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Colorado's WellView Web - View Details: Receipt 0413576

Permit Constructed

Receipt: Permit #: Well Name / #: Designated Basin: Case Number: WDID: 0413576 202538- Division: Water District: County: Management District: 2 13 CUSTER


Last Refresh: 7/9/2009 2:59:4

[-] Applicant/Owners History Date Range

Unknown - Present

Applicant/Owner Name



PO BOX 1014



[-] Location Information Approved Well Location: Q40 Q160 Section SW SW 15 Northing (UTM y): Location Accuracy: Physical Address City/State/Zip Township 22.0S Range 73.0W PM Sixth Footage from Section Lines 1000 S 540 W 452688.7

4220978.7 Easting (UTM x): Spotted from section lines

Subdivision Name COBBLE CROSSING Filing Block Lot Acres in Tract: 41.3

Parcel ID: [-] Permit Details Date Issued: 05/06/1997 Use(s): DOMESTIC Special Use:ISSUED UNDER PRESUMPTION 3b-IIA Statute: Permit Requirements: Cross Reference Permit(s): Totalizing Flow Meter No Receipt Unknown

Date Expires: 05/06/1999 Aquifer(s): ALL UNNAMED AQUIFERS Area which may be irrigated: Maximum annual volume of appropriation:

Geophysical Log No

Abandonment Report No

Permit Number 30758-MH -


Comments: [-] Construction/Usage Details Well Construction Date: 10/09/1998 Well Plugged: 1st Beneficial Use: Elevation Depth Pump Installation Date: 02/19/1999 Perforated Casing Static Water Pump

Perforated Casing

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7/9/2009 7:17 PM

Colorado's WellView Web - View Details: Receipt 0413576

(Top) 8500 160 100 Name Driller Pump Installer [-] Application/Permit History Pump Installation Report Received Pump Installed Well Construction Report Received Well Constructed Permit Issued Application Received [-] Imaged Documents Document Name Date Imaged Annotated Original File 12/06/2007 No

(Bottom) 160 Address

Level 68 Phone Number

Rate 10

03/29/1999 02/19/1999 11/16/1998 10/09/1998 05/06/1997 03/27/1997

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7/9/2009 7:17 PM


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