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CAW Request Boycott of Molson's Products

While many of you are thinking about your next cold beer as the heat wave continues, 102 Canadian Auto Workers are on strike at the Edmonton Molson's plant and have asked for a national boycott of all Molson's products. The reasons are simple. Molson's has for many years enjoyed substantial profits. They want major concessions from their workers including a second tier for new hires that is $7.15 an hour lower, a removal of the defined benefit pension plan for the new employees, and a reduction in paid sick leave from 9 days per year to 6. The Edmonton plant recently won a "World Class Manufacturing Award" for being the most efficient plant in the Company. As a thank you Molson's wants concessions. The 102 workers have been on strike against concessions since May 30th and they need our help. Their request is to stop buying or consuming Molson products during the dispute. Here is a list of the products: Block Horse Carling Black Label Carling Dark Carling Original Draft Dave's Heineken Miller Draft cans Milwaukee's Best Dry Molson Canadian Light Molson Dry Molson Ultra Old Vienna Pilsner Supreme Richard's Honey Brown Tornade (lemonade, sangria, etc.) Bohemian Carling Black Label Light Carling Extra Strong Coors Light Dominion India Pale Ale Miller Light Milwaukee's Dry Ice Molson Export Ale Molson Smooth Dry Murphy's Irish Stout Pilsner Oldstyle Richard's Red Richard's Taste bottles Caffrey's Carling Black Label Dry Carling Extreme Corona Foster's Lager Miller Genuine Draft Milwaukee's Best Molson Canadian Molson Export Light Molson Special Dry Old Stock Malt Pilsner Strong Ricard's Pale Ale Ricard's White

This is a small sacrifice to help the strikers win their fight. Molson Coors made $483 million in pre-tax earnings last year. There are many other beer products to replace Molson's Coors.

Severance Pay To IPSCO Boss Outrageous

Conservative politicians and free enterprisers constantly talk about letting the market decide and all will be wonderful. Well here is an example that shows the shallowness of that argument. The CEO of IPSCO, David Sutherland, recently confirmed that he is retiring with "mixed emotions" as he is paid close to $31 million US in "change of control" severance payments, restricted shares and performance units. Obviously the shareholders of the Company will pay the tab. Sutherland, a Moose Jaw native, has been CEO for 5 years. He negotiated the takeover of IPSCO by a Swedish steelmaker which received legal approval in July. Private investors' pension plans and others will pay the cost of this windfall, but we should let the market decide ­ it will be fair.

Settlement at Howard Johnson Yorkton

The Howard Johnson Inn in Yorkton, formerly known as the Imperial 400 Motel, settled their contract after negotiations that lasted almost a year. The Union's bargaining team, armed with a strike mandate from their members, negotiated wage increases of between thirteen and sixteen percent over three years with improvements in vacation pay, pension contributions, and negotiated a new sick leave plan.

Unions Do Good Things For People

RWDSU Scholarships Increased

We are pleased to report that Local 539 has added an additional scholarship to be offered to eligible RW members enrolled as full-time students in first or second year post-secondary education or training. This brings a total of 26 scholarships sponsored by RWDSU Locals and the Saskatchewan Joint Board. The total combined value amounts to $25,000.

July Lottery Winners

$100.00 Winners

Christina Goudy, Local 455 (Casino) Moose Jaw Diane Rudolph, Local 558 (ALSCO) Saskatoon Debbie Haw, Local S-955 (Co-op) Foam Lake Denise Hastings, Local 568 (Conexus Arts Centre) Regina Marie Faust, Local 480 (Safeway) Saskatoon The successful applicants will be announced in the Adam Luciuk, Local 496 (Co-op) Prince Albert Todd Hugli, Local 568 (Casino) Regina September Defender. David Murphy, Local 950 (Safeway) Swift Current Regina Exhibition Association Brenda Head, Local 558 (Howard Johnson) Saskatoon Judy Zerr, Local 635 (Co-op) Weyburn

Plans Major Renovations

$250.00 Winners

The Regina Exhibition Association, now called IPSCO Place, has announced an $80 million investment plan Marvin Turel, Local 454 (Safeway) Regina to revitalize all the facilities and build new ones. The Tim Reid, Local 955 (Co-op) Yorkton provincial government has announced a $17.45 million commitment to the plan which will include August Lottery Winners construction of five multi-purpose arenas and one show arena as well as the expansion of the Brandt $100.00 Winners Centre by 1600 seats. Neil Catchuk, Local 454 (McKesson) Regina This is good news to our Local 568 members as it will Pam Frank, Local 545 (Co-op) Humboldt mean more work and likely more members. If plans Amber Kreutzer, Local 568 (Hospital Laundry) remain in place, the entire revitalization project will Regina cost around $172 million and is to be completed in Melvin Fatteicher, Local 955 (Morris) Yorkton several years. Local 568 currently has 600 plus Judy Levac, Local 455 (Co-op) Gravelbourg members employed at IPSCO Place. Logan Kessler, Local 540 (Federated Co-op) Regina Gordon Leonard, Local S-635 (Co-op) Estevan Canadian Cancer Society Wants Darcy Leffler, Local 558 (Canadian Linen) Saskatoon Nicholas Wood, Local 496 (Co-op) Tisdale Asbestos Banned Paul Fong, Local 950 (Pioneer Co-op) Swift Current Congratulations to the Cancer Society for asking our $250.00 Winners federal government to ban the use of asbestos completely. Asbestos has been universally recognized Darcie MacAuley, Local 496 (Safeway) Prince Albert as the worst cancer-causing material known to Morley Hartenberger, Local 568 (IPSCO Place) Regina mankind and yet the federal government allows this killer to be mined and exported to poorer developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 90,000 to 100,000 people die each year around the world from asbestos-related conditions such as lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and gastrointestinal cancers. Most developed countries in the world have banned asbestos including the European Union which prohibits its 27 member states from channelling or exporting asbestos to third world countries. Let us hope that the federal government will listen to the Canadian Cancer Society.



· McKesson ­ Members are getting impatient and some pressure may need to be applied to get this agreement

concluded soon.

· Casino Regina ­ Talks are scheduled to reconvene this month. With the recent reports on how well the

Casino has done, a new deal should be achieved in the very near future.

· Royal Canadian Legion ­ Meetings have started with the newly elected Executive of the Legion and it is

hoped that a quick agreement can be reached. The previous agreement expired February 28, 2007.

· Signal Industries ­ Negotiations have commenced and further meetings are likely in August. · Days Inn Yorkton ­ This agreement expires August 31. Meetings with the Company are expected in the near


· Southland Co-op ­ Two meetings have been held. Further talks are scheduled for mid-August. · Community Living ­ Proposals have been exchanged. Further talks are set for late August. · Leon's Manufacturing ­ The Union has met with the Company to commence negotiations. They will be

meeting again in September.

· Howard Johnson Saskatoon ­ The Employer has failed and/or refused to commence negotiations. The Union

is considering bringing charges against him if negotiations do not begin shortly.

Right To Collective Bargaining Guaranteed Under the Canadian Charter

In a very important recent ruling the Supreme Court of Canada made the following statements: "The right to bargain collectively with an employer enhances the human dignity, liberty and autonomy of workers by giving them the opportunity to influence the establishment of workplace rules and thereby gain some control over a major aspect of their lives, namely their work." "Collective bargaining also enhances the Charter value of equality." "Finally, a constitutional right to collective bargaining is supported by the Charter value of enhancing democracy." These statements are very important to working people and we must become more active in making these rights more meaningful.


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