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Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, September 8, 2009 RICHLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 400 BENTON COUNTY, RICHLAND, WASHINGTON The Board of Directors of Richland School District No. 400 met for a regular meeting Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. at the Administrative Service Center, 615 Snow Avenue, Richland, Washington. School Board President Richard Jansons presided. Board members present: Phyllis Strickler and Mary Guay. Heather Cleary was available via phone. Administrators present: Superintendent Jean Lane, Assistant Superintendent Mike Kirby, Executive Director of Human Resources John Steach, Executive Director of Financial Services Rich Puryear, Executive Director of Support Services Mark Panther, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Wendy London, Communications Manager Steve Aagaard, District Counsel Galt Pettett, Director of Special Education Carol Johnson, and Career and Technical Education Director Claudia Cooley. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE APPROVAL OF MINUTES It was moved by Mary Guay and seconded by Phyllis Strickler that ­ THE BOARD APPROVE MEETING MINUTES FROM AUGUST 25 AND 27 Motion was approved. COMMUNICATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Representative Larry Haler presented the school board with an official copy of House Bill 1385, which addresses sexual misconduct of school employees with students up to the age of twenty. He thanked the board for initiating the bill and for their help in testifying to insure its passage. There will be a flag dedication 8:30 A.M. on September 11 at the school district administration building. Army Lieutenant Michael Baddley, home on leave from Afghanistan, will be present to assist in the dedication of the flag.

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REQUESTS FROM VISITORS Raquel Johnson, 5604 Warbler Lane, West Richland, expressed her difficulty in understanding why her son's class of special needs children has been moved four times in the last five years. She asked the board to look at the parameters when making a decision to move a program from one location to another. Brian Johnson, 5604 Warbler Lane, West Richland, explained that their son is autistic and in the fifth grade. He asked if there is another child in the district that has attended four schools in five years. He would like the board to give careful consideration to moving special needs children. Rick Jansons replied that the board will add this as a future agenda item. He agrees that one of the criteria that will be looked at before moving a program in the future is the actual needs of the students in the program. Jim Ducalow, 36905 N Rodeo Drive, Benton City, expressed his gratitude to Deidra Holmberg and two of the Delta High School teachers who took the time to explain the purpose of Delta High School and the process the school will be using. Greg Ward, 1326 Sacramento Blvd, has a third grade son that has been moved five times. His current classroom is in a portable and he worries about security and the lack of independence for those students. Being in a portable the students have limited opportunity to mix with the general population of the building. UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Curriculum Process ­ Novels Wendy London shared with the Board a draft of a letter to be sent home to parents of students in language arts classes at the three high schools. She is asking for input and approval for the document to be mailed home to parents. A draft of the letter has been shown to the three high schools. Teachers questioned whether the board would like to change the letter to read not only language arts materials but other content areas as well. Phyllis Strickler feels the wording must be stronger. Parents need to know there are things they should look for and the letter should be more specific. Wendy will strengthen the wording. Heather Cleary suggested the letter say "We are in the process of reviewing our policy. We haven't had a chance to complete the process but will continue the work." Public Comment: Nancy Smith, 208 Wallace Street, Hanford High School English teacher, explained to the board that some teachers have concerns with the letter. She sends a card home along with her syllabus

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for parents to sign and return, which she then keeps on file. Her syllabus is also available again at the open house. The teachers appreciate the board reviewing and tightening up the policy. David Garber, 3703 North Lake, West Richland, asked the board to provide clearer communication to parents so they can make clear decisions. Fifty to sixty percent of the books on the list have not been screened by IMC. He asked that the district improve the transparency and prevent future misunderstandings. There is no information on the syllabus indicating which books have been screened by IMC. This would avoid future discontent among parents. Phyllis Strickler suggested putting an asterisk by books on the syllabus list that contain adult content, sexual content or profanity. She feels that some of the unscreened books contain material that a 17 year old student would not be permitted to see in a movie theater, but we, as a district, provide in school. The board suggested three areas be addressed: · Express some of the books have not gone through a thorough screening process. · The district is currently reviewing the policy. · There have been some materials that have been objected to and parents may want to communicate with their student's teacher. Ken Gosney, Hanford High School Principal, would like all supplemental materials from all departments go through IMC. The board agreed Wendy could make the mentioned changes and send the letter home to parents. When the board addresses the policy they will look at making changes to include other department materials. B. September Board/Cabinet Work Plan The board will hold a special meeting Friday, September 18 from 8:30 to 10:30 A.M. to develop a draft work plan for the following year. The cabinet will attend. C. School Board Candidate Selection Process The Board devised a questionnaire for candidates interested in fulfilling the remainder of Pete Knollmeyer's board position. The questionnaire will be ready for candidates to pick up from the Superintendent's office Friday, September 11. Those interested will also include a copy of their resume. All application packets must be returned by noon on September 24, 2009. D. Superintendent Search Gene Sharratt and Dennis Ray from Northwest Leadership Associates, Liberty Lake, Washington, have been hired to lead the search for the next Richland School District superintendent. A tentative timeline was presented to the board:

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Mid September to Mid October ­ Focus group meetings with district staff and community members October 30 ­ position is advertised January 15 ­ application deadline February ­ candidate interviews March ­ new superintendent selected

The Board was in consensus for President Jansons to sign the contract with the search firm. NEW BUSINESS A. Enrollment/Opening of School Update Enrollment the first day of school was 10,897 students, an increase of 300 students from last year. Elementary enrollment is above projected and 6.0 FTE teaching positions are being added. Secondary will see an increase of .6 FTE teaching positions. The high school numbers include 14 students from Hanford High and 17 from Richland High that now attend Delta High School. Due to a slight problem in the Power School program, not all of the student data from Three Rivers Home Link has been processed for accuracy. Approximately 180 students in kindergarten through grade 12 have signed up. The board took a five minute break at 8:30 P.M. The board moved to an executive session at 8:35 P.M for ten minutes to discuss negotiations. The Board returned to the regular board meeting at 8:45 P.M. CONSENT AGENDA It was moved by Mary Guay and seconded by Phyllis Strickler ­ THAT THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS APPROVE THE CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS (A) THROUGH (E). A. Personnel Actions CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL Keseman, Brent, Hired, Math Teacher, Enterprise Middle School Corneaux, Isabelle, Resignation, French Teacher, Hanford and Richland High School Berglund, Sarah, Increased FTE, Music Teacher, Carmichael Middle School LaRiviere, Tom, Increased non-continuing, Resource Room Teacher, Enterprise Middle School Schlahta, Glenda, Increased FTE, On-Line Teacher, Home Link CLASSIFED PERSONNEL Baker, Stephanie, Hired, Paraeducator, Hanford High School Battles, Kristopher, Hired, Paraeducator, Enterprise Middle School Green, Stephanie, Hired, Paraeducator, Chief Joseph Middle School

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Jackson, Dawne, Hired, Paraeducator, Home Link Schoenwald, Ann, Hired, Paraeducator, Chief Joseph Middle School B. Resolution 688, Increase Food Service Change Fund at Delta High School C. REA Contract D. General Fund Warrant Nos. 295897 through 295953 for $704,246.92 and Nos. 295954 through 296088 for $900,624.46 ASB Fund Warrant Nos. 18803 through 18808 for $6,384.33 and Nos. 18809 through 18835 for $79,880.57 Capital Projects Fund Warrant Nos. 5329 through 5331 for $6,017.46 E. Payroll Warrant Nos. 295673 through 295896, and 295598, void 295203 for $2,175,365.13 Electronic Fund Transfer for $3,936,938.31 Total August Payroll approved in the amount of $6,112,303.44 The Board approved the motion unanimously. SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH (CONTINUED) Gene Sharratt and Dennis Ray shared the timeline they have developed for the superintendent search. They will look at conflicts in February with the levy. Mr. Sharratt will meet with each board member and district office administrator separately. He will also meet with focus groups that will be developed. A survey will be linked to the district home page asking for public input. A panel of 20-24 staff and community members will be invited to watch the preliminary interviews. They will be able to provide feedback on each candidate. The position will be posted on state websites this week. ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.




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