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RZM Publishing

The definitive study on the legendary Panzergrenadier Division "Grossdeutschland!" Obtained from several European archives, these photographs along with detailed captions cover the men, commanders, weapons and equipment of this elite unit. Hardcover, 8½"x 11", 227 pages, 400 photos. RZM BK-001 $69.95 Amazing wartime photos and compelling captions by George Nipe detail the men, equipment, weapons, and vehicles of the elite Waffen-SS Panzer Division "Leibstandarte" and the Battle for Kharkov. Hardcover, 8½"x 11", 296 pages, 516 photos, 8 maps, 8 pages of color. RZM BK-003 $69.95 Hell's Gate tells the riveting story of the enlisted men and officers who risked the roaring waters of the Gniloy Tickich to avoid certain death at the hands of their Soviet foe. Full of first-hand combat accounts! Hardcover, 8½"x 11", 420 pages, 220 photos, 14 maps. RZM BK-005 $69.95

The Fall of Berlin Triumph of the will Messerschmitt ME-262

Stalin himself worked on the screenplay for this blockbuster epic and no expense was spared in production: 5 artillery and infantry divisions, 4 tank battalions, 193 planes, and 45 German trophy Panzers, as well as 1.5 million liters of fuel, were used in staging its panoramic battle scenes. Released in 1959, Russian language with English subtitles, color, 151 minutes.

BB-2855 $34.98

This propaganda film by the German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. The film contains excerpts from speeches given by various Nazi leaders at the Congress, including portions of speeches by Adolf Hitler, before massed party members. German language with English subtitles, b+w, 120 minutes.

BB-0052 $39.98

Experience your first solo flight in the legendary ME-262 exactly as the new pilots of that era did! Learn how to start the turbines, inject fuel and ignite it. Understand your jet's revolution thresholds, landing gear and electrical systems. Narrated by Luftwaffe jet ace Oberleutnant Franz Stigler of JV44 the mythical Galland Circus. English language, b+w, 52 minutes.

BB-6064 $29.95

After The Battle Publishing

Rückmarsch The Third Reich

This title follows the German retreat across France following the Normandy invasion in which the Germans lost nearly 300,000 men either killed, wounded, missing, or taken prisoner. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 376 pages, over 1000 Illustrations. ATB BK-046 $84.95 Considered the most comprehensive volume on the Third Reich, this title traces the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party through the twelve years that it existed to its demise at the end of the Second World War. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 480 pages, over 1450 Illustrations. ATB BK-044 $94.95

Third Reich in Color Vol.1

Third Reich in Color Vol.2

The Battle of the Bulge

This title details the battle like no other with `then and now'comparison photos. It also documents many famous pictures often misused by placing them in their proper context during the German advance. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 544 pages, 1260 Illustrations, 31 maps. ATB BK-002 $94.95

Hidden for almost 60 years in the former Soviet-bloc, this amazing color footage covers Hitler with his inner circle, the day to day life of a German soldier, Nazi festivals, rallies, pageants and military parades, combat in Poland, Norway, the invasion of Russia, Afrika Korps troops in Tunisia, D-day, the final desperate defense of Germany and the inevitable fall of Berlin. English commentary, color, 100 minutes.

BB-TR001 $29.98

Part 2 features more remarkable color footage, including: The Spanish Civil War, Invasion of Norway, Operation Barbarossa, Northern Africa, The War in the Pacific, The Invasion of Normandy, Wehrmacht in Retreat, Soviet Soldiers in Berlin, and Hermann Goering in Allied captivity. English commentary, color, 100 minutes.

BB-TR002 $29.98

"Dogs, do you want to live forever?"


Stalingrad, is an actionpacked war film filled with great battle scenes, original war footage and German Newsreel clips that mold together to form a picture of the last desperate days of the most important battle of World War II! Released in 1958, German language with English subtitles, b+w, 97 minutes.

BB-WW925 $29.98

The Star of Africa

The Fallen

Panzers in Normandy

This title is a detailed study of the German Panzer regiments in Normandy in 1944. Research for this book also resulted in the discovery of the grave of Michael Wittmann, the most famous German panzer commander. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 212 pages, 373 Illustrations, 19 maps. ATB BK-001 $64.95

D-Day Boxed Set

A two-volume record of the greatest combined military, naval and air operation of all time from its planning and preparation through its launch on D-Day. Many of the `then and now' comparison photos show the landing beaches as they appear today. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 763 pages, over 1800 Illustrations. ATB BK-027 $159.95

Operation Market-Garden

Extensive research in this two-volume set presents the story of the airborne landings in Holland as never before through hundreds of `then and now' comparison photographs. Vol.1 focuses on the American forces and Vol.2 focuses on the British forces. Hardcover, 8½"x 12", 752 pages, over 2000 Illustrations, 31 maps. ATB BK-040 $169.95

Witness the dashing exploits of Hans-Joachim Marseille-- known as the Star of Africa and the Eagle of the Desert. His ability to turn inside an opponent and his mastery of deflection shooting made him a Luftwaffe Ace with 158 confirmed kills, 17 in one day! Released in 1958, German language, English subtitles, b+w, 105 minutes.

BB-WW931 $29.98

A three-sided story about German, Italian, and American soldiers, set in Northern Italy during the final weeks of World War II. On the one side, a group of American supply soldiers delivers ammunition to the front line. On the other, a doomed German unit and their ragtag Italian partners struggle in the face of certain defeat. English, German and Italian, 110 minutes.

BB-WW934 $19.95

The Winter War

This film is among the most authentic war films ever made! All the equipment comes from the Finnish museums or was donated by sources in Russia. The Russians supplied T-26s, T-28s, and air combat units in this visual history of the Russian invasion of Finland in 1939. 125 minutes, Finnish with English subtitles.

BB-WW910 $29.98


The Panther Tank

The Panzer IV

Includes Collector's Slip Case!

Includes Collector's Slip Case!

A f t e r t h e Bat t l e M a g a z i n e

From the beaches of Normandy to the island strongholds of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, no one period in history has defined the terms courage, sacrifice and tragedy better than World War II, and no publication has documented this historical event better than After The Battle magazine. For over 20 years ATB has brought history back to life through amazing "Then and Now" photographs. Each issue contains 56 pages of historical text uncluttered by advertisements with an average of 150 photographs! All this for only $8.95 an issue! Over 137 fascinating back issues to choose from! For a complete listing of back issues and contents visit


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DOWNFALL takes you into Hitler's bunker during the brutal and harrowing last days of the Third Reich. Seen through the eyes of Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge, optimism crumbles into terror as it becomes clear that Germany's defeat is inevitable and the underground refuge becomes an execution chamber for the Fuhrer and his closest advisors. German language, English subtitles, 155 minutes.

BB-WW932 $29.98

The Panther, or Panzer Mk. V, was Germany's response to the shocking experience of encountering the superior Soviet T-34 tank in the wake of the invasion of Russia in 1941. This program covers not only the evolution of the Panther design but through the use of combat footage, illustrates the Panther in action on all fronts on which the German Army fought from 1943 until 1945.

BB-AM309 $19.99

The Panzer IV was the armored `workhorse' of the German Army in WW2. Designed originally as a heavy `support' tank for its stablemate, the lighter Mark III in the Panzer divisions, it became one of the key instruments of the Blitzkrieg victories, in the early years of the war. This program traces the long history of this most versatile of German tanks. English language, 57 minutes.

BB-AM259 $19.99 1-800-562-7308


PANZERWRECKS - The name says it all! This new series of books is about destroyed, surrendered and abandoned German tanks and vehicles from 1944-1945. Every volume contains over 100 rare and unpublished b+w photographs. Soft cover, landscape format, 11" x 8", 126 pages, perfect bound.

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RZM Imports New Releases Update

The LAH during the Ardennes Offensive Volume 1: Kampfgruppe Peiper-Stoumont 19th December 1944

Duel in the Mist

The Tigers of the 8./SS-Panzer Regiment 2 "Das Reich"

Das Reich Tigers

PW-001 $29.95

PW-002 $29.95


To order by credit card, call toll free 800-562-7308 Mon.- Fri. 9:30 am to 6:00 pm E.S.T. Or send check or bank money order to

RZM Imports, Inc. 880 Canal St. Stamford, CT 06902.

Domestic Postage Rates: $6.00 for the first book $2.00 each additional. DVDs: $5.00 for the first $1.00 each additional.

This is the first volume in a series of books examining the involvement of the 1st. SS Panzer Division `Leibstandarte' in the Ardennes offensive and focuses on Kampfgruppe Peiper's drive through American lines and ultimate reversal outside the village of Stoumont on the 19th of December 1944. Of the 127 photos in this book, over half are published for the first time but all are placed in their correct historical, chronological and geographical context. Hardcover, 10" x 8", 300 pages with 127 photographs, 9 maps with color vehicle profiles illustrating the various Panther factory applied camouflage schemes. ONE OF THE BEST TITLES OF 2007! AFVP-001 $110.00

This book by noted historian Wolfgang Schneider chronicles the Tigers associated with "Das Reich" from the beginning to the bitter end: 8./SS-Panzer-Regiment 2; schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 102; and schwere SSPanzer-Abteilung 502. For the first time, this famous formation will receive a complete unit history with detailed maps, historical overview, first-hand accounts and lots and lots of wartime photos! This total package will delight not only modelers, but also historians, armor buffs and collectors. Hardcover, 9"x12", 410 pages, over 400 b+w photos, 8 pages of color tank profiles, and detailed maps. FP-079 $90.00


This title contains hundreds of wartime photos and modern color photos of the step by step restoration of a Sturmgeschutz III. Hardcover, 12" x 9", 264 pages, 560 b+w wartime photos, 4-view scale drawings and more! RP-016 $75.00 The "Bible" on the King Tiger tank. Hardcover, 9" x 12", 400 pages, 70 pages of technical text, 100 pages of drawings, 40 organigrams, 160 photographs, 10 maps and 80 color plates! MHT-002 $120.00 German Panzers in the epic Battle of Kursk as told through first hand accounts and rare photographs. Hardcover, 9" x 12", 128 pages, b+w wartime photos, detailed color plates. MM BK-9843 $37.95 This release contains wartime photographs, depicting the King Tiger, Jagdtiger, and Elephant in combat, training, and in numerous interior and exterior closeups. Hardcover, 12" x 9", 170 pages, over 400 b+w photos and color plates. RP-013 $45.00 Newly reprinted, this excellent title is full of clear photos of the Tiger and Sturmtiger. Don't miss out a second time! Hardcover, 12" x 9", 170 pages, over 300 b+w photos and color plates. RP-014 $45.00

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PW-003 $29.95

PW-004 $29.95

This title provides a unique insight into the last desperate years of the German Army at war on the Eastern Front 1943-45. Hardcover, 8½" x 11", 160 pages, over 190 b+w photos and maps. HP-3019 $59.95

BACK IN PRINT! This best-selling title features SS armor formations in late-war combat on the Eastern Front. Hardcover, 9" x 12", 296 pages, 8 maps, 403 photos, 16 pages of color, 12 diagrams. FP-075 $85.00

880 Canal St Stamford, CT 06902




Hardcover, 8½" x 11", 256 pages, over 500 b+w photos. SCH-7803 $59.95 Hardcover, 8½" x 11",160 pages, Hardcover, 8½" x 11",160 pages, over 300 b+w photos, line drawings. over 300 b+w photos, line drawings. SCH-6226 $49.95 SCH-6233 $49.95

Each volume of the Walter Spielberger series on German armor contains a wealth of b+w wartime photos, line drawings and historical documentation providing an invaluable reference for any WWII German armor modeler or enthusiast!

Hardcover, 8½" x 11" 200 pages, Hardcover, 8½" x 11", 160 pages, over 260 b+w photos, line drawings. over 200 b+w photos, line drawings. SCH-6257 $49.95 SCH-6240 $49.95



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