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2nd Annual Rum Cake Competition Results, Rum Reviews and more!

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Rum In The Media

The Halloween season brought with it an incredible amount of "spirit" sightings. Among the most notable are the two below. For the actual recipes, please visit and

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From the Editor

A Rum Cake for Every Palate

I have long researched the mutual transformation exerted between drink and drinker, as witnessed and recorded by cocktail recipe books. Social, political and cultural events provide the inspiration needed by dispensers of fine drinks to produce never before seen combinations. The same can be said about the rum cake industry. Looking at the number of companies that produced rum cakes ten years ago, as well as, the different flavors available then and now, one can easily see that the world has created a demand for more diverse rum cakes.

was not who the winners were, but the fact that as a reflection of the rum industry, rum cake producers are a great indicator of the growing demand and acceptance of rum in all its forms. I invite all of you to share and enjoy the magic of rum through cakes. As the holiday season approaches, keep in mind that rum cakes do make excellent presents. We have included the contact information for all the participants. Do you have a favorite rum you like to use for your cakes? I'm always interested in hearing from you. Please contact me at [email protected]

Different schools of thought exist with regards to type and quantity of rum used, sweetness and moisture level, and the use of dry fruit, nuts or other additives. In the pages to follow you will find the results of our 2nd Annual Rum Cake Competition. Never before have so Until next month, many different cakes been gathered under one roof. The results are extremely pleasing, but the more important aspect of the event Luis K. Ayala

Brinley Gold Rum Coming Soon!

A new and exciting rum is coming to the US soon! After making its debut at the International Rum Festival in Canada, Brinley Gold is preparing its launch in the USA. Here's an excerpt from the latest "Brinley Brief": "We will be importing and selling ONLY our Vanilla Rum to start. We'll keep the rest of the flavors for a later date. We will be frosting, clear frosting, our bottle to give it a nice texture and beautiful look. We are projecting January 1st as the date we can be in the markets of New York and New Jersey, and Newfoundland, Canada. We will be bottling our North American product in Newfoundland and like the idea of starting close to home in the US. The state of Pennsylvania is also a possible market if we are approved in February. In the meantime, I will keep you informed on upcoming rum shows and tastings." For additional information contact [email protected]

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2nd Annual Rum Cake Competition

It is hard to believe a whole year has elapsed since our last rum cake competition. Back in 2001, the tasting panel was faced with ranking 8 excellent rum cakes in three different categories. This year the number of entries reached 26 rum cakes divided in five categories! The participants, listed in alphabetical order by company name are:

Bacardi (by Purity Bakery Ltd.)

Traditional Rum Cake Piña Colada Rum Cake

Contact: Purity Bakery Ltd. P.O. Box N-7778 Nassau, Bahamas (242) 322-2668 Tel (242) 322-3711 Fax See ad on page 14

Blackbeard's (by Captain Rackman Brand Rumcakes)

Traditional Rum Cake Special Reserve Rum Cake Mango Rum Cake Banana Rum Cake Coconut Rum Cake Chocolate Rum Cake

Contact: Cayman Islands Rum Cake Centre P.O. Box 10065 APO George Town, Grand Cayman (345) 949-8763 Tel, (345) 949-8764 Fax

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2nd Annual Rum Cake Competition

Don Lorenzo (by The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory)

Traditional Rum Cake Piña Colada Rum Cake Double Chocolate Rum Cake

Contact: USA - (866) 265-2253 Tel (209) 370-9404 Fax The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory (242) 328-3750 Tel [email protected]

Gosling's (by Sussie's of Mississippi)

Black Seal Bermuda Rum Swizzle Cake Black Seal Dark N' Stormy Rum Cake Black Seal Chocolate Black Cake

Contact: Sussie's of Mississippi Inc. 425 Locust Street Marks, MS 38646 (888) 4-SUSSIE (478-7743) Tel (662) 326-6668 Fax [email protected]

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Island Cuisine (by Hipac Ltd.)

Great Cake

Contact: P.O. Box 143 Bridgetown, Barbados (246) 427-5621 Tel (246) 426-5279 Fax (246) 427-2881 Fax [email protected]

Distributors Wanted! See ad on page 14

Lady Carolyn Cakes

Rum Nut Cake Nut Raisin Rum Cake Coconut Rum Cake

Contact: Lady Carolyn Cakes (800) 547-6989 (561) 966-0256 Fax P.O. Box 540361 Lake Worth, FL 33454-0361 [email protected]

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Sussie's of Mississippi

Calypso Butter Rum Cake Triple Chocolate Pecan Rum Cake

Contact: Sussie's of Mississippi Inc. 425 Locust Street Marks, MS 38646 (888) 4-SUSSIE (478-7743) Tel (662) 326-6668 Fax [email protected]


Traditional Rum Cake Key Lime Rum Cake Banana Rum Cake Coconut Rum Cake Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake Chocolate Rum Cake

Contact: Tortuga Imports, Inc. 14202 S.W. 142 Avenue Miami, FL 33186 (305) 378-6668 Tel (305) 378-0990 Fax [email protected]

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Rum Cake Competition Results

We realize that our judges' preferences in taste may not accurately reflect those of our readers so we have included on the facing page a reference guide which will hopefully help everyone choose the best cakes according to their personal criteria for sweetness and moisture. The results are listed in alphabetical order by company name. In recognition of their excellent quality and taste, all cakes which did not receive a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place automatically received an "Outstanding Rum Cake Award."


· · 1st Place for "Original Rum Cake" (Traditional Category) 2nd Place for "Piña Colada Rum Cake" (Flavored Category)


· · · · · · 1st Place for "Coconut Rum Cake" (Coconut Category) (*Tie*) 2nd Place for "Traditional Rum Cake" (Traditional Category) 3rd Place for "Chocolate Rum Cake" (Chocolate Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Special Reserve Cake" (Traditional Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Mango Rum Cake" (Flavored Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Banana Rum Cake" (Flavored Category)

Don Lorenzo:

· · · 2nd Place for "Double Chocolate Rum Cake" (Chocolate Category) 3rd Place for "Traditional Rum Cake" (Traditional Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Piña Colada Rum Cake" (Flavored Category)


· · · 1st Place for "Black Seal Chocolate Black Cake" (Chocolate Category) 2nd Place for "Black Seal Bermuda Rum Swizzle Cake" (Dry Fruit Category) 3rd Place for "Black Seal Dark N' Stormy" (Flavored Category)

Island Cuisine:

· 3rd Place for "Great Cake" (Dry Fruit Category)

Lady Carolyn:

· · · 1st Place for "Nut Raisin" (Dry Fruit Category) 2nd Place for "Coconut Rum Cake" (Coconut Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Rum Nut Cake" (Traditional Category)

Sussie's of Mississippi:

· · Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Calypso Butter Rum Cake" (Traditional Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Triple Chocolate Pecan Rum Cake" (Chocolate Category)


· · · · · · 1st Place for "Key Lime Rum Cake" (Flavored Category) 1st Place for "Coconut Rum Cake" (Coconut Category) (*Tie*) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Traditional Rum Cake" (Traditional Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Banana Rum Cake" (Flavored Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Blue Mountain Coffee" (Flavored Category) Outstanding Rum Cake Award for "Chocolate Rum Cake" (Chocolate Category)

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Sweetness (the higher the score the sweeter the cake)

Sussie's of Miss. Lady Carolyn Lady Carolyn Blackbeard's Gosling's Island Cuisine Tortuga Don Lorenzo Blackbeard's Gosling's Blackbeard's Tortuga Sussie's of Miss. Tortuga Gosling's Bacardi Bacardi Blackbeard's Tortuga Lady Carolyn Don Lorenzo Don Lorenzo Blackbeard's Tortuga Blackbeard's Tortuga Triple Chocolate Pecan Coconut Nut Raisin Coconut Dark N' Stormy Great Cake Banana Double Chocolate Traditional Chocolate Black Cake Banana Key Lime Calypso Butter Rum Coconut Bermuda Rum Swizzle Rum Cake Piña Colada Chocolate Original Rum Nut Original Piña Colada Special Reserve Blue Mountain Coffee Mango Chocolate Flavored Flavored Dry Fruit Flavored Flavored Dry Fruit Flavored Flavored Traditional Flavored Flavored Flavored Traditional Flavored Dry Fruit Traditional Flavored Flavored Traditional Traditional Traditional Flavored Traditional Flavored Flavored Flavored 105.31 104.90 100.94 100.20 99.69 97.19 94.06 93.75 93.13 93.13 91.56 90.63 90.00 89.18 88.75 87.19 85.94 84.84 84.69 84.38 82.50 81.88 81.56 79.69 78.75 65.00

Moisture (the higher the score the more moisture content)

Gosling's Gosling's Don Lorenzo Blackbeard's Blackbeard's Don Lorenzo Blackbeard's Lady Carolyn Gosling's Blackbeard's Bacardi Island Cuisine Tortuga Blackbeard's Don Lorenzo Lady Carolyn Blackbeard's Tortuga Bacardi Sussie's of Miss. Lady Carolyn Tortuga Sussie's of Miss. Tortuga Tortuga Tortuga Dark N' Stormy Bermuda Rum Swizzle Double Chocolate Special Reserve Coconut Piña Colada Traditional Nut Raisin Chocolate Black Cake Chocolate Rum Cake Great Cake Key Lime Banana Original Coconut Mango Original Piña Colada Calypso Butter Rum Rum Nut Blue Mountain Coffee Triple Chocolate Pecan Coconut Chocolate Banana Flavored Dry Fruit Flavored Traditional Flavored Flavored Traditional Dry Fruit Flavored Flavored Traditional Dry Fruit Flavored Flavored Traditional Flavored Flavored Traditional Flavored Traditional Traditional Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored 132.50 131.56 118.75 103.44 102.04 100.00 99.38 94.06 93.91 92.66 89.06 88.44 86.25 86.25 85.94 85.10 83.44 82.19 80.94 79.69 78.13 67.81 57.03 50.82 50.00 47.19

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(Note "Proof" is Alcohol Percentage by Volume x 2)

The Angel's Share: Over-Proof Rums

Inner Circle Traditional Overproof - Australia

Inner Circle Traditional Pot Still Rum (114.4-Proof). Even before smelling or tasting it, this rum's copper-red color speaks of its wholesome and robust nature. Upon closer examination, the aroma expresses a complex yet harmonious blend of oakiness, fruitiness and sweetness. In the palate it softly unwraps itself, the taste confirming these traits while adding slight hints of vanilla and depth to the experience. The finish is soothing and gentle. The finest over-proof rum we have tasted from Australia. Produced by Inner Circle Rum Pty. Ltd., Australia. For additional information, contact Stuart Gilbert at: [email protected]

Cannes Brulées Overproof Rum - Grenada

Cannes Brulées Barrel Aged Overproof Rum (120-Proof). Intriguing light vitreous amber color. The aroma is unusually mellow and sweet, expressing memories of oak with traces of raw sugar. Upon reaching the palate, this rum discloses its strength while enveloping the senses with a magical dance of wet wood and vanilla. The finish is clean and slightly dry, devoid of the heat and harshness typically associated with sipping over-proof rums. A fine specimen from Grenada. Produced by Eastern Caribbean Rum Company, imported into the US by West Indies Spirits,

Cabot Tower Demerara Overproof - Guyana

Cabot Tower Demerara Rum (8 Year Old, 114.2-Proof). Distilled in Guyana, this rum is sold in Newfoundland, Canada, by the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation. It is dark and mysterious, like the night and, at 8years old, it is the oldest (and strongest) Black Rum to grace the pages of our magazine. The aroma is vivacious, quickly transmitting its message like smoke signals in a cold morning. Hints of caramel, oak and spice greet the nose. When tasted, Cabot Tower fulfills its purpose as an over-proof, yet it does it in a flavorful fashion, completely immersing the taster into the experience. The finish is dry and warm, with strong hints of caramel. A great rum to have during a cold winter in Newfoundland.

Want to have your rums reviewed? Write to [email protected] for details.

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The Spirit of Cooking - by Margaret Ayala

Chocolate Almond Rum Cake

8 oz Chocolate, dark cooking 1/3 C. Rum 8 oz Butter, unsalted 1 C. Sugar, confectioners, plus 2 tablespoons 6 x Egg, separated 1 C. Almonds, ground 3/4 C. Flour CHOCOLATE ICING: 4 oz Chocolate, dark cooking 4 oz Butter, unsalted 2 Tbsp. Rum 1 C. Almonds, flaked Melt chocolate and rum over hot water. Cool, do not allow to set. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy, add egg yolks gradually. Beat well. Transfer mix to large bowl. Stir in chocolate mix and almonds. Beat egg whites until firm peaks form. Add extra sugar. Beat until dissolved. Fold egg whites and sifted flour gradually into chocolate mix. Spread into well-greased deep round cake tin which has base lined with greased, grease-proof paper. Bake in moderate oven (350 degree) 50 minutes. Stand five minutes before turning onto wire rack to cool. When cold, spread top and side with chocolate icing. Toast flaked almonds five minutes in moderate oven and cool. Press toasted, flaked almonds around top and side. Icing: Melt chocolate, butter, and rum together over hot water. Stir till smooth. Cool until thick and spreadable.

Jamocha Rum 'N Butter Cake

1 pkt Devils food cake mix -- with Pudding 1 Tbsp. Instant coffee 1/2 C. Water 1/2 C. Sugar 2 Tbsp. Butter 1/2 C. Rum FROSTING: 1 pkt Chocolate fudge -- frosting Mix 1 Tbsp. Instant coffee powder 2 C. Whipping cream lg Hershey bar Add coffee powder to cake mix, and bake according to

12 · Got Rum?

directions on package in 13x9" pan. While cake bakes, combine water, sugar, butter and rum in a small pan. Heat until sugar is dissolved and butter is melted. Spoon over hot cake until all liquid is absorbed. Cool cake completely before frosting. Combine frosting mix, coffee powder, and whipping cream in mixing bowl. Chill 15" in refrigerator. Beat until thickened. Top cake with mixture and garnish with shaved Hershey bar.

Strawberry Rum Cake

CAKE: 1 pkt White 2 layer cake mix 3 oz Pkg Stawberry gelatin (dry) 1/2 C. Rum 1/2 C. Oil 4 x Eggs 1 tsp Vanilla TOPPING: 1 pt Stawberries, halved GLAZE: 1 1/2 C. Sifted confectioners sugar 1/2 x Lemon, juice 1/4 C. Rum CAKE: Mix all together in a large bowl. Beat for 2 minutes at high speed; for 1 minute at low speed. Pour into greased and floured 10" tube pan or Bundt pan. Bake for 60 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool in pan on cake rack for 20 minutes. Do not invert on a bottle to cool. GLAZE: Combine glaze ingredients and bring to boil over medium heat. Simmer gently for 3 minutes. Prick cake with toothpick or tines of a fork and slowly pour small amount of glaze on cake. Arrange strawberry halves attractively on top of cake. Pour remaining glaze over strawberries and cake. Serve at once of refrigerate.

If you have been keeping up with my column, The Spirit of Cooking, you are familiar with the 3course rum-based meal I offer every month, which includes an Appetizer, a Main Dish and a Dessert. In light of last month's 2nd Annual Rum Cake Competition I decided to do something different in this issue. In addition to all of the rum cakes offered by the participants throughout the magazine I would like to share with you some rum cake recipes you can try at home. Next month I will resume the usual 3-course meal. I hope you have enjoyed many of the recipes I have shared with you throughout the year. If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at [email protected] Bon Appetit!

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