 $36.00 $24.00 $39.00 $59.00 $3.75 $15.00 $22.00 $28.99 $38.50 $17.95 $10.99 $42.99 $40.00

West County Rose Gloves

Thorn-proof, lightweight and flexible, the new West County Gardener Rose Glove is worlds apart from bulky rose gloves of the past. Made with unique 100% synthetic suede, they're tough enough to keep thorns out, but supple enough for delicate tasks. Our new Rose Glove features durable, puncture-resistant synthetic suede, padded palms and reinforced finger pads to protect against sharp thorns, prickly stems or abrasive logs. The extended elbow-length gauntlet shields forearms and protects against snagged sleeves. Gauntlet openings are large, making for better air circulation, less perspiration build-up and a more comfortable fit. Tops of hands and forearms stay cool and flexible too.

Only $32.95 per pair!


xsmall small medium large xlarge

Chrysal Preservatives

Chrysal Clear Cut Flower Food (250ml) Chrysal Clear Sachets (50 pkg) Chrysal Clear Sachets (100 pkg) Chrysal RVB Pro 1 (quart) New Rose Pro Liquid Sachets (25 pkg) New Rose Pro Liquid Sachets (50 pkg) $6.99 $14.00 $22.00 $32.50 $16.00 $26.00

Chrysal Pro 2

For years we have been recommending the use of Chrysal Pro 1 (RVB) with the Chrysal "Clear" Sachets or Liquid. The reason is this: RVB (Pro 1) is a hydration solution. It allows the cut flowers to "drink" maximum water keeping stems and petals turgid (stiff). This promotes "holding" and eliminates the "bent neck syndrome". The Chrysal "Clear" product contains sugars specially designed for feeding roses and other cut flowers. Now we are now proud to introduce Chrysal Professional 2 the perfect combination of RVB and Chrysal Clear for exhibitors or anyone who wants long-lasting flowers. Keeps the water clean, clear and odorless. Usage is 2 teaspoons per quart. A gallon concentrate will make 96 gallons of finished product. (A handy pump is sold separately or in combination with each gallon.)

Customers Note: Please DO NOT spray fungicides, insecticides, or miticides without proper protective gear. This includes a respirator, goggles and chemical resistant gloves at a minimum. You should also take proper precaution to cover your arms and legs with either long pants and long sleeve shirt, or with a chemical resistant suit such as Tyvek.

Eagle 20 EW (pint)

For years, rosarians have preferred the chemical, "systhane," as the product of choice for killing and preventing powdery mildew. Unfortunately, the product was previously packaged only in a powder form and for a hefty price of more than $125. Now Rosemania has Systhane in a new liquid formula called Eagle 20EW. Usage is only 1/3 to 2/3 of one teaspoon per gallon. At $69.99 per pint, this product is now a bargain and an obvious choice to eliminate and prevent powdery mildew.

$65.00 gallon - Product only $12.00 - Pump Only $74.00 - Pump & Pro 2


Pruners & Loppers

Felco #2 Pruner Felco #6 Pruner Felco #7 Pruner (rotating handle) Felco #8 or #9 Pruner Felco #12 Pruner Felco Leather Pruner Holster Replacement Blades Replacement Spring (2 pack) Blade/Spring Combo (best value!) Felco F-600 Folding Saw Felco Lubricant Spray NEW Victorinox Rose Budding Knife $49.99 $47.99 $59.99 $49.99 $54.99 $12.95 $14.50 $6.50 $17.50 $29.00 $13.95 $21.00


Response is a non-toxic, foliar feed, seaweed based fertilizer derived from the red and brown self-regeneration seaweeds indigenous to the coastlines of New Zealand. These particular seaweeds are rich in minerals, amino acids, trace elements and hormones which are known to promote the vigorous growth of plants. More brilliant beautiful color, lush foliage and longer life for your roses are the benefits of using Response as a part of your spray program. This seaweed-based foliar feed has been widely touted by expert and amateur alike. A 1-quart bottle will last most rosarians two years. Response will not replace your regular fertilizer program. It will, however, greatly enhance it.


Designed for the flower gardener to facilitate the gathering and proper conditioning of flowers.This handy tool enables the gardener to collect dozens of roses at leisure, while protecting them from wilting, crushing and bruising. The Bloomsaver is a handsome tool designed to endure years of use. Easy to carry and extremely stable.

Quart - $24.95 Gallon - $58.00 Complete Line of Beneficial Insects Visit Our Website

Kelway HB-2 Professional pH Tester

Check your soil anywhere in only 3 minutes! The Kelway professional direct pH soil tester HB-2 is used by thousands of nurseries across the world. When inserted into moist soil, the HB-2 registers the degree of acidity on the upper scale. When the button is depressed, the lower scale shows the degree of moisture (% saturation). Comes with a handy carrying case with belt loop and complete instructions including a guide for changing soil pH. Extremely accurate to (+/- .2). Very durable. No batteries required.

Now Only $34.99 Clearex Salt Leaching Solution

Clearex® is an isotonic drenching solution that unlocks the ionic bond between the nutrient and the soil, correcting the problem of nutrient salt toxicity and lockout, allowing plants to excel again. Soil containers and gardens use 1 tablespoon of Clearex per gallon of water. Pour one gallon around the drip line of each plant. Wait 24 hours and then water and fertilize as usual. This is a wonderful product for anyone who wants to control salt buildup in their soil. A must have for exhibitors and for those who grow plants in containers!

$129.99 Kelway pHD

A new, less expensive model made for the small gardener but with the same accuracy as the HB-2.

Only $67.00 Customers: We now have a

generic version of the HB-2 for less than $90.00! See our website for details!

$22.99 - quart $39.99 - gallon

Mills Products

Mills Magic Rose Mix is a 100% natural product formulated and developed by rose expert, Ted Mills. Champion rose growers all over North America are using this product with incredible success. We recommend 2 cups around the drip line of your bushes in the spring and 2 more cups per bush in the late summer. EasyFeed is an accelerated flowering formula. This premier product provides abundant growth-producing nutrients from both organic and nonorganic sources. EasyFeed is a unique product that includes Epsom Salts, Sequestrene Chelated Iron, Soluble Seaweed Extract, Fish Solubles, Urea and other soluble fertilizers. Mixes easily with water.

Monty's Joy Juice

Monty's Joy Juice is a highly concentrated, unique liquid soil conditioner and plant food. One 16 oz bottle makes 200 gallons of finished product!

(16 oz) $19.99

(quart) $31.95

(gallon) $81.95

Now Rosemania has "Regular Size" and "Odd Size" measuring spoons!

We wanted to make sure we found the perfect measuring spoons made for all those "odd quantity" chemicals we sell. Manufactured of the toughest 18/10 stainless steel, these superb nesting spoons are oval in shape to reach into the smallest space. The gently curved handles curl under, so that each spoon sits securely on the counter without tipping over. Each set of five spoons is attached to a special clip designed to come apart easily. Regular Set Sizes: 1/8 teaspoon; 1/4 teaspoon; 1/2 teaspoon; 1 teaspoon; 1 tablespoon. Odd Set Sizes: Pinch (1/16 teaspoon!); 1/8 teaspoon, 2/3 teaspoon; 1.5 teaspoons; and 2 teaspoons!

Magic Mix (9 lb.) Magic Mix (20 lb.) Magic Mix (40lb plastic pail NEW) EasyFeed (3 lb.) EasyFeed (9 lb.) Liquid EasyFeed (pint) Liquid EasyFeed (1/2 gallon) Liquid EasyFeed (1 gallon) Liquid EasyFeed (5 gallon)

$17.99 $25.99 $58.99 $19.99 $44.99 $9.99 $23.99 $39.99 $174.99

Now Only $10.99 for each set!

New from the makers of Mills Magic Mix

Beaty Worm Castings!

Beaty Worm Castings are 100% castings with no fillers. Worm castings have a natural slow release quality and may be used on all types of plants, trees, shrubs, etc. Worm casting are considered by many horticulturist to be the very best soil amendment available. They can aid in gradually restoring long-depleted soils naturally. Worm casting are odorless, non-toxic and will not burn plants. GENERAL USE DIRECTIONS:: New planting: Mix one cup worm casting with 4 cups of soil or potting mix. Gardens and Flower Beds: Spread 1"-3" over surface area and till or mix thoroughly with soil.

Bloomkote Time Released Fertilizer

From the makers of Mills Magic Mix and Mills EasyFeed! Not only does Bloomkote deliver the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needed for your prized roses, it also has the micronutrients needed to make your roses all they can be. While we still recommend the use of liquid fertilizers, Bloomkote is the perfect product for those with limited time or for ensuring your roses have the constant source of nitrogen and micronutrients they need to thrive. Bloomkote is released in small amounts into the soil each time you water, or when it rains. It can be added directly to new planting holes without fear of burning the roots. Feeds continuously for 4 months! We recommend 1/2 to 1 cup per rose bush. Simply blend well with soil of newly planted roses or sprinkle around the drip line of established bushes and lightly scratch into the soil.

Sold in 20 pound bags Only $25.00 with free shipping!

15# Plastic Bag $39.99

40# Pail $89.00

Plant Success - Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots 10 to 1,000 times, thereby greatly improving the ability of the plants to use the soil resources. Estimates of amounts of mycorrhizal filaments present in soil associated with plants are astonishing. Several miles of fungal filaments can be present in less than a thimbleful of soil. But mycorrhizal fungi increase nutrient uptake not only by increasing the surface absorbing area of roots. Mycorrhizal fungi release powerful chemicals into the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as phosphorous, iron and other"tightly bound" soil nutrients. This extraction process is particularly important in plant nutrition and explains why nonmycorrhizal plants require high levels of fertility to maintain their health.

Liquid Karma

Liquid Karma contains a full complement of metabolically active organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals, activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions. Liquid Karma functions as a growth engine because its high metabolic activity produces a large amount of energy which is immediately transformed to growth. Usage is from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per gallon. Liquid Karma is not a fertilizer and should be used in addition to your regular fertilizing program.

Quart-$32.99 Gallon-$75.00 Nature's Nog

For years we have known the benefit of seaweed and humates. Nature's NOG brings together these two most effective, naturally occurring plant growth stimulants know to soil science. The result is a carefully balanced formulation, which is more effective as a combination of ingredients than any of its parts alone. Nature's NOG is a totally organic, natural compound designed to enhance root formation, increase vascular strength, promote green color, and reduce stress on ornamental and agricultural plants. Nature's NOG is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic to humans, animals and fish. So why does it work? Seaweed provides the growth hormones while humate provides the soil conditioners and stimulates microbial activity. I like to use this product in my regular preventative spray program. The first time you use Nature's NOG, add 2 oz. of product per gallon of spray solution. On all subsequent treatments, use 1 oz. per gallon.

Benefits of mycorrhizae:

Improved nutrient and water uptake ; Improved root growth ; Improved plant growth and yield ; Reduced transplant shock ; Reduced drought stress.

Granular - $25.00

Recommended for new plantings. Treats 50 2-gallon bushes

Soluble - $24.00

Recommended for existing plants. Treats 50 plants.

EZ-Flo Automatic Fertilizing System

Now you can save time and money while enjoying great results with your fertilizing program. The E-Z Flo connects to your hose with an "E-Z Connection" that is included with each order. Simply fill your E-Z Flo tank with water soluble fertilizer, set your desired mixing ratio, and start fertilizing your roses, lawn or other garden plants.

EZ-Flo 0.75 gallon $62.00 EZ-Flo 3 gallon $86.00

Quart - $34.94 Gallon - $99.95

Our Complete Catalog & Secure "Online" Ordering at

Orders: Toll Free 888-600-9665 M-F; 8-5 Central; Questions: 615-794-4416 Fax: 615-790-4981

FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 States on all orders over $15. Rosemania 4020 Trail Ridge Drive Franklin TN 37067


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