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NEEDHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR LIST 2011-12 (if you cannot "hook up" with one of these, call 781-455-0800 ext 2440 for help)

Flute Instructors

Ellen Bender 781.455.9175 [email protected] Laura Wilkins 781.431.1534 [email protected]


Trombone Instructors

William Lombardelli 617-818-7330 [email protected] Misha Grandel 781.784.2441 [email protected]

Cello Instructor

Scott Lesser 970-219-8783 [email protected]

Percussion Instructors

Carl Puglisi 781-324-3086 [email protected] Paul Geresy 214-929-0347

Clarinet Instructors

Ray DeNice 781.305-3618 [email protected] Kai-Yun Lu (617) 388-4908 [email protected] Deborah Ream 508.561.3566 clarinet teacher TBA coming soon

Baritone Instructors

Misha Grandel 781.784.2441 [email protected]

[email protected] Voice Instructors

Evangelia Leontes 419.308.4017 [email protected] Amy Kyle 617-548-2056 [email protected] Joy Brewer 617-320-1956 [email protected]

Tuba Instructors

Misha Grandel 781.784.2441 [email protected] Ed Harney 617.323.0272 [email protected]

Guitar Instructors

Evan Grunwald 617.462.2444 [email protected] Greg Silva (beginners) 781-986-8435 [email protected]

Saxophone Instructors

Ray DeNice 781.305-3618 [email protected] Deborah Ream -beg/intermed students 508.561.3566 Deb Caterino 508-359-6072 [email protected] Dale Jovin ­ gr. 5/6 students 781.455.0452 [email protected]

Electric Bass Guitar

Greg Silva 781-986-8435 [email protected]

String Bass

Greg Silva 781-986-8435 [email protected]

All of the above teachers have been carefully interviewed, vetted and selected to ensure that our students have the finest possible instructors in every way. They all are professional performing musicians and music teachers. If you need any further information or assistance, please contact the the Private Lesson coordinator, Laura Wilkins at [email protected] or Fine &Performing Arts Director at [email protected] Thank you for supporting your child's musical growth! Laura Wilkins Private Lesson Coordinator David Neves, Ed.D. Director - Fine & Performing Arts

Violin/Viola Instructors

Keith Sanders 860.614.4860 [email protected] Anna Williams

Trumpet Instructors

Misha Grandel 781.784.2441 [email protected] Ed Harney 617.323.0272 [email protected] Nathan Joiner 508.733.3287 [email protected] Dale Jovin - grades 5 & 6 students 781.455.0452 [email protected]


[email protected] Olga Patramanska-Bell 617-909-8234 [email protected]


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