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RPE has extensive experiences in executing Call-Off/Blanket Engineering Contracts. It started in early 90s when RPE provided blanket-engineering services to Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO now BP West Java). It was followed by Blanket Engineering Contracts from CNOOC (Maxus YPF), ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Kodeco, PetroChina, PremierOil, and Kondur Petroleum SA. Various engineering works were executed by RPE within this kind of contract. For ARCO (now PHE ONWJ): from As-Built Drawing Services, Pipeline Replacements, Gas Automation & Control, Developing of Braced Monopod Platform Design, to Platform Relocation that includes retrieval the existing deck and jacket for modification and refurbishment on yards and platform installation at new location. For ConocoPhillips Indonesia: De-bottlenecking and Optimization Study, Procedure for Transferring Condensate, Well Vibration Study, and Piping Stress Analyses. For CNOOC: RPE provided its services from Engineering analysis for the exisiting platforms (such as Structural Assessment and Studies), As-Built Drawing Services, Platforms recertification and up to provision of manpower to support CNOOC daily operations and activities.

Amerada Hess (Pangkah) Ltd ­ EPCI of an Offshore Wellhead Platform and a wet subsea pipeline RPE participated in this project as main engineering consultant that provided all required engineering to RAGA-PAL Consortium as the project contractor. Engineering services provided were from Project Management, Detailed Engineering Services for the Wellhead Platform and Pipeline, up to engineering support for Procurement, Fabrication & Construction and Installation Phase. Pools of experts and qualified engineers, designers and drafters from multidiscipline engineering departments were working together under a solid team, with state of the art software such as 3-D Modeling software (PDS) to accomplish the first Amerada Hess oil and gas facility in Indonesia (now Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah) Ltd.).



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