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Daughters' Digest

Vol. 9, No.3 Dec. 2009

...For wisdom and spiritual guidance of our church leaders. ...For the President and all members of Congress of the United States. May God Bless America.

Newsletter of the Kentucky Diocesan Assembly of ...And for all whom our prayers are requested and The Order of the Daughters of the King needed. Amen.

Presidents: Please immediately email to and/or make copies for your entire chapter and interested others. President Cathy Meister, 1st Vice President Doris Ross, 2nd Vice President Shirley Pratt, Secretary Chris Wilcox, Treasurer Valerie Smallwood, Advisors/ Past Presidents Donnajean Richardson and Sandi Hammel, Daughters At Large Chair Sarah Johansen, Historian Sue Bridge

Chapter Representative (Presidents): Doris Ross, Ann Hines, Caroline Eddleman, Shirley Pratt, Barbara Hinton, Michelle East, Barbara Dunn, Liz Cecil, Wendy Hoback, Donnajean Richardson, Nan Dearman , Sue Edwards Assembly Chaplain: The Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter

Dates to Remember:

January 2 ­ Self Denial Fund donations due to Valerie Smallwood February 17 ­ Ash Wednesday February 26 and 27 ­ Diocesan Convention, Paducah March 14 ­ Daylight Saving Time Begins March 17 ­ St. Patrick`s Day March 28 ­ Palm Sunday April 4 ­ Easter Sunday April 9 and 10 ­ Spring Board Meeting and Assembly at St. Francis in the Fields, Harrod`s Creek May 1 ­ Master`s Fund donations due to Valerie Smallwood

From Your President... Updates and Events

Once again I would like to thank our daughters from Grace by the River, at Grace Episcopal Church in Paducah for hosting our last assembly on September 26th. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality! I would also like to thank The Rev. Ellen Ekevag for presenting, Entering Into Joy. Her presentation reminded us to stop and reflect on how God brings joy to our lives and how we should be grateful for what God brings. She states that Joy is a choice! We can step outside ourselves and open ourselves to others. Be surprised by joy, not darkness! Ellen also introduced Group Body Prayer. We performed simple body movements for prayer which reminded me of Tai Chi. This exercise not only provided time for stretching, but provided time for quiet prayer. The day was an opportunity to laugh, share our thoughts and unite in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Our sisters who were unable to be present, we missed you and hope to see you at our next assembly.

Diocesan Chapter Prayers for:

January ­ Grace by the River, Paducah February ­ Hildegard the Visionary, Louisville March ­ Magnificat, Anchorage and Daughters at Large April ­ Mary of Magdala, Owensboro May - St. Bernadette, Louisville June ­ St. Brigid of Ireland, Elizabethtown ...For all armed forces world wide and at home.

Page 2 (continued)... Which brings me to announce our next Board Meeting and Spring Assembly will be hosted by our St. Francis Chapter, at St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church, Louisville, on April 9th and 10th. Please mark your calendars and look for the registration in the next few months. We will be putting together an exciting day! questions; what are the stones with which you build, where do you get these stones? Are the stones you are using to build with stable blocks or stepping stones? These were just a few of the thoughts we pondered and discussed in small groups. Sharing each other`s spiritual walks was truly experiencing God`s love. We laughed and shared tears together. The night before the retreat concluded, a woman came up to me and said I gave her hope. I was caught off guard and realized sometimes you are not aware of the seeds you sow. In that moment both of our hearts were touched by God`s grace. Kanuga is a time to make friendships, renew friendships, and enjoy our sisters from Province IV. We came together in the name of Jesus Christ to share and to continue to do the best we can to spread God`s kingdom through our service, prayer and evangelism. Besides the beauty and the peacefulness of Kanuga, I observed many chapters and dioceses that had several women attend Kanuga. I could only imagine our diocese being able to send a few more in the future. For years a bus load of women from South East Florida take a 17 hour bus ride to attend the retreat. It has actually become a tradition to welcome them and send them off! What a dedicated group of women. As we know, we face financial difficulties, but I hope money will not be an obstacle to anyone who would like to attend. I believe we can work together to overcome some of these issues. My vision in the next three years is to continue to contact our diocesan office to seek funding and find a way we can offer more women to attend from our diocese. It is a wonderful experience. I encourage you to pray about it. Think about taking some of your busy time next fall and be in God`s time! Blessings, FHS, Cathy Meister

Province IV Kanuga Retreat

I was blessed on October 5-9th to attend the Province IV Fall Retreat in Kanuga, North Carolina. Kanuga is approximately a forty-five minute drive from Ashville. The mountains were breath taking as we drove through the Blue Ridge Parkway. On arrival, I checked into the lodge and proceeded to get right to work on the registration packets. What a great way to meet other daughters! Later I joined approximately 160 women from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky. During the retreat I attended board meetings, workshops, morning prayer, Compline, Holy Eucharist, Taizé, and a beautiful Memorial Service which was dedicated to our daughters who passed on last year. Meeting daughters and gathering in fellowship was a highlight, and an experience you must enjoy for yourself! The Rev. Deborah Jackson conducted the meditations, the Holy Eucharist and worship services. The Rev. Dr. Kathleen Price, Rector of All Saints` Church, Maryland was our facilitator. Our theme for the retreat was Thank God for Rocks. Kathleen provided many provoking thoughts. We began our registration by picking a rock from the basket. Little did we know, that rock was our prayer rock throughout the weekend. Kathleen read simple children`s stories. We reflected on these short stories with many

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Diocesan Banner

At our last board meeting we discussed making a Diocesan DOK banner. A banner is an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace, as God`s grace enlightens our minds and stirs our hearts. Our banner will represent our Diocese of Kentucky. This banner will be displayed at our Diocesan, Provincial and Triennial Assemblies. If you are creative and/or have some ideas, please contact me. A meeting will be planned in January to start this project. We would like to adapt ideas from ALL of our chapters. Your input is vital to this project!

her vows during one of our church services. We are planning another study session beginning in January. We are also reevaluating how we can help coordinate our church`s prayer list so it can have a more positive and current relevance to our congregation. During November, we will begin our Advent Tree where we support a high school program that helps ensure teenage mothers have a Christmas for their child. This has always been wellsupported by our congregation and something we Daughters also look forward to. We have a good time! FHS, Marijane Turman

DOK Web Site Is Launched!

I have completed our Diocesan DOK website. As you read this newsletter it will be up and running. Please visit, select Community Ministries located on the left side of the screen, select Daughters of the King. If you have any pictures of your chapters and would like them posted, please send them to Cathy Meister at [email protected]

St. James Chapter, St. James of the Valley, Pewee Valley This past year our chapter completed several projects. The two that were most memorable to me were helping our troops in Iraq and helping Father Trimble with the Lenten programs. We sent several packages of goodies to our troops. Our youth group made cards to enclose in the first package. We had a discarded cell phone drive and AT&T donated phone cards for the troops. The parishioners bought one extra box of Girl Scout Cookies and we sent them to the troops for Easter. We will continue this project in the new year. Our chapter also did the Lenten programs on Wednesday night after the church services. We completed three different book reviews. Shack, Same Kind of Different as Me, and Amish Grace were the books. We reviewed one book per week. We also has a member of the Altar Guild do a presentation showing how and why the altar is set up the way it is. Everyone enjoyed learning how the altar and credence table are set up for services. Father Trimble also explained the different colors of the year. I would highly recommend these projects to any chapter. FHS, Wendy Hoback

Diocesan Convention

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Diocesan Convention being held at Grace Church, Paducah on February 26-27th. Please pray about being available to take part of our prayer chapel and prayer vigil. All daughters are welcome to participate. More to come in the next month!

News from Our Chapters:

St. Brigid of Ireland Christ Church, Elizabethtown We welcome to our chapter a former Daughter. She will be studying with us and will be retaking

Page 4 St. Francis Chapter St. Francis in the Fields, Harrods Creek Our chapter has enjoyed a very robust year so far with lots of enthusiasm and participation. Our new officers met in August to plan the year. We decided on a Ministry Selections List to be given to each member to check off and turn in. The list included sixteen items of ministry and service with a suggestion that each person pick three or more that would match their gifts and areas of interest. Selections included visitation, publications, retreat planning, Seder and Epiphany dinners, hosting funerals, lunch prep for our Habitat for Humanity workers, Easter egg hunt, social committee, MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers), telephone, prayer chain and finally a call me if you need anything option. It was our aim to determine the interests of the Daughters, not necessarily to fill every area. However, the response was overwhelming and every area of need was filled--some well beyond the need. Special care is given to our Daughters in the event of a death of a Daughter or family member. We recently hosted the funeral of one of our Daughters and provided care for the family which included a reception at the visitation and meal after the funeral. We have finished with a number of tasks including Family Advent Wreath Making the first Sunday of Advent. Next will be our Feast of St. Nicholas Luncheon December 5, the Women`s Epiphany Dinner, January 5, Annual Women`s Retreat at Wooded Glen, March 6 ­ 7, ( ALL daughters are invited), Seder Dinner, March 31, DOK Spring Assembly on April 9 ­ 10, and a quiet day at the Episcopal Church Home in May with The Rev. Georgine Buckwalter. Eight new Daughters will be admitted at the 11:00 service on December 13. FHS, Liz Cecil

St. Teresa of Avila, Christ Church, Bowling Green St. Teresa of Avila Daughters of the King have been knee deep in our upcoming capital campaign Light the Fire ­ Fan the Flame. Fr. Michael asked us to chair the prayer effort for the Campaign. We have developed a meditation booklet entitled What is Christ Church and what does it mean to you? We asked parishioners to write short mediations on the topic and then we compiled them into a booklet with pictures of Christ Church structure and also its people in action. There were thirty-five meditations and the booklet along with a prayer calendar we developed will be distributed at the first visioning meeting to be held in November. DOK has been praying the prayer calendar in October, and will be inviting the whole Church to pray during November and December daily for various leaders and volunteers working in the Campaign. Notes of encouragement are also being sent to those leaders. On December 5, we are hosting a Church wide prayer vigil. Parishioners are invited to sign-up for 30 minute increments and pray in the Chapel, walk the labyrinth, or pray at home asking God Lord, what do you want to do through me to fulfill your will for our Church? We are also planning our Thanksgiving Meal for our Episcopal College group as well as final exam care packages. FHS, Sue Edwards Hildegard the Visionary St. Matthews, Louisville Hildegard Visionary continues to be busy with completing the baptismal banners for infant baptisms at St. Matthew`s Louisville. This past year we added making an Anglican Rosary for adults who are baptized. St. Matthew`s has been

Page 5 (continued) blessed with many babies these past three years since Hildegard Daughters have initiated this project. Each Daughter has a part in each banner shopping for the fabric, cutting out letters or parts of the image, praying with us and for us as we work together, assembling the banners and readying each banner for procession. During the summer, we focused on banners since there were 9 infants in the parish community possibly ready for baptism in the fall. In September we were fortunate to hear from Hildegard Daughter Debbi Rodahaffer who was a deputy to General Convention in Anaheim this summer. She shared with us the incredible amount of work and prayer and study that goes into each decision and resolution that comes before the convention. In October we began Lectio Divina which Sue Bridge and Ann Hines brought back to us from the Diocesan Daughters Fall Assembly. Later this fall we will hear from Hildegard Daughters who have studied and prayed and served in various programs within and outside the parish. As always, each Daughter continues in the rule of prayer by praying daily for those on our prayer list and for others in her own way, and each Daughter continues in the rule of service by serving in her own way and through our service projects. FHS, Susan Judge

Merry Christmas

Lord Jesus Christ, come and dwell in our hearts this Christmastide, so that our home may have you in it and be full of joy and peace. May no ill temper, impatience, envy or jealousy spoil the gladness of your birthday, but may love shine in our midst, bringing light to all our hearts and minds.

J. McDougall Ferguson

Wishing all a blessed Advent Season and Joyful Christmas! Lovingly, FHS, Cathy Meister

Self Denial Fund

The Self Denial Fund is due February 2 to the National Office. Please send your chapter checks by January 2 to: Valerie Smallwood 9222 Omar Khayyam Blvd. Louisville, KY 40272 The next Daughters Digest will be published in June 2010. The following chapters need to submit their articles by May 15 to Cathy Meister at [email protected] St. Bernadette Grace by the River St. Margaret of Scotland Bishop`s Chapter St. Clare Magnificat Mary of Magdala Please send any suggestions and/or corrections to Shirley Pratt, Editor, at [email protected]


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