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Overview of Free Patent Databases and Information Resources

WIPO Inter-Regional Symposium

Moscow November 30, 2010


Patent Databases ­ focus on WO, EP, JP and US Coverage Search tools and functions Interfaces (layout and languages) Search operators (e.g. Boolean) Language tools (e.g. translation) Analysis tools (statistical and graphical)

Finding patent information

PATENTSCOPE® search service [email protected] JPO IPDL


Coverage : Differences

Patent collections

Which countries or regions?

Document types

Patent applications? Granted patents? More?

Document elements

Bibliographic data? Descriptions? Claims?

Time period Languages

Multiple language versions? Translations?

Patent databases : Collections

PATENTSCOPE® search service : PCT First publication worldwide ARIPO, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Korea, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Viet Nam [email protected] : European (EP) PCT EPC member states and others (> 80 countries) JPO IPDL : Japan only USPTO PatFT/AppFT : United States only

PATENTSCOPE® search service : Coverage

All PCT applications from 1978 Titles (EN and FR) : from 1978 Abstracts (EN and FR) : from 1978 Int. Cl. : from 1978 Full-text : from 1978

Coverage : Details

Biblio. data PCT


Abstracts EN/FR

Full-Text x

Document images 100%





x x x


ES PT ES ~30% ~80%







Coverage : Details (cont'd)

Biblio. data Israel


Abstracts x

Full-Text ~60%

Document images ~70%





x x x















Coverage : Details (cont'd)

Biblio. data Spain


Abstracts ES


Full-Text ~50%

Document images ~40%


S. Africa








Viet Nam




[email protected] : Coverage

All EP applications from 1978 Titles (EN and original) : from 1978 Abstracts (EN and original) : from 1978 Int. Cl. : from 1978 EP Cl. (ECLA) : from 1978 Full-text : from 1978

[email protected] : Coverage

Other collections vary in availability Titles (EN and original) : various Abstracts (EN and original) : various Int. Cl. : various EP Cl. (ECLA) : various

[email protected] : Coverage

GB coverage

[email protected] : Coverage

IT coverage

USPTO PatFT/AppFT : Coverage

Granted US patents from 1790 (PatFT) Published US applications from 2001 (AppFT) Titles (EN) : from 1976 Abstracts (EN) : from 1976 Int. Cl. : from 1976 US Cl. : from 1790 Full-text : from 1976

USPTO PatFT/AppFT Search

JPO IPDL : Coverage

JP patent specifications from 1885 Examined JP applications from 1922 Published JP applications from 1975 Granted JP patents from 1996

Titles (EN) : from 1976 Abstracts (EN) : from 1976 Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ) JP Cl. (FI/F-terms) : from 1885 Full-text : from 1993


Search tools and functions: Differences

Interfaces (layout and languages) Search operators Search tools Analysis tools

PATENTSCOPE® : Simple search

Search in front page or all fields Search by full text, ID/number, classification, names, or date Select collections to be searched

PATENTSCOPE® : Structured search

PATENTSCOPE® : Structured search

Search a full range of fields (and add additional fields) Combine fields using Boolean operators (AND, OR) Exclude (or require) empty fields Stem search terms automatically

PATENTSCOPE® : Structured search

Select collections to be searched Preview search results

PATENTSCOPE® : Advanced search

Search a range of fields (using field codes) Combine search terms using a powerful set of Boolean, proximity, and range operators Stem search terms automatically Select collections to be searched

PATENTSCOPE® : Advanced search ­ field codes

PATENTSCOPE® : Advanced search ­ field codes

Serial numbers Titles Abstract Patent classification Dates Applicant data Inventor data Legal data Language

[email protected] : Quick search

Search in full-text (EP and WO applications only) Search in title/abstract or applicant/inventor (all other collections) Select collections to be searched (WO or EP or all)

[email protected] : Advanced search

Search in multiple fields simultaneously Note: Full-text search for EP and WO applications only

[email protected] : Number search

[email protected] : Classification search

[email protected] : Smart search

The system attempts to identify the correct field for each given search term, e.g., "Smith" automatically searched in inventor name

JPO IPDL : Advanced search

Search in a range of fields (in Japanese only) Combine search criteria with Boolean operators

JPO IPDL : Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ)

Search English-language applicant names, titles and abstracts and by publication date and IPC Combine up to three text search terms with Boolean operators

JPO IPDL : PAJ Records

(Machine assisted) human translations into English of some but not all Japanese applications filed since 1976

USPTO PatFT/AppFT : Quick Search

Search a range of fields Combine up to two fields using Boolean operators

USPTO PatFT/AppFT : Advanced Search

Search in numerous fields (using field codes) Combine search criteria using Boolean operators


Boolean (or logical) Proximity Wildcard Special

Flexibilities : Operators

Boolean operators : AND, OR, ANDNOT Proximity operators : NEAR, "term1 term2"~n Range operators : [term1 TO term2], -> Wildcard operators : ? , *, $

Patent databases : Boolean operators

PATENTSCOPE® search service AND : both terms OR : either term ANDNOT : not term after operator [email protected] : AND, OR JPO IPDL : AND, OR USPTO : AND, OR, ANDNOT

Proximity operators

Specified distance between search terms Ordered vs. unordered

coffee ADJ roaster = roaster ADJ coffee?

Default proximity settings

How many letters or words between?

Proximity operators : Example

NEAR Unordered 5 characters default separation metal NEAR tool metal tool metal cutting tool tool for cutting metal not if ordered! etc.

Patent databases : Wildcard operators

Between zero and infinite characters PATENTSCOPE® : * [email protected] : * JPO IPDL : automatic USPTO : $ Exactly one character PATENTSCOPE® : ? [email protected] : # Zero or one character [email protected] : ?

Patent databases : Special operators

PATENTSCOPE® search service Date and number ranges : -> Date and number ranges : [xxx TO yyy] Search term weighting : ^ USPTO Date ranges : ->

PATENTSCOPE® : Relevance weighting

Relevance weighting

"air condition" vehicle solar "air condition" vehicle^5 solar

CLIR ­ Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval

Interfaces : Cross-lingual (CLIR)

CLIR ­ Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval

PATENTSCOPE® : Google Translate

PATENTSCOPE® : Google Translate

[email protected] : Machine translation

[email protected] : Machine translation

JPO IPDL : Machine Translation

JPO IPDL : Machine Translation

PATENTSCOPE® : Results analysis

Analyze search results (nearly) instantaneously By office, IPC, applicant, inventor, and publication date

PATENTSCOPE® : Results analysis

By office


PATENTSCOPE® : Results analysis

By main applicant (and publication year)

PATENTSCOPE® : Results analysis

By applicant (bar)

By applicant (pie)

PATENTSCOPE® : Related documents

For all collections Published documents For PCT Search reports (prior art) Written opinions and preliminary examination reports (patentability) Most documents from the PCT international phase

PATENTSCOPE® : National phase entry data

3.5 million notifications from 36+ offices Legal status (where available) Internet hyperlinks to certain offices (further status information, translations, etc)

[email protected] : INPADOC legal status

Notifications from around 70 offices worldwide

JPO IPDL : Legal status search

USPTO : Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR)

[email protected] : Patent families

[email protected] : Citations

Backward citations (to earlier documents)

Forward citations (from later documents)

Summary : Key points

No search service or database exists that comprehensively covers all patent information (yet) Search services and databases differ in the search and analysis features they offer

Thank you for your attention!

[email protected]

Websites : Patent databases

WIPO (PATENTSCOPE® search service) EPO ([email protected]) JPO IPDL USPTO And many more national_databases.html


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