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WO0DP0ST. The Ice Comrauy have nt lait mode a com' .eiKumtut to get ice. The; itarted Iwt MoDdny at CeJkban's for the lint time tills Dinner napkins ore one yard square and of winter Th«y have erected* hrg* tcehoiito floe and heavy damask. Th« b«m should u Sunday, on too laland whlob tbey expect to fill and tbe very tiarrow and done by hand. A small Alfred Harris lfodi tbe loj't me*Utjg Si tame time ship about 100 care per day. TbUmonogram embroidered In white washable d»y, be being unablt- to lead lost Hands - ) B O I THZ(-- l>« blowing to tba working man, who bos The V. U. U. quintette will slog sad K been rooming around fur weeks waiting for tllk fi allowable. Hems for the (able doth < (or breakfast, luncheon or dinner urn prett/ H&act> «iU pl*j upon tbs Tioiln. It to come. one and one-half or two Inches deep and boraTbe mon'* mwtlng w u well atteadod last Then was a runaway l u t Hiturday after- stitched. Cloths for the luncheon table may Bundaj, over £00 men being prflaent. norm at Hurdtawn. MM. J. Ivfngrlam and haveaa embroidered border, either of little Bitvict K M bald la tbe Firrt Uetbodli wr daughter w « « out elelgbndlng whan her sprays of flsweri, Gothic figures oracrolli OF Church. The pulpit aad platfonn was decO' none touk fright ead atartxl down tbe road the pattern In the damask may be outlined rvtfd wltb ll»gfl, belniBt), ]a.Qt«nu, belta, kta rapid ruto, Tbo occupants kept tbclr aod Oiled in. However, only tbe datntieK I have A fall line ol them at loweit prioes naulos, an engravltif of a fire angles, eto. seaU very courageuuily, Mr*. Kingdom trj- and most dollcato colon should be uwd If i»g her bone, wu all Eoglno Co. No. 1, loaned their prlM illvet Sbe to coDtrol In the roodbut It he cameoo ute. anything else to an white and in waihahlo »ili. kept him until to the OIL STOVES A N D O I L 1 M B STOVEa, trumpet, UMBTB, RatTandBennett.Co, No. I, turn to Mrs, Kurd's barn anil then upiet tha Fire Wardeni Lyon, Otto and B] ttlftlgh, throwing tha Udlaa out Fortunately BEFBIOEBiUrOBb, O B E A J t FKEEZEK8 I am glad to use the following, giving It aa Icipatod In thetervfeu In different ways, they received no serious Injury, but tlie OTortucDedrieighitiw oonplttely wrecked before (wiit to me, excepting a cams: Is; te&rXI&K ol ·orlptuie, prayer, o\t>, Tbe The Buabes* aeodi this contribution to addrea given b j O. K. Ely, ot He fl. and L. tho borse wai stopped. La»t Monday morning wai Cue CJldost tho Uarabioneea." «BaId PUT little It--to me Co. No. 1, wuatniuUrly ellort and one IODB one of our frequent ·arioos talks, Mlts -- to be remembered by the lire laddies and hy loroing we folt this winter. It was dtwu to has been in beaven a long tltns I1' othwa also. Ho, 1 company attended la < ttto. ; We mini tbs Bturo vury much !ii tbfa com·'Yes,'11 replied, " « very IODK Uma." body. Biltuoe tor a thuagbtful mometit, tben Major H. M. Dalrjmpla, of Mor/ I made an error iD Issue when I 111 speak upon the "Model Soldier" DSZI stated that Ulu Eit%lost week'sw u goin^w Hearen Is a nice place, isn't it, Mlsi -- I" Hichlngs "A very nice piano, I think,111 replied, 8und*y oJtcr/joon In Oraca M. B, Church «hioh h»« gtven the beat a&tiBfwUou. One of tboee in t u t H I years, Than came an upward lifting o( tbo blue Tbe O. A. It. u d NationsJ Qui rda will attead Fishing !s repartNl not to bo verygcKid at reatotbe brightak/ and " I t looiisofrom ! coBtirg only 7* ceute for rep»ir». In a body. Qrao*. oholr will sing. Noun. prewnt. atuoipf «nd Hill will play a C«t« dii«t. Tha How t U people of tula HXJUUD (Weldon ie outside !" church will be lultobly decorated on toll oo ppecioJtjJ har« bean reading so mucti lately A faw things about Vra. Zu-elda WatUoe, Plumb(ng, Tlnnlnff, Ste»m H e a t i n g and H o t \ P a t e r Heating about ths CorbettUttcbelt fight that tbey ulon. All nun lavlUd, isy bo Interesting to tho "Wlmmln Folke," . Tho State Conrantlon at Montclnb* began have a dtuire to try it tlntmHlvea. Toe other not oulf on account of her step son, Qea, Law '· !:··:' , : : dbiDeinthelSMitmuuwr. ; ·-.'"... -·'··:'..-- ulght ai urnt at tha aim vttt littluj and yettarday and will oo&Uaue till the olevontb. : WflUice, tbe well-known writer of that beauTbB (gllowtog delegate! will attend from tiiking In tho atora a few worJ* puwd tiful book, " Baa Hup," but becaoH ol b«r liatwoeii a Dover, i. a, Huteurt, M. L. Uox, P. E, becaaie tooooupte of ths men wh(clt ioua strODg aympatby la tha work of temperance, hot for tho tongue, so tbeyconDuUolie, Titus Btydtr, JarWebaabs, J. J . duded toflntihltwlthborotnuoklea. Ufory tto ot woman suffrage. Mrs. WaUlute w u Vrwlud and W, C. P&nloj. Tfae AnacU (hlug waa made rend/ and the battle waa lit ItOted tratldent of Tho Women's Christian tlon Mill make at) exhibit of its edneatl anal ton-foot ring. WQO tbe refereo and secontli emporancc Uclon at 1U organlwUou in work. were 1 did nut learn, but tlie two pugilists Indiana In 187-1, and lie Id that oflloe for ssran wgro at It in groat style. Tba battle w u years. Oa tomperance and woman suffrage Anniversary CXWOIMB Qundty, Pub. 23th. vary short, was only a Bather. Deautlful ooBtumea, cbannlug tliret round but Intercidag. Ic a draw, but themes Mr*. Wollica has lectured In many of figbt and w u called music, toenlo effeets, and tableaux TOT? plo one w u so eibaueUd tust IIfashsd had to our largo oltloi. She f s very much beloved luresqufl. Oood aluglnjj tonight and tomor- light tho fuurtltrouud be would have beeu !· Indianapolis, where she Is ao well known > nlgbt, Qa and help «, wortbj o u i t , w kaucted out lor (air. H JW tlie J 8 fl{titi mi y in connection with all good work. Mrs. Waltegular mouth]; moetlng of tbe Woman's be wry lnisre»ilng \o look at, but 1 tUInK U e laco'n We extend I us over a. porlod of taventrAuslttuy nett Tuwdfty attwuoon, ertry umtoUiiUttTe vury loallab as tusy are nit year* Ia pocuHorJj iatereitlng, and It Is like OJrbutt aud MlwheU, who gat taolr tUou- ibout twenty years ataoe »ne came into pubmambtr >honld be present at S:80 P. U. thluK It woald be Uo notice. Hor father was Dr. Banders, who nu*l ntcetlujt of the AuilHary oa Ihe BUMLI fiir (labttng, aud I CoolldQae^t. well for ibuiu to stop suuh had no taat, and Mr*. Wa.Ua>c<> being the second Tuesday In Uorcb for thoeleotlou ot eldeat daughter-, sbo received much mental offlwra and other l)i >.<. Burprlu party at ifj. iijaacharj'* last mm and raoouraggpisnt to raid aod Friday night aoa TQUDTLKI b&Tlng a v*rj IIICUBS political speeches from her father, . Election o f Ofiwr«. At a meeting o l tba lUbeorJbflre to th»*Uit>lc A« Gearg* Nlah il«, wife KOA lltUs child ' >alt)g naturally giftedwith a strong intellect waa a delight to ber father to Instruct her, of the WhlppatoDg Hall Attoolatlon bold In were making tba turn at D*a C*llagbsu'a WUppany January BTth, 180*, the (alto*las coruar Uat TueocUy, tbetc htne btcaow1 is WAI especially fortil of tha Scripture*, id when a very young girt bad committed uilloers, board of tnutcei, and building com- - -itaneiprenuruluiitbDBlqlithaail throwT M ·OBBIfl OOUMTT 1 memory tbe Old Teitament as for aa tbe lttQewcreoleotadbyMOdaMQelaUani Preil- _ ihe occupauu out, Uu.tfortuaa.ttiy uoune ironlclw, and today many apt quotations wasnurt. Tueitjina day a youogtniu u t , t H. Polbemui; Vloe Pwildent, L. B.'ttruyuuns lullei oume rjdlog tUroagu aud root the Bib]* easily drop Int j bar conrersahero Wd-, Pocr«l*ry, U, U. R»jnold'ij Treamrar, aod turnluf bis Bor«e aruuud without break- Ion or lectures. ·· O, M. K(tcbe>]| Tnutcoi, T. P . Tompkfnt, O. ing his alan up! I tart hU ladlea la tha 7. Fretman, 0 . M. Meriett*, J . H. Polhamu*. soowUub, but aethaolj saying Is ''Itli no When but nineteen Z treld* Banden becstne · o « * i « o w » . w. J. ;' 0, H. Kltohel, L. B. ford and Thomu Bills; ' " ·' without tuid uod«t or e. H*blog tJur , ·Rite of David Wallace, A lawyer! altt*inroBATaD l u c H U , km, Bulldlrg CommlttM, Vf, W. Cook, C. M. wardOoreraoroftheBtats. MM. Wallacs's Kltohel, T. D. Tompklca, L. B, Ford and A. a Mr, FJnity, of Rwtsooa -Ti«U»t-H«BB7 W. HIIJLBR. 1 attention was given to Mr. Wai' · J. Tuen. Thti astoolation nai chat terod l » t Island, Is,very alolc with tho grip. · ·'-- - ·--· iW-AUKMJUB B. KUU> ·utrtmar to Inue stock to tbs auuimt of $3,000 The tooting of horns a u l VM Jlt)jl!»g o( laoe'a three children, of whom Gen, Lew was Jlia.aii» H. T. BULL. to build ft temperance club bouw and towo- bells and the joy/ul uauga we h»ar ever/ night cms i stx itore children were added to tba little family, but death entered and aons and KAB»a«B8: »h p ball for Hanover township. A three- ire ropresuiUag tbe uumeroiu sleigh, rldlag · · , · v (fcuctlr Ilk. ait.) V > ·· '· quarter aore plot of grooud wai bonght, mrtlei tint are golug in every direction for daughters died and hardeit stroke of ill tbe buihand too waa called away. The union StMT Wool Fitogt, S * Plmh TrimVERT Host Minnesota Patent Flour per Barrel only ; , . . U 48 oentrallj locatod la Wblppaay, lh« foanila- ie past week. i a w t o i 6. Hani, Aanltoi B. Ball,' were truly mloji u l Spring Salt inl ( d ( t . · , . Solid Oik, C.itmd. : Very Bost Sugar CmeiHamB per poand only., l l o . tion for tbe building hai been exoarated, Ithlnkonlosldthalaolcof s]>aca tbe edi-dad been a mo*t happy one; the?eaoh other. PbUlnll.*H«Anu, hal.XaVan, . companions, sympathising wjtb rjaa.T.lmn,H.P, ·tauiKl D. »«1»J, Very Best Smojted Shoaldersper pound o n l y , . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . , 9 c . tom* gnullng done, and abent OQQ hilt ol the tor oinlttod to print the greater part of my LU these trials and severe bereavemeuti were atone work for a building aj*GO ftot has been Iteuii laat week. Ton Pound Pail -Lard only... -. , ..90o. eA.' Tup matoni complete the re- Since the recent flre, which ojnoluded ths oroe with true ahriatUn gnua, Whea tem- .- 8 roands Beet Bo Ja Craokern o u l j . . . . . ,20o. maining portion a i fastwill tha «ea',uer will mt Ullw, we receive our mall Here In Wood- i»ranoo became the great theme About S O aa usual. 3 Pounds Best Cooking Bftisinsonly ;(' ' . . . . ,20o,. lt, when the earpentere willffonu with )rt asthe winter people were whuing for ' e u t ago, Mr», W»U«.O» hud a tellgiou cooAll tlon Ibat she ahonldnsa her voloa against 7 Pouncte Boat Staudiud GracuWtod Sonar o n l y . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . S l o . the superetnioture, most of wblib work Is jldar wenther, It woa *o unh«althy, flte., Bast Yard Wide Bruit of the Loom Muslin, Bleaphad, yard.,. 74o. ubscribed tar la stock. Tljsatook li divided joyasld.but 1 think UtU west her ia Wld Lha g m t evil of tnttmpertnc*. Bin w u ·usded to addreit a lccal meeting; It wai \ Faat Oolor Apron, Gingbarn, yard ,,, , . . lo. into anarei of lira dollari each, the book · are JIHIRU for any ono, *Tl9 for me, anyhow. Ulsa Jofl'o lirSglitbtw returned home from eniSruly'pew wort, but, sho ·»!<), " the tar-, · Fine Qaality Shaker flannel, yard ; , 4 c op#n for lubaorlpllon, and anyone dtulrlng t< week's vitlting friends In Newark and New ror loft me ami the devotion I felb for m? Best Merrimack O*l(co, U f i b t , y a r d . . . . . , , io. aultt lo the propowd work of c-lablloblng a Kork. · . ·· themfl gave mo almost laperbuman confl- . Our f i n e s t Qaality Dress GiDoLftms ver«12Ao. now only lOVo'. centre for toraperanoa work la Hanover Mr. J. F, Duod, of JIoDroa Corners, Suwx denco." Bba laiurronndedbyohlldno,grand to tubtaribetothUatoik, FOR THE NEXT TWO-WEEKS we wiUseU a f o o s i t o reduce township are Invitedbeen Bubforibed, leaving county, and Wu lAui\ CslUgbMi, ot Htird- children and rnaay frloods. town, wpra united In tho holy land* of matltd* i* M t J ~ (too tlErpnlk oC tha fnBtookall oar DreSB Ooddsi'LBoea, Eibbona, Ladies','Gents' aud About #3,000 have rimony last Tvsiday by the lUv. Father ' - , Would you ever think of Ella Wheeler Ohildren'a Underwear, Towels. Silks, GsntB* Xinen and Paper 1,000 j e t to be obtained Uflll, of St. Btranrd'a Ghorcb, Mt. Hops. ··sit linos being funny 1 About as soon, would . Collars. Infants' Long and Short Goats. Glassware, Tinware, : All were turitod to partake of the weditng Endeavor XVeiu. Feast that was beld In the evening at tlie me Imagine Hamlet dancing a Jig. But a Brushes and a great many articles we haven't the space here Tto New Jereey Eodeavorer," » valuable bridVii parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Calla- rary KAT UttH thing It " to m e n t i o n . ' , ; " :·'"· ': . · ' . · ' . . . ; ' little pacer published a t "ffoodbury for J w gban. Hupper was served In abundance for nary has this Item o[ local Intereit|. "Tba all, afUr which tha dancing commenced and HdhflDi 0oci'-ty of Ohriitfan Endravar Is a tills was the intwt dellgbf ul part of the affair, Abont the neanfat girl Is she »ho CIMM '- , union codety ol the two Preibyterlan for «v«i'y on» w*med to b» so biljthMiotrtoii ktv mcutb wtth «.· much Crinnts* as »nj Br* ·· ·. Cturcbes and hai a ,inembersbip of 73 The and full of glee, that-they could icaraelp Island or lltUe-oeck dam yon ever saw, and . :' * lUll. Uufllo was furoltbed by the ···· Factory Prioee. part yesu-dating from.October. 1803, to Ooto· ' Cornet nnad. We extend our best thfcttao whTOytm»omuchw»nthBTtoiALX. b*r, 1603, h u been agcod me-in Iti history. tell you all tfas Jataat bits of nswa, t b e . -; wishes to the coupte and long life and They bare tent (00.80 to tba Womati'a Execu- ptQiperity to youngIn the tuture. atestImporUUiuia,Uielaabcugacement, tbe . ·, -them tive Committee of Home MiMionf, orIjWhJoh lowwtfad.ani all tha litUe obit chat that -; HARD TA"CK. *7 naa appropttated by thfltn for tba sup rla and women love to discuss over'a fra* ' ;'·' part of * young man lo the Induttrlal de* ant enp of tea. Bat on tho whole she ; >'; paxtmsatof 'Watbtogtoa Co\lvge, Tenowsw. XT. HOPE. NEXT DOOR TO THE DOVER.POST-OFFICE. Tbe louDg Iadlee ot tba toolety have a eew- Why Js It that a vicinity with as largo a loses, lor you are not one half as apt to IsUi : ;"; · -. Ing drcl» wtama work waa valued a t alioul population as Mt. Hope naa that we a n not oonQdenUU ynuraelt and to aba dtptrt*. \ ' : ' lowing but little more than when »h» nusg '. : : ·$03, which was Bent to needy schools andcf represfQted In the belt local aowapaperwe care ot the same TVomon'i Coramlttfle of fcave In Morrta county, UIB IKOR ERA, NOW tur front doorbell, and so you have t a b ",; -.~y Alinictlgrin Bm»UJIu»loal Initriim«nti of BU kindi, TrlmI don't mean to keep up tbe correepondenoe satlsftotlon, it you ore revengeful and all the .' !:*.:< tbe Presbyterian Cliurcb. Another Interest- but I thought t would start It so some one while she stajs j o u feel like gtnaulog tbe,: ::: nUnfi»nd8uppU«f, Sheet MufiotndJIuiioBookf. ing feature of their work is the dUtributi. ! who li a bottar writer than I might take tbo of religious pamphlets and papers among the Lint. It look* as though nobody knows wbew iiuk of her bead to make her open W month ': ;" ^ Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Hotur. IWiwa « hud and maila to onbr. Otdan talao for Cr.jw an4 Oil rirtrdto. i you ptoch a " eouiwlvT^oa" to tliow you . \ -.'->" mumbtrs a u l to lumsfaailtluoutalde ot their _ depths or ita beautiful eorolla.' Too have . . \ iociety. Among the p t p e n are twenty Uoofinc, Zinc, Sheet l e * d , Tbe sleighing thatwe are having at present " coplei of Tha Kndeavorw, monthly · The·oema to be enjoyed by the young people, trot ful&iltd avery duty ttnltM jouhave lol- - · :'.' . ···' Cburoh a t Home and Abroad, The Woman's owing to tbe number of slelgb loads I seeOiled that of being pleisant, tays Charle*" going through our village. Work for Woman, for foreign minions; the Horn* MtMtan Monthly, T B « (ihrtsUui Htow- They are ablpplug four cars of ore dally Perhaps more surprise w u evinced by too ard, (lOaaptet); T h e N . Y . EvanaflHat." The from tie enormmii piles ol ore they havs on r-.-/:'·.. * '/· Dl * p i / | I / | ? I I , C T O D P T , .' ' · general public, book lovers, over t h i volume '· Bndeavoror Dommeods Ibis part ot our work tbe bank. -_ Price will not-stand between you and a new suit ;.··-';- - , y.-v MSMM , O i n H H l i , ,., specially. Our aoolety 1> compoted entirely Hiss Mary Q^mtm Is spending a week or "Under King-Cfenrtantlnf," thso over any this season. Never In the history ol our business m days witb hor friends la Philadelphia. ither woman's work In Boraa tlrao, The of young people, with one exception.. Fitly* M(w Kalte Bitokley ts ttlllng her placw whlla mtbor, Mrs. Eatrina Nash, ia tbe wife ol have we Bold «aaii good olothing for BO little money. oar mem ben are active and twenty-one at ·ha Is gono, Spencer Nish, Esq., of Yaddo, N. Y., and : fBOOlate. BtTDSAVQItKR. Yon two prices quoted in print mnd they look little UIsaMime Browa, who h u been epcodlng while her hmt« of friends knew of her von- . a few wieka with faor parent*, expects to derf ul talent, it Ii new to them ber "monltrdifferent to yon to what they looked a year ago Heudbam, Februaryfltb,1804. itdrn to Summit in tbe near future. fnt BenluB." Mrs. Nwh'* life ii ·addened by . But, pricea are deceiving, Come aud look at the . The man; friends of Chito.Ontvan, is been roaming tbe Wett, but baa ju»t M death of her children, but sha Is not left A Mew Bapttit AatcoUOuu. stock and yerify oar statement. Sea oar grand to that lon&lfntfi of Dante, airs. Browning", A new astoolaUon w u fcrmedat Mont- returned, were plowed to see him In the Mil Utlton aod miny olhw gQnhuea Tbe two w ... -ijBe-'orS;.;;:->. / ' v ' ··- · · . · / · · ·" · ftlr on Tuteday t o be known'ft*tbo Jlorrii onBaturdayofgbt. that we bad last SaturThe P.w sleighing and Ewex Qaptlit Aseoslotioa of New Jersey. day 1 tniiik brought tbo largest crowd to the "AW lo*o (ftonld > o a glory, not a doom, The towBitobertpifMDUd end bavin* Bap- boll I ever witnessed. They gathered In from Lovo for love'e sake, albeJt bUaa dea!«a,n Hit churches are BloomaeH, Caldwtll, Dover, Hlutrcl*, Rockitroy, DJiernndPort Gram. Drabeavllle, Bliubeth, Bast Orange, Calvary, Tbe dancing twmmonrufl at 8:30 and was a ly xlvs n u n litem of tha purity ot exptesLivingston, Hlllburn, Mootolnlr.Monlatcwn, oontinuslffo until twelve o'clock. Tbey were afon and sentlmeLt of the little volume. . · Mount OllTfl,' Ketoong, Northflold, Orangs dancing four a>ud nvo s«ti at unce. Every aaiatxaaaniria. UflDUonlug Elisabeth Barrett Brawning · ' " [ and Summit. Thtt notr auoclation Is tha thing went on very quietly and avertbodj outcome of a suggestion made a t a meeting ·eemtd torn}<)ynlinorh«ntlt. How»oaami remlnasmeafwliatBhewioteotdlsHgrecable :. > of the North Hew Jertty Aaicciatlon at Kaab all wno WSB there would ba too much lor me "Inga and their bright antithesis, how good, · o( L will Orange io October last, wherein i t w u said to do, but I c m tbinlt J. a tew whomlady, aionbBdowa tbe evU and HRht dispels the ,; mention. There wero SaxUn and ·know. "There ore thistles everywhere. ~':,;that the asKxslatiaawai too Urge, and should i t Unber and Iadyl J. Jay ami lady, tba tm be divided. The parent organisation waa tbe Hits Kalhyt, UIM MaUila Snjder, MUa Uami But smooth green gruset are more common . , · largest Baptist aVioctatbn l a the United " iur, KIlBMa Manila and KuUe Jordan, tn« still. Tlie blue of hearsa Is (jreiter than the ' : ; We bought to boat advantage) we havo iuado op Btatcs. The offlcen of tbe* new afsootatlon Hits lUces, tbe UIMM Marnlf, Bridget nod oloud." In these slmplo words a groat truth at smallest possible oost--paying a living pries for hidden. ,- ^ ; Kodwat^r, t t f t l U ' . JameeT. Dlcktn- LIZEIB Kelioe, Miwes Mamie and. JdngKlt wn, Orange \ Clerk, William May, Kontolalr; Urown, Tbcuias Jlartio emd lady, Cauuy labor--and oor OBMtD STOOK of Clothing was Mooney and lady, H. Momn and lady, T. How graphology pas come or Is coming to : , TreaiuTer, Rev. Norman Fox, Horriutown. : serer mora'attraotivei either ia-prioe or qaality. · J Burke and Isdy, A. Boydor aud lady, j . lie- the front. I don't believe very strongly la - ,, \ Uonald and lady, tho Minus JUrnlB and Kate it. We. who scribble much would h*v« to ; : , Klcley, Ulss K. Martin, tba two MUs Fieh- KDtl n "specimen" rather oftca. unless tno : '··; /l&HAU6HmeHT. ^ A FortaoB for n Dollar, Uirr, Uisa Bus Keotcbio, UJM KAUS UcCarty, * -I.V;" ·»· TMVEUneiAUSIMN . t ia better they * ay to bo born lucky than Ot Yonkora, « . V . , T. J. Hourlgan, Jr., of brilliancy o t t u e matter bid Uisdefecu oltttft ' ··-': ifa. frank Soarcfa, of Milton, U t n l i ooun- Wcodjwrt, who always sooms to ·n]oy the writing, for it Is poorer, poorer, pooror. Jas, . -\.:: haa (truck Urtdc, bavine juit r*«Ucd a ittrls with his pleasant imllei and fantastlo o A H D yiaisiXTe1.'. ift from the Loufalaris lottery (thstSTery caf«rs; T. Kieley and lady, Thomas MeOr"Ho noble, aiulUio noblitnew that lies i Too American' Ford to Powder Works at laoUicrmea^alcyinUft.but tieretdond. .'. Landing nsuised «orhla>t Monday to the thought was dead and borled long ego] mldc and lady. M. Kehos and lady, UIM Ella Shall rise Inmaiestyto meet thins om.'V. · ,· ·_· great delight of (he COip]oyHi. the mug little sum of »15,000 from *n ej Uahor, Ulss Qulgley, Hartln Qulglor flud A o d In o u r bearta reTerbentes the a?ho ( . ·';' lady, J, Ryan and lady. How tbts U not oae&elatgl\loa/l ot .yoang poopto, from Poet iditum ol only (1. ' · -· 1' 'flfth of the pooule who were tborr, but I am ho* t r u e r ptKso', made us a call lait Hatnrday' evening Ii the proprietor of A grocery am I to much ot jour col* . >od stopped at 8oh«r's hotel to havo a good oon, and previous to his venture In the atnid10 am l&tttng up enough for tbls Ume, Ths costume of BQ old-time bride, 1833, u \.:\ wint think this li JTHAIHBURAJIca CO.OF HARTFORD. tiroe Bud they bal It, a< QUS UWAJB does eel of fortune was not oonsldared a million- umn, Itb« uavce wt.9 couUnotd oa Tiwsdaj taken from a celebrated novel Is thus aV / v>; although v ' n Mij'wfai*'-pjcart boiiiliallty. T t e All his friends around Milton arecon- evening, but the crnwd was not so larse. :rib«l; Sbo wore "over a skirt of whll« v > ;lnn.aad fjurnt* kept up until Uta at night ,-.D all departed for home and vo*»d they Ltutatlng him upon hi* good luck Irat ho la SiuvKH H u n . tametaa her dress of Blncbe lace, a veil of >V: dug It easy and no one would suspect froi I^nglbdi point,« neck'sce of fine peorii, and . s'. would make another call," ' . a. crown of « « i g « blocMumt," and tha author Oneof cnryoonglohttbltnaUtinpurohMed manner that whereas, ;eeterday( bo was iparatirely a poor man, to-day he la rich, oddi " all tbli waa wblte, and hi' this white- ","· .".-ltj » oew ile'gh and speculation I* rif« aa to who STOCKHOLM. t such are the vicIsiUudefloflife, Portaoet Will not ho a quorj: Who ii theooes sha was m d l u t . n Who .can doubt ttt . V 1 TnesltighiDglsflnoan't thoyoaiJRi'^nare is and go in this country llko shadows be- Stockholm correapotident 1 'omoitofit, IVa with ipmtj of our atheeiia. TbetnctdeotHft\eriuca,tlcnot tote ol fl«b an>taken out of tha Baoth pond, ·'··-5 i . . u u u ^ u « i l vnisgBiatDen would tike the Our kmfo factory'.Industry has not as yet old adago that "It Is an III wiud thi olottjoung people out slfllgh rldlnj.. Wag would PAEHIPPANT. :, eensospondedfo: want of orders. Wo hope, «a no tme good." ijlikotogorfim. .. Mre- Qeorge Bates, ot this place, died »«ry : / . , : its prosperity nil] continue. ,. Work has comminntd on the canal aai wo Vo have been led to beilay* (hat tbo Loulsl- There have been but tow people who have addtnlv lait Saturday ottertioott, Tbe ,~'v.J lottcrj exlBtod only in name and that tha fallen victims to tbo IA grippe. We hope It doctor wsj in to see her a few hours before 'ftreglad. . · , Beautiful, Gad-- Tbere was not soy school Friday la Miss OS arm ol the law bad rejegat d it to tbe nlll be at a distance. she died sad pronounced her bettor. I t Is : ' '.'thcse'wbrds mean Imuch; but to Aground, proves It E. n . June has got hit Ico houtefilledand thought that she died ot Heart failure. Bba . . - p g , but tho above Incident p see "The Rocteter" will impress setting over to be still ID active operation, and In tlefl&nce also Kir. Linn has his full. Fred. Matthews waa justhusband aod six tha meules. Bhe - ' '. the truth" more forcibly, Its marleaves a children to uoum 4 BRIQK BLOCK - BOVER, N. J. otlnwItstltlmaliBges to carry on Ite oefarl- has started lifa. Tbera aru two mi velous light is purer and brighter ber Ions. Tbe youngest child Is very rick. : «a to Oil yet. 9 work. It Is Mtlmatodtbattbfs swindling i ihan eat light, ufter than electric IOIVHA vlilta nioiehoiaea In Hew Jeriey The funeral ot Mrs. Batca took place at har conoern riceives-from Its dupei (20,000 for thon aoy other pnpsr In tiie county. The horns Tuesday. Interment la tho Porslppaiiy ht, and more cheerful than either. yH overy»l,O0OItinyaout. eenMtery. E n i IS ortatnly a progressive paper. , . .DictJt .bric-a-brac in ihe palace of a VanIt K*m» that Morris and Sussex cauntli Mr*. Davis Vail, from Iowa, was burled In - · · ' Thi* la a good lime to begin Inking the ERA. 5 derbllt reveals nothing Oner. Wehayes,7oo _ theFarslppanycemeteryWednosoay. ' . ..n proilflo fl«!di for tha outlaws cotnprlila upg'ftt the fact to JDUI frienta. Beddlm, Shftdes,'Curtains, Alford A. Baldwin hai a broad smile til ! ' artistic varieties; in brats, bronze, silver and black iron. Mltebotl wben wrltltiB hit nemo always for the TjOnlilnnil lottery scheme to work ID, aa ia rcmombared' that only a few yean ago Rot« to dot hti 1. It vnftda no dlffwenco tw ovnniawholBbody, I t Is a fine big boj. w-eeks ago l u t Tliandny as Corbott dotted it Ur*. John A. Baldwin U on the sick Hit party of Ore In the adjoining village of Bam' aad hex thndtto have the nueales. burg, in tttU county, Axvn |HJ,W».--Decitr- ir him. BABY CAHEIAGE8, * c . BeUar Urea, of Kewftrk, ailod their Ice Ft ant ntwde who is rapidly attaining pro, ' . , · ·': )JODUEIta ANDDEALEIlfl I S ( town Independent. ficiency in telegraphy, will bo at Ibe com- J t t » hut week a t Troy Hitls In lhuct metar. The toe wsi eight lochoi thick. . pany's service by the first of April, Banquet to Bla Men. Edgar Barton aunt 8 . N. Uitohell are each <·· H. V. B I XT. ITBHtL peclal, Aeentfl Herting-llnllOIaiTln d o - * &VFES ASD VAULT WORK. ia happy reclplmts of a young son. Superintendent A. L. lUcbards, of tho The V. Y. B. * IV. R. H. Is erecliofj ' ·.· * Gupptics o( Eterj* DcticrlpUon for .. Dover Brunch of tb« Prod-iiUal Insuram round bouss at Butler. The tlte Is 120*30 J,TV, Meeker and family are just recoverbis From e alegeof meaaloe andorlp. > ' _' -' " Hachinials,"·.· Steam · Fillers* · Railroads, - Uilb, Company gaio a banquet to bla affeota ID »t. Morris, BUHCX and Warren counties on Sat- Oa Monday, January £2d, tbo company Mlsa Nattle Howeil, of T « y mits, la spend- . ; ;-;;-v , NOTICE.' , Pnblic InsiilalloDS, Elc, :" · ' · · (JiitrlbBted the first lot nt operators and iB the winter in Sjutb Carolina, urday lost In Newark, and It was > ESTATE OF J O B N r . BBOWN, DECKAHED. OFFIOO, BOO S0C Jff AHKBT BTKBET. agents along R. B. John Q. Mitchell Is itarmg Ice lu Fonnsjlb»PPy gathering, [a the toornlngtbe agents on which dateUs new Hue, W, I), &. E. added. punuMt to tit* order ot UM Bucronts of Uw eeveral extra tralni were Itupectod tba cempaoy's RTeat, beanllrul ; Tfae company has a gang of mason) laying K 6 . Mattoon bai moied In his new borne . " ., lOndatioDB for an extension of 1D0 feet to in toeanbnrhsof Troy BtUs. - . AWL J(. V^ O l ^ ^ Aw»l Itat., J E N N I N G S & BTJTLER. Thomas Oohui Is preparing to bnlld a new -\--··· on Droad street whero forty ooTors" wcra laid. tlie level pockets at Tiro Bridges. U i h i 6 n n t r o i I I o m . d n « d , U unantUu · · , '.':-i Bum trader MUl or anmuuoD. to Uia lObKxiber, TbDte&ktDlTeawn and flow ot soul follow- Tbo company baa purchased one ot Bns-barn. oo or Ddan Uie ·onod dw or Octoter n wt, being fug tbe material feast war a delfghtf ul and III'M snow plows roojlo In Weat Virginia for Thero ore a tflany lot of Uttle lollm at tho .', 'i orniai'nbdass:i ii i » ·«'jio .u8 V. * Instructive hour. The speakers were Dr. E UM on (to road. Its walgnt t i <S!.,O0O pounds. .ttTBippany Home. Tbey have a variety of , f;>. ··i ·DAU.Vi««on«.Mo»ciW«i»l.Md«r.:ii ··;. It istenfeet wide and Is calculated to take out-door exercises, snob a i coasting, build- . ;: H Hamfll, J S Coylf, T W Atton, / U all num ad within Vuta t«etfrom Vat, rail ing mow men, hopping and tumbling and aken and materiau HunUogdOD, L W Flabfr, A. J Reilly, Y rolling each other in tbe pure whita snow. : Uu a lot o[ niDiptlr kUeoded to. We ReUIey. J A. fieaven, W E LudDTlcc, WThs .company U and alti coil cars marked Th*j *r* a oonte&ted, tippy Cock ot llttla . ·.';,S B « E 11. «QUI« pmBBngi aShane! tbo pobllopafc U U.Utrsetig«raDdJ H ~ * (oiks, Z«*r-. ; -ft car» ac*^arfor oars WAXTACB.




i ToeBals

7 . M , O .A . V O T B S .

Kitner tonlgbt and Baturdiy night. jl« us by iKuriaa soata.



J50) fifty pairs Men's

x. <M Illackuxll Sired next dmr Ilo.the'national Unim Bunk.:

newly arrived; first quality, dull finish,


76 pair Men's Calf Globe

jaT0 OV StTBBOBJFTlON H?VAM» rj-oo Mo*t»&........ ,'.;; : ABVSETISIHG BATES. 1 * k . 8 wlu 8 wkjil wo. · iwura ,IKOB. : 1 70 UOD I S · tdO 3TC " 8W &« <00 BTt ^ 4 SO B O O OH COLUMN. 1U0O

: 8coo <W . - . " V . ' ' . ·i o n 109


· :V

Former Price $2.75


1S£O SI 00 MOO "iPAOE.,. . a mi.8 m o t Omo. l y r . l « «»M ·1000 I N G S . ' '···:'.·B « 17 OO

is *s«

Reduced to $2.00


·witlv inserted Iron

moo U K 13 CO sum sow 10 8! ·COLUMN. · BOM 49 00 U t t WOO S»M 89 00 MM » « 3160 65 (H 43 00 Of 00 110 00 roentw xUwl (or w t n u . Local uouoTM mofl&b perline. .



aoo S« , U « -07 00

.;·.'-.v Hi©l;-PJates; "'.r '

B. S.ALL11K, Dover, » . J .



· ATTORIIET AX LAW *»» . ·. ;,' a Win BOL1O1TOB IK OBASOERV Offl«lnUi«.T<KMButUi!iB»... ;E J..A. L i o r t B r a n , . DOVKE,,?!. J .

Opp. D. L & W. R. R. Depot,



BO.'.O, ouuulsB, a. D., ' , . ! : . . : *


-.'. ' V Dover; N . J^ ,-v

oBDrth UiU ·*'BlMkrtl ·toot*"* UWMMOWiniKM'

Our Prof its Slaughtered


this Couch

Good Brocatelle.

Six ft. table,

Bead T|ese |am Time Pii


. . SUSSEX 8 T K R E 1 V . ' : . ; ' . " : . 4NAli SblVOBi) " . V D°T I [ *|N'^ | « O SBUONDHAND ';f.; :;/ j ' . -..'".BiKBEtt CHAIRSTOft S k U » : r


Tha Celfttrated CORNISH Pi




Cor.: Blapkwell- aiii^MorriB;dBtk;


t.. STU- ARXm' LUTBEB COX..:i,:i



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Sash, Blinds, Doors,



$10, $12 and $15.

MOKDMEirre, HEAM3TOBE8, HA.VTELB of te bMb ordu-




MoFberson ·&^"tla hare moved- from the l KLGGK TO BLAOKWEIJL. 850 £ 852 Broad St.. ^ formerly occupied by where? you wiirflnd: a completei liiiei^df^ SHOES a t Low Prioes for







POBT M 0 H E 1 8 . BOOK&WAT. wrote this letter at the table, for the first How about tbat tnrkayf Gobble, gobble e I have bwn abletoget out of bed li obbls. 0 weeki. I will feel all rixht when roj Charles Parlitnaa bai ac«pt*d a potltlti THE DOVER PRINT1NO COMPANY broken log getl Umbered up a little. Thank* with John Hlggott to Dr. Nt-lden tbere w o'tbo 1 neb, dilTcr Edward Courara, of Newark, paiaed through In length Iu my understanding, but 1 dont this place on hia way to vbit frlooda at Hiwant (my mere broken legs in mine If I bentla U»t Baturday night. help it. However Llieru unt a good 1 1 1 Fred. Davis, of citf, who for Friday, Feb. 9, 1894. folks won* off thau I am, nnJ 1 am not blck- erly forked «t UNew York factory, Ttitted e blcydo ig much just now, iflcdB at this place Ult euudaf. A tlelghload or our folk* started out for a Maxwell GoldsttIn, who IIVM at UiddleEDITOBIAX, COMMENT, · good time and they bad it. ])ld JI towti and drlvet a peddle wagon, waa drlTlng The price on all our know a patty of Port Morris ;et who started througn Urn place last Friday afternoon. SECKKTABV OF STATE Kalecy, of New Jur- out [or a Rood time who did not find whnt His bor« fell while going u p t t e t o w n bill. * e j , bai m U t e o a letter commending .Con- tbey went for; Fortunate); t h e n were toma per«ni itaodiog grwwnaa C*dniui, the only one of the New If you EM anything nf the good times tboy nearby Kbogave thelraaalaUnoe in getting) J e n e j DemocraUa metnlor* who voUd prnmtwd us wh(n tbe Hbennin act w u re- UIB borw on hla feet and he escaped without agtbuttbe Wilson bill. Be MJ-S the Deiito- pealed rend them aloDjf, this wny P ' " any wriom accident John ltlggott and Jo: ·ph Tuttle and a n cr*tic pu-tj bkva invited defeat by ado|iUi)g that the Wilnou bill will pom catu · free trade policy, and DO one will qutstlou hard times * e read of, bow will it bait it ber tt ottort ba*e ban filling their ioahonwe the political u g a d t y ot the tuftii wfco l a s puasea and becomes a law, slgctd by tbe Pres- ID U B p u t week. i s to 20 per cent. . We arc determined to sell H. K. BUvenson and Hleek Tboinaa, woo . htta able to bold on to the office of .Secretary ident who was vlecUd l o uwka time* better the bogle tbe of Btata through no many different adminis- ilian they wore la 1SOS t Haw about the rodeDecorationman atbave Milburn road not REGARDLESS OF COST. · lait Day, been In training "funr years li trations. And tbat reminds me tbat of alt the Jersey all winter at EUlon, aad they expect to be at Democratic Congressmen only one bad the UJllbura on April 1st for » monUi, and ex- WE WILL NOT CARRY ANY THE riUBNus UF ntOTECTio and a great courage to vote for tbe Interest t of blicoa- pect to nuke Boclaway tbalrdtlly Tialtt ·litueaU la t ppottiUon to the Wilton tariff place while on their aojoorn at that pUce. m a n ; of the better CLOTHING INTO NEXT SEAparty hive been 1ICI|I(I.E that the Wilson bill for dellcit bill. Well done, Cedinusl The The Tovoihlp CommltUa have porcbsMd with It* odious income tax rider would HUI people of PaUreon, without distinction ot % fine Dew oil tank which wai placed In tbe party will know haw to stand by tbe man torn boll cellar for the purpose of holding SON. IT DON'T PAY TO DOSO. defeat In tbe &-uatt:, but It nun- luokj i who atucd by thi i the whip though the Democrat* would stand partial cruckMl anil be was besought to iwrtyfor the the street lamp a'l. vote H.R Dougfaerty.oftfaliplace.husonpUd SO WILL GIVE OUR PATRONS and the Populist* be raptured Ly tho Incon Wihon bill Iu opposition to the wishes of tbi a portion as oirpenter at tha Edison works. tax feature*aud tin- bill Lei-nrn,) alow. FIIC ittopl* wboie voles sent hiui there. THEBENEFITOFOUR CLOSE flalsay Beatty, of tbU placa, b u rented the a result eimjly in can K tbe jiroloigatit n ot tl As railroad men are all indebted to Ur botelat Nolan'i Point, Lak* Hopatoonf, now HUYING and CONVINCE YOU buiinejt depression and t h e ccntluunticD i CiM-oUli, Congrttwrnan from tbla district, foi occupied by Jacob Flcbtor, who will reUra THAT WE ARE WHAT WE niauy favors, la return for which begot a from the business, Mr, Boatty expecU t o eoup boamt tor tt-e relict of tbe * or king n Hood niauy vote*, but take charge about March 1st. CLAIM who put Hit · ballots Into tlie slot and juilled " I t s nisu decef re* me oncv shame OD blm; l t Batgrday night n b«an socltble for tbe outftlung i cation. If he decdves me twice, aliame MI me." of tha Klcg? DaugbUn w u bald Tou tuay vote for him If you like, bnt I the residence or Mr. and U n . Edward Davey A OKEAT MANY of ourUeui THE LOWESr PRICED OLttTHIEIM I S DOVER now lutaof people who won't wben he come* on New street, li fur election next t l t e . It may be very Lejt Saturday nigbtabout 9 o'clock as Mrf. Luslnow, ODJ citing ns prof iLu iiuiiitnut Ice t'j Lava the di* {tensing of the loaves and Hlehsrd Oavey, who IITOI on Ua White lulll* that bimi ttartud up. There in a llriikr thrur, aud tba port often Iu tliiBdi.trict-- Meadow road, was waltlnx (or her butbmd. feeling iu ttw biuluets world, but it gives iu- iucludiiiK Utaubopo and Kotcong--and no who work* at Bruen & BuDm'l1! bardmue promise of bring |>crn;i.Lt>!>t. JJoimfscturtrt uubt the benelk-larlee will throw up their itorc, to come home, s drunkw man from of product* in the lii,oof articles or eemra] ·ts mid liurral) for Cotnisb. liuttheruat Hlbemla opened the front door and walked coniuinpUon know tint t t e Wilson bill cat,- rhote bread K M Uken oat of bis c through U e hall to the book door. Jtjtt as not now effect gcoda to be told tor I lie spring be bho'D aud xtockluga clF tbe feet cf &tt be opened ths door ihe t*w that it was not Corset Cover* at 49, 69, M cents p«ch. J train and they are ttarting up their mills U, ilfooud oUiliircn will hardly fuel like bur- b«r hunbaod and without saying a word aha Skirts at 59c, $1.00 $1.25. $1 50. nhi(iK much for lA-ruiuh and the Wilson hill. walked up and abored him from too porch tfei,tbe littleti-irbthut must come with tbe u may My tbe wage* they paid down Into a heap of stones that laid thtn. Gowns at 69c, 98c, $1.25, * 1 50 Opening of the tettcD. Of all tbe mllli tbat j|w luruacu did Hot amouut to When her hiuuand camo bome ahe told him Lave started there in none that has returned Drawers at 49c, 89c icu. Uraitted, but there are o gwd many about It and be looked fur the man but be with a fall force without a reduction in Hit iun In Htanhoi>G who have brought up faml- could not be found. Jt does not look u Clilinlse at 69c, 69. wage* ol the arU»CH, and after their ex perl' C resi»cUiliiy airi hato gtvcu thematiocd though he was hurt rery bad or be could not M Also Children's Jlnslin Undirwenr. « L « 8 cT this winter they are very gled lo gtt lucutioii OQ the wag** they got there. I ttave gouB Tery far. work at all. The PTptrlei ChlldrenV Dresses. bints Dbtblng all to pitcea.. Jiut if It did not WIII, McKlnnon lias been on tbe tick list. aud tbe l-esou ol folly well learned. Tbt what li tlit; Ubw tariU reform bill, which Ur. Ur. and Mrs. Uobeet Kelly, who U v e bai Infnntt,'Slip-, UltlrjgfiiendBBtEasb>alPa.,r«turned home theorj ol tarllT reform Is vBry putty imd it, Corulab tried his beit to fon» on nil of entertaining u on Ideni, but hungry etouiacbt going to prolit tfiefumactiinenand other meni tills week. p gg iiythlofc else f Why, of Mr. and Mra, Prank Fox, accompanied by andbodlrs benumbed by cold knock all tbe wbo w rk in iro y · Frank W o g e t .,,,] }[!« Ida Menltt, TUi[«d Mr. Corn lob cuirms u ' poetry out of It, acd tbe a e o who uoJir tbe you him, at Morrlstgwn last Bynday. fettering care of a protective tariff made thin on. igoio iiieu will ell vote far h ou breth- friencjisnow storm ws bad on l u t Sunday hat The ttbu are living public Th* latd t t e paradise ur woiklug men will IIOL :Lat ity will vote fur him because bo voUd Improved the sleighing and · great many ar« A. Special Arrangement bus liBen made lo Pregmt to tbo Readers ·con cornmlt eguin BO grave no error as n us Cur tho bill that "grinds tbe faces of the enjoying It. of tk» IUON ERA i Huck Towels 23x45, 26 cents. registered a jtor ego Jut No vein U r . 11) alwojit kuep the i>oor man's Mrs, Jacob Van Winkle and her daughter. Lose to tbo griiiilBtuue. Volv for luin I Why, Mrs. Philip LaRue, of Horrlstown, visited '. hike tbo lamb belog led to tboUr. and Urs, Cal vln \'androof, at this place, NUBUt, tiKBKBOL'B, KIN1ILY KAT11IKO, U.O -, yuti will W. Child*, poswd luto menial ilwp ISBL bat " Uck the hand that'll raised (o tplll your lost Himdaj. Edward Fox la ihlpping fee to Nairark this urdsy, aud U e artounceimut of tLo .loath weik. blood." 5IZE 16X20 Of no man ID tbls gieai IUpublu could tiuv* 1 liu /armor" of Baste J will vote for him lurii, Ou last Thursday Light a number of people caused a wider or a inure sincere rfgret. from this place took a nlelgh-rlrfe to Kmi\l. he, a liinuo and orgau Sizes 8x10. white and colored boarders, will, SUuUnga pour boy be worked bluituK UJI to tal uf liuber, TOtLii to put They all enjoyed thsmselTM uotl) ti)e7 wwp doz. Napkins to m itcli, ¥3.50 per set, ' a position of HllupLCd and »|H> t » jirlncelj presumably, OD their way home when one Q( the party iberon tLBtrea lint tbouRlit he would like to K « tbe uatgh orariLCume Induing good. Hiuipli?, buiiett, tunncjuld buy luoibti cbtaptr thnu he could gat i t delivered at turned, no he (old lha drlrar ha should hsY» On Presentation of an IRON EBA COUPON (wlrioh i i prin^d ij, kind, bU lilo nan au example, aud if fifty rants Iffaswould do I t S o wfaaiih* » cietd he mlgbt wltbuut (golftm buvc Nen tou or Bracchvillo. I'urhaps bo voted to below), at the Art Gallerjr of W. Cotter, Sqiue^ Street, Dover. coma to a Lad plice Iu tbe road la tome way lake tba tariff oir steel rails for the « eald, as die. AU>u Dou AdbciD, " Writo n Iis overturned the iltigb and tfas part]- all II'HHJU tliut Tutu Jausou, ur Ohio, dldt lover uf iny ftllow man.·· lie *b* LUHL>I tnu-u tlio Hort ol Blvcl rnih ha lutiuuracFured landed In the blackberry bitabM u d a stoat TueeJny l t d tbe ttiuUEaud« a ho pa<«cd nure prutuL-t«d by I'M paicuU, Ho wonder heap. Bpme pf tlfe party were mqrtj or Iwt Navy lihie Storm Serge, 44 lncli.-s wide, 5«c yd. blur w«re but tjpfrnl uf the UIUIIUUB itiroi to wuiiUd to put steel ralli on the free list. brulMdlu some way. VortunaWj' tfas bones, out lae ix>uniry niio paused tJdi-up a ti-u Ncit tbiug you know Ur. Corulih will be re- did nut attempt to get away or '?nt+t-fr1nfl aerlout might but tuppned. (ho minury t,f the no bleat if tature'ii i.u moving bis orgau factory from WuhfugtOD. U'urrtii county, to Cauada, becatuio land Joseph Brooki tuu DHQ Oiling hit Ice hoaw mtn, wtui M&4thatitay luld.toreiit. mid labor are cQeaper than in Warren county. from tbe river. i*t him linTit his reward. No doubt the mon The special meeting at the Presbyterian Name TUB WIL&OX LILL In cow In the HenUn tun ·tt tho Uover oar ibop will vote for blm again Church has bam discontinued. Best Dress Ginghams, 9c yard. It U glrtn out by tha committee having it In iiecHUMibebefped bring about tbadburrangeToe buiinaas men of this plaoe hart hired charge tbit whan they rrjicit It will carrj uimt in btuJnoM that makes thorn work at a night watohman. Best Apron (Jliigliams, So yard Residence wlthltmlllclcntreveuue to pay thepxi«necs prcct-ut six hourn a day. 4 s a general rule What d o you think of tbls as told by E . J . Hemstitched Apron Lawn*. 15c y n n | , trtLegnvrrEinent. Hie? will put a t n i av tbi-re is uot much politics about ro tiro ad tuen, fiasMtt, our oewtdatler. That Wm, Burd, This COU|«DQ presoiited at Cotter's I'liotograph OsJlerv, with W ceutM within augarand lncieaao the whiikoy U r , BO that but when ruombeis of Congress ilo tbejr beat toUksaway thdir bread and butter and tha *lxtf days, will enlille the holder Jo a IITe-ifae portrait, Iflauoincbes. '" ' h i i It comet up fur aollo · IVilain won't clothing and eb«a from their wivw and blm stating ttat he would like to bare blm sell papen for bjjn (Bun)} oa 0 » Amerioan know bis bill. I t i i predn l«l tl at tho ue* cblllren tbey understand that. Tbe poopla N e w i C o m p u y o - e d b l r a l W O u d t » ooold of tbo Fourth Corigrowionnl DIatnct o[ KBW not collect the money wlttout tradhi| It oui tariff law will be pawed by in «tor Ap Jeney are not loss InUUigeot than thois in After belDR penuadad by Mr. Burd Eddl but what It will he like no i n will xny. tbfiTtmtb Ulttrlctof New York. Remember fluUyconauitod to MU pipan Cor ·300 · L A K E HGFATCOHG. ;lie fate of William h. Drown, Ur. CornUh, week ao he die1 not aand bU rttuUr wt*kly Ijut Thtmday Jodson Brink bod his elbow WOT1CE. TUB NECIBSTV FOR goad uomluatlon beware. money to the News Company, but Instead dujloeatod.and a smaU bona broken l a his (hermlug election it recognized anil Rave It to Ur. Burd and went to him on Fib. arm while wrestling o n UM school ground iieMimu tbo working wen «f Newark will it for the papers aod they bod not come bnt mranB shruld bo adopUd to see tbat only Hov what to do nita TOnmw Dunn l?ugl|»h, i tfaalr >tMd oame a note from th* oompaay with Oeo. Mlltrara. Dr. Cook, of Dover, was publicans vote In the Republican caucus colled to attend to tbe ID jury. " Who narrowed bis mind ' With a good tfrket aud a united party then tatlng Uiat If P d l e wonted to do boslosH be Ther* wo* a party from ML Arlington And gave up to party fmogocdreasnnwbytlie Itepubllcm ticket must wnd bis 1110067. H e d[d not bar* bff tftroofb thji piape a few d*yi ago getting What woe meant for mankind," papers for one day, but w s notice that Bddto ·tgntn to Hod 1 petition to tba LagUature, should not * in, Why would It not be a good Dover gomstery Notioe. But enough of these meotowliom party is Idea to call the caucus in theaftirncwn Initeod of more ooneequence U » n constituents. Is telling papers u uiual and be Mrs tbat atlclog Uxra to post ao act t o t i n U » For* toiramofloliiln Tai D of at night. I n l b o p m e n t s U t o n f Industry d U Powder Worts nmoTtd from to* lake, iiaremiuistedlot There's a 'goad time comtog,help it on!"this hoitaufbt him oir this would not lntirfero with worklngmen > tlioy sing in one o( the pnbllo school singfie carefol Mr. I^eklstare bow you dicker WlTow. wltta bills to throw worUogoHD out ot and a much more representative Int of IIIGD ing books. plojmsnL KZLTOK. frofoworWra. E. Bltsell.of Newark, w u could be got to attend. In Htauhope last Baturday. Mrs. Oeo. Chamberlain entertained friends Lori Thnndar eight a alelghlng port; 1 am glad to ray' that Etquire Blssell, ot from New T ork and U t . ArUngton on Bua- tt&rted tfom tti* place for Charter. Tbey A T THENTOM. ·xpMtsd to meet aometrletidsat Kamil from ANNUAL MEETING. Staiibope, OD whom the grip had a pretty day. No nmlcflol change is to beren:rled from tight grip lant week, is getting better fast Ur. and Mm. HMTT Mpler cama Baturdsy D o w , bot owlog to the lacleueaoy of the Theanniu IKOliOB H Tbe Stanhope folks who own Ice bouses are night to Tbit Urs. RJplej'i pirenta, ltr. and weather t b s j did not come, to tbe party w Trenton In tbe settlement of tho dlft"( In the Senate organUMlon, But <t Is evident taking advantage of tbe cold snap thefirstofMrs. David Jennings, of tits place, for a fair to Dorse Instead o l Cbseter. AWa Bui , Wfallt at Dover that a orlili Is npproachiuit and a break-up this week aud gettlog them filled. There li days. ik ; a doctor w u hope of gottiDK tbo bigIce house at Leyirallmaa Is bnite sick at this wrlUog fu the present deadlock at no distant day, is irloo filled jet tbls winter. J. Uaadlsj, of Hew York, fpwt Bondaj called and ftmod blm wntcing with ateTtro quite probable. Jtoporls aro currtnt thai Walerlooflll of Wantage, occupied the pal- at yhome, odd and forbid him going borne or etposi ms n * " Kev. Bason, IODIB of the Democratic Senators ir* becom- pit ot the Fraujteriaa Church, at BUnbope, h Tbe name Mrs. A. J. Allen la last waak't fahnnlt a t all, to Ur, and Mrs, Button ing uteasy and dlmtl-Qed over tbe contlnc- last Hunday. Uere l i a good Held for a man Items should have read U n . A. JJ. A1U ' natnadatDoTtr, and the n o t of tbs party atlonof ttopreici,tti(untioQendatoInclined ho U not afraid to work. ntarotd bom* In t t e WM small hours. ·ad Frtnk I*art ahoold h . Frank Search. to br«att a»ay acd take en itdipendent IUv. I. II. Condlt, late of the Presbyterian Ths Ha* oame t o 111 laat weak with only a On Vrldor night another iMghing party ( U l i a 4TIEHTI01I TO TJUS roLLOHINd r oooraewlth tbe T!OI» at ctTtoUBB a Beltte- Church, cf Stanhope, preaohed hisfirstear-ilf ibnet. PIMSB 1st us have full f » m and Udfl p l a n went to KsovH what* t b w gav* Mr. and Mn. Frank Hulam · pl«aaants ucntaud a peimanent orgatUsstlou ot the n Iu his niw charge at Hagerstown, Md , it some ont else, next Um* It rira me pleasure to acquaint mj Mends tfexwr Broe. puUed the pumps out ot ta«lr pttoe. BenaU. The rcporti ot weakening on the t Sunday. with the fact that they can Lave teeth extracted u tbe iiews from 1\'aterloo In a local paper last mine at Weldon on Tbunday attamooa Kiss LOOIM Andarsm Dam* honw Pridar part of Democratic 8«notoig are stoutly stated KM Cotonau's BasIoeM CoUags without pain b j the use of Dr. Jeseop'e Local iltniedby the Democrat*, But tbe reports it wasto more tbat James Cbatnberlaluafter "ut. Tbls dosea «U tfaslr mining InteTMli ·raning fromtoklog a ooniw in riiort band back to the Greeu farm Un and throwing about talrty to forty mtn wberv Am Is ABEBthetio at t i e office of Dr. Freeman, Dover. are so common and BO eftfu repeated, tbat years' sluy ID Ibat toiru, and In the"ut of work. and tjpti writing, and ntnroed Mondar to · ' t b e n ii a growing bellut that tbey are not same paper, on tbeiame page, it U tald tbat Urs. S . MalDM sold ber botiMbold goods at MES. WlNIULD PALHin, lacking iu foundation. TUB ininndlate con- the form of tbe late William Drake, of Kor- auction this week, aod boose and lot to Chat Mr. aad Mn. Jetae Cinpntu, of Chobr, Bookaway N. J., April 8th, 1893. MORBI8TOWN, N, J. burj towosblp, back of Netcoog, wai sold OD Betrob, 0 ( Kostla. Sbe exptotato tuakt) btr spent b p n t bondiy at tbe lake with bit atoter, Mn. stltufoUof lUBDyoftlo t!umtjiMara t f Intt k to X C h b l i borne with ber daughter, Mrs. Qeo. ~ ' O wH i b n t , Thursday cf I t week t J f i Try tbe "Local Aiwsthetio at Dr. Freeman's log a string liifluaice to L*ve tho deadlock T b d CAPITAL, $ioo, 0 ? 0 ~ . " SURPLUS, $50,0 tor £2,000, A pretty good price as farms are at Spu-ta. Tba Lake Uopatoong Ice Company begaL broken, .ilaoy cf them detire Irgblatlon offioe and be wnnnoed that it is all that is claimed affecting local fQteratABad have other rea- now wiling. Of courtu It Is poatlble that B. F. Wufaburn Is Biting b!a les hoaw this outUng loa Friday, bnt gavs op BatonUy on ·wit. Mra. H.EBITOCK, bothtbeso of Information are true con* log ·ota for AlibiDg tbe Luiintiaof tbe Legfda- oudiDR tbatitems tha tame J«J. Cbamberlaln. week with sir Inch dear of Hop*well Bowes acooont of the |oe being; too rotten to hold It la Hiss Annie Horman, togetbtr ttnUI It got In the cart, tmt bs«an ; . Nelcong, N. J.. April 21st, 1893 tnratoproceedluitBOrdlnarji-taintl. Thh A party of joung people had a right good «unty, visited Was Nellie UeComlek on agaui on Tassday. Tbsy are working a good prtwure, coupled with tbuo.-mpUcatlon* thai Uma a t the homo o l U I M Acne Qillln. of Thursday. msny horaas and man scraping snow off of I can cheerfully reoommend the "Looal Anies are likely to arise, in ngard hi tho tm.iutm dtanbope, last Friday evening. Kr. Abraham Is very sick at tbii writing. tbsioe, thetio" for extracting teeth. of tba Cuuru unit si tbe dead luck b- broken, TheEiinorth League, of I ho FUabnpeU. Bondsy nlfbt the peat oOoa at Lake HofMtCulUn. W d r and two or tbree fnsDdt, ot M M . THOMAS EIMM, will naturally cause Senators (o hesitate in £ baui cb, imt e t Uio bouse of llemau Tiin Horriitawn. bars bees flshlcg a t Upper OOOK wao entered oy an unknown party, who unit, of Ulanunpp, lost Wedneadny tn-eufui;, txm«wood. Thej bad *ery good rooom l rummiged through things in gecer*! but faOsd Port Orain, April iMth, 1893. tbtlrclTorUto continuBtbi 1 am gl id to learn tbat Mrs. Qrandlo, of George Tallmtn spent 8und»j In Newark. to find anything to reward them for their factory condition of affair*. Netcong, If getting along to DiotJy, Oho w u Abraham Fulls, our mail carrier, bsi par- trouble. Tba postmaster takse evaryUlog of DBS. FBE£MAH AND VBEEIANE : Tho Democrat) ore deainaisof Imlngtbe at Flanders ytt at last accounts. valoe home with bun i t night. Bs careful ohaied a new sltlgh to carry the mall. yt DEAR BIDS :--I am ao well pleased with the use quiatioti wtiled hy tbe CouiU, and tbo Uor- Borne Sianhnpe young peoplt) w eot to NewBia i tbrongh n WJ came tbrong town to- how you eater bcildlngi at night or you may J ,,^ ti&or aud Atton e j General bare bad lev- ton for a Eitlglirldtt last Monday evening. of tbe Local Anmthetio in baling teeth extracted get a leaden raceptton. d a One t w n and tte d cutter, e n l OdbfertLces t» deviie some metbeduf Howard & Dell, carpentets, are putting day b Daniel S d and grand4au|ht«r Ii The flnt ice was shipped from tha lake ld Bnydar d d4 that yon lave my permiaaion to use my name any Un. getting tbe question before tbe Bu promo ip a bouts fcr Joseph Sutton on the rood be>> ·pending a weak TfiIUo*Msoda and reUtive Tuesday. M A way yon please as reference. FAEHBII BOV. Coait, butas yet bate reached uu Qnni ovu ,Koen Stanhope and Allentown, ojipotftft his In Kow York city. MB. LIWIB WHITE, aint.rE,KI«H. cktlon repeating It. It is probable, bow- alber-ia>law'«, Ueo. Hubert. . I BRI glad tlioso three boyt have been sent Stanhope, N. J , May, 1st, 1893. aier, Uiat procstdingi will toon be Instituted cHEarBB. to MorrUtown to uiakn tho ocqaaloUuco of by * hkh the. Saprvme CouHnitl j ad id a A student of Drew A L - A t Dow, February M, ISM. Judge Cutler a t last. Tbe joong fellow the Uathodiit ChurchSeminsry praaohtd In C H R Y S rChrystai, aged SI jeart, 6 dH* L ~ George last BundaTnornlng determine which is the legs! Senate organ!i Ituown as Kiugslaud (Ritchie) to the r.iilinad and eveolng. GOLD CROWNS A SPECIALTY. tioo. Tbe Bepubllcaaenre opposed to gi'Iug men, bai heroine « regular nulcanco, thoi * Her. Xr Kooblar, of Hacktmsaok, MJlots UM Courts, u d will ao nothing to 'jo don't seem a bad boy naturally, and If THK HO1U11BT0WN further a judlual U nufry. They say tbat itory be true his lather who, be *&\p, I DR. R. O. V B E E L A N D , they are In tha rljht, that tha Court* lotny public In Klug»lind, ought to gel Communion servlcca were obesrvad hi tbe LAWKKNCK-In Udagaton oouity, Hew dose of tiiato prison whlls the boy goes to tbi after ten jears experience, baring a well known York, Febrnar) Gth. Mr. U u t e Lawnnee, kdi upon tbo qut.tfoa, and helorra School at Jameeburg where they wil Presbyterian Charon but Susday moralar reputation for extracting teeth, £as acoeptea a tbat. In fact, theretanothing lor tbe Court* train him In lbs way he should go. H e gay N. C VanatU ha, rented the s t £ T r £ m dangbter ot Mr. and Mra. Jama B. Martin: E, C. C U U B I D Dover, position with Dr. Freeman. V tooedda. be la a wanderer and a vagabond because bl owned hy business Drake end contempbtlea H DdWlttR -IV. Jr., eon Fbbruary 7tb, 1881, moving his to tbat plaoe about April of D*Wltt Ji. anJ WIU. «4VE IHEIB rntST A JobtrUpubliMn raucus wts heU Mon- father won't let him stay at home. This ma] * - "-- Tumnsor, ag«d 9 y e a n and 0 D R FEBEMAN has the exoloaiva right to nae > M day night at which aeorgoD.en-ain, c d f e i r - not be B< D. Our young people are enjoving thems Dr. Jeasop's Local Anaesfhetio. r it nominated for Btate Trewuier and UT. FREBDOM. Dfl.Haccock, of Trenton, for Cumpi T I,1B S" ·"«""'·« "i-S^wT nil LOST! Tbore was noeobcol at the Wolle on M Lljlil, ton uut glrb, topn)»« tbt Umt, trollar H r . S w a l o h i d ro oppotllkn, 1 F HOHSES, HAENESS and 1 daj on account of tbo tlcknees cf Urs. Johi C o l ^ u t i e l Dlekioson. pOstrcaiter of Jen 'll am b* jonat bat oncn. A suiUbh reward will be pieen for tbereturnof 1 in, tbe teacher's wife. WAGONS, on City, contested for tbe Complrolleuhlp. Iu Edltli Iredw>T, of Ih. Normal School i ten-dollar bUl lost on SuaMr, MeFwUna or 1 · iolat nttetlns on Totsday, attendtd by Ite- WehearHev. U r . Tycdall, o[ lha M. Eladnell S t w t last Batvrdaf night la tills office, Church, will ftichsnito pulpits wlta tha R ) OeorEe H. Conovor and Jf OM i Cbapman a n innant rtiur.' onu * . . . . _ . · - . ly, tht nomlaees were elected to Mr. Wood lome time In the ntar future. statement. Price only Wo. for large \ l U r m p e o t l f e offices. Tue iir*t*tt Treat- Tflere wi 111 be qulto a number of m^vlt ° D f f O W w d t n i ) < ) 0 < l t i n W l ? n n r and Ccmptmlltr will cotturrejider their thin spring. Hnrace Balrd is going on Mi We are atrry to note that Mrs. Eorton tttle. At ibe Drug Store of Robert KillAT THE BALE8 BTABLE8, , Dover, K. F. Oram & Co., Port Orara ~ 1totbe persona elected at TuMday'r Dnj 1 . farm at Broolnlde ; Will Bcbeack wl SpwdweU ATCCIM, Morrfatoim, S. J, --OF who hat been a helpl«at Invalid for aontin, id P. N. Jenkins, Chester. .j-Jolnt tneeUoK, on the ground that tbe joint Uke C h « . Olailt'. iarm; D. E. Wolft -»mi to ba gradually falling. " " " " ^ ^ ' J, w u n o t legal, n o Irjal Beuatp bat Uke tbe place vacated ">y Mr. Bcbenck. W. E. Collii and family bava left s tbil Btelgbing parties arn all tbe rttgonowdu-i s t p J n c token pork therein, Th* newly dieted Tha Verdict Unanimous. I week to spend tbrte mocths In ~ 1 -will have to (Dstllute lig.l proceed A large nled load frt m this vicinity weut H pleases tbe lawyer andfaitclient, too, to AH 0E0INANCE r arth Can'ioa, " l o g a t o t f s t t h r i r r f g b t t o the cilices, aod ItDjver la^t Friday «fnlni[. AH report iave tbe verdict of tbe Jury unanimous, will in msoy nurattE brfon they until the very iri'asant time. real jury composed ol the American public U i u BUEIS Balrd 1* spending a few weeki TheY. f . a a i of the ContrdtiUotal ios rendered an unaulmomi verdict on D: 0III0M, if tbej i m r do. hurch Intend holding n i a n t a r ' ^ ^ HouKhold Cough Cure as a medldne, * BatidtlttieeleoUoDoll'reaiurerantiConip- A donation it to be held at the 11. E. par tocletteon" · --is-- anticipate, having* ttolUr."Hr''Di»ls."rfh(rwlog t b * t l t o P r o m U w o f " ·PwdJr c troUir, ]oglslstlre bntinen was ojtflned to cnage ou the Hth of Ibis month. rtierefeemj to be an epidemic rireA I>banoD,ber«toaddra«thHn M coughi, oolda and bronchial troubles Ibn fstswin nf n nmnhrr nf tiflln by the As tbout Alt. Fr«dom and vicinity among tin 1 In a certain ictcol durtriot in ihli townAlpP "'"!* carried ont to tha Utter.. Tbti pleas' iblj tutd the Republican B;n«te. Several young pcoplo an they ara all marrjing ot a teacher wbofindsIt also nt«etMrr to octant verdlot has not b«m obtained without · tha* hod been thiii p u i e d iron laken to Instead of dying off. ESCAVLVS. Rreat polos takentomoke it tba beat cough . _· GoTernor, acoordlrtr t o tbe w m l custom the market. Try a bottle when you A t U , S . pTrsotace. Frbiuary 14, a dona^ . b a t b» relosed t o receive them, on tnegrtund Ths knitting factor/ » Klldata ha* begun have a cough ar cold and you will belong to y g ' · ^ dW n o t ' m o g n t M . Iha.Ibpubican tlODwlllbehild. All ore Invited. Ifttormy operation*, and by the 0rst of Aprilttwmat* t, and t i l t tfa* bills bad not been legally next fair evening. n ever after. For sale by Amili Allen, who hai been very tick _ JjJU^g* , ***° ""TtklBl in mmUng Robert KIHgore, Druggist , ho beeu T t » bills w w » left rjpni bit Uble, the hun\_ ot his daughter, Mr* N . Hulbert, slderably iD oor neJgl .boring an4 altar five d a j i h i r e pautd, tbe time Is able to be out again, Hra. B . O. Hb»a, allowed b / law for him to act upon them bv Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Harden, ot flroo>ljL of.Uilfonl, Keb., saye sbe eulTered Ef T*to or approral. U10 UtpnbUcotu will claim are spending a week at tbe residence of J. O " ' * legal IWigut, ^T > j g rba tin prored drtlft m«t wlUi Hr. u d K n . Miss Sosle HulUrt, wbo U vWtlng hor l " t d Wiley, o l P l e u u t Ban. on JiU,, PTpQWdlngt to tret whether bbry ere or not. sUter, Urs. J . Wortmin, a t Newark, w ralniotlutwnk. Itwtslldlo» B n a T ^ l a r n b very 1)1 with tho grip. lltowii.tiiioiilwdUumnda A l l n p u t . XSlfDSAU, Mtn Annie Clwb, who bai teen rpendiL. BOOddmfle. lttlonduntcodtliatUiaiiMratwr^ We hire bid about n week of pnt'j fair a few wttttswftb her tliter, Mrs. U iVuden ·Up i . Incnuloi till, ibould b d l O d ig,irhlcalsneerlr wornoutnosr, in Brooklyn, has relumed homt. _Jay morning tbe tbermompter was Wedding cards are out for the marrlaga ,, to two degrees alovo «rc, tbe coldest Laura WrighttoW. H. Uedden on February aBuUvtol . . . «. ItSxn, _J« winter. Hth, at the hrnio of tba bride at 7 P. M . m obonH on Uond.j . . . n l o , i t , , ·It bsc hten a busy week with ice catberers, Whooping cough Is among us once mon>. in led by « acn&m ot what Uwy Uux nd tneti have b*»n_ working The reads are drlf t«tl In some plscea, glvfog U»t or . . I M c t . t dZll ___ Rxv Ron, mrfy and late The crop fs aUmt all har- orb to tax payers. dtl .iHi55Slr5i£i« mofUM ,,, I now, tbe ice being frtiu six lo tun* ncb frKMtnd. 0 ' trtmmnl, extm HIM qwullfi «·;;· nil oo ···· Innflnlona 'era* yen en. · Inept* i a tbioknes*, Osurge McUuriry cut 'S-Mim FbonU'B pond, and i l e y m i Patents Isiued to Jerscymon, reported for ___..., Jhere boa been cowldfn*- by Drake & C o , Sollcltoia of Patents, corner J__ Wm.Bsnlev Si Boos are fllliog their loa FtilBsuiifartj about gstttog an/ lea at all this Broad acd Market street, Newark: PneuStlttter, aod aoma men luve> haukd It four or matic tire, W. It Barrett, Pawalo ; blllUnl M ChamhorlalD U at lUddfatown, H. T . . NOTICF.. Jim mllH toflUtotir lo> house* Probably ball, 0 . 1 L Bnrt, Ulllbnrn ;.filterfarollc, ·"·"thliiiclEtalheft ^ W a r . Thore wUl be s meeting of ' " Uwusiod toaahaTa bean bowed fn UQ I. L. Batenport, Woodttown; vslodpede, W| laOHZA. the Hnnar1-'- ~ -- · · L. Decker, PtalnQeld j clip for paper*. & a , Itociawey Vallejr R. U. 1 Lou Dongtsvn, of Dover, spent Sunday with Other Equipment at Lowest FijW _ K M U " i n m t aat c t u i i o r t . . . Q. P. Karmtr, Monlclair; drnatno bruih, W. M t esaogeof i rnlttoe on WBDNSSDAf.'Feb. It Iinot worth while H. Fleming. Eayonss'toft ty pin V F H « D William Black hm teen aad.r the WMUHAl « h , at 9:30 o'clock, at the «nt, for tte nut FaUrsan ; door Iwll. fe,I L ClareUr, Patt f t day «jUUIcdeEngine House, Saver. Alln6ri;tbad«rollor,RLaiUUorr BbrrlBilt r<« i&m cbang*s aTcry d ltmtol'*nr nhednle Tha train forMor- cigar-tip cutler, r H U Ilerrf, £ait jons having bUta again,t the ,,,« tat&frtlnd t o l e . T e « 00J A M Orange multiple cjllcdir iteam Engine, A J0 rownahlp will phase present MmsUrieavei any time within the twvn W OleUt, Jeney City water healing aod « baa caught th. Bird and the rest a n boon at to-day or to-nwrrow, or some fond ng apparatui for iteam bo lere, ~\\\ B. TmlhwYofl & Hn J.isef TehptmtGo., them on that day! wwk. Faasftvgen should earry at rolli btvs lots of fnn rtdlag Klcbaroson Camdeu, BOHBAD HAHIT, I BLlCTTWIF.T.Sr, DOVIR, H J .


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III W n i r t ^I"H

Township Olerk,

BOONTON. POST OBAK VAILBT D i a t i «f Qeorve Ohrratal. A BBILLIASr ·ff£DDU!a. The good old ship «Teanarg«, that *wk tbe HUM Jenule Ablictt la mabi»ga vl»lt among Bom* forty Boon ten t*w toofcadaat inie Button Ins returued bome a Ex-BtrMt Commlsdoner George Cbrjital ia the |ir*nuoa of mart than » hundred n b t l privateer, Alabama, off Uwrbourj, rlcadi and relatives In. NewarJi and vicinity till* daJghJog last Friday and enjojad a sleigh meats Hiat Either Betma", daughter of Mr. died at hli home, on Peon avenue, oa Sitar- short visit in Suiws eouoty. Prance, during the M e war, founder*) oo ride to UorristowD, lrhore they spent the Mr. and Urt, George VoU spent Saturday Bwcadvr m T . Mo lives were lost, hut tte and Hn. Brary Betman, waa nurrled. to day after a long Illneat. Deoeued had Through the kindnt and Sunday at Barky Bheat. averal portlf t tliat -'onloe with Sborlff BBcberpnd wife. Afte gallwt old v«wl U a wreck. CUrtaaHutli, of Ctirdwdl'O^ftf|*'bji RBV. Strejit Cummlalpuer of this town Una difa rloe, bli evoning of unuiual eojojmeiit la the -way Ulas U u r . UcLeao, of Bed Bauk, 1. tin nave team* *od slagl* Fudlnand At Bola Hmlef, D. D , putor of ferent ttmei. u d two mooth* ago rmigoeA [uett ot Ulta tUllo Uogerfor a'few weeks, school waa treated to a sleigh ride lact Friday of dancing, elogfng, elo., tbey rcacbed bomo, arked "doodi were lUTer «o obeap," the GotigngtUoa Qhaaray Tufila, Weet 63d that potlllm on oooount ot falUnz health. hlln Ida Bell has returned home afUr wv orteraixiD, tbe primary deparlmpnt folug jaet about In Ume for tlie men folk 10 put on oittoen to anoUiar jeit*rd»yt · 1 UP WM boro in' 18S0 la the **·»« room lu around [tockaway, and a part of tue senior Uioir working cloihw and go to work. r RDOda aold," aided the other ·treat. Hew York, aod vrbo b u * lumawr wUlch be died and his Ciner has bean an ral mouOiB absence In tbe city. iliUoye 01, a native of Japan, will giro a L Liquty recently rppnt n dep»rtrueot going to Horrtstowo 1 was told. cili»iT without a p«n»» eafflotejt fer ahome o u r Rockaway. Tbe wedding waa eventful one. When-he WM twenty one Thnre were thne or four loads tbat could not illustrated l*etur«Iatti# Haform ChureU 0 1 New day In JNr* York. nounoed for ate o'clock *od the gOHta bel ·carnal. Ji go oo Friday afternoon, and then were ao- tbe night of Fauroaij llltb. Bis subjsct wil yean ot ag« bo got tbe gold Cwer and with a py ta to arriva at thtt Unw>, bat oa kotumnt of commodeted on Saturday morning. Principal be " Japan, Ita building aceuary and people. In Uorrlstorn laat year In the Catholic naaibtr of thafpiMti not being able tog** ktr. Tucker and William Jones, for oompan- Etbel THoimor at Middle V«Uey. fotter generally manages to glvB the children The extra meetings icat lave been beld In Cao-ch there were 123 baptisms, S3 mar- ere It wai postponed t« nrea o'oloak, and tooB, want lo the gold fields of California. Ulas Jennie Sbaxp baa relumed bome after ·leiga rid« every winter ct -l»t«, ana the the Frekr-ytortaa Cnape) for tbe last week or rlagisand 128 received tba Holy Sacrament rbtn thattaonrtrrtvedBaker ball was bright Be remained tbere sins jeuv, wben he re raduttlDE at tha State Normal tchcnl eX ore ore being contli ucd part of ihU week. erry &houta and laughter of the children on ot Confirmation. Tba reoord of deaths l i 07 with tht pretty coitumes of the taiy gu«bi. tamed to (hit place. In 1803 be married rentop. Wr. and Ura. A. p, pownsiipentlaetTbura- thew cccisfani fully demonttrate that tboy liitiog brettireii from Dover aad Brooklyn in ill, 3? tdnjri ind a» cWIdrou. (Today ford Omn and three children were ·y with U n . Oaorg* Lntouratte at Callfoo. folly eojoy and appreciate such, abippy vtoe. J Te t w a prenatal cac4rawjUugand aubud It WBB nearly half-post aeTen «*bea, tha Ap«rtj©t t « eouolwfrow . , orohntn, under thelaadenhlp of Prof.Ohio. a trait of that union, Mrs. D. Leonwd, Conttable Henry Qleasuu Is comiwlled to em. TbeOhrleUati BodMror onulrenory exerThe Young People's BodeUes of Chriitian KngEttrUdODt for a elebjhrtde anTiwiday Bnlif, itruokaptfae vedilng mtrCBBnd tb« Cnarlfsasd Jame* Ghryital wb> with tb< iB»boW on Sunday eveiling la tbe Frcsby- give up his dally Uuor/ortlit p u t coupli Endeavor ot the Reform aud Presbyterian evening ewd arriving at Dover gave oar ton- ridal ptrty apprrwbed the Babhl "ha rtood dpw survive hlin. He wai the tint street terlsn Ctu'Db were very loUreitlng. lie- neeKs on account of gicinesa, A Burpriee party covshltnz of ,, . . Cburcbes beld a union meeting in tbe latter ·orUlarU*t,Oharle«Wnaoh I averypleai l tibabtadoftbaballand fo front of a blue oommlsiloutr of th» Town, and then want t ) orts from both todetiea were given which very flattering, Othf r IntereNtlng paper* Alt* of tbla place atd Luxemburg, made iburoh last Sunday evening. Jtar. A. Doallk oanopy held In placa bytfetan.Abe Colorado, where ha remauied three years. ·orprlse at bis borne on Btockwell stree', / r««l beeldes the rapondve readings. Mrj, Berry, of Il-Mltawtty, wife of Justioe 'Jit JUarn delivered the addreta of the -Armour & Co., of Chicago, dretsed meat Eanfman, ot BosUmy, fiamiul B&frif, of Oo hit return he wai again appointed Street Bev, Cbambers nude a vury appropriate Berry, a eurprbo last Taun-Jay atternwo and oleomargarine dealers,'*TM rrportel to "".3ontoii,B»niiiel Simon, of Newark-, formerly Commltaloner to kuceed Simeon Itoee. He addrtBJ and Bev. Dilp offered prajor. Mies A good Umo was tiBd end all ofijored tbemAt tao meeting of tbe Cabinet to bo bold turn wa» tuoceoded by Thomas H»yBead tbj boot Bstber In the Bible, than see have purchned 8,400 acres or load on tbe of Dover, anil David Eelman, brothsr of tha IveB. Muorrow (Tburtday) evening at tbe realdenra llth Bchoenbeit presided at tbe meeting witb : tbe Bev. l l r AIa*>n, T,-,ula Bbak»peare aoe aod dignity a i uiual, Tbe floral deco- lire. Joseph Blula returned Lomo last Him Btofcroaack meadows, oa which, stock yarde bill*. The old Jewish oHrenuny, Imprsedre aolds, and laat iprlng toa u»nt&oa COUQt h e c a n t a U ··· · · , · ; . ; " " , ' '' V . " - ' " ' · " ' · S ' ' and beaatif ol WM performed by Or. Headet, oil again appointed him to tbe poiiUon, ration* were vtry tutlly arranged \>y evening after a two weeks' vlilt to boi III read a paper on "Uciantiflo Dlaooveriw ' Tliey tegan cutllng Ira at Lake Hooatboiig the glow of good luok broken, aod than the but bis pbyiloal- oondltloa naa such that be nee tbe Tolepfaone," and the paper by Mil icob W, Wchb and Un. IB. D ffcugbrlgbt, elstera at New York city. o n ( S a t u r d a y .' . : · · ; '·' ·'·'·'·.'·'.' · . . / * ' : The Catholic dabt in PaUrson are mueb nanly marrl»d oouple w«r« ofwntelmed tiuid not girt the potltloa tbe proper uttanthe Qoner MmmHU*, ·hluli brought tortn Kx-ConstaWo Jouo Leltxe li ojnfined to bb u)loJJ»llwilIta.t ^HaFOjSclBDtiao Dlvsotiel aad'A^pUaEoai~made"lIfe'«wler7foi home critically III. Orate fuiraaro disturbed over i rale Jaued by. Btibop Wfg- wllhiMGgcmtuUtloiif. Little Francaa Hetroan Uoo and be banded In his mtguatioa. BnorUy many compllmanta Jlibert KHpatrJok, of BwmtoD, mad*' omen I" Members a n expected to give lufd rognrding his rocovirrr. A genuine surprise ptrty confil«Uog of ger prohibiting 'dueter, after. JOtH P. M.slitorof the bride, in a ilD'ple, pretty dre- after tble ni waa token to hli bed end graduJonaUian Chappie, George Angrln, Thomai Uioir opinion on tble subject. After urgenteolfaltattdn he has extended the of wblU ior*h silk, aoted « maid of born ally crew weaker until deatb came) td hla re- ibaut fifty people, young and old, e&lherftd ·OOBO and titepben Hllohdl all returnid tho bome of Mr. and Mia William DmTord Perrlgau FrancIsDe, througb reckleu drivThe bride wai atUred In afaaoifl»ne'gnwn lief OD Baturday last He naa a good dtiun the boor to latfoJook, wlien It must o w e . witb a aovere"oold."·' > y . ",'.:-·,.;. "[· it Timreday OTenlng. A very ei>joyatol# mo laat week after on alwenoaof three or ing Monday evening while outelei«h riding, of «tits brocaded (Ilk, Ulaunad «rlth diohen aod tbe work he did during bis tint term has as « B S 'pent lunumwoiu gfiinta, muiland Tour weeks to Pennsjhaala. From reports oolUded with the team belonging to Mn BomB of tbs roadadn thla tocUon irtn very The Jofaa P.~ B « » n hotel at Newfoundland lau, and «ore diamond onumnilr, the given the town the reputation of having the Isundrrgoinga oompiete.renovation of the iglag helped to spied away tbe hours and it Lirought back tlie times are just as hud in Jeennle Dennli, breafaiag tbe tongue BDII , badly tfrif ted lait week. · ift of III* groom, and carried wb!t»roaet, be*t ktreeti of any town ID tbe State. He WM TBS not until tiia stnill hours of the morning ^nniylvpolft ai tbey are in New J«rwy wblilletreo of ilw."" DinnU-i^sloIglirirbu There -ore five slelgWbg pertlea oiit of Interior with many change* u d improve ' iad pauod oway that the, \tarly left for wyi lUlok m e n tn DO plao* like b o m . or»» were atipped before any other damage its. .Water and bath rooms aod ateani babiiawatldiwera aU» Qtuals Utlm&n, burled, oa T l Dover oa Tuesday night, ';, ·-' hou gown trasoiold r « e Bilk trimmed with lomo. . Humphrey lllcka is con Hoed f> bis hoiua by wwdono. will bo put In. Toe bar will be dlt- acbm Uoe, end ehe carried carnaUone (Ml** t tairpiyess * Ml » e tiielr oa Ulsi Lulu FBITOW wm ioTiled to ipendl an acute attack of la grippe and bronchitis, 1 noUce that oar Ice dealers are taking adeontintied. '.. ;" ; . · lUbesca Ulnnu, light blue atlk, cWHoo trim- A Narrow Eacape of Two Boon ton Boys. Sunday witb Miss Lttlle Hftjor aud while but we a n pleased to note that lie ii tmprov* mtagB ol thB aa\A snap we have bid for tbe . IFroaitHirregularcomijwndtftit.] caught in mlog, white carnation*; Vltf Etta. Or**n, tbero was Ukea sick with tbe grippe and 1B Ing ilowly nt thla writing. 0 weak, and are outtlu* ioe aa the pond Briber will be produced In Boon ton in.two D. O OTetaw»y< Mrs. Joseph II. James fs ranking A ten Benny Irfoka, Jr., son of BaDJimln Locks, unshla to bn matoi no to tho present time. l I ateel trap, onT -Tuesday, an ottar weighing white latin trimmed with valanctonnea Jam rblan averogoe abovtaiz Iccbas in thiok l Uablon VonNeas Lad the privilege of toil- jjourn at her iliUr'a, at llaoieu«e.ok, engidew on the Booatou eiipreia train, and Bt Uarj'e Guild, fur U» benefit of St. JobD> twenty-Ova pounds, end meaisailog from the CtoKBT Fooell, of Utae mil, hat m o l e d a tip ot hla till jurt Aye feet. This li suppoerd rod tatin hni Friday evening a large luid of joubg ;turch, give a pleasing entertainment In tha and earrftd white Olio HoOormfck, eon of the ^«7. Mr, Mo- ing the depth of tbeinow bonks Loadfoi ride overiiUand tdrougb ne*«Bgo»housBonIIIBlirpperty. \ v ; . \ ' to be the largest otter ey»r raptured In Ihla . Blmen, light blue Oormick, putor of the Boonton Uethodlst aunt oa Tuesday, Ai heirent tapauanotoer people took aslelgu reached tbelr deatinatlon Ipera HOUM Uoadsy nlgbt before a fashion"iiitlon"; lelgb neu- Abnor DUU's the Heigh tipped "l*ya until they ble audience, liother Oomt'a Hell»y wat Cburoh, had a narrow fscipe f*om drow A "ward Is offered In another column fo , white rows, ailk with chiffon ovoraud Alleuand VSUSOM wore le/t lu the _. came to a stop at tbe home of our esteemed rell rendered end tbe Pan Drill was at Soonion on Taundsy af ternooa. Tbe Iltthe retorn o!alott tea dollar UJ1.; otr banka while the barm went on aud was friend, George Uawke, at iturdtowu, whsrc lonalty One. Tbi special oourte of Lsnten Mnnoiw In B t After tbe «remony the oiobMtra Kruck * it oiught until it reached Leonard Mack's, tlie evening wat very pltoaantly eptut, Frank B Tlp'jwtt hat bean appointed i tobo1* Church commences n u t ' Tuesday, up a wilti end the marry. manure* o f tla fellow* wboit agei ore about m e n or Tbe Itev. Q. A. Luofceutilll, of Bto&tvLUe, that gapttvotlng dance won spread a frletrflj there .boats, w«n eUdlugon tbe lo» ouU» Mur, Ulddb Valloy. A very loitumte up- The revival eerdoea luSt, Jubu's M. E, preaohed fn tbe Reform Church last Band ay , 8 nbca ibelUi, P. 8. Raeiv, inter ot St. bca , Wotory Public by Qovemor Werta, canal, and the Ice broke witb them, when sstaittiegentlBmen were not hurt aud tae -ill conUBued with good results. ill be tha h Hark'i Church, Orange, will b th preacher. rediog nmvig the guest* Hhortly aTtar a they were directly titular the railroad bridge bortedily receive] a few icratchee ecd the Many are turning from their wayu or error morning. Xtlatald ths Laokawaniie Ia investigating A Ura. A. D. Foudray.a etraDgerherakhM Btrmoa bectes at 7:45 P. H- ,Tb« pbll march wasplayed and al'fell In line to march »ni they -went down i© about five fwt 61 l%a broken la a few plants. ' ·n -· nod walking [n \1tje straight and narrow pathnt poetali arouod to aoms of our i l n i m to tb» BVpper T»hloa was beld in tfae dreealng la l i f l ' Oniiig to tbeabsenoeo*Cev.-T«P. Cbam- waytb«t tends to celestial glory. May tho avkipg if tloy will oonteut to lake part in a Jom*a FJeher h u been cnnflnacd" by the room down sUIn, and wblob bad been ep- wat«r, In a few seconds apparently a orowd ROT. CalWn Buah, of PaJraount, DM been' proprlately dtcoratsd wltb fltga and bunting. layered on Halu ttreet near the orerhead bars there will not U any sei'vl^ in tie I'm- ;ood work coatlnuo and be conduct veer ttmi- production of Qaoen Bather to be glren FebHanate BI pjttinwter at. Hsckottstown. D5 aiftuy momlrom tbe ways of lolq'iUy ·uarj 81it and SSad. Sha evidently Intends tnufarred to the Pr»bjtery vt Dataware, Heretbre* tablei were spread and an elabo- briA«e, John Uoora, Jr., afalocksulthwhoaa brUrlaa Oharob OD UiftOaulag Biljb*Ui, Tbe Cbrlitlau Sodeavor Bocietles ot both >ver to tbe wayi tbat are jait aad right. Monday wa« ai'x&MeA'monAui of tlie andtljflchurcbh-wiUiouta piltor. Aaerisi o puke a go of It aa tbe first rehearsal will fhoplloppoeitt Pord'ailablei, siwtbecrond icbesof tbli place are Invited t o CbeaUir I have beanl tbat ttie lirge pile of ore at place in tbe Opera House tomorrow winter, the mercury getting down to tero..; , of extra me*tt»/W *iU ** b*ld tbera neat rate supper wai terrad under tlie direction, of and went to tee wnat was the mitW, be wia ICrs CharlfsSeeilg.of KetrYork. Thaguuts the nontregatlonal Churoli on Huaddy a orchard mtiu hut l^wrj %y\A, wai tti&t tbn _ i«Wj) evening. Tbli cantata was proweek, under the obus? of Ber. T. F, Cbam- ·art merry and Mr. Charles OrbacB.of Now told tbnt two little bo;· bad brpksn through Tta B » t e » t WlvaVibawo, ia Htokettaeeing, !ne would eocn resume, operations again, lucedhereafewyeariBgo Intbsold Wasb> * ·.',·"eric, on uncle of the bride aaiedM router the ice, be gruped tbe tltiiatiou la a twinkle, town far yasra Is;, now In. progrwj ther«.; ben, of Gtrman,Valley.' , , Uartln AmrornutQ and Mies Hdlla Nunii, >ut { cannot vcuob as ta tlie voracity of tba Dgtoo Hall, aod well do I remember I t Ib Thi' Kewton".Pr»sbyteil«nClinrQh, which nf oeremoiiiw. - Touts were drunk, telegram* ran down Ue ataep embankment aud Jumped thlapluco, wsrounltedinuurrla^eby (ler. ruunra are eo veriattle, jou a nv? privilege to take the p u t of Uiman, The trial of Btrgemsu for murdering bli ito the water, tha little McOormlok Loy '. vwntalang smooth enough untlllt c«n« brother wdl begin nert w « k at Morrlrtown. baa bees iemoo>t<d at a total cort of ·iOflttl, of oongratuja(|qa were read and abort gralfbed him about the neck loan lutont, iDdB. Uolp on W«due«day at the bome of Er. Mn.>Wtlllatn Du)f,>rd. Tbay Ioftimme<!i TbsdelghlogfB juBt splendid an J nil tbat 10 for me to had a hone around the etaze waa reoptned ofi Tbutvdayjait with appro- ipewbw Hers nude by the aiiUrtnd brothers Tbe regular monthly meeting o f toe Board priate serrlceB, Bar; A. H. Young, » , D,, it Uwbrlds.BJweU oaby the fatter, who* bi»t young (jo?k> waa aoMsr tft* toa,and all !tf)yon the 11 :D8 train (or a abort wadding ran are availing tlieraieivetof tua pleature whose back cat Monieoai, the hone was g W« extend our hoarly coogratUlfttioDB if a good iloigh rido, i»lthough it Is bard oa ·rtiu8tit ID, a big black fellow, and tiers rki were based apon the fifth oomnwnd- UopropouldiwvMhltpMit aleevr, be man. ilp. bride and gro ira, former patter, patched the lermoo. The » ueatWedivsedey tbe ioreefl^b,f u r everything lu the shnpo of a rosn't but a amall tpaoe to lead him around f meot.' Aflar thebenquet dtnclag waiBgsJn aged to Kit hold O the little fellow, end with . .. /flio Towtubip dommlttw will meet next iurch will seat BID P«r«oni. : . lorae «better it be blind, fence, sprung, ring, v w l l y QU tccount of tb» penoas who ware J^oCoimlpK ollngteg to blsntok, and B«nny l y «nd Httle np tht burfnea of tbe nneti, Bpavlaed, Hind-galled, foundered or At the twiitioc ot «ui H « Jettsj Eaitotle.1 Induced )n and the yanng fo)k| and the (Id I k ' poeo^udoDi, waded Tw ingpait,. which «lmoet filled the stage well g-nV^epKjilMi up fo the pleasure of (tboutany boree. Well, Ibrgaa toslng.or Tear . ;/:>. ; : Aiwrlatlou held oa Tuuday, j^dltor Sordon Qoe day last work wHIe I'ftor Mine, our if It hail four broom Rtlcka for lejs, lmnjiert, a|bare. tbe little fcllofft were h,ujrie4 to tbtlr lber tried to slug. Cor between every Dther ^lenrySif* bod bla collar b me broken lait of tha MadlMn Beglr, made '· memorial ad- s eight, Tie dinprng wag Intersiwrsed domes ani'dqotqn tpni for. LUUe DNiuy loemaker, "ud Abe l'oreell, a lUmnith In springhalt anJ l u t liutnot loaattlia ' g r i p " : to k b b i n fcbH*n trotn* w **au.iaslor- dreia OB'th* death ot Jotfn» Brown, ana with recltationi by albs O w n , of Borauton, regjlned oonipjon«aeas after a tine, and It U IB employ cf Wm. H. YnungB, wore wreit- llytbo aime tfia poor bone b uwhogo, etprel- -ord ur BOI keptaeyinB ·'whoa" to thehorte, nltti Hime yguag men drive tlie ad at the lama time walking as though I ditor atllat, of the Jeracyman, read a paper who tho«sd a perfect elooatlflnory training [ ^ . r I (hellMle fe||owi wi|l natauefer any liDg in the t b sUirc, Fetor w>a thrown aor bauta unmercltutly. - on needW, ftarlng every rt*ptU* hone ugafnet nne of the t f v e i In tfae s'ere and h«d Preaiaina Bldor Hammond ocoupled tba . ;' ' doglng by MF, HUTJI, o l OjQUpn; thlt^ I?F/OUI reeulti from (heir narrow egoape, SupwloteodM.t'J; tT v Itaker Is confined i "Palrlollun and Parly." E bomlKhtatep 00 my foot Well I w u solo, by Hits Harris, of Bwnton, and s hlalegbrokfu near tha aufale. Ihh should iulpit of Bt, Jobn'i M. E. Church laat Bun-, «o t&e honie with in:*itUci(.o( matc We bare talked to mott of the oonduotora whlstlingsolo, by Louis Helmin. ." . ; : llnd when tbat partef tboentertalnment waa bs a, warning to those * In are in toe bablt ilog auddollrered oq eicolient «rcr, 1 insure you, It nevertbelen seamed to. 0Atb> LockaVauna running through Dover, jLeummllwi. y v . j . . . ^ . . .;. fooling all the time. 11 u daageroui bmllease the nudleaofl at they langbed them. , The O/ A, S', especially In a room, which it not very 'A'htaneb o l the GaarMitoe Building »nd and itbey ajj ' » y that ID their experhnoe Tbe t-ueats preaent from out ot town w e n refl hoarso, and I oftentimes thought tbat Jauiee T. ftmrgo, our eittarprtslng butclior, travel waa nar'er BO light a a h fcaa been the Mr. and Mrs. Llbm.n and dau|htor, Ur. and Tbe twenty seventh annual encampment of rge in the first pUe^, aud obstructed by i ^ f dt Hktf timidity aod twaiLUqg volos vroe partly has Bl:Oaocepted liiiibare of tliagilp end lost.two n three nMnths. - tfrs. Cohen, son and daughter, MIn Annie the Dfpwtment of Now J e m r , QnaA Army verol stove*. cause of tbelr morrimeat. «ucompelled to a\uuidim bli builuets for a ^ l u w t U w through, tralu. ; . Binwo, Mr, and Mrs, Bcb*rfc, Mr. >ud Hn. i*u begun at Trenton yesterdar and «111 Ico harvesting 1) 1^6 Pftlff ot the wfolt. juplo of wetks.. I am pleuod t i notice be Tliore seems to ho a dearth of nawi around Rtv. TbomM'pwtei*, of'. Bo^nton, will b o » diving hptltM are getting turm nlled ; d · ' 1 6nKonday.i«3ft, fpr.lUe'nrit. llnia this Orbocb, Ur. and Mr* Sse'Ijf. M. S«!'«, Hf. > ablets get dairn tothasbop ug%\a at thii lent aa w^U as of buune i Just noir. prraeb In tbe Frub/terlaii Oburob on ftupday ililfa tbeCDOir lasta. and tin. Boyaiiky,of Keir Yorkj Hiss Jenp n UartsborueIn Among tho first thin^a to oallapse In this I*«t Friday evening our youct; people went rtltlog. ia uiduiiia with pr, Halbway.* " ;, y - \ . ·otpol ye*r, every-iciiool ibtbeoounty will nle Vow, BamotlttinbD, Kowart; Mr, u d laoe since tL» poatage of ths Wllaoa bill, report ralli attenlloD to tbe ract that the to Dover to git* Quorge Or»t°r n earprirc, Mrs. Waters has nuved from tbe corner of baotaa. A pomber have not 1 , t h e RrpubiloM : CoinoiitUe ot! Randolph run because of bavin* DO teaoban, but that sirs. Utrrlp.Bonanddaughtsr.BoonkniiUri. Stale autboiltlts ha«e purchaeid' elegant Itbovgb its failure wae predtotcd aver olaoe bat were very much mrpri*ed to Hud Oeorge j&nel and Secanii Btree 18 to tbo SovenBIsten. W h l h U a meeting^ TumKy, and t t - difflcultf b u IMO orenxwe by' County Kaofman and fatally, K m Herbert Lawreno», oetts i'tt.wbtch they have dttylajed In the knew nil about It before hand:7 Atout forty . Willie Pyta ooramaa^cd attendtag Cole- ; warn to life, wm th» Bsoaton Htrald, an pocksmayj Ur. aod Mrs Uts, of S'anbopo. 8tite House the ngimental flag» oarrled by From SucoaBuona and viotnily made up tbe l'a Builowa pfljlege, at Nairntk, but IgnC page paper ttirtad about three months riUdtO^owalllvntMotwrt And edlhd by a unn named afaton, won imday niorDiag. . t b « ·rootn'j broker and brlde^who are e New Sutej troop* that served In tbe war. pirty from here and several of ILB young Ths a n a t CaiuloU, Impiroved Order of B«d upe Ivey · new trnuw oa Caual street U i e here a stranger, rent*d a furalsbed * O( Dover Joined \a &\.i ^hvj periled m, "HI meet »* Trentaii bn the 33d../ LouU . Ibati were sJxty a W l[oaUoni for teoobert Bsat on Hair, wedifog tqW> wore pwean*, fleorge Barntt, Uie A t b U b t AdjatantDiue, wourtd rooms In tbe Uill building on ' nicely and lsabiut reaily, ft ' rob«r. Tb^ evening was Bpeor ID danooertiftoatH at tha eumtoktton 1*4* FrWaj U W I I also bii motker, D. lAif, i » d VC fleneral, In h'f re'porV sjiowi fbat t « f e are [alo street for offices, and ha-t the prlatlog td eftiuf4*y,i'ttana for teoond grade and Harris and son, of Cleveland, Ohio, .. .: 645 men who have bean enipsndel, Hgalnit _ ,.d gamps until the wta small bourf, ^ their Tbe sl!k lulll w»» idle Jut Friday aad urn la New Yoib. Vqr two week! pait tble r rhen the pirty d(eper«ed tw \Wt w e n l eper bss failed t> make connBOtloon for »WgbrM« l « t * « k b j · » apwt,; tried it .rtjr-fune for tblrdgrad>. All but one of TbeiMtdtVMthtreMptestci m^y baud- USlasli year, bring SOS In eioeas otttelast bomsi eiprenlng i vrlib that they could visit latarday on noooupt of t*klug stock, tbe seeond gmde <pplloaHti f a i r e d oertifl- e o m e p t t M » U . ';· · ' · ; . · . ' · . · ' . " " - · . · · . · · ' . ' · · report. Tbl« li ceoied Djerily by the bard Oaorge again In the near future. Uturj Sobintilt, I undera'aad, Is our regu- ome reason and BO WO haven't had any MgalaTaandaywlttOUt·ni'mWlip." . ; , / . . Iera,ll A change of management Ia the t :Elht tfafd radld»r(|««»(af *»rp Ur. *p$ Hn- Harris will leave tn-nfRht for Om'ei anl tbe.lraMllty of tfce tneinber* to . Visa Nellie tUohte*, of Roc'kaway Valley, T mail carrier now aasiited by his doff M room was thflnntcauaeofiUoon-ao' P- Bwker, ° f Or»»;ObMch,>lil ' ·" - . " " pent Suuday wltti her parents In tills place. ·Jaok." a three wariuj^rlda} tour and paythairdues. '. , puiplta with bl» · « , Rer, B. D, I notice eomo of tbe bouses ou Be pood street Mn»nc«, we were told. Tbere was no reoaon Drl U. brossoer, apeoIalUt for eye, ear, CleveJiod where they will ·»**· t 6 6 j r D(WMf Vf, T. Fitiherbort, of Uendtisto, ipent Sun·fbere ire 115 posta wltb 7,611 member*, wby It wasn't F t C l d « ; B o n d » y > · T iotrond;{hroftt dtssawe, of Jemy City day In this p'aca. ·- ' --> , · · - · ' u been rcnoyatod, which wan badly needed. Ivoi) publiclynaturally draw publtahed l u t k, » we the oancluilon Sirs. Qlsttflbr, pf Orapgc, vyat Lurled In tba A gentleman by the name of.Uoore, from . a alelgb lalghts, will not te hera Pehroary 101b u and whsro Mr. Harris IB the bead ot the firm odatan,«t !*· of S]9-membera.' The Ast i t has died an early thath. Tempting »Tloiia Injury on pnounoedasb. is too bwy H hJahome offlce. ot Harris brothers, doing » Urge and and abtant Qaart«rmaaUr>Qeiief»l'Breport shows Pmbyterlan ottaalory Saturday afternoon. Morrtitowa, a^uretscd tbe meetiog in the b ofTtre were advanced by the. editor, Ia that th* »1« of aoppllea has fallen off very Mra.Blaugbt.wsa tbe daogbter of Mr.and church on Tuesday evening. His Minarki l e m t J v e . b a i M W s v : - ·:'":·>..;',"·:· / . · · '.· irdpf to iccure agenta to solicit sutao* ipUout, raose' who areifflloted can coomdt, blfl) HnU Iffss Helntn Is a brUbt, lctUf(ant and taoch this, jeer, and th* port per eanttt, t « ~~ Abwlom Woodruff, of FiaudsrF, and a tm very int«r«Uag aud sympathetic. 'urtfcar nolle* at bbofflC', M Bwgwi ATC., aowpllfW wofljea and the,prospects of was not near BO rouob as hat year. M will ri Pour large ilelgbi went out of Fort Qrata SO otrnt* being allowed tbe agent for each, lutocrlber scoured. Boy*, wbomld tba paper thii BDlea 'up c$ tfti> bsppfeBt fag^ryy sod ; Tiie UlaxM on hanl Utwetnbw 81,1803, Mlsi May YouDp, of Diver, was tbe suett IQ Tutiday. evrnirg. flilllp Hciklaj took tbe ·trcet.were ofTared big inducement* tH 55; reotlpti from M s&uroes, $45,* [ the UtnuM Day on Baturd*r and Bunday. klo&d ot JODPE laQUq toRooiawoy, Mount tovfl their peroenUge on the amount of sale* Afternoon !o t p ope, Mount tueataut and 10 on home, Tb«n wWte« of a host of trltnU pute!4i: ber ova q 'total feoelpta, ^ . { j a s O . Tbe dii; Mi8s.Bal>blt^ of Hew Yorkdty, a returned t Fy g 1 waa a large detegatloD ot " Dig logins " 1 tbe snaps of a H0.O0 gold pleoe for tbe on* ail for , A b a t t o r ^ . l i g ^ g , alcM In the?coo HBAfiSjtijj. ftiliDO g Saturday, faith, who kooir her many a1i»t'B,blequa1I>les. bnrsttnetilB WBre HBAfiSjtijj ftlOof gen aiiea|ouary froia India, wna'ptvselit aud took ,. Hop-jcoh and I'tuU 1 n W . oC Red htt Bold too most paper* op to a given UBM, cM In the?'cooler. nntil noonS Wuntor Jn .ora«iorihi of |Mp*r nMfly c faen l»triedtbsdoor a.ndttvnndltwa^ad, crat futid, »91,a3S(ll; the r*Ml|ti of rell'f charge of the eer'yioa'lut Sunday evening. took a scout up to thft; huittloi ibe 1st of January; *8.00 to the Beit and F i n of tbft Minion Dnnd lmper*0Dated chor« Hrlau'li fire In)iottiitowiioaVLaa&*Tp-..»: U» walked oat of WBIMU and climbing orer a fund fc50.<I3«.6Si. diiburMineof,'. |7,7ia,B0; aotars of tbe n«tf»(*, ^wlitch mads her talk [roundeofPort.Uorris and ma^a t h s w i U F3.Q0 to tbe third. There WBB a great strife ·aertrti ot-tti^cUIaiy for'diin«g«B agaloat hUh fflsoe dropped Into (be itnet and OOally bmlanc»p: « J , a i a . ; Tl)e departmen|) la worth one of g n a t InteiHt to all present).' I pre- d i t t b t t ^ t ^ l i U oPB tbo bojs to secure tbe gold plMea, In ki*»M» vhl»g out of.tin.rawot,a«rwalWaway.;,.;^;;.?--'^-'.''''-:.-^'^^'^'II |tarn qallagberalio took a load of twootjia'all f f^.JfSl', because of tbs fnodi on )i«nd, wiiuenw of wblob a lamo number of mo a full account will be |j»en CIMW*·--tn on Monday will, a dapfUl «toek ot »W,ave bwTi»ettlsd hy t > ^ ? ^ ilRht todernan Valley end bad A pleai * Heralds were sold. Young Downey, Waddlck rf^ 4 furh(ti|ro, . ^ b Itlo paiwr,"'. · .. .' ;' ''AnexobaDge't*Uitlj* story bit* tramp who 000 to be fcnoam u th» Hurtuir* Knagra^ile i ^ f ' j : ride and time generally. 0^ th^ name ei * '- * ;flungp»iA*oinoW»ttpp*l Ing a man by tbe name of Sberpe, I ha re been and EwW, were tbe luocwalul competiton, a d o e t o r V b # l l w d u k e d the trim tad OkHaWaSliMOonipuiy. Itweaorgaolitd li. , .. . , . Thfl prlo*fil'mdmiJirion" t t t t a ' Ulfi Laura Thorp in tbls Infoimef*, took a load to Stanhope, but tbli and wenb to tha Herald oniae to get their ptvUy'wQaMo wbOi opened U»» door « afc* put oo ths mtrlrat a horss' thie, p»UoUd Bttbtrhaabeen'reduoBd t a f i L e p D. H Allen r p re enta UoDnvit irlaes, butitutead of thsgold promised, they ^jweuipg. A number from laid I hava been told would sik theddotiirltb* bad* p»Ir otp*ata by CbarlB. B, Burlbert, of Ironli, and on the P o r t o f t b l s t o t r p . · - " · . · · · · , ' .. ·'·;· . , meet with i e b'SO beula f about town w e n oalUdla, a^<t.Bp«at a very pleasure anticipated. did notsoma meanstor only received a place cf paper filth some h* wta wllUtg to »We away. " I t n - t t t tnarlta ol Itt «h-» we f*al safe In pnllptnig By writing on, totbeeffwt tbat there wat due, j y a W e e n l m . .( : . > other whllo oojnlog home or going, · I don'l dMtor.'lr*pll fd lb« plewant wwian, awl Ik* tbe making (jt *t oitjaoof ths f ^ n great / : : : l i \ \ A d o w Okae. . : .,.. ntng the boy, so much money from tht Hn, George Mlllburn, of Ubicago, Ii riilt- know which, tbey bad tlie "genuine sleigh A »ul t for «a» dwnogts was brought before iDduBtrlas of O q w . - gbarfcf B.^jitou, le raid, or aome sort ot a promise V> pay Wm, ·Gtvoro p ; > / praddMt; D. L Brydtit, 'treoiareri J«*o oftlofBilllwiU Wedneatey by Jlrs. F h » U ig with vTealsy Hlllburn pf this place, · ·Ida " by being upset. There were three or bnt 88 j e t the gold b u not beta seta one ; New :our slightly Injured, one. a joarg lady from prtseqt rumors It IOOIB as though the Revival meeting held every'eveniD* la the Coodit, Jr., seervteryiand Utmt$, Haaton, [vans #ga(nat Bpdolph P(a»l', · T ^ JJ'O/JB QoackmbiuWftiUrom^awtow turned t-'oleman, bad bw head injured quite boy* e*n fraue their little due bllta ocnotea, «f ibenawpritoffloe bulldlni JfiSawBJ'k on Free MHUodUt Churon.' .Diep coflviottom Bryant end Harltwt, ttw patvniee; dlregtori, Upk&F Md geal|en)u farmer.; The penteataflyerelysoaBtor^ni1erliert)ncQnal{tui.foraar- or whatever you might call them.' aa aouvcWcdotBdki f A l b w t o t r e r j .boo^tn^ftbodj,, raatoatbapeopli.'*yieldlagtnem- with two director! yet to be tinted. Tae lUaro neighbors, ownlui adja'blng fsrmt, . j ( ipentSmil»yas eral uours. . Ibav* li»n unablo lo learn tbe ntrs of the Ute depurted HeraM : : Mi-Uorrta FUlno. lirs. Uvona oo&dqcts a ie gueat ot U I H Llule Trimmer.,, ehpe , The Do¥BrIroo Company5* woriBWiliBrart Mlreeto\tba Lord. Thefongrsgatlonea n Ji moulded from os> «t«eU wltb a d jvecause ot tbe mishap, < . , , Titerewaiau (otereiUngand oJoeely oon^ largf and woll behaved.: ·. Bhoubi and pralMs tailed groqve at the betls aniltoe,'laCo whlob ilry and own a number of oowe, amongUie A eled load at twenty joung poople of Dovei W l V t ' t h : ! On uptoGod. All · « t n * * * * * * * * · Mlka of drojwtel fqrglng [It perfectly, tight; ibtbeingssveralchcilDeJerfeyB, InKovember :ur,rI*dD«uM Hlcka and family on Friday took aWednesday, afternoon rhllln. Hoeklng tested game of pool, tor *sJiOO « okia, ployed load o[ pleaiurfl seeketa to Ijokooley'a in BhhopV billiard -pirlara lost 9rlUj even. 'ug^paitiorin^'ii g ^ p ^ _ Tblk ? ojadethe»» oe'on tbs last a number of ttw pUInUfl'a cows broke tvenlneUst. DeuiclDgand othergamcRwere Mountain and bod a very pleatoot tlras. Inz, hetveen Bert Piper, of Morrtatown, and dy a. ^iV^^r^V dqwna Cwqe t x U e w thapropcrtiNaadtna- mjayed bF »" unDI mrrn fcben they atarted HfllieBiy mad* »lirave ·fforttoawkea n g ^ Howard Marrow, of Brooklyn. PipereUrted , ' . · ball olub now «r* a S l S ^ I e f t usT-Tb Tfae wlwot:»diPlialontp .theoratorfa m»*vm lbs defendant* Iqt ¥ r . ^ l s « l l i the return journey. · ,, ' ' ff with a good lew], but was soon overtaken treat story but ot nothing and we hope now removablt BO that' a hortf>Vea.Mfl < ordered hiafafred nan ^Impound tb> ani? W}}o wvld we wou|d not baye winter I Tbi boyi wl)l greatly nilas Ur. If ulllgaji AS be ba tv Morrow, wbo wan the match by 8 points, ·'Either" la Balur Opera Ho'uw to night aod J edwwOTfced.gboslBoMbe UIotOQ hooa* Abioged Inloy waatbarficm dull (? «h»rp lermometer at («r<*,* «od | er^ tbe ice* train tmong K\fim for » k < d o»ny yoan, , ^w Tbe Common Council bat ordered tbe fln m J , whleb .WSB rtonp. · ift«r ttrt» wlea»e io-iuortow night US6 cents, merted aaala M ill be allowed W haunt In ;p In ;peao*.'~Tb« oalks lo leu tkan fire mtnutoi. The oelke fit w besjoii to oirry joe from lafce IfopatwDg. · , KOBOIUSKO. lepartment out for Inspection on t»« eltej, ·bnrd ston« pubiUied ab^at,th» HlntOD p | t | ; » tt.H;3ennfllt, of Nswsrt, IB bavins but b i U d b ^ t t h » HlntOD icon of V7a»tlngton'a BIrUday,' The South TUB groOitdhog i*w bli a b a W l m t Friday hMBeaboiiftoWhat lengtbs ibma newipapen BoinuglytUtthBiriiMlsperfMtlyBolId and enoo m Nttril of.the Jewye, Who, at the ' *-+* 3©o»Um Volunteer Fire, Qootpoay will be In Jf be w a m t tailed,but that 'ate. welw bi cold Will go to Mcura seoeaWonal matter;., ·,·:_, ·-.;,, whenthicalse are worn new, onwcwbeln- time, ware very beafy, occasioned by Injuries toe and a foot thick too. · .-";-' ' - ·- ^ riled to pwtiotpattj, 7 weather didn't iMt but three dajTB coWBCU- ;'-~iwi"Je*i;A;,FerguH«i/'"D^ D-V pa»>3r'of fertel in tbe old pUte/toakiog tbe shots very nseived In being taken to the pound. Tliomoa Puer Is oonBuoJ to Ibe' Lt»u»9 frit Wllllara Fwe« Is on t i r d o k list with a At tbe meatlnf ol the Oomtnon COUOQU (hli the Hanover PmbyuriMi Cbnrcb, hoi b»en ·eonomiasi s i well oe handy.'; It has been man of teitlmODy wai lakea, occupying tbe a e W r e . c o H ; - . ' ' . · / . · · ' ; · ' ' , - · ' ' · ' ':": ' · '"·"" ·'·'·,-'' n acute attack of grip. . , '-.' ^Wcdnetde,}) tvenJog,: the clnik m i im thorpngllr; twtcd, and has proven" that no the Blepuini of Ibat flobk (or tbe put qvarr entire day, aod tha jury coneldersd a l o n g Isaac Roclnf ion pai been, c o t plaining for · Leontrd Brown and W. h. Dlokerson, gai structed to communicate with U e president, aioouift of'strain: can loosen tbe oalke of tbepupiliof Chestnut Gfqro Kjtiuol a elelgh of the Boonton Water Company, oekjng (or ter of ·' crntary, «id en Banday tuftwjll ^Bliiwipf make them a-orkflut, even :without tbe aieel Umo bafgre nadering a vardlot, wblob wme tbe p u t six weeksvbiit h«»' recovered, ro he Is -. ' '..: · oelebmtefheiiStb AonlvrrBmry,|jy preaoklui such fntormaUnn that h& «*a give rrowdltut .: -' '·'·· · *'us week,I<i farar of theplalDtiK, to tbeextentof <4T3 able toga about again.' : by gaodltorinmr'tb ivlllo Hotel but bfon kept busy enter- ths wo.ter supply for tbe town, Out year · lar'mbo approprtota to. tha mwailon.- Tb» pluwololiUuw4toka»Bth«ro|nnlaj]8, Tn« AWabam DlUy, t>l Flandert, Is woiklng In lalalog elelghlpg rattle* for tbe past ten dajB, baa pasted since tbe contract to supply tht ?··»-?> ·"··'-:-'·..·.'·.: tbe fur mill for Bandy'£ Bofion. . · Banover Ohsroh'lB (he notber church of ahoabafbacn pataotedln' Qa^'U andlfqg>yre B M t o u n Is to y Qeo. Earl, of tbla place, Is..foreman for town with water was ttgoM aad the ooa^'Thii Bdbntou Her»(iihaB gpne'itha »r»y "of that denomln*UontoMorrii county.--Banner, hinduwell atfo tb(s.ooDiitry.>AmOBgejP W ; : fc»ln|roadoan (YllUam Howell QO his Ice lake. Ho«oll has tractors ba,va not begua work yot. They e gr«ve jard of obllvloq eon- r Toe' revivalreer*lo«a >eUU conUmio with yert». 1* to wjMidwtd the beat born ahoa J«o*U, M. J,, FeW «th, ISM vtlb ua for Ianotbtr jeor. Heb t t U J I r NaugUrnbt ' nrty men employed, gathering las ou-the have one je*r more In which, to flulab tfae 8gr«moDtiIUiJ. N U l pepw t t t t .nndertook-- ton great'tba'Hcthodlst Caurob at -Ulna unotker n . \t any otia wants points oq the Cqrlptt and Tabor Inie. - He bm an order from TVomhly, rkor forfeit tbelr boad*.v.Tfli B o u d Qf JR|1|B|-Ibrjln totblnklnBHomebody ^(tohelf affair Ju»t ipk \otb.aflj Balc«r.. . olKadI»op, for twenty car leads', V ; Port Oimm. K*»Tly Mftnty ptnans taw* Yada bave .Allied for iaformiUon la the ; BuptriQUndmt for ailth*county papers hev* b,eea nrlntiDg at»adr ioade a t>rof*a»ion of religion.,. A Thoa, Anrtaroon expeots.hi m we to Osindan L H. UdtthB«fl, of Arlington, In caving bi ·The « « ' ot-' ;ler and tha people are getting curious. Mr. J, tt. K#Igbboar, -who p what a great crime'r have, ojiraltted. I about March lit. HBliinthaemploy of IV |m.mop residence at Tabor pat In order n tnteting wttl b. belJ «U day on Bundajr from ) taflng extonfedim'ifci north (or p \ M.toBp.-li. 'Ths nwmberBnlp and pos- intendaat of to* anD<)ftj wbool for aeventQM think It Is about tlmi they got larattb BI aa D. Woode&SoQB,of fhitalelpbla, and «Ub« maanentnw, D . U . f t J . S . F <lonof bafgege-wnllB:6»ing\unloa(I«l:frcni · FLANDEEB. ···it In a furnace. . ' · '' · ·-the trains. " ·.yi&^'^,v%$>if'~y?^'S*^^ ,, ' w l U b i aatlstid by m bWnd of ehrhtlan yean, aeked Uie.tMCberi to let him niign hU t o l e t n t s have njj,ro,y,ami tQInform iny to live nearer blapUiM at bmintn. Jem £tke moves la Mr. Andt-reon's bou*e>, poalUon at tb.'rpinln, o( t U y « r / The Willlau) Dicliaraon fllled bli ice b n w with Albert Faults baa purchased tbe email A i i a u c c n U w d e t U Ateici.nieaniioauc.e.cnUwd i d t a workMi from Marxlrtown aad Dover. Srery^ taaobera,' however, declined to accede to hU AtnsIMiiicrm.bvHtqlt'ltnden April tit, to pe&on orchard adjoining; hl> propsrty, forlady, that "nie lk«l Qftj-JoarawlUi b«r bodyareoordUUir fnvfUd lo come and bear requMt and appototed a oommlttw to wait thtt Mitbtrmy.drlvtr not mywltwi* »r- work for Mr. Bajesonto*railroaJ, : - Tlie young people of thUpIncsaadBoonUin isrly owned by Mshbn K", Tharp. * L ' . _ . ~ i « f ttp^ . - ; ' · : · ; ·· ''·'·-'!·'· '!·'···". -'.: ''·': rested.' All there was of the'affair was tbla n id^d^did^l'fldOfrliopaDf · upon Mr. Nol|bbour and express to him Uwlr My driver had not enooiili ol milk' to wive Kr. KaugbrlgbtrB.litUs' village, up t <taveUinBertha CoDperaBurpr|B3partylut Tboroai Beam, wbobaabeenills .. ·brttwllfa, 1 ^J unantaious desire for him to run da, . Mr. allhUcaitoinere,ao booght some supposing brook, IB for rent and petrties from Hie city PVidayevening; ^t which tttey.hid a meat ot bis JaugVter. Ura' UM, better looking for Idle away I a i a n t t i m e . "·'."·. . ' .--· ·*.-/· ··· ·.-.-' and bos returned to bis bome. -. Halghbour yielded to tbts view, aad aceepted It to be aU right, but was found not to be. up the summera quiet, leoluded spot toop tier*. Mt.and >W' Wftt ft;E can And juit tha fhoe L u t Baturday evening Elmer Dlckeraon Tb# union ser»icei ere still oontlnucd with i O t ^ c o m m n n i t j tn'tbe all the way from Mount the OSCB m& miorp. itr. 8. T. Bmfth ,WBI to (be standard, and It hslng: found in my Pr.-Axford baa been "(ripped" for w r < »a k a party of young people tbat were rUty< oad attendance. The putoh ore both boor«Bit^trv^*ria«MUDWJ» ohoeea'Aealatant Sapcrhitaadmt, Hr: J . K, Ums but ts oat night and day now looklD log bim Bltigb riding, and waitnvingapkna> Ing earnestly and considerable interest b u . . _ loimd - W ,A»fltt»i Manhtl Bra wo, Qecntarjr and Treuurer, Mr. Bwa posBCHionltiadtopiythe Oneaooordlng after nla pitlentB,-tbe bones. · · (tnttlmewhen tbaborM took fright, upeet- been manifested by ohurch memberl white y c emberi wblU lyram atopplog tft» tn* flawing of water In Clum and Mr. Fred Johnson, aeXlbmriaoi,- law..-. ,.:^\ '-· .EK7pOBTHA8T«R OT IlOKIi : Geo. Delp U painting Divld 1 Kara'e houw. ttog tfaa flbfeh., throwing the horaa and the W« andtntu'd thtt the pfflperi of tbe fial- taw tatter on Btaokwidl-strest.Jsss TtlSmj e pretarf a deore te become MTB ^ b lYU M ; ^aeob, lY«Ua«oc Ulidd. }} ^^ ; Uldd l whale party In a heap. However (bore ^ i « l « a i i Invltrf nlfht.eadhe too* him to U» lock op. U s vatioiiAmy^liyrIitowiilia*«l«aii Invlt lirfsUana,'. :; · V·'-'. ,';-JPof Criminal Asaonlt,' · ; Itindiy at her parents* bane Jn thia t none of the party Beriouily injured. ' Mrs. n Bteelman ipent one day lart tttm&tt to ihe-rerlTalBBWipce oew:beU« hadbtoooMi;io;tbormighly:«)riied,!hat be William B, ^unes, fba Fomp^n fanner wbo Tbo Worth Jersey loe company a r e i n i p p g , with her aUter at Dover. held at Port Or»m,!.'V :·;.;: V^.V O^.r-i" > 7 ooald net be token' betorf JitvUo* Gage notil from BlcliBeld BprlngetoNew York city, held in (1,000 t*U t o atnww B> thorite of Last we»ic lo* cutting was tbe great in ·* fTtwVwlfe otVt&DQM. Drimn, of Orange; afternoon of Baiurdny, wnere be was. fined Tbe mustoal Clrale hare amqgBd for one hendred c a n ef 1M par day.' erlip(asl!y asaapltlfig RatUo May gheppard, Ittttry. The civamery Ice houw la nearly grand arooertat VSm_Bimp*ou't, Frjapecf ; : ; ! !:; formerly ot thta! place, WM brinight;. h u e for i » ^ « i A - ' ' : ' r i - , ; - > ; _ r ; : - 7 . v - " ' . : - . ' L - . ' : - : - ; · · - · Htes Ljdia Youngs, cf --life, Freedom, and lled and torn* private Ice houses wereobn ttxteen T«»rs old, wai tried last week before Whiit waa the matte'r with tba IRON ERA ICarahal Bogan oh Wednesday arrested Bt, on TTedoeaday s-ronlog, Feb. 14. The b u l a l j«tten5Ay. / Tha int*nn*tit wai li ailed. Mr. tfcLaugblin ·(artedon Monday JmUce.BIeele on a,obarge-of,nonsupport kBtwDck. The suetcilber* at tbls oDoe ooly Ur; Will Bench, ot Jersey City, rpeut Buudi Qllioa; tba oroamerr ioe hoiueatNragbrlgbj Frank Kajan oo on e l l warrant Wfaen the following arti ts will reader a welt aelactsd preferred by hla wife.' Tb» oocustd was rrp- ·othalf of the paper.. What l»ime of tn nltb Eliair and Satis DIaker*oa : P'ogrami Mi*i ffrtoad* F.KIngiley, (pupil In the oantrdveny over the Kbiwl librai and boped to oomnlet* it on 'Wednesday, : Brv g at U k a Hopataong nwrry-fo-round i r u here lait laramsr B o y u of A.K Bagbyond Arthur Fricdbaoil, Hies rtseoted b j R I c U r d n a c d . i l , and.ihetora th h l f t Beams ai thougb the trustofs could not da Ur. and Mr*. Johu Dr*k«, cf Kewark, have klokeivparainotts 'eadtha niaaacem mod* ship by Eugene Bnlry. Mrs. Jones proved . There hMbeon conridtrtbla ilaknan In this t m a . b i o k « Into and, inched U Anderson, a notrf ebprano of Brooklyn, and atUr tban to iaveat torn* portiaq of It In a comptalot of disorderly 'conduct, bat he that ber buiband bad b n n paling attention vloinl'y and a number are still on the etc dictionary, I know when the fund waa raise been visiting with relatives end friends here d g ^ ' l b k a - ·' ·ijpprffmtaad did not return till Wedo**. Hr. If nehmor^an acconiplUMd Tlolinlat. A to ihfl young woman whom he Is darted to list. The prevailing disease Is grip. b u *>V it wastfn>promoters lateallon to include Ui( and at l i t Olive. ' Tdrt. Tbtodwe M«IIHB, of BUvia, Vaster Otho Bofitt, of Uewlbam, speot 'I Uteri to take. r - t r > V day,; JMttc«O*ge fined b i n »1 and oo^».;:, lifnlted number ot tide U kavabwo, pisctA have untilted , Tbe hasbsnd was rtqiirea ber house and lot to Cbarloi Stsrab, nht will above bock, and uolibrary Is complete with- BundaywithCbarllaWack. · . / o h o B. JttoMalrters, formerly; rt rtttii town, oaMlftftttfap f. i t C.'A.,*forwbcM benefit to pay Mr*. Jonet t 3 per week farharmiln- take panenfea In April. Conglderatl^B, 11, tU · · MIBB Ll^la Parker, ot SchooleyVHonnb u been'app«lat«d:iwoftiTer,'1;of U b n ' l d i ' f thecooceitUiiTeu,' Tbe^.pltpl* will render tain, b u beeo. apandlng a few days with Hiss ;. 'V'.''i^florportrait Offer.'. · -.-*.*0 : "" Bnittwn OompJiny, o« DrooHyn, org«*i(«ia W d h i '';' ' ' ' ' ·\Pp'nnderataud Ui«t one or two Baptist Jennie Thomas, of this place. ·" . On our ttaand page we print a coupon that " - · : - . .:;-:· * > i '· · LEDOEW00D AND TIOINITy. under the- towa^if Me* *«iey.'^ · · ^··,-;.1.i-P-r r preoobers came to Milton to hold revival Fred r<|lv«y, or Brooklyn, U viilUng at the ' * The *lokel-Boh»rsT« Oa#°/ Tbe Amedcnn*ForcIte Tofrdar Warki ' p f l l b b U ^ y X ; i i r i will entitle tae holder, upon presenting toe ·:.:v-K^!:-v'-.Vet«an>AiMntion.'-^ ·-·· ·, meetings In tbe Usi'llat Churcli,, but on ao Landing rtsiitn(Hl wort I«\it Monday to \ bome.of his undo, David A. Hloboltt. Tha Stroadiburg Ltiik baa same with 00 em*', to a life das portrait at ftdeBtaloifi*»aOii»t«InifaiT Mrn. John Is cooflned to the bonne Through the effort- of the Y. M. a A- Ma j. ohara-e against Bcbwats, as tbe fotlowfcg will count of there being no wood, (D .warm the great delight of the employee). - · thsgalleryof W. Oott#r, o» Snsiw'itreet, coaroh with tfa.y left. Well, Itllton has had · A ilelgh load of youns peaplo, from Porl wltb a oold, but wo hope that she will noo Ingi'wwkat'· JTMOBt'and,bartifMr » Dover.; Mr. Ck*W h « been mad* photo: Patrymple.of Korrtatown, la bookidtoad- · h o a r . ' · · ' .-··"·· · - ' - ' · · · : . ' · ' " ·'' ' . . dmyiBt^HMtatab'ort IntorraJi:1 :>- * ' > I,»Qtoa\'ttter, PrtetdenttJUieEaat Slrouas- a pretty good slfga of revleBtfflfetlacs 'hla Oram, made ua a call last Saturday evening t » fully recovered. traphu, tae. Dw<r .ftBtnlMry .at.lfadUoo» d«aithjJOldeoKl|en y tDUltU4n'3«oa«Q(«tfall and winter, in the Melhcjjlit Churon ol Tfa Turd'* Supper wai observed In' tb \Bdwmrd y, an alt arennd bom, wai »r- which is a reocfiiitioo of bla m*rlt« as an ·rauf, at Qraee Cbarob, Qover, nest Sunday iijrg Kitloni] fiani, do herefcj certify that a (ii Qve wBakg umdiiijtod liy tfae piittoi-, Rev. J. ·ad stopped at Soberr** hotel tohoroa good terlao Church ] IB t Sabbath moralng hcarinC |x*l» W. K. SMmui 'waa hud of (he edi rnitd bj IfWabkl ?*gan U* nlgtt for being artist that > highly oomptloHntary, and his aitofnomat 4/oVIoolr, EUnoe bur Tost has agolaft BugEnn J. Bcliwwi far forges;) oat V A. Tnarn. and a'tiro woek«','meeilDg con- time aud tbey bfti It,' oi ope olirnra " B had two naw member* were reoelvad. when enjoying Uarat'i hoepiiaHty. drank end d'aorderly and tbl» mbtnlitg Jo>- ponpof the faculty o* tbat lutltntioo Is k osepted a i UvitaUon to turn aa\ In a body omcers present, vit:, r.j.jajUer, t . M. Staple* ducted by tbe evangelic Ri*. Coarlei F / e t t y mclniiaad games kept up until late at nlgbi H M. Boverelgn, of PottersviUe, ^ UMBro«ofliwdhIiD.»2.00atid.C5tt». . . r mutorfieoe or pbotograpby.- R* also re- . f r u i t »M member* wpl endeavor to bspref and myself. Directors, along with IU sttornBy, bo- men, of Paiormn. .Tbepeojile pf MllUm have hon nil departed for home and 'vowed tin Sunday ititb bis brother, ThornM Bovereign, 1 : Jeoob Alpiugh mala «. (lying visit at Q o*lndoni><DfriipTlsssoa-arBd by the New ·at.' Letthoae wfaohaire nolforins'wcarthnn In«sauaf)Bd Uiat Itr. Schwan hail cammlUed no thus bid ample opportunity to eooept offered 'ouldtnokaanothercall.' . , Prank (bU , · bnikiin)aa,' fell ttota the t'^ wilhoutaniuor:beltfl. ; ^All Vftarans ere Inman Valler lait Paturday. \ withdraw tha charge and had tbe c salvaUon, and thtwefailed to reiponil, If enon · l t »t TTWlloo lart Baiardaj vs Yard Harald for « U > r t ;photographB of called beow, ;muet stand .before tna grtat Oaeofouryounginliiibltantaliiapurohasod ~Atu*own coet -.·· - - - . Shrtln Hlldebrantajid Miss AdaMrisott 1 ohlldren sent to , to»* piper.-; Cut; oat a vitedtojiln us at W PAit rojm at 3:30..' · dlalccated hit aaonUer, iribunBi ttltboat any excuse for rash.'grew a new slo'gh nnd ipebutstlan la rife as to who spent latt Caturday at Mendham. ;' ' UILTOM TBTTBR, rrerfiUsui bobppa and take It to Sir. Goiter &4 get toe » t o BhaiB tho fint rlda in it. ' unUl t if b l IVenlny Drake h u bad hla hourebold gri benaflt nf tfali most liberal gift of ef totde tf/ Tbe sleighing is.flna en<l the yauunfers arc removed, to tbU plaoe and bos taken op >w brigade en soroo of our diatrlets 1 * J^Th« rnonthiy a local nempMter... 'Vyitlwnt t\ff ooopoi atrnck b y ParolyBls.*. \ ··_ rn out l u t week to sbovelopcn tbe lalclng tbo mo it of it.' We wish si ma of out residence among us again. Undh«axted ilHage. talhera would, Uke the t i n . DtDle] Williams and son, Roy, if. Bilker, farmer r o a d s . · · · ' " . · . ·- · : , · - filiflstooda ' 'Bterworth on Friday evening li«>/swl«jras : of 9d>oole}'» Mountain, met with a « d alllio- . On Wcdneeday etentng of. lait week tha jouDgpeoploout ·WghrUIng. \Xag would Peterson, are spending a lew dayi with Mrs. Aawoih one of the mdat enjoyable of tbeierfes. V;-.v-v ·_. ; Williams1 parents, Her. and Kirs. D. K. tloa Wednesday morning. Ia company with blacksrhilb (bop of Ur. Z?plisr O. Talmagp, llKetogoniio. , Work has comminc*! on the «B.Q&\ nni ~ A delegation..'rpm Plute .Tribe; Imprawd Frambea a fetrtd saoa Mid a, yoBng lady she was on ti burned dawn. Ithak Qr* (rcm aehu j.wt In ait |»Oajr night* P J j g flro glad. It which bniipened to contain some lire. O. R. 3L. ot this to*n, paidftfraternal *Wt llrt. John Fither entertainKl over Bandaj ·ray to.Wathlngton withitqttaollty of efff obutlng on Bow* Bfnet, among toem }Vb\t There wa* not auy school Friday li Mil inuntaCUr. Plibor^s and also l u t week butttr and oiher f*rm -produce, tmd wb« Trowbrielga'whii'wae abidnman of tha sled. Mattie Kacoa departta^ut u she attended the alecs for a snort time. tieair Andmon aao saHered a sSVfr* Btroki teacber*a exsmluatlon at Dover. Coming do?nv ttirBr.wtre «wan on th» sled Mrs- Wheeler Corwln, and U n . Oorwln. paral riti>i rendering · her · rpreshlers, and Xlant«nanf-OoniinMdor' a t W . V MX, ARLINGTON. Charles Barrett, of Mendbara, formerly and youm TfbwjbHffgo itctrid to one tide to Kenvil, »ptut Wednesday with H n . U. . .'jUngher aide, rfgH arm. and right Ifg. '"·Vr% E. P. Frothlnabam and meld tbla place, paid us a vltilt lost Bsturdsy. \Y Diterao ib»en ordired wi the loagneilWuid ffy avbtd·'rlklngatoam.aiml gnptheliltl.and irere gild to see him looking no well. The journey tq WaehlDgtun: was contl Ia«t" Monday In our town. '.'· : : - V i a i i FolUdelj-lilv relieving qoounsDder J. got wfar oot ot tb« road t£tk with Uie bea-y Mfa* Urn.ce Wenn ppeiit Monday at TeatlMpwrferodpflw; . . Among tboptiutsat ItmtloTltla lait Sun. 'WillinmBchaer, Ur.,iMt a valuable haroa ode. wbemft pnjtl Isn was snminonfd, »cd her - B. Cogbf(ifit'irlit> !· P1*064 f n 1TM!l*to* order". load It wai ia>'noe»iblB.far: blai to keep conretauiul througbout 0 « w i l l , · . -. ; case treated. Bhe yrlU reoover.-Jemymhn. day wen Mr. W. O, I)£mp»y and Mrs. C J. laet Monday. There it sonw talk ot atarUng a ]o3ge here, ""'fibarlea Wlidrick,'"ft'lawyer.1"w iears old, trol of theflylr>EE:biiek';andthey r u l o t o a w f l B the now.-:-,' ;V."·,·.,:,'· Dampiey.:· ot UorrlsUiwn, and Mlai Kettl< . Bepj. Alno, of Brooklaud, !s cuaQuod to hi that of Knights and Ladleanf tbe Golden * waBarrfBtedA^tatpinBlaBl-lritoini.War. flro hydrant,"' Hr,'TrowerJdge was knooked WtiwKfsori bome dangeroinly 1 1 tulTcrlng from a pin 1 Mellck, of DOT«P. · , t t J M d d « j f o r n b d u c ( l i i g a l 3 - DUff, and It wiu thprilht that bo woe aerloqOy lytls stroke, a little botkr at thf Lut Saturday Uesira, A J. Smith oi derate and test her, . o are %lwi to atate, th*t Mr*, Oeoi hurt. He WIB tikeo U> hla bomft, and fortun- The preaohlog last Sunday waa u tuaol up Hetir} Beb»r*tent1othul*ige»ToodH»pt writing ' -· · t o f prictloaaworth, -,Hand, wLo h u been cooOnsd to tbs hsusi l t ) y t E U : toth«mark.; Theevsugeliitlo Berricee w e n Chorea for theporpoc a of putt(t>g In a p* ately alter a couple days'of penflnement hn is Henry Baleer it d,>t>g«rously ill with blow ·Ith illaru, 's vi ry much improved. 1 poaUotwd two sight* thla week!: Wednrsday ffftis. Insomtt way tbegtan dipped «nd pol»o - lag caused by running a piece of gtati atOfltb be about again,''though-prettj «or« · Tb'a'day reflects a li WiiWioAbiaiWMnl K Hmee, o from the i nisht Piden Stiles; of Horrbiowii, waa the Mr. S:bter rBBBlfed' a, deep out. lii bis band, "nWahjioiV Btarmmry udoubttul / *" ; i AUla»flathdrtrilra>i«pSf, :.. , Tort Oy«mi"t« ; t»«C the; bruihwlhat tha - OoRte at Coat. s p t a l c e r . " D ' ·. · - ' '···-:·. ·'·· · ·'.-.'·^·.- f . - · ; Ha did not pay tnnpa attenUon to It uoli Rev, Mr, Fox,of Atbury Park, preacbet: To Either ·tawllns woman Qqwm, Dfmocrata dalin1;:Senator.Bradlpyuied to Tbe CfljIsUan Kodoaror Society, of . Tbe Oeo. IUcharda Co. ore eellin* tbt bal Saturday evening when bli arm. began t Sunday morning and evening. A revival ···' ;1 . . i u r * w ··?··«*···'·'··:'.i . piece nave aeeepud u invitation to vhitthe (well and became very painful.'- He Buffe bribe Jits Warto the ^Mato,·ItM.onexhlpl talked fit, nlta a toclable by the Willii oa ot their ttooh of Ladles1, .Ubee Chrlitiaa EnieaTor flodety;-of Fflxalppany gnat agony during the night, and in th Worksrs. Pn&W \yilUmoa and William 0dckie Iun ! , . ChilJroD'a Cool* at costone week ttom next (tanday, · . : -' ' . morning called ID Pr. N. H. Adilt, of Bucca- Miss Holoa Jleulnger, of Port Uarrlti, svm ' retired from the .mploy of the fleo. Ricbarde ~IteoiUtnm^MiilJV l i r t l l <« a l t '' Company aod bare porchaiod a meat and with that pals In the; beck; when Klllgore-f . The teaebers* meeting wai held at Ura, JJ. jumifl, and Dr. Helden,oIStsnboDe, whobeW the latter p\rtot tat week with her notbe' Oar Satire Stock John>OD> on Thursday evening. '- '·'··>·· > rl. county. 1U»n"It|"'*»i In SuiBfi.'; There'a vegetabfe Wrtpt In Bani ltreet, Sewwk. X X Porous rioAer, will give yon rfJW. a cptuultaUoa and pronovneed it blooj pala of tbla pUce,' .. WAO. : " Ur. Bdward, Drake I». hiving hiif lot.«: anlcg. HaUitHI In a very precitfoui cocdi of Winter OoadiwJU be told at a aa 'QtiitB a alff«T»0W- bltireen « a > o i coiti an They are both young m«p of character tud Dover Bee. Hlva. *150 aw! roeti. H*n> U Is chnpflr tbaa Uon, bnt all hope for a speedy recovery, -;·''. Senuonta otS Special *Valuei .: bUHy, and tbtj have » koat of Mil Cllltlibatt tailaerialnisg»1n. UlnLUiloIorncli, of Dovir.Uvisiting tbi big V>\ ol torn fttboll price at the D itetai*,^ * 'Vi^-V^.^Vv-,':-.:'····:-"- ·'· Ottered la a now| eompleto llnei of Croaa Bo We o n Blad to see Hlw-B*dl« NmiQ able «**·· IhemabMnlontreturim Uuvei I<9*vs tbls week. · '· ' · TTnolalmed B»«orof J, H. QrintBK*^'.-':'·'·.;·:· · : Geo^BJDharaa' an iddUion to from tttlr'naw venture- . . : UuBlioa, Hamburg Edglnga "and Tcrcbr Letter*T Bemalsiiur t Cover, N , J.i n tl be oat again, -" ' ' We wo very glad to note tbut UaiUr . OSIEB i tho L*iiaalej nmue^ffla :UorrJa itrwt, pot In JIWB at the Dover Baxir of J. n . Grimm. Baker, wao h u been qulU 111 for tbe i«il Ths Gloria* BUaia B e a u r . Dover, N . / , , Fob. 8th,I8M, ;. ., SUaTht?i , The jouug people have been taklae::ad' few weeks is now able to be out ngs.fa. Bteam beet and fllIUirflTe^ POT ntOBtroted drraUr. aend to Tbe J 8 K. AndcrBon, IVm. Cooly, (SI * voatsge pf (ha now* as insny know.. Then ;. Bl'lghride partioi seem rjiilta in vogue At balf-pBit four last Saturday "rooming A Few Data Zioagec, G««9le,Cngo, MInola Hill, went a load to Usditon Monday night W£ In tie cellar of Btichaathi» -vlelaltj. · · IltBTlOA.TB. LHialllcki, JuIUA.Ctng, . Theaptctnl tiro wnkaale oowbilng M UatUe Lawrence, Milton H. Bmilh, it Ed. I*. & F. H. Diekeraonv'wlllbe IdaSUU. f ' b d G r to make To ohUta any of the above letUrs aoy " ad ·weep of all winter goods hybarga ertfMd" and give daU of this Vat, offered throughout cur entire stock. P. 8, ALLEN, P. M,



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HOW A MIGHTY NATION HAS SUNK EH Perkins, who was recently in St. NEW MEXICO, FROM PLENTY TO WANT. JoUn, N, B., when asked how the CanadinnB felt about the Wilson bill, replied; lQt]U*lrifl Crlji|iled mid Kulucil Alitl "There ia great rujoiciug all over Can- Tlielr ricturcquo Appenrniico l o Tiiell Autumnal TradlunVtiliKtoTinvn--Sitmo* purity rictiDE Vefura tlie It to Tnule ada. 'Now,' enirt tlie editor of tho St. John Telegraph, 'we will havo ft Cana- tliiQB Abuwt Tlifclr Vvai HUtory--Tlte (Jp*oter-- A H Open I-*lttc tu tli« Hon. \ dian boom. The MeKinley bill knjwkod I.eiion Kit Cnrtoii Tauyhl Tl.em. X. Wilton. out the 40 lime fnctoi-ics abont St. John "Tho inost Interest ing puonieihat I Oue year ago the largest trade ev< liut free limn TJJIU noon eUtt them n j knotvu in this conntry gave promise o; aitain. When tlie now "Wilaou tariff bil of tbo tunny rnceaof tlio Houtliiviat," said prosperity anil national wealth beyond is passed, we will make over (1,000,00 tho tourist nnvly ntunicd from a transcontiimntal trip," were tuoKuvaJaTudtnus sick headache (me- wind on the stomach backache Biliousness . all precedent. Mills w a e crowded witb ·worth o! limo nronnu St. Jolin nnd sen ID Xiitv JlexiM. Arriving nt Albuqui-rqi work and nil kinds of business stimulat- i t to the States. Oar own Canadian ships late nt night, 1 bad begun to dresa about grim or heniicrania) pain or oppression · pain in the side indigestion (dyspeped, giving promises of the best reenlti will carry H to Bouton. We will hel linlf pnat 8 o'tloek tbo next morning, wbi heaviness around the heart · nervous headache sia) a trnuinliiiB of hoot* cnlled'inu to tlio wlnUtt K M wounded AiuUUJ, WU5. at I'aeca York police ilcpnrtmeiit. A new rap-u l t nt Chicago His mojeety Hex u u Kow cuterpriEes started un to BWUU \,h< our fanners nud sailors.'" fluttering of the heart disturbed sleep sickness at the stom- dull headache burg. Ha ia tint or tbe Uw j.rlvotes whu id transit bill for the Iwucllt of New taken po&sesalon of Ketv Orleans, and car- rnst volntue of comuicrcinl trade, ' " B u t bow will thjs affect tlio 101 [low, flndluoktaguut iliutown BCCIU' * ba in Ihehamls ot IHIIIUHB. TlironB nightmare'" jaundice (palpitation) uivsl has begun---Policeman Lanahan every Bfgii of entcritriso was hang oni limekilns down nt Kocklnnd, He? hare ever eeoWod a uicdul of honor from tl.e York city was iutroducej In ihe owsctnlily ach (nausea) doors Grille Inr^e stores on tlio main i ovei every door in tli« laud. Yet in om hot and throfibing \J. B, t n e n m u n t for diaUnftuidboi liravrry, pimples Three IIIKII sdiuol boys ware killed nt killed til* wllu and tli«n committed suldfie yenr the hopes linve nil been blunted, .tin aelced. irritability Indians were passing lu sud out or, heartburn and Be ttwd un tbe wa'I of tbe fort at Hpu IL railway crosulng iienr Full Hlvci A in Philadelphia ofTlie "block been neigh" 'Why. those Kuox, Lincoln uud Wi grouped upon tho plutformn, wcro vxaiu. head . . ·. borhood" system voting bos adopt- enn of prosperity line gone dotvn, one fulness of the stom- nervousness TanlA In the bloody angle, and KM the tung of ruOlnns made an ntlnck upon tbe ed by the Ho publican a In ludUna do county luneuiuken) have ulread Ining nnd cheapening gonds nH t>nrnL-stly loss of appetite (anocoldness of hands and depression of spirits man that lived In lliat (ix.t. Mr. Huyee w u ]iTha\{i car ot Mm. Inland Stantoru at Charles (iooderlch hns been chained to hla gloomy clonfo have covered tho VJ closed down. We can get o a r raw ma- DBjcomitry iMnnluniifilit do In nKvwKng* ach (distention) rexia) Dnrinp tbe prcsiJuutiiil cuuipaigu tlie terial cheaper here, nud labor is cheaper land villngo on ciittluelioivilay. Uutbow Vina, Uttl. There lnw been no further wounded itTon day* before the HUB] IU feet . ' ; . . ··:,·;·; shortness of breath great mental deprescoated tongue iijlerftrcnce with Amvricun commerce In lied for ayear and a half In Kenuebunkport. pledge was made that "if you will only in Canada, nnd wo caa knock the Yan- pictm*nNr|He, i:vi-ii in sordid barynluin dor. and up to that tiiver lodt a llie tinrbor of Uto.ItmtUo. It Is repotted Me. He is 28 yearn old and demented. hot skin '. elect Cleveland your wheat will bring sion (dyspnoea) were tlieso duwky oh Idrai of the plali liadiastein the mouth during the wliole war, ©Diluting when s tlmt Admirnl Wcllo Is dead Thot-'oadl- The men on the Northern Union and BoutIv- dollar a linehul, corn will go up to th kees out or compel them to come I mountnliiHl sallow skin *7 t«»a years of age. dizziness (vertigo) general debility . torpid liver tlon uf the czar of Itussla in reported to crn Pacific railroads arc talking about highest figure, and tlio nation will enjoy here and work for Cauadinn wages. A report from Shelbyrllls, lud., Thta beats reciprocity, and there won't ilia wife had an equally inttruting ei ( «rl be showing Btcaily imtu'ovemem The striken Down Dm cciilcr (if tlio wiilo anndv the greatest blessings ever known." B. funcrnl nl COD stance Fenlinore Wool- saya that General Harrison aud Afrs.Ls. G. Dan, In bin weekly report, s h w be any more talk in Canada abont an- etreit n doxen mounted In din OH were dri eucu Weglvolt worn- rva.ler* in h-r BOII look -iilsce In Hnmo nml tlmt of Uottluo land Stanford are to wed. A member of nexation after wo get tlio Wilson bill.' ins » biiinl nt ynung, unbroken harac word* expressed in tlio following letter : Yokes In London The Kentucky houM Mr. Harrison's family denied the sUiry-- how this promfso linn Uoen fulfilled on " 'Then you don't wont nnnoiatitm?' porno rlrlliif! nliend l o prnveiifc n stnmped A Porklmrstlan movement lias broken out Dec. SO: adopted a resolution dunlKUcd to affect adiu ttiat direction, and tlio nllu'ra, In a half Bold. .... "and my nerves ««·« lu u very wcuh con- versely the conflrmntion of Mr. Pack ham fa New Haven---The crew of the schooner "Slartiotf with tbe largest trade ever " 'Not with free sheep, potatoes, circle behind, urging fnnvard tho herd, dili-io. J bud uo r*(rotiling b!oe]> anJ ft by the United Stntca nennte A bill de- James and Ella stopped her leak wll known, uiilla crowded witk work aud horses, butter, cheese, burlny, bops ani Hera were perlmp* CO vll.l steeila whieli tired and droggsd out all the time, I wn» nittned to puttintop to "trentlon" waili clotulnR and got her safe Into port The all business fitlimilnted witli high hopefi, bad utver known elnble, fodder, bridle or extremely nrrvoiis that wlicu the ilwr In trDduail fti tho Mimsnckusvtta legislature Boston police cleaued the billboard! of the the year litm ban jiroved fn sudden lumber, Now we will saw nil our luin< upur, hlpjipliig liigli nnd prancing, with ber in Canada, dress i t and knock oat wild oycB gtauciug miBplttoimly about n rang 1 would bcream out nnd if uur of II Mgr. Bfttolll will return to Roue when freshly posted, highly colored theatrical shrinkage of trade, in commercial disa advertisement*--Mrs. Laura CaaweU hat your Yankee suwnulls. Before, nndei tossing innnrs nnd tnlh. Every fon- ym tlio pops IITIB tliut liin own life Is about to children dropped anything H would ollwt n close. A report from tlie Aincrlcuti Icol- been refused a divorce from her husband, ters and depression of industlies tli tho McEinley bill, we floated onr logi they would nil yntliRr log^tber with their tbe same way. Ifgo Rt Kouie iinld Ihnt M((r. O'Connoll, Ita ho is In the Vermont state prison for life worst for CO years. The yeur closes with over to j-our eawmflh), with the bar henclfl toward tlio renter, mid it wan wit "My wort WSH very fiaid and txhauali Representative St. John of Havarhlll, jrictn of many products tlie lowest ever on.ns raw material. B u t n o w w o w i diilkulty thnt thjuclrriacoiiltl ho brokr victor, will hucceed Mgr, SIUDIU aa aposat that Uui«. My ajipeLfle anil dl^estfi tolic deleKiito A raid on cablm of tbe Moss., will Introduce A bill to prohibit I known, "with millions vt workers neck- send yon moldings nnd planed bonrfls-- and tha liorscn urgwl v\a\t^. At n Knnnr were w y poor, and what I iili e»t dii u riotous inlncm In Woodvillr, !>«., resulted neck and short nkirteil dreg sen on persona iugin rain for work ami with clmritylii- mnnnfacttirfld lninbor.' a littlu wsy ilowti the iiwnuo ihe herd wn da me much good. 1 was one da/ a >ltig tn in the discovery o( tlie atutrchUt liead- who IIHIICC In public uorinfftokefriuaclt Bufferingnnrt Ktnrvn·"Will this wales lumber cheaper ii held by 118 ridcrH, n crowd of people «ntl my family i>bytlclau for liolp, not being n' M'ediitidar, Fab, 7. qiiorlura. Many nrreats were mnde lion in all our cities." crcd, und trndlttc evidently b(«ua nt vac the States?* I nsked. lo work any locger In that condJlIim Five ini'D weru badly burned In n fire dnmp In the senniB Messra. Hawley, Frye, Dan. after all. ' . :l ' ' . ' . '·· ··-·'.' utnlively rnlp. The report of BrndBtreel'a gives bit 14 k " 'Oh, uo; but it will go up Iti CimaHa, t'xpliixioi) ut I'ui'iitlc City, I'a. Five Bail- icl and Harris took part In th« debata on Wlidt does n\1 tIlls* rrowd ol Iudlan ors were drowned utai- Hiilifiix while Lry- the federal election laws repeal hill. Tho little uioro encouragement and confirm We will get'tae benefit.' iftcaiir' InsktiJ at tho liny Tram Mlsaoui IIIR to tench bloro from a wreck In " U p on tlie St. Lawrence the other who brought up my hot ivnUr. vott on ihe meanuro was postponed until the ead testimony not only (if K, Gr. I»r, McGlynn, in nn intci'viow in Do- today. The finance committee decided to San & Co., but of every hopeless citlzou day," catd Mr. Perkius, " I fcmnd thoCa·' 'Tiiciii'n Knvnjoa,1 tw. »i»id. 'The Hret trolt,fitntes more niroiigly llinn ever hli give iio tariff bearing*. In the bouso da- of the United States. nadlnnfarincrsalso rejoicing, They said; lot of 'em'a jiint gut Infer town tcr do tlielr Deposition to poruclinl Hthoulrt. The liielorj* of tills tuition, which is in bate on the McCrcar/ Hawaiian resolution " 'Our ulicep will Uo worthfLSOapiece /all trmllng. They've lining blnukcU* FrlJaj, Feb. a. was finished. TIip JJlnir nmenilmoat and a largo iiwnsnre taken from tlio worda m o i e i n C n n t i U n s soon as tlio Wilsoi jiooles Ur nwnji (or ntl\crrtolliirannd n : The ilebiite oil tlm tniifT bill lu MIL- lioutl the Hilt eubultuLe were voted down, but d sontJnienlfl of Icmlinif stiitesincn bill U passed. Our furmera will bo jnsl truck.* IVIIS closed by JMeMrw. lived, Crlup am no vote eould be obtained on tho resolu- mich as WnHliliiffton, Adutns, Jerteiaon, as well of! as yours, and better, too, foi "After bmibfiiiit, wden I went out an ; Wilson, nml tho hill wm prwscd by a roll tion itself Governor Flower sent to tlie UadUan, Jackaon, CUiy, Webster, Ltathe etrutt, I was muuli linprcHwd by thu uf 204 to 14U, nmUl Hcents ot tho urcatei New York senate the name ol Dr. "W. T, cola, QnrBold, HnrHsou And n. liost o we still have a tariff against overytlrlui upprnrnnco nnd wity.4 «f thoau nlwrlgimt you make. We enn tnnko a "Botunj Ilotli men nml wmncn nre of good size, wit excitement. The iiicmuu tnx nineuiimeul Jenkins on health officer of the port was also paused. JutliOficnnle Secretary of Now York. The senate judiciary ethers, SIIDWB that in the periods of frco Bay" of you Vnnkces, and yon con't send nmsaho ligurtw, <I|IFII, Intelligent laces CnvUiilo's bond i»mo nnn tk-batcd by committee will investigate tho Cluta t d ? , low tariff ot tariff for revenw a yard of cloth to us.' antl InipreaHivi! dignity of miinncr. LlglitMessrs. AlllHoii,nul|i]i nnd Stfwnrl Ses- Incident. A now police commission bill flnnncifil (lifiiwU'rs have elwuya com " 'But won't It innke fthuen nnd horses cr In tint thnn mnny of tho Indian tribefi, ntnrj- Herbert soiit JI illHimtcli to Admiral was Introduced iu the assembly--George ipon the loud. It is nlso true that the and beef cheaper in the Stntef^ I naked. their fcainrcfl t1is|i|ay ninrkedly the Tiirtar OF N E W J E R 9 E 7 · DOVfiE. K. 3. B«n(mm, njipTOVirghl» cnurw ntltto. Tin W. CliUda \vn» hurled In WoodUuds cemv nntionnl tlSstrosa bronght on by BUCII un" 'Why, of coitrfie not. When tho Mo- cLiirnctcrlstleB, To inu they OH ulroiiR; u-l^rts of tho mlmlrfll nml Minfstfr tery, Philadelphia The annual muting wise fltid nti-Amerlciiu logislution has Kinley bill pa^ed, the price full in Cana- BuggiiHtnl ii Jlougnliiin its foniD oilier Ii ot tho Now York State Medical society b«- never been removed until (hu ]>ea])l u d a juat tlio amoiiiit of the (ariflf.mid now dliui |)eonk'8 don Hi-mltic ibrlvatinn. were inivclo public Alturney U < (jau iu Albany Andrew Voy teetllled for came to their-senses wid compelled tb Tbcycnmu In from ttii'Sr roscrvntk K tuck ton In nn opinion to Go renter 1 the defense In the trial of Couglilln for tbe politiciBm to pflfifl ft high protective tnr- they will go u» atfaiii as lii«h as they an evory imluiMii in pnrtU^i vnrylntf In nnmIu the States. Von soe, the products o: Lcr from n rlnglu fiinilly up to COorC wngHfHtcil tlmt the unllnnry court pro- murder of Dr. Cronlu In Chicago A. J. iff law, imcTAULKixirrecTrKn. l . t , 1603 5,000,000 peonU don't tiflkct tlio price o( liicmlHUTi n»d Giii»p just onleiilb tha U>wi cifdiugB bo followed in determining Mctnurlu WHS selected by the Democrats I would miy to you, in (ho language uliicli Is tlio 8i>iiate uf Nt-iv J the products made by 05,000,000 people. BlccpliiH In tliti«iu.'u nfr or ftiirftcred Ii TRAINS I.BAVE DOVER AS FO LLOWB i In tho Jlisaleaippi legislature to encceed Jlr. Clcvclund, "it Is a condition, not n The tail cnu't wug tlio (log". If wo old uruiyttnUmid liIankttHntrctchctl froi Ocnrae W. Davids, a well kuowii nowupa* f-enator Wallhall at Washington Great FOE New -Tork, Newatk aud Elizper man of I'oiiKnkcepHie, Is deiul The crowds of pleasure seekers witnessrd. the tlieory, thut confronts us," ami would bigger thnn thu BtateB, w e would coiitio! poles. Every duy ot my stay they came In wit tuulr branebn. Buflnlunml LttiiaiiiKlmrjj charter restora- parade of Bex aud other Mardl Ores remind yon that tlio condition is n sad yonr markets. Tha Wilson bill will into tho public ofjuiire or upon tbo : abeth, at 6.40, A. M.i 3 28, G:G8 p. M AGENT KOH THE WXLL KKOWW "1 bid read and heard a great deal abm tlon bills pHRBCd tlionssunihlj- nt Albany features In the city of New Orleans--- one. aud tlmt it id the legitimate result glre Cnnnctn un nwful boom and kill flu- Street to trade. To Sec tUtso dusky r . Dr. Greene's N-trvura blvod end rorve ren. after-n hot (Iybt--Tlio French chamber Advices from Honolulu say that tfae pro- of the free trade policy of you* execu- nexMion. If W\\a taking off tho tariff b j Bitting hi uiistiidlcil plclurufiitio ultltudcs SNDiM, 6:63 P. M . edy, and that day 1 tnok up a p*|'.er ami >a- of ueputlcx voted conlldcnce In tliogovern- visional government Is extremely angry at tive and of the principle sot forth in th theWil&ou bill didu't beiieilt mCaiia< upon their poukw, holding iu clecCn herd For Philadelphia at 0 46, A M; moreof tbe teal (moahtlF, Tlmt very lUy niotit by 850 to 100 nt the close of the de- tho refusal cf the American nud Brltlah ·Witaon tariff bill, of which you are th dians, what would we be rejolcinfi about? of TtsUcm linrtiCH wlille (valtlntf for bnycrB, 8:28 6:58 p, a. SUNDAYS, 6:53 r, u k IXJT OK gdtaU]tUt>audconiuiencnltaklnKlt, Befur hntL' un tho conditiou nf the nary Tho ndulHters to attend the celebration of author. Reyortu Irom 080 uoircayouil "Would wo rejoice if yon were to get .the was a sight that licut pictures, They woro stylo hut cosily Second-hand Parlor Stoves I bad taken the first Iwttfe I could nee ttint ( Pull Mull GnztUoieafflrniB,%vHhFiiiftlifi. Abrogation day and nmy Bend their pasa- ents of tho American Protective Tariff benefits? I think not. This WU is worth Bomlirercs or old tnulers.atid somefur enpa cuthnii, its (mstrtloa that Mr. Glads torn norU to botli of them For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, bought from Ihe of them Severe storms w u helping me and : wai lotVag buttur. will soon retire from publlo Hfe lie were encountered by transatlantic- steam- league, from 44 states of the Union, millions to Canada/"--New York Sun. had Mexican spurs nt their hcela. Other- Asbarr Park and points on New Ia good condition and tor cole at & barest! ·· I hare now taken five bottles noil tit no publlcatiB In ttid Kew York etaU Ecnftti ers. A Kwaslftii steamer was wrecked on ·how thnt tbe present depression ia H wise) tlidlr coatimics wcra puro Knvnjo, Stove r«[M<ra or all kiuda will b e lamlihad A! fe.-l tbo lined of any moiv, b?lng completely dralnred Mr. HEoCarty unseated, but thi tho const of Cyprus with buckHkin or calico jumpers, bactakln York and Long Brauob Railroad, short notice. Poriiculnr attention giv ' The pops la noon to to tho feeling created by threats of tariff l'roleoUon'.EIeotrioCurreul. thli bmnch . Ifgsinga, irtoccnslnB nnrt mnwilvn silver or- at 0:46, A. if; 8:28 r. M. · cired, I slvup well aud liavo a fpad uppo Uciiiocratii eaid the voto M-AB Illegal and an encyclical urging unioa of tbe reform, It in reported tlmt n delegation Tho MoKlnloy lurifl Is probably (Uo ttaiuDntBin ibos\inpe of brncclcts, cnrrl could not atoiiil Tho Klnga cguul eastern and. wetteca c h u t c o e s -- J t o Irom "West Virginia has waited on you, Icarnedana H'U-mina coiiitosltlon of ] BIOCICWDII Streer, ojjp.* Fork Hote > For all stations to High Bridge Egyptian wcaeral nMomuty was gpened protesting upninst the nnssngo of tho tlonlsuaerorknoirn.- It has attached to It tlie nnd orescent chnrniu bnmiuiircd out ti Df. Greene'* medicine. Vleaii publish tbl frrand jury found 34 more ludiotuien ngiilnst Gravcaund iron Jesso F. Hom by the khcdlve. The recently de- Wll. Btaolilnory irlicrcby tlio eltctrlo current o Mexican dollars by their nntive Jeweli-rs. at 0.46, A. u.; 3:28, 6:68 P. M. to-the world for the good nf e Tory one." reciprocity c>n bo turned an It ninny momeu Hen and lUctc i» tho tblll niomtng iv Kaof Gardnervllle, X. Y.,cut tbo throat of A asalatant ml ulster ot war h t s · Whut greater p r l « could tbe world eov big brother, Alfred C, and tliBit attempted If yon perinst in Ihia great reform ol Umnrbo thDUtfhtbcst.~Now Yurk Hw. vnjo would utallt along drnped In ono of BDNDATS, 863 P. M. ' appointed to a lucrative office-- tain tuao a medicine wblcb ooii cure nuc nuicldo--AH tbe evidoncofortlioprosecu- President I'elxoto has offered to which tho party innke tholr boost, you That is jnst tho matter with it. A s a thosa Hpluitdld \\oo\un blankuta which they flUfTeriog oi that! Dr. Greene'* Kt-rrur tion has been laid bsforo llia'jury in the pardon private* ID the insurgent force if wlU only intensify tbe feeling of dissat* articlo of protection it did juatwhnt pro- weave tliOnixclvcia ul must aubutauttal tex- For Lake Hopatcong at 6:40, A. blood a n ! aoTva reran]? U cuniitsally p-r CASO of Jolin T. WcKane, nccused of fraud npplloation ie mnde within two mo'ntha--· iafactioo and will increase tho flnancii tection is intended to ilo--it lucrenscd ture In great vnrlutycjf Imrbnrlc colors ami K-i 1:10,.0:65 P. M. (Jesfgns. Althniigh (liolr features wcro in forming the must wonderful cure* all ovci In tho late election at Gravreend Mrs. Lnlaud Stflnford denied that ebe la d i t tha opportunities for labor by increnflin For all Btationsto Edison at (i:46; Itobert U Cutting of New York aboat to marry General Harrison Three tbe land. An able writer on nrotcution, D. H. production. I'lils increaaed production general inipa^ufllu, (hero was an intaniihurSU'd by IISB father on account ol of tha Oliphnnt (Ark.) train robber* who Maeon, Baysi "All tho prosperity enjoyed decreased' the cost of manufactured gible ulrtiinoiig theso Indiana ot bolng o ». X. 1:10 P. H. Are you skk, wont or iu pain f Thtn t»k hii marrlnge to Miss Minnie Sollgrann klU«d Con ductor McXally have been con- by tho American people--absolutely oil goods to consuuiom nnd nt tho same time a picnic, nnd Hoinetiincs nt some nilubap, tbii wonderful medlrinn and It wit mrel. Tlirco men wore washed off tho Gloucester vlatcd of murder and sentenced to be the proiporltv without any reservation incieasetl tlio piico of IHW materials tt euchns t)io«tnt«gloor a imrclmscr vrttu ForRooltaTOyat 9:20,11:46 A. K. cure you. You avfd It e»j«cl«)l/ at Ibis flslitiig fichooaer Orphcua while off ilia hanged t an Intrnctn'hle colt, they would roll la AIR UOMPliESBOBlS/oflhigli A Denver woman was bold for aeafiw to prepare your ftjetem f r F firing, bnuks nnd drowned M. I* Ktinpp of killing her husband, a Pittaburg man for whatever--from the fonndstiou of the producers of snub goods, "Tho olcctrli their saddles In uproarious laughter. There 8:60,030,7:20 P. H. ' SDNDAYS, 4;10 . a t efficiency, ; : You need not fear to use it, for It Is purely Rochester, Ills., corn pel Iwl Dr.W.H. Fltoh, killing bis father, aud two California wo- United States government down to ths current of recijirooity" has enabled na t were uo nigna tlmt nny of them had In- P. H. . Tfg-tabloaad bariuleca and l» tUadlscc a wealthy pkyatdtin, at a revolver's point, men UT killing their ristn t h e yaoht pTCBentUmo, Uaa been under tha reign cf negoHnto tlioeo treaties which Tho Dail, dulged In firnwrticr, and I think thi ENGINES, duplex For Hibernia at 3:60 F. M SUN- BOWTINO or DP, Oreeno, of M West Htli Btrci!*, Now to elgn (3,000 worth of notes, Knapp WBI Florence "and tlie Blips Louisiana and protective principles, and oil the hard Post uf Oiriniughnin, England, dc among Iiidtiinir In general the Narnjc Holwrt Jonea of Peorls, Ilia., George Curtis, which were reported lost, times suffered by the American people in nounces as "those unsound nml prepos llko tho T'ueblos, rank preeminent I D S DAYS, 4:1C r. M. York City, the mostttJcvoisfiil-epeclBlfetill nmetcd · \ ' and reversqlilc. liothis father tlircg times because be re- reached poet--"Two burglar* were driven tbe same period lmve been precDded terons treaties with Sontli American procuring nervous and chronic disease. '"" For EaBton,AUentownftnd Mauoh FUMPJNO EOI out ot a home in St. Louis by two girls. either by a heavy reduction of duties on tectionist Btatea which have worked so to tnko thoclinncoH ot loss through drunk d>ctor can be oonsuHod at bla office free, unnl to buy him ii pntr of shoes, Butnrd.j, Fob. 3. One burglar was shot--Disguised u a imports or by insufficient protection, much mischief for BritiBh trnde in those enncsfl. Tlio fl(|tmivfl, who roda nstrido Ohnnlc at 6:46, A. ll.; 3:28, 6:68, pjrsornlly or by letter. ; atid economical. tliolc honea irnin (onlilou, wore comely, Buphxttlu . . ,, _ . . . _ , .,. Mr. Georgo ~VT, OliIldB, tbe jnlllloniilra roan* Miss Clara Hoed; hai left her boms thus refuting all tree trato theories on parts." p. M. SUNDAYS, 5:83 p. H. are made of wrought tollar.Jroo, h«v. oopr' . luxuriant, nndfihiipt>1yof figure nnd bot publisher and phtlautbroplst, died at hiB jp Gallon. O. OOBtUSir POMPS, da the subject." -- flUM idiH.Im inpmorty In th. followIt Is because the MeKinley tariff has moil eat and Independent If Hotnotluics residence in Phllodolphla after nn lllne&a single., poinl.i OrMnnnTlii'Adl a»plto-.:i This, yoa will Sad by consulting his- done oil-of tliesething8.1batitis to be de- lltUe /lores of dcmwiitor.' A LESSON IN POLITICS. of about tlircB weeks, l i e waj seised with tory, ia true in every instance, one of stroyed. The threat to destroy It and "Tbo Knvnjo Iudinus uptoa tltnoaboul i attuck ot apoplexy while In tin office One TVarklitftnan H a t Lent-nod WMcli lieave New York at 6K)0, 9:10BEABINO and PULLEYS, large The Ledger building Jan. 18 and never which yoa probnhlyTemeinber--the die- rerorse the policy thut since 1830 lias so 30 years ngo were tlio ncourgc ol nil civl andsmall. ' , I'urly I i U l a Friend. IIled In the senate Mr. Vllasdofended aatrons period ending in 1801, Von developed aitr mtumfaoturcfi that vre IlMd races or Km Mexico, tbe peaceful h. K.;'4tO0 4'SO p. M. SCSDAY8, 1:00 Pueblo Jndlima being fnvorlto victims ol - Ho WUR nn excellent workinnn, .nit Uo fieenstary Cnrllxle'ii purposa to naa the BReavjandUgbt Castings In Iron, Bra*/ know that In 83 years ot Republican linv-B advanced from tho position of the their depredations, Unlike other Indians, and Pbospbor Bronxfi, KorKlngH of tntry dti* ( A llorl. of PlumbU*, RooOoj u a Bh«t got tontflod nil in Hio political iiionipula- money received from the sale of bonds ft U control the natlou has enrpossed every third nmnuTncturinfi country to the un- they, owing i>crhnps to tho Tartar origin >oriptl>i;I!OIIEIUI>i>lulbbl tion of 1803 n:i<l wna BO battered by the current expensed. The Wilson bill was reXie&ve Rosltaway ai G.37, other nation of the earth aud Uaa en- disputed occQlWncy of the first place la already lilntetl nt, have fllwnys Inelluctl to boiue nnd referred to Ita operalUm thnt lie diil not wntprlulize nn ceived Jrom tbe nance. In the house debate joyed more financial aud commercii bringing universal want through tha upoBtorfll Ufa mid to occumulntc Hooks H.; IKK), 3:18, 5:48 0:45 p. M. committee onfl til after the election of 1HKI. But his on the majority and minority resolution! prosperity than wo linVe hail till tht sudden cessation of production, showing and herds. Tho Utes nnd Apaches, whoa SDKDAYB, 5:44 P. «. " ' 111. Guptta, ito.;:l«bl(li.wl BonuiiMi''. tmmp of knoniodgo had grown Buffi- M-oabPsanbyMaunuMoOrearyandllttt-- time since iUe discovery by Columbus. u p WOBU; ·::'' a s once more how thoroughly dopondont raiding rnncboa nuA vulngw, vconh\ fens clontly lnrgo to balanco liia IOBB In Ieaao II, Mnynard, aotloK an counsel for ·od BottJBiiblarBiMipi. daln fnaf. V. Are you not aware that the report of prosperity ia on commercial confidence, Inordluutoly upon the flesh of cattlo nnd Leave Port Oram at 9:16,11:41 weight, and his wrnlh nyninflt ootno of ex-Senntor John McCarty, secured an In. . .'· D6VKB.'M. I. ypnr bill and the thrents of reform have and how utterly commercial confidence ·beer*, maiming and slaughtering many A. u.; 3:45, 6:16, 7:16 p. M ,a frwii incto vrnntonncsa. Thoj lib political friends lnul survctl hlin for janctlon restraining John 8. Renyon(otflrk rained \Vie filieep industry already and hna been dissipated l>y the threat of tar3NDAYB, 4:11 V.U. of tlio Nbw York state senate, from recogildtnfao an overcoat. After Nhyjufj iirountl the nizing Senator Henry Wolfert In the roll Lave severely Injured tho coal, lahiber, iff legitlation tlmt is based on the inter- lagca--with bnckto tlielr mnchcrloa--vil E3TABUSHED 1KB,. Leave High Bridge at 815,10:39 them only borsea nnd male factory lio cnteri'il ili« offico nnd opened call. In the assembly Mr. Sheffield Introlead and diver interests of the country? ests of alien 'capital and the extension aud aflses which cauM bo tlddcu or tlrlvet, A.K.; 6:15 p. H. SUNDAYS, 3:00 i\ M. proceedings tlmniy: · duced bills remodeling the police justice uk for B«ltolW.'K» w rt. b . ; . po you not know that manufacturers and prosperity of nllen commerce nlicod ntngullop. The Knvnjos, pn the. t It.iiDo lot waK «oj A i r Q system of Now York city, and providing John--Good morning,. boss, Fii have closed their works and thrown mil* mntmfactnring. J. H. OLHAUSES, contrary, wuuhl drive t o their mountain · unwoaiwltlijumaaicnt..:'' now method of soltctlnjr judges of tl morning, sir. fastneaaea nil tho cattle, slieep nnd goats l u o i t u itiiioiti iiMmStTi lions of hands out * of woik because of M0RR18TGWN N.JJ. ot general BosB--IIetln, hello, John! Itowdo you court anniversary BesBtona--The twentyHow'aTnitF- . they conlil capture, nnd collect t o add tp tbe threats of tariff legislation? fifth of the canieerntlon of ota.p toll»Uon. For «U« Is »1« B. P.BALDWIN, do? We offer Ooe Hundred DoUan Reward for tbe stock they already had. When tho fnBishop Donne was celebrated at Al> Ueut. Xfit' the Democratic party abandon G«o. Paw Ag John--I don't doniiytlilut,' now, Loss. their fatal policy, and the wheels of in- any M M of Catarrh tbat cannot b>i cured by mons frontlerBninn, Colond KUCarson.lq ~ 'lla Citerrb Cum. 1803, nindo his historic campaign Against Can't flud anything to do. · lnvny Tho Rev. Dr. U&ll t v u condaatry will sffain move on, and dtfltre&s '. j T c a W i B Y & CO., Propi., Toledo, O. tho Nnvfljofl, ho found n o way B effective O Boss--How 1B thnt, John? You got your eccrAted bishop of Vermont at BarH. A. BAHCLAT. ./· the undsnlcned bars inown P. J. (o reduce Ihom to itilimlaelon SB, nft*r who is making tame for j Till dfxappear, UnRton The opponents ot I party In, TlilJy cnrrletl cvorytiiing. Clutter (or tBB l u t 15 Tttn, and babsve him westing their fields nnd dtstroylns ihe] Arlckaroo, folo, perfectly honorable In all Uuslow tranwo- VlllQffefl, to kill nil their Btook. John--Yea, but Ihoy lieep overj-tbing ent innnagcmcat ot tho American himself as 'an Arctic I Josi and flnanclally able to carry out -" they got They Rivo notliing to people Btraw Board Com puny won in the annual Th« SUtfl Tr.Jr, "Since tho lesson of flint campaign tha Explorer, took with him ) ilecllon in Chicago The first neBtlntf of litre me The fllato quarrying Industry U ono o KnTOjoa have never been on tun ivarpatti, AGBICUUUflAL be New York ounoto commit ten to luon his-present voyage » those that arc feeling the dlro effects of Wat & Trow, BOBS--i thought you wuro going to got res 11 unto tlm pollen department was bold but having renewed their flocks and herd*, Ohio, Idtufr, Kfonen & Marvin, >V1IOI«»1I with «uuiu early naulstnuco from tbo an office Yoinvorkcd linrd Tor tlie party, n Now York city ; a pencrous supply (if' the free trade object lnuoit. Blotra ttn John y . McKane, lu SEEDS and FEET1LIZBB9. DruiRtsu, Toltdo, O. · crtoeat, hnvegonsstvndUf on Incns John--They promUeil n » ^ joli, lint tceilmnnj in hla own defcusu, raada aweep1 In dozen different i l-O Uec:\u?e of ils nn- 1 a PeiinBylvaniu; *t&,t*B, bul ^·U * Caurrh Ours !· taken Internally, In numbers nnd wealth. They nnuiher the "bofla had too tunny friends. When IDR dcnfnls of the charges against him chiefly Vennont, anting directly upon the blood andtnucout to hit new tntivc ami vnrmtli- j Maine, Maryland, Now York, Virginia, nirfacetof taiijitr "-·-"' hlfldty relations were supplied, ho sent Aldennnn lienrifsey and five election In*-"'- now uearly S0.OO0 souls. Unlike most Into tho Ska- " l o Ike mnlUtlidd ol ooiunllon .tbcra dian tribes, they are salt GupnarLtng, rethuki tor <: to the old conntry for more. Tlioy nre Bpectora were arrested In Brooklyn, charted SoUhTftUdruCtU giving jiroperties. * Qcotgia and New Jersey, quiring uo annuities or rations. Tlif UeUbmlpstrooBseof tbiBMtud vtilb* e d l a i , t b t m t t t r U w i t h .-:../>;.'' .(J->-r. : -· with violating election lawa--The Iniurcoming- yet There nre £00 different quarriea, the own several hundred thousand--some w plowed to aeehiiliienda in firnew plioe, . gents fit Hlo have obtained a supply of Dr. Hal*'! Household OintmentHornby's j output of which Ii 78 per cent roofing Ii tba flnaat r*m*dy In tha world. It aboo n million--sleep nnd mnny thousand cat- ContTftott, rmu, epedflwtiona s u l l b t * - Dr. Kdwarii Cough Syrup, Soda and ~ Mineral Boas--But they'll tnku cure of you by rifles and will probably soon attack the' and by, John Yon fitill belong to tho cltybylamY Tha government fleet arrived Biate. The present tariff on rooungalato lately enraa catarrh. . It eurw nsuralgla and tle and ponies. Their wserTfltlon In nortL- riUafnniUMforOTDnrUDdotwork. Blntc off Bin hnrbor. Negotiations fur arbitration DemocratJo pnrty, 1B S3 per cent ad valorem, bnt tho Wil- rheumatJmi. Cureepllei lik« magic, Ccret era New Moxlcd nml Arizonn contains RI»IB UU In «w tNtt numwr. i*d JOBBIKB OT SAIISi'ACTIOS OUAUAST«ID.. -John--To with tho party. Thpy nre proceeding. Mello Is said to be moving son tnriff proposes to rcdnce this to 10 Wit rbaum in the mott toatblnf rawmor. nearly (1,000 sqtinro nillew, and they UBB I vriiln ncljnlnhifr region of government Ian Ate no good t am looking for n jnb. I on Sautae. A homU with Lighted fut* percent, a loss of 15 percent to those hr Caret icfismrdaiidgratiuUtcd eyelids. Curl for range."--New York Sun. didn't earn a riollur since I left tbo uliop, Attached WAS fouud in the city ball of Verterested in this industry. ' For.' CeVtBi ,Oooi5hB,/:HoBTMen«a»1 '"Aithmi ooniha and eolds. Can ba Uken Internally. Tbe rarnelllu-8 have Issued a I u n near!) dead uow. When nre j'ou (alllos There are otor $10,000,000 invested ia A. poaWv* ipaclRo for pneumunU. 'C«t*, ; BroqctaU*. Wbooplog Couab.Crowp, IntulnVllng Stan M«in Tlnrt iVentiierinnuifcaUt declaring that the Liberal govgoing to start up Again? : r fluNa, UODpp«andftUlIlsMHiof the slate trade, and thero Are over fi.OOO brulie»t burns, ofaOblaliu, eon* of long itan" , I hnvo coMBtanlly obnerred nt ecu thn ernment'* rule In Ireland Is n confound ''. -. . ' . tke Throat d L Boss--Thnt ilcpctide, Jolin. Yonr party failure workers, who receive (3,250,000 annually ing, oonu aad buuloni are cured qutckly etcaililyliurnliiKNtnra Indlcnted calm, fair rt tha syitem, King Behnnislii of Dahomey has T f a T l U 1 ·re now proposing a billtopnt onr prod- surrendered l o tbo French----Em ma L. (a wages. A redaction of 15 per coat different from allelw; nptrlor to all e l n ; it ·wenlhcr, nnd llie more they twinkled ibo s E x p M t o w n t u i ) l M > tbo onngHtod maa n e r o b n n V * b l l e t h o Anodyna M I U T M . net on tbe free lint. If they do that, wo Borden lion divided tbo estate- of her murin tho tariff means a lass cf |83?,S0O In has no equal.- 85a. aud 500. bozef. Large Tvono tha wenth^r wna likely to bo. nervont trrlUtlon,' thui amwwJDg thaludloamust shut d»wu entirely. dered father with her sister nndfiledths forecast given by Ibis mrlallou Iu s d _ . their Eiiinunl earnings, if Indeed it doea dsachMpeat.: BoldatRobertKUIgore'i ~ tlona of · oomplsto Remedy, .,, V mtUUnw latlnK WOB nlinoHl. InvarlRhly correct iu John--Now, boRa, I am done with thnt final papers with the probate court In Now not mean the entire closiagof the Amer- w Drug Store.. ._ natjes the hlgb latitudes, though It fulled » VIctorUamllwnKchora party I^teutlu«tra]glit.Reiiui)licnn llear<nd,AI»M. ican quarries iu favor of the Welsh slates tlDiffl In llie ironies,--Xqturo. pltnticd to rob the I'ennsylvanla &Alt ticketlast November. that will be nhle tc come over as ballast, IJiioAlon'a Amloa Gatro. Bosa--Yoa don't Bny, John. Did yon Works company of <16,0CW in Philadelphia, na freight, to ewamp our mar- Tb* * art l a i n ID the world tor Cute, Bores, bntbotb nsBbtants Informed the p o l i c e (MORIII8 AND ES9EX DIVISION.) torn yemx coat? . \ . kets. . · . ; BmlMs, Uk»n, Sole Rheum, Fiver Boras, Indian and white soldiers had a light at John--Ho, boss; Ididn'tbavo nny cont, Fort Omnhn, hi which a number of the Depot in New York, foot of Barclay St. and On other than roofing dates it is pro* Ittter, Chapped Hand*,*Chilblains, Conn bat X helped to turn my party down, nnd lottner vitn tatdly ptmnnwl. posed to rotatca the duty 10 per cent, bat and all Slda Broptloni, and poattlvey curm foot of Christopher fit. I hope It will never get up again. Monday, Feb. fl. that part of t h e ' American Industry Piles, or no pay r'qaind.' It Is quomnte«d Any aUo or quantltT, dellrerad on tha IIQH Bbop oor. ot Berira udBUbkwell Btt, DOTW, H. J. the Xfelamire, I jckiiranoa and W«t*rn a. H. ai JAMES JonssoN. The execution of VnUlnnt, the French which is the largest ia to receive the to five perfect lattotactlon, or money rw CoxHmemo HOXDAT, N o r . SOtb, 16i inarcnittt, took placa this uwralagfttthe greatest injury, In full accord with the (traded. Prloa twentr-flve oantt per box I'rlson tie 1» lioquett*, au the outskirts of po.Ucrj' of destruction of the present ad- Fbra&le by Robert ElUson, Dover. Oram. DOVER TIME TABLE. - " He was guillotined Dr. MJquel &? lypawrlter Ve»m J'en. ministration.--American Economist.; %u»* ft Oo.v Part Oram. P. N. lentln*. that his fiuauclal reform bill maj I ! When It to aonaldnea thnt vrUlns wltli f · pen ia a purely mccbnnicnl n|«Tat Ion nml not pnsa th« relchstflg Two bombi and g if-0 IIM to bo laburiouuly awjulr^l, tlture BWIHB n quintity of firearms iroro ecleed near 1ST BOUItn A. H W«ST BOUND. A. H Weotiot© from a letter received b r a ' A XUUon Friend*. Catunin, Sicily, by the police It Is said a T to be no rensoa why nny other inechoDlcnl _ , . _ . ,, ' 5;S8 p aiU Mmrtliod msynotnlsd be ninntercd. Pc^ thnt Admiral Uprvnl<( will resign his post O i v f g o e x p n t i * 0:10 Dnwn aco m. 8:17 gentiaman a t NaahvillQ from a promt- A friend In need ll a friend Indeed, and Eontgentleman in Englaudwhohaabeen jeas than one million people have found Jiut ^ sona low thplrlantjaniid become Dicrwrt In nt tho bead of the French admiralty Dnver tnprtm 0:60 Blngh'ton mall* 8:W ' ^thaUMOf tbcIrtoMomtunireafnroialoft Leonard II. Gates, a wealthy grocer, win )over ixoresB* 7:15 KasUn null S£B looking for investors in the old oanntryi nch a frleod Iu Dr. King's New Discovery Yet many who attempt the typewriter ni- u&nultcd and robbed of about <S0O near lackettat'n exp. 7:32 Buffalo eipreas* 10:17 , "TUB English and continental people for Canramptlon, Coughi and Coldi. If you ttbntnfter continued usa thoy cnar" Chatham square. Kew York Ten "na- vathinEton spl.» 8KM Dovrr e x a m s 10:68 will never invest another dollar in any hava D«er used this Great Cough lledldue, pite i t s working to'the mtibordlDi illQ southern scheme or In any iron or steel crcd" bulln, conslcntfl (a Iinrmnn& B«ltrial will confine* yoa that it b u WOE ^i«f automatic effort, irhlcli It ini . " i circm, iilieil on Iwnril tlio »tearner Do«er aocom. 1_... enterprise until the American. people derfal cnraUve pafrenlu all dlveaaet of throat ;efa> make free cotopaaUfon possible. A ikonr on the rnyaite from Singapore to Easton u p m i 2.-00 have picked themselves up and showed chest and lungs. Kach bottle Ii guaranteed t*bo bad, but finally conquered, such AT 1O;3O A . M . V f York Ex-Unlted States Senator Klml-avxprwrn* " " tlie wotH that they were and ara capa- to do all that la claimed or money will be Dover ·.-com, folty raid ho aid »o,i>y vtrrAtiiiuH Morton Smith WUMutton, Presilient UnUe of establishing wmo settled policy. refunded. Trial bptUw free at Robert.KfllEastoo exfrtm tin] ftdvlset, died at Mnnkaa JaklngniH-nor pencil In hl» band Indeed tha disturbing reacHonsin Amer- gora's Drug Store, Dover; Orntn, Hance & ... _ispensary Spieri'ehot T;faWil jtmia accompilBheii. "It took me aw ica, ca.xx.mi, aolely by a-want of some set-Co.'s Drug Store, Fort Oram, and F. N. JenI*aver exvr«M iTOQtttha ol practice," ho BRW,"lmtI fortl Hallow dead nnd wounded Perry ; tled policy, Is unsettling Values ths kins' Drug Store, Cberter. Large bottle* 60 Buffalo r x p m s * 6 red and · gradually became pro- Moore In n riot In a South C«rolln» farmH'ketUtown «xp world over." IBC CounncI for the dead mnu'a family Ota. and i l , · ·. . Now I flud myseir very awkw--·' WMblugtOQSpl BaldfayBabtrt etUgae. Dorw N. Jt aai<I Spies packed the coroner's jury h a pen "--New Xork Thnis. Buffalo n p r t s s * Crushed by n falling roof when tbe ConBoffalo e z p r e Buffalo upre n * FOOT Big bnooasaes. KiTsntlonal church was blown down by *3 Dorer acccm. pitta ot Honor*. Having the needed merit to mor* than m»ki the storm In Gate City, Ala., a number of "" B f f l pbnkal coMtt- good all the adTertliloj claimed for tliem, the S.'ftu*er Koetpp, (he Idiaocw dlscoveror of women anil children belonging to the * t l o n .oftsn corne» " · "barefoot eurcy't Wlic wna Appointed Christian Endeavor society were badly inunn&tuTl pflr^ following four remedies bare reached a pheerioJn by tbe popo, caml llttlo for ured, and two of tho former will d i e -- habits, con- nomenal sale. Dr. King's Kew DJjcovery, S Q ^ G o o d , low p r i c e d a n i m a l s alw&vs o n h a n d , anrl- e v e r y o n e a s Cored WUhoul (be Knife ^TM« honor Doflld not even tnko tbo tron- ;t, FrtricVs Homm Cnlhollo church In tracted through f orCownmption, Coughs and Colds, each botr e p r e a e n t e d o r m o n e y r e f u n d e d - ' ; ' - . , - ,: : · -: , - · · - - ' . . ; : > · ' · ^BTAlRINa PROHPTLY ATTOfDHDIO iwU« t o open tbo letter ounouucniR the np- Cat Half, Pa., has been consecrated and " iranco or tla goarantoad-EIeGtrio B i t t e n , tbe great --i-nv-- I'tMrintment and first Icnrned of tlio honor dedicated Quarantine rales for tropical DOVER AND MORRISTOWN. meiceaacs. H 0 E S E 8 a n d O A B B I A G E S r e o B i r e a from a l l p o i n t s t o b e s o l d o n Old bnllen talno'ln S X O B U « I > C 1 d ^MBJtored npon him by t i e arrival of a ," ,Buch babll remedy for U T W , S t o a t u h aad Kldotyt. E. MATHER, Iff. D., ; -" " ittlieWocrallHJfendolnta-toi Arrive J>ave Arrive mult lu la Daoklea'a A m l i x Sal?e, tha best In U e world commemlHl by the conference of health H o dKllned to beaddr Skin, Cancer and Malignant Disease! o o m m i e s i o n a t a i i o t i o n o r p r i v a t e Bale. · ; . , . ; ; . ' V ·-;·>·, M- I:. ; ; of m a n l y ithorltles In New Orlonns----Dmhnne lover. Morrittown. HorrUtown, Dorar. power, nerv- and UT. King's N s w Life Pills, which arc a ;·· S u o o e B s o r l . t o . M d K E H O t J S E & ^ P O T T E R . .^ A SPECIALTY. raoD«l^ir W 4 * 3 i . K . ' G-MM. U post, O.. A. R., In Bultlmora, h u ofous cxhauit* perfect pllL A l l t b « « remedlts are guarand l B r j l v t h a t Hewaa PDrsnntleutolave fered n reward fur evidence which 7:82 " Jon, nervnut debility- Impaired memory, teed to d o j m t what ii claimed for them si 7:41 '[ 8:IT J; aioo *| h b n l - M t io no to Home to thank the will convict fraudulent pensioners S:44 " low iptritj, lrritahia temper, and . a tfaou- tbe dealer whose name i s attached herewith H:40 " 10:11) ·' ·Ud and one deranwraenta or mlml nnd will b e glad t o tell you more ot tncm. Eold 10:30 " lo'oa ·· tt C r H o n C PATERSQN.N. J. ^ Clifford Thompson out his father'a throat 1:SU " body. Epilepsy, paralysis, softening of Conwltatlon *. u., S to i p. a., In self defenae In Columbnn, Ga. Six 3:451". x the brain and even dread insanity ·oroa- by Robert ElUgore, Druggist, Dorer, It. F. md D lo 8 r-, u. irmirn: 10 to « 8 to 10 J . «., nnd litsr u Bundor lioun: ' lmea result from nidi recklew a-lf-abuse. Hnngarlaus atucked August Michel and l:*4 '· 3:15 " 3 : g3 ·· SrfO " Oram & Co., Port Oram, and F. N . Jonfeins' toOr.K. S[H«Ial nppolntmenffl miut be mjule :arly tilled him In Shepton, Pa, Tho To reach, reclaim and restore such unfort- Drug Btoro, Charter. B3J " * 5*5 " 0^5' " mfuNlonnl In Episcopalian churches has )k» » unates to health and bapnfnaa, ll tbe aim of 7tf3 ·' OiBO " 7:1U ' beeu advocated by Father linnilnRton In tbo puhUHim of a book written in plain but 7^13 *· 8.-09 Do T o n Know nature, lympUniia ·liniild h& rich to Insure Qnlncy,llls. Nortbern Pndflo broUicr- fi:87 «· U*tt " 0 40 ·' . 10-10 " ·*"·*· """"-go, op thetreatment, of »ucb that a large percentage of deaths in tola c " r, by borne hQooji atTacoma received cipher dlspatchea 1:05A I I . itSSx It. _ -- i book w U bo tent aoolcd, In C 1 f hulOu Poor blood moans from Federation leaden at St. Paul saytng envelope, on receipt of ten centi In try are caused by cooiatnptlon and long LEAVE NSW YORK FOR DOVSH. i.; bingfe?m(itiykmndri 1 troDblel A little cold neglected fn th« be- ·"· pay portaee. . -".-"Aurimlaj ''dlaeasod blood a lstrike may be ordered--The marderer o Henry Knim. tb& baker, of Camden, SLAPE ROOmii'W.' KimlikV i,fl.*00, 730*, 'HO 9 SO*, 0:00, 8^0*. , World'a DispenwirT Uedlal ginning often terminate* In cowumption. Main Bt., Bninao, K. Y. '··· ittBBXkt Scrofula. iat beeu dbcovered Bnbber Hers killed 0:10, A M.; 1 8 * 0 *. UK», 8 * 0 , S a o , 4:10*. ·IsM UK) putradatoroohbji Bvery Ume yoa couth you Incraue tbe lam. Lofton Iu Atlanta Henry Carter P, 5:20,0:00, 7 3C», 7rf5*. BrfW, 8,10*. trouble, and an InQamiaaUoa U loon it&rttd, killed Frank Ctmttebetry In Stone MonnwUch b dlfflcnlt t o control. There Is one - S E A n DltOAD.NiSJFAKK, K . J , , ·'·,:: T aln, On. ·Via. Boootoa B r a t remedy that caret qalakly every kind of a Tu«»d»r, Feb. 6. Tlieinbserlberliis » norM-Shoeing comb. That is Dr. Hal^a Doosehold Cough rmoh In MDoeolion optanAbl> otber buwnctf, In tbe sennte Mr. Halo tutroducail * n » with CHESTER BRANCH, Core. It Is tha best. Are you not entitled ooniernf BlwkwcU .n<] Bergen flu.. Dorer. oluHon calling for tar!IT hearings before t o t b e b n t r F o r n l a a t 2 5 c . and 60c.ftbot- he nnilneaa fi In ebarjia o f t PrtoMcBl and the finance committee. Measra. Chandler BnsdmnJ. Station*. l ! and Frje spoke i<Kaln»t tbe repeal of the tle · « Robert KUlfrore1! Corner Drug Btore. eiwrlencod hone-.hoet COUJIOC ZTewavls. N . J A X. P IL P.M. federal election lawn. In the house Urn de- l.l». P.ll. P.M. fb DOTBT, N. J . Cod-liver Oil, bate on tbe Hawaiian resolution w u con- :B0 12KW 4:10 Cbnter 10^13 8:05 0:17 OFK1T ALL THE TEAR 1 ·AR 13:' B 4:ia Hirtoo 10JSJ 2JS7 B M H i u i Jjlood; cures tinued, SIMIFI. Ikiutclle, Johnson, Van liOO lil-ia 4di(l Irtmla 1(1,13 ZJ& tJH Voorhlf, Oates and "Wheeler bslng among .04 13:16 < £ t Sarcasuota 10.-03 8:47. 5SO RATIONAL PATROMAQEI hom 160 to 200.head ofall desdtijtioiis'ooistaitlj pi'laind to seieoi of Adam*, V. Y . , ate nothing but dry hrrad tbe ppenkers Judge Chit* of Albany .-07 12^3 4 40 , K l i v l l ViSS 3:43 5:53 and county vflcnled the Injunction ngainst tbe ;13 13SJ 4Oa Junction 9:43 2:3* 6:W B K T COURSE OP BUBINK8 TRAINING. tbreeycan on aoocuut of tbat terrrible ANNUAL MEETING. "... i": from,eitW at'ptWito'ealooraidtloh. [-,':^i^::-C?.^ "mkol thBBtnte senate Fcnator Saxtoa -.15 MSU 6 * 0 Fort Oram »:to S 3 5 6:47 Least txpmtln In Oms and monej. Fleoj- U H H ^ U J I ^ I K U ,. n o Kaieupacnfl was en- Tbo Hoitateitbathewaa iutlngS gsiriam, Ltrodaccd a resolution nt Inquiry Into the M UJ3S S-Ott Dover 9JSS 2JO 5:(B antatt locadon. Indomd by tnodnndior tirely cured by J)r. Hole's Honafihald Tea and Horses, Wagons und Harn'SB reoeiW from all points to bo sold!oi Tbe Ilacktttctown Kxprrn rtops a t I*ort ETMnateiaod tatmdredi of tnalftlfnc bustlair Tho greater NX IT l o - k bill v u -pax t World over," endorse It. State «ad natlcn- w 5 . » «,,. can now eat snythlnB. ThU gwkteat n»di' to a. tblcd reading la tbe ~iramR0lneeartal7.3S.fc x , j | r i w H t at nan men ot th«be coorloMd. oomiiMbn/oIUiwataBoHoiforpriTAtfsalBit.;:^;'':;^. :i··'&'··}·>.&· Catalop]* aod M cooTlnoed, · dne known U»o)d at 85a. iutfiOc, par pock0»P H I H.COLKMAI* FrfadpsJ. · « * r t B o U r t K m P » r " I « Drag Store, Uorar.

Viila I'wstteQ by Lbe Ketr'Jei v - -- f i r e i n BavanuaD l t j property estimated to be worth nearly *UXj,Otl> George W . ChllOti' body will be Thurxtny, F.U. 1, placed i n t h e Urtxel mausoleum, Wood,A. Brave Itaw W i n s a, l£ed»l and Mr. aiudiitouc iknii-d a aUicmeut pub- lands cemetery, Phllauelphfa, The list of TrVomua Finds a 3?j-ite, Iblied in London Unit lie Intended to re- pallbtarers w a s announced Many well hijEii immediately, but wild tlmt his a«e k n o w n m e n spoVe u t the atinasl dinner af Tli»y "Will Btrtii IntftTeat Y o u ana T* urn! fulling Biylitenil Ju-iirinu mlRbt com- t h e Rocliegttr Clinml»r ol C a n e c t pel liiin to retire from olllce at any mo- Chaoccllor v o n CaprJvI gnve a parliamenYonJaat "What You Want w Know. ment ID the senate tlie detuite was contary dinner. Etnperoc William w a s p n s Arnort fuelnatlngetory cr.mes to us from tinned o s tUe StcNvnrt boml resolution. In tant Kussl* Is said t o bo likely t o enacUontpcUer, V t , coucerulcg Mr. W'allara W. ILt!faoUBethe iuttrn.iJ revcuue bill wasbill forca repressive nicafrure* SRalnAt savcepted an an nmeiidinunt to tlio tnclIT A French Hoye* and bit wife, prorolnint people ol ilial * uWrved tu WiiEh- ernl American imports foroe In Sierra Leone firctl o n British oily. Mr. Noyw fought all thruuga tlie wi ;«nnl to Admiral lien bam'a with distinguished b'arrry. Ue was la thi ('lign^pinpnt wltli tlio inhiirgcntH ut Hlo military police, w h o rtturm-d the fire, kill(j. N . HensoD, Jimi'lro. Fiirtfapr iliMpHtcties nr« oxpect- l u g s i * of the ugRresisuru batUee of tbe Wildernw«, PpotUyU til Unlay At Albuny Senator SHI ton bahker of Chattanooga, s h o t J. a WIrt Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Wlncfai-btsr, ( i n elevator Robert (imioiittLiHl the coiniiiittto which will dead an ae w Y o r k millionaire, Kathgerber. Cret* and other*. killed JiiaiSrirchtlRote the CIHIFKCB ngHlu"t the Kewonce N


One o f Civil and On* of War Life.





luir Free Kiur U l u l f l u U Will Helii Our KelfUtHira Acruw Llie Uurilcr. THE 7R18E OF THRIFTY RED MEN IU



when these conditions are caused by constipation; and, consti-. pation is the most frequent cause of most of them. One of the most important things for. everybody tb learn is that constipation causes* more than half the sickness in the ' world, especially in women; and it can .all be prevented. They who call the cure for constipation a. cure-all,. are only half-wrong

Write to B. F. Allen Company, 365 Canal Street, New'; Vork, for a little book on CONSTIPATION (its causes consequences · and correction); sent free. If you are not within reach of .a drug- . gist, the pills will be .sent by mail, 25 cents 3 box. ·





Perfect Steam IJeate:





Duplex Automatic












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Matched Pairg Saddle Hoises Gentlemen's Koadstcrs

Fancy Drivers'·', ;· % TrpttiEfrs anfl l'aiers^s HorsesI6r genera! use


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