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Volume 5, Issue 5 Quote of the Month Games lubricate the body and mind.

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May 2007

Summer Pay Dates

Monthly........................................... May 23rd Semi-Monthly................................. May 15th May 30th June 25th June 15th June 29th July 25th July 12th July 30th

Summer Check Distribution

Employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to expedite the depositing of their pay checks during the summer. Checks will be available for pickup on scheduled pay days between 7:30 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. at the Administration Payroll Office located at 1311 Round Rock Ave. Checks not picked up by 3:00 p.m. will be mailed that afternoon. All employees will be required to present personal identification when picking up checks. Spouses, children, friends etc, must have a signed note from the employee giving authorization to pick up their check. There is a waiting period of (7) working days before checks that are mailed and not received can be rewritten. Checks for staff members in Administration, Transportation, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Purchasing, Warehouse, Print Services, etc. will be handled in the usual manner. Questions or concerns, please contact the Payroll Department at [email protected] Please verify your address via the employee access center before your leave for the summer.

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Administration Building Summer Hours: June 4, 2007-- August 10, 2007

Monday - Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm Closed on Fridays

Closed Entire Week of July 2, 2007

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Wellness Rocks!

Round Rock ISD formed an Employee Wellness Committee in April. The charge of this committee, which is made up of a cross-functional team of District employees, is to promote wellness in the workplace and encourage healthier lifestyles for employees and their families. This committee will offer health education materials, resources, and a series of valuable programs and initiatives to help employees lower their risk of disease and improve their overall health and well-being. Goals of the committee will be to help employees identify personal health risks, encourage personal responsibility for health and wellness, provide motivation and support to help employees make healthy choices, control health care costs through disease prevention, and improve overall employee morale and well-being. The committee is currently in the process of setting goals as well as having discussions on implementing fun health-related activities for the upcoming school year. Already employees has expressed interests and enthusiasm about this new initiative. The committee received numerous emails from employees offering their assistance in promoting wellness in the workplace as well as an overwhelming response to the committee's request for wellness slogans. After a careful review of more than 340 submissions, the committee selected "Wellness Rocks" as the slogan. Pam Bauerkemper of Caraway Elementary and Jena Stetson of Berkman Elementary were named slogan winners and each won a $50 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoors and a gym bag filled with wellness products compliments of United Healthcare.

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Payroll Matters

You will need to know your six-digit employee number to access Student Records, E-Campus and when making inquiries on Payroll and Benefits information. You may look up your Employee ID number through RRISD's intranet, the website is http://internal/ SERVERS/.

Do You know Your Employee ID Number?

Direct Deposit

If you would like the convenience of direct deposit for your pay check or if you are changing banks, you can find the Direct Deposit Form at in the Employees section; under Departments select Payroll and then Payroll Forms. Once the form is signed by a representative of your bank, please forward it to the Payroll Office. We must receive your form prior to the 5th of the month to make your direct deposit effective that month.

Name Changes

If you will be changing your name over the summer, you can download the Name and Address Change form from the website at in the Employees section; under Departments select Payroll and then Payroll Forms. All name changes must be accompanied by a copy of your new social security card with your new name listed on it. If you would like to change your beneficiary on your life insurance, the beneficiary change form is also available on our website under benefit forms.

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Payroll Matters

Employee Access Center-RRISD Computer

Employees can access their own personal and payroll information. The Employee Access Center (EAC) also allows employees to make changes on line to their address and contact information as well as make adjustments to their W-2 tax withholding status. The URL is https://eac/EAC/login.aspx. Your login ID is your six-digit employee number and password you have set. If you experience problems, send an email to the following address: [email protected]

The first time you are prompted to log-in you will need to provide your LotusNotes User Name (example found below) and your LotusNotes remote access password. You must use your school district PC to obtain your LotusNotes Remote Access password. The Remote Access QuickStart Guide provides instructions on how to set your password. You can access the Quick Start Guide from the Payroll Department website. 1. Open your Internet browser. 2. In the Address field, enter the URL: 3. At the first log-in screen, enter your Lotus Notes remote access user name and password to authenticate your identity. The user name should be the same as what appears in your e-mail address (i.e., the user name for [email protected] would be john doe, with a space between the first and last names). The password will be the one you set in the district address book in your Lotus Notes. 4. At the second log-in screen you are accessing the EAC system. Enter your employee ID number as the user name and your EAC password. 5. If you are not a first-time user, enter the password you have set. General Information Teachers who have been using GradeSpeed from home are accustomed to the two "login" approach. For security reasons, you will be asked to log-in twice before the application opens up on your PC. If you are interested in accessing your EAC application remotely, please make sure you establish your LotusNotes remote email password. This way, if you do experience problems, you can work with your campus CIS and/or TIS to address any problems encountered while on campus. If they are unable to resolve the problem, please email questions to [email protected]

Employee Access Center-Home Computer Access

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Benefits News

For Plan Year Oct 07/08, Benefits Open Enrollment will be held at the RRISD Performing Arts Center on the following dates: Wednesday, August 22nd...................9am-6pm Thursday, August 23rd......................9am-6pm Friday, August 24th...........................9am-6pm Saturday, August 25th........................9am-1pm Online enrollment will be available again this year. More information about enrolling and making changes to your benefits will be sent to you via e-mail in August. Information on changes to benefit plans as well as premiums will be posted on the Benefits website in early August. We do not currently have information on premiums costs for next school year. Detailed information on all of the benefits plans is available on the Benefits website. Our website is, click Departments and then Benefits. For all e-mail correspondence with the Benefits Staff, please use the central e-mail account: benefits [email protected]

Provider Contacts: For Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision, and Flexible Spending, use your RRISD ID# preceded by

000 to access information about your benefits. Vendors cannot locate benefits information by social security number. United Healthcare Dental Dental (Group# 706452) 1-877-816-3596 United Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Plan (Access Code: RRISD) 1-866-248-4094 Sun Life Insurance Life and Disability (Group # 79568) 1-800-247-6875 United Healthcare-Choice Plus PPO Medical (Group # 706452) 1-866-844-4864 United Healthcare Prescription (Group #706452) 1-877-842-6048 Spectera Vision (Group# 706452) 1-800-638-3120 (No cards are issued, provider will confirm benefits via phone) AIG Valic 457 Tax sheltered Annuity 1-800-892-5558 ext 88608 or 88275 United Healthcare Flexible Spending (Group # 706453) 1-877-311-7849 United Healthcare DirectBill Cobra Administrator 1-866-747-0048 Teacher Retirement System 1-888-877-0123

National Plan Administrators 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity (512) 327-6481 Curves Gym Discount 512-341-7676

Gold's Gym Gym Discount 512-482-0831

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Finance Matters

Attention Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups Have all funds collected been deposited? Is your organization's account in balance? Accounts must have a positive balance? Is all inventory accounted for and stored in a safe place? Does your organization's records include copies of disbursements, deposits, transfers, account statements, fundraiser applications, etc? Retention period ­ 5yrs 5. At the end of each fiscal year, it is recommended that sponsors of student groups turn in their sponsor records to the campus secretary/bookkeeper. Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities can be found on the Financial Information Resource Manual (FIRM) on Financial Services web page. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Purchase Orders Reminders: Items not received by June 30th will be charged to the new-year budget. Items may need to be cancelled if not received by June 30th. Contact the vendor to verify status and make Accounts Payable aware of any back ordered or cancelled items. To determine if you have outstanding purchase orders, generate an "Outstanding Encumbrance Report" in FinancePlus.

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RRISD Financial Services 1311 Round Rock Ave. Round Rock, TX 78681 Fax Numbers: Accounting/Payroll-464-5060 Accounts Payable-464-5457

Financial Services is responsible for financial accounting for all school district funds, coordination of all financial sub-systems, maintenance of federal programs and grants, accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax collections, payroll and benefits, and investments of the district. We are available to assist you Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm: Friday, 8am-4:30pm Benefits website:, click Employees Section (upper right corner), then Departments and then Benefits. [email protected] Payroll website:, click Employees Section (upper right corner), then Departments and then Payroll. [email protected] Employee Access Center: https://eac/EAC/login.aspx -- access from a district computer

Contact Inform tion a



Tracy Hoke, Chief Financial Officer 464-5045 Randy Staats, Director 464-5042 Kelly Blanscet, Accounting Supervisor 464-5047 Wayne Curry, Financial Analyst 464-5018 Carla Estepp, General Accountant 464-5064 Lori Melton, General Accountant-Treasury 464-5961 Stanley Rasberry, Grant Accountant 464-5030 Mary Sevier, P-Card, Sam's Club 464-5619

Payroll/Benefits Payroll/Benefits

Tonya Davis, DirectorDirector 464-5118 Tonya Davis, 464-5118 Cindy Tice, Payroll Coordinator 464-5046 Cindy Tice, Payroll Coordinator 464-5046 Susan McLain, Benefits Benefits Coordinator 464-5017 Susan McLain, Coordinator 464-5017 Patsy Krueger,Krueger,464-5059 Patsy Payroll Payroll 464-5059 Aime Don Juan, Payroll 464-5098 Aime Don Juan, Payroll 464-5098 Cristina Cristina Estrada,464-5058 Estrada, Payroll Payroll 464-5058 Diana Arias, Benefits Benefits 464-5062 Diana Arias, 464-5062 RexanneRexanne Prom, Benefits 464-5139 Prom, Benefits 464-5139 Lynell Tutor, Benefits 464-5121 Vicky Sulaica, Benefits 464-5121

Accounts Payable

Anita Adams, Asst Director 464-5067 Gayle Mirick, A-D 464-5066 Allison Bailey, E-L 464-5057 Evelyn Mayo, M-R 464-5065 Rachel Perkins, S-Z 464-5068 Sandy Turney, Activity Funds 464-5159

Tax Office Office Tax

Forest Child, Tax Assessor/Collector 464-5120 Forest Child, Tax Assessor/Collector 464-5120 Irene Kile, Accounting Associate 464-5120 Irene Kile, Accounting Associate 464-5120



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