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Name Adler, Sarah

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Phone and Extension (775)887-1222 x103 (775)887-1222 x111 (775)423-7541 x100 (702)262-9047 x113 (775)887-1222 x105 (702)262-9047 x101 (775)887-1222 x108 (775)887-1222 x130 (775)887-1222 x 113 (775)887-1222 x102 (702)262-9047 x103 (775)887-1222 x 114 (775)887-1222 x104 (775)887-1222 x110 (775)887-1222 x118 (775)887-1222 x 115 (775)887-1222 x117 (775) 738-8468 x104 (775)887-1222 x112 (775)887-1222 x101 (775)887-1222 x106 (775)887-1222 x119 (775)887-1222 x107 (702)262-9047 x 112 (775)887-1222 x100 (775)887-1222 x116 *Email sarah.adler barbara.allen diane.arvizo elias.askins william.brewer kara.blake tamara.burke kelly.clark2 cheryl.couch angilla.denton david.foster lisa.goodfellow jeff.goldsberry shane.hastings michelle.kelly dwayne.mclallen laura.melara maria.murillo john.nelson4 adam.palmer mona.sargent herb.shedd heather.simola thomas.stephens jenifer.taylor mark.williams

Allen, Barbara Arvizo, Diane Askins, Elias Brewer, William Blake, Kara Burke, Tamara Clark, Kelly Couch, Cheryl Denton, Angilla Foster, David Goodfellow, Lisa Goldsberry, Jeff Hastings, Shane Kelly, Michelle McLallen, Dwayne Melara, Laura Murillo, Maria Nelson, John Palmer, Adam Sargent, Mona Shedd, Herb Simola, Heather Stephens, Tom Taylor, Jenny Williams, Mark

Nevada Offices Phone Directory

"Committed to the future of rural communities" "Estamos dedicados al futuro de las comunidades rurales"

Revision Date: 11/15/12

State Office, Carson City

1390 S. Curry St. Carson City, NV 89703 Phone: (775) 887-1222 Fax (Mail Room): (775) 885-0841 Fax (S.W. Hall): (775) 887-1287

State Director: Sarah Adler Ex. 103 Email: [email protected] State Directors Secretary Jenny Taylor Ex. 100 Email: [email protected] Special Project Coordinator Kelly Clark Ex. 130 Email: [email protected] Administrative Program Director: Angilla Denton Ex. 102 Email: [email protected] Administrative Assistant Adam Palmer Ex. 101 Email: [email protected] Housing Programs Director William Brewer Ex. 105 Email: [email protected] Multi Family Housing Loan Specialist Mona Sargent Ex. 106 Email: [email protected] Rural Development Loan Specialist Heather Simola Ex. 107 Email: [email protected] Single Family Housing Technician Tamara Burke Ex. 108 Email: [email protected]

Business and Cooperative Programs Director Herb Shedd Ex. 119 Email: [email protected] Business and Cooperative Program Loan Specialist Michelle Kelly Ex. 118 Email: [email protected] Mark Williams Ex.116 Email: [email protected] Business Programs Technician Laura Melara Ex. 117 Email: [email protected] Community Programs Director Shane Hastings Ex. 110 Email: [email protected] Community Programs Loan Specialist Cheryl Couch Ex. 113 Email: [email protected] Barbara Allen Ex. 111 Email: [email protected] Lisa Goodfellow Ex. 114 Email: [email protected] Community Program Technician Jeff Goldsberry Ex. 104 Email: [email protected] State Engineer John Nelson Ex. 112 Email: [email protected] Construction Analyst Dwayne (Mack) McLallen Ex. 115 Email: [email protected]

Fallon Office

111 Sheckler Rd. Fallon, NV 89406 Phone: (775) 423-7541 Fax: (775) 423-0784

Single Family Housing Technician Diane Arvizo Ex. 100 Email: [email protected]

Las Vegas Office

5820 S. Pecos Rd., Bldg. A, Suite 400 Las Vegas, NV 89120 Phone: (702) 262-9047 Fax: (702) 262-9969 Area Director Thomas Stephens Ex. 112 Email: [email protected] Housing Program Loan Specialist Elias Askins Ex. 113 Email: [email protected] Multi Family Housing Program Loan Specialist Kara Blake Ex. 101 Email: [email protected] Business and Cooperative Program Loan Specialist David Foster Ex. 103 Email: [email protected]

Elko Office

555 W. Silver St., Suite 101 Elko, NV 89801 Phone: (775) 738-8468 Fax: (775) 738-1429 Housing Program Loan Specialist Maria Murillo Ex. 104 Email: [email protected]


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