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SMail ­ Account - Users' Guide

August 2011

Registrations and Password Changes are valid after approx 1-2 hours!


1. A brief introduction

On the homepage of the RRZK, the A-Z index offers all important and current information.

General information

You have successfully requested an SMail-account on the website and/or at the SERVICEPOINT and accepted the rules and regulations of the ZAIK/RRZK. With your user name, selected there, as well as your password you get access to: · · an own folder (so-called "home"-folder) with a capacity of 100 MByte free access to the computer network of the University of Cologne (UKLAN) and thus to the Internet over the login at the domain AD in the RRZK-b, in the Philosophikum and main building from ZAIK/RRZK-run PC pools an E-Mail address (with 200 MB of space) the possibility to get a Wireless LAN connection to the UKLAN/Internet with your laptop:

· ·

Account check

The status of the account can be called up under Here one can also examine whether the password is correct or not.


The printers at the RRZK-b are attached over the network, i.e. they can be addressed from all installed programs. Since we have to charge you the costs for printing, a printer account must be put on before. This installation as well as further deposits in cash can be made at "Benutzerbüro / room 102 at the opening times indicated below. A current price list is displayed at the "Benutzerbüro" and at the "Servicepoint". Before you print, please make sure that you selected a suitable printer, all setups are correct and also make sure, where the selected printer stands. E-Mail address NOTE!! Over this E-Mail address, important information of the RRZK, e.g. reminders are dispatched concerning the validity of the account. Therefore: Read this mail regularly!! Your E-Mail address is [email protected] You get access to your E-mail account at IMAP/POP3(see below). The storage capacity is 200 MByte. Passing on the e-mails, e.g. to msn Getting E-Mails e.g. via Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc Alias Mail address This is only an additional E-Mail address, which refers only to your original address, to log in you still must use your SMail user name! Further information




ILIAS In order to use the Cologne learning platform ILIAS ( ), you need a regular student account. In order to get this, you need a SMail (or Uni -) account. If you have still no SMail-account, you can request this online: The Rechenzentrum only is in charge of making the account available, in order to use the Smail service. However, the Rechenzentrum is not responsible for concerns related to ILIAS. Please contact the appropriate responsible persons directly: Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] Online assistance: A.) Log in for the first time in ILIAS: 1. Go to the website of the Cologne ILIAS platform: 2. On the left, click "in ILIAS einloggen"! 3. If you select now the announcing option "Mit Uni-/Smail-Account des Rechenzentrums Uni Köln", enter the user names and the password of the SMail-account and finally click on "senden". 4. Select on the new side the option "Erstkonto" and click on "Speichern". 5. Read now the user agreement and - if you agree to them - accept these. 6. After entering ILIAS, you have to complete the missing data of your personal profile. All obligatory data is provided with a red asterisk. When finished, store this data. Your "Erstanmeldung"(first login) is finished. You can use now all services offered by ILIAS. B.) References to logging in for students with existing ILIAS account. There are two options of logging in to the ILIAS network. Which one is the correct for you, depends on your account. You will find the appropriate references following: Option "Mit Uni/ S-Mail-Account des Rechenzentrums Uni Köln": Choose this option, - if you want to set up a new account as a student of the Cologne University (Erstnutzer) - if you use a valid SMail-account for logging in - if you use a valid UniAccount for logging in Choose the option "Ohne Rechenzentrumsaccount bei ILIAS anmelden" if you have got defined account for logging in instead of a valid s-Mail-account if you are a guest of the University of Cologne. *

You can find further references for this in the module "Hilfe während der Registrierung", which you have access to on the ILIAS side.

KLIPS The Rechenzentrum only is in charge of making the account available, in order to use the appropriate service. For any questions concerning KLIPS, please contact the appropriate responsible persons directly: Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] Tel: 0221/470-1773


Forgot your password / change password Forgot your password & no pin Please visit our Servicepoint or the InfoKiosk(main building). Please take along your student card and id (see page 3) click "Passwort Vergessen?" Here one can enter his/her register number, pin and the new password. If register No. and pin are correct, an order is sent for change of password. Usually changes of password are active after approximately 1 hour. Each user has max 3 attempts per day to change the password. If one mistypes 3 times, one can change the password on the basis of the pin after waiting 24 hours. Know your password, but want to change it Usually changes of password are active after approximately 1-2 hours.

Password & pin available

Storage at the RRZK-B Do not store any files on the desktop. The data stored there will be irrevocably deleted as soon as you log out. You have the possibility to store data from every computer connected to the University's LAN to your own private folder on drive H: with a capacity of 100 MByte. Further information: "Zugriff auf die Unix Homedirectory" and "Benutzung des Servers für Benutzerdateien". Furthermore, every Smail-user is provided with 10 GB of disk space on one of our servers run under the project name SoFS. For detailed information, please visit the following page:

2. Working with the SMail account...

2.1... at the University of Cologne At present, there are computers, you can work from with the Smail-Account, at the Rechenzentrum (Berrenrather Str. 136), the Philosophikum, at the main building and in the libraries of the Roman, Germanic and Historical institute. For the use of the PC pools of further faculties one needs separate PC pool accounts. To log in, please press the combination of keys CTRL + ALT + DEL. You then are requested to enter your user name and the password which you selected at the registration of the SMail- account. Notice: Domain name AD must be selected in the domain list beneath. In the case of a malfunction, pleas contact the Servicepoint.

2.2... from your private home Partially, you have access to services provided by the University of Cologne from your private home. To get access from outside the University you need the VPN Client of the RRZK in addition. You will find further information on Notice: the VPN Client does not grant the access to all services of the University of Cologne. Certain services and/or data bases can be addressed only directly from inside UKLAN.


2.3... from your room at "Studentenwohnheim" (via cable modem / Netcologne) Most of the dormitories linked to the "Kölner Studentenwerk" provide a connection to the internet via a Motorola cable modem, sponsored by NetCologne, in behalf of the "Kölner Studentenwerk". Since these modems use a DHCP-Protocol for an internet connection, there is no need to type in any username or password in addition. In any other case, please call NetCologne: 0800-2222-800 For the official documentation of the KStW, please visit You will find the documentation under "Wohnen"| "A-Z"| "Internet" (only in German language). 2.4... via WLAN

Network Name tsunami UniKoeln-802.1X

Client Software for Windows Cisco VPN-Client

Characteristics encrypted, troubles while installation, especially with Vista

Securew2, also Intel PROSet Wireless encrypted, with Intel Centrinos Notebooks Recommended by Rechenzentrum Not yet available at the Institute of Physics Browser only Open, insecure transmission Easy to use, VPN-Client use for encryption optional


The Wireless LAN Network of the Cologne University covers great parts of the facilities with more than 100 Access Points. All you need for access is a Notebook featuring Wireless LAN technologie as a free client software, available on our website. Each of the access points provides all of the 3 different networks simultaniously.

WLAN Acces Points D-I-Y Further information, download addresses concerning client software und Installation instructions you will find at Before getting online via wireless lan for the first time, please check your antivirus software for updates. You can get both, Windows hotfixes and free antivirus software at the "Beratung"

For people in need of There is a WLAN Do It Yourself Package ready for lending it out at the Beratung. It consist of a printed, very detailed installation advice as well as some help a DVD containing all clientsoftware and updates for windows needed to get access. Please ask for the package and try to install things yourself first, before you ask the Beratung for help. If there is any help needed, just do not hesitate to ask somebody at the "Beratung"


3. Addresses and Opening Hours

WHO RRZK-B PC-Pool FUNCTION OPENING HOURS CONTACT Berrenrather Straße 136, 50937 Köln Mo - Fr 8.30 - 23.30 Sat 10.30 - 16.00 Mo - Fr 09.00 - 12.30 13.30 - 17.00


In charge of all concerns about the use of PCs at the University of Cologne

Room 104 Tel. 470-4563 [email protected]

12.00 - 18.00 MacBeratung Everything concerning your macintosh. Please see on our website Room 104 Tel. 470-4806 [email protected] Room 102 Tel. 470-4053 [email protected]


Cash-In for the printing accounts, Selling of manuals, Maintenance of the "MitarbeiterAccounts"

Mo - Thu 10.00 - 12.00 13.00 - 16.45 Fr 10.00 - 12.00 13.00 - 15.15

Servicepoint & Operating

SMail-Maintenance, First information, account registration, Password changes, Printing/Plot-Service, Beamer/Notebook rental service SMail-Maintenance First information, registration, Password changes

Mo - Fr 08.30 - 18.00

Room 006 / 007 Tel. 470-4562 [email protected]

SMail-Stand im Hauptgebäude Pool at ,,Philosophikum"

Mo - Fr 8.45 - 12.15 14.15 - 17.45 Mo - Fr 8.00 - 20.00 Feb. ­ Apr./ July ­ Oct. On Fridays: 8.00 - 18.00 Uhr

Behind the ,,Aula" / next to the copiers Tel. 470-6382




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