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Delicious Hot & Cold Coffee Drinks

Why Hourglass Cold Brew?

To make hot coffee just add the cold-brewed coffee extract to hot water. For cold coffee drinks, just add the extract to milk or soy milk with ice.


The high heat and fast brew times of hot brew coffee makers create bitter coffee that's high in acid and hard on the stomach; forcing an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. to reduce or eliminate their daily cup of coffee. The patented Hourglass coffee maker solves this problem, with cold brewing. Because delicate coffee beans are not exposed to heat, bitter acids and oils are never released. The result is a pure coffee extract with 69.6% less acid* than hot brew that's easy on the stomach and never bitter.

Stomach Friendly

With 69.6% less acid in certified lab tests than hot-brewed coffee, the Hourglass is ideal for coffee lover's with sensitive stomachs, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD.

Discover The Lost Art of Coffee MakingTM

Healthier Coffee

The Hourglass supports a healthy, low-acid lifestyle. Medical studies have shown that reduced acid levels in the body can help maintain and even improve overall health.

Centuries ago, native cultures perfected the art of coffee making. These ancient coffee connoisseurs hand-selected the best beans, dried them in the sun, coarsely ground them, and soaked them overnight in pure, cold water to produce a rich and smooth tasting coffee extract. The patented Hourglass coffee maker brings the Lost Art of cold brewing into the 21st century, and into your home.

The World's First...

Smooth Taste, No Bitterness

The Hourglass uses no heat, so bitter acids and oils are never released. Cold brewing gently extracts the coffee's natural flavor for a gourmet taste you'll love with no bitterness.

The Hourglass is the world's first cold brew coffee maker created specifically for people with sensitive stomachs and health conscious coffee drinkers.

No Coffee Waste

Included with the Hourglass is its companion the Bean KanteenTM. The Bean KanteenTM keeps the coffee extract fresh in the fridge for 2 weeks so you don't waste a drop. Unlike hot brew coffee makers, the Hourglass uses no electricity and coffee grounds can be brewed a second time, maximizing coffee yield. See brew instructions at:

Powered By Cold Water and TimeTM

The Hourglass coffee maker uses no electricity and eliminates coffee waste; reducing environmental impact on our planet, supporting sustainability and saving you money.

Low Acid...Naturally


Hourglass Cold Brew

Easy to Use: Just Brew, Flip and Enjoy!

Brew: Prepare your coffee before bed and brew for 12 hours. See brew instructions. Flip: In the morning, flip the Hourglass over to drain. Remove the brew chamber

and pour the coffee extract from the Carafe into the Bean KanteenTM for storage.

Enjoy: Add the coffee extract to hot water and enjoy!


1 Brew Chamber 1 2 Stainless Steel Filter 3 Carafe 2 4 Extract Chamber 5 Bean KanteenTM

No Cords, No Electricity

The Hourglass coffee maker is Powered by Cold Water and Time.TM No external power is required to operate, saving you money while supporting sustainability.

Hourglass Design

The Hourglass looks great in every type of kitchen, from Traditional Country to Euro and everything in between.

Coming Soon!

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GroundsKeeperTM Pods Cold-Brew Coffee Blend

Portable and Rugged

Designed specifically for the Hourglass coffee maker. Makes brewing fast, easy and convenient. No grinding. No measuring.

The spill-proof, shatter-proof design of the Hourglass and its companion, the Bean KanteenTM makes it perfect for people who like their coffee on the go. Use it anywhere --the kitchen, the office, the camper or wherever life takes you.

Lifetime Stainless Steel Filter Non-toxic BPA-free Plastic

Hourglass Coffee 14300 NE 20th Ave. Suite D102, Box #195 Vancouver, WA. 98686 t: 360-696-4488 f: 360-573-6772

BPA free

Bean Logik LLC © 2007. The Hourglass, logo, Discover the Lost Art of Coffee Making, Low Acid...Naturally, Bean Kanteen, GroundsKeepers and Powered By Cold Water & Time are all trademarks of Bean Logik LLC. All Rights Reserved. *Certified lab tests by Intertek, a global lab services provider. U.S. patent #D557,977S and other patents pending. All Rights Reserved.

Discover the Lost Art of Coffee MakingTM

*Certified lab tests by Intertek, a global lab services provider.

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