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Antique & Collectables

Wednesday 27 January 2010 10:00

May Auctioneers

The Delta Works Salisbury Road Shipton Bellinger SP9 7UN

Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1

Three art deco lamp shades.

Lot: 17

A Collection of postcards from the early 1900s.

Lot: 2

A Good early Dutch engraved decanter.

Lot: 18

A Victorian oil of a young lady in a rosewood frame.

Lot: 3

A Good contemporary bronze the mistress of fire.

Lot: 19

A Continental figurine,Worcester,roof tile and portrait plaque.

Lot: 4

A Good Mary Gregory style vase.

Lot: 20

An album of silk postcards from WW1.

Lot: 5

A Bavarian glass vase.

Lot: 21

A Pine framed oil on panel siesta time.

Lot: 6

A Good Bavarian overlay cologne bottle.

Lot: 22

An Oil on canvas Moulin rouge by H Lefort.

Lot: 7

A Novelty chromed bronze vesta modelled as a crocodile.

Lot: 23

A Painting of street scene by Bruce Donaldson.

Lot: 8

Two tortoiseshell boxes.

Lot: 24

A Large German Mettlach blue flask.

Lot: 9

Three tsubas.

Lot: 25

Four piece silver plated cruet stand.

Lot: 10

A Quality painted vesta.

Lot: 26

An ebonised piano Rudi Bach John

Lot: 11

A Fine agate trinket box.

Lot: 27

A Watercolour Calcutta back streets signed ridge.

Lot: 12

A Novelty bronze sweet meat dish modelled as a seal.

Lot: 28

A Watercolour silhouette of an army officer.

Lot: 13

A Henry Moore studio piece.

Lot: 29

A Framed pen and ink sketch of a fruit dated 1869.

Lot: 14

An interesting blue and white fruit bowl.

Lot: 30

A Charcoal study of a hanging man by C Nightingale.

Lot: 15

A Bronze clock mounted with a pug dog.

Lot: 31

A Modern cold cast bronze of a racehorse and rider A/F.

Lot: 16

4 framed Silhouettes circa 1900.

Lot: 32

Original watercolour of Thames Barges and the harbour by John Hanson

Lot: 33

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

A gilt framed watercolour Mediterranean scene, indistinctly signed A Painted blue and gilt vase.

Lot: 34

Rosemary Allen suggestions for a basement dining room mixed media.

Lot: 49

A Set of three graduated Copeland jugs depicting horse and riders etc.

Lot: 35

An Oil on board Early morning on the Norfolk Broads by L G Lamb.

Lot: 50

A cranberry glass gub, pink glass 19th century vase and other glassware

Lot: 36

A Novelty barometer modelled as a canon.

Lot: 51

Three Belleek jugs (one a/f) and a Belleek bowl

Lot: 37

A Gilt framed watercolour of balcony scene.

Lot: 52

Impressionist oil on canvas nude mother and baby Paul Hagenson.

Lot: 38

A Large 19thC mahogany chest of three long and three short drawers.

Lot: 53

A Framed print rescue by fireman.

Lot: 39

Pair of vases with 22ct gold edging - cobalt

Lot: 54

An Unframed oil on board still life.

Lot: 40

A Large blue and white lidded pot.

Lot: 55

San Felix Serona Espana watercolour monogrammed p s s.

Lot: 41

A Gilt framed 19thC wall mirror.

Lot: 56

A Burr walnut cocktail cabinet.

Lot: 42

A Framed abstract unsigned complete with 5 original inspiration photographs.

Lot: 57

A Bronze head of a smoking boy signed migilino.

Lot: 58 Lot: 43

An Oak framed photograph of an early 1900s boat. A Long stemmed decanter.

Lot: 59 Lot: 44

Impressionist oil on canvas alpine scene signed to lower right. An unframed mixed media hunting scene signed draper.

Lot: 60 Lot: 45

An Unframed oil on canvas of a lady. A Georgian pencil drawing of a Roman slave.

Lot: 61 Lot: 46

A Victorian carved walnut mirror backed sideboard A Georgian pencil drawing of cherubs.

Lot: 62 Lot: 47

A Set of four graduated jugs. A Framed print It may be for years or may be forever.

Lot: 63 Lot: 48

A S/plated 4 arm candelabra.

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 64

A wooden mantle clock.

Lot: 80

A Pair of large silver plated vases in trumpet form with cherubs to the base with matching centre stand.

Lot: 65

A Bust of Beethoven.

Lot: 81

A Georgian oak bureau with fitted interior

Lot: 66

A Poole green leaf pot with monogram to the base.

Lot: 82

A French oak Fromagerie

Lot: 67

A Jasper ware jardiniere.

Lot: 83

A Bronze Buddha.

Lot: 68

A Continental jardiniere a/f.

Lot: 84

A Studio sculpture of a warthog.

Lot: 69

A Fine quality bronze lantern and stand.

Lot: 85

A Studio piece of a bronze horses head.

Lot: 70

An Unsigned watercolour of the Bavarian Alps.

Lot: 86

A framed oil painting portrait of Major M J L Hinde OBE 62nd Pioneer 1943 with presentation plaque

Lot: 71

A Watercolour by J Humphrey Spender.

Lot: 87

A Charcoal picture of a bull.

Lot: 72

A Watercolour still life grapes unsigned.

Lot: 88

An Admiral Fitzroy barometer.

Lot: 73

A Watercolour of a Venetian canal signed possibly J Williams.

Lot: 89

The Rookery framed watercolour by Harold Cook.

Lot: 74

An Unframed oil on board of a toff in a bowler hat.

Lot: 90

A F+G Watercolour rural scene.

Lot: 75

A Framed oil on board of a windmill signed M Ward.

Lot: 91

An Oil on board the Gorjistan at sea r James.

Lot: 76

A Framed print circuit de brascia.

Lot: 92

A Pair of 19thC Bisque ware figures one a/f.

Lot: 77

A Framed oriental oil on canvas.

Lot: 93

A three section Globe Wernicke bookcase

Lot: 78

An Oil on panel of mother and baby unsigned.

Lot: 94

A Good Scottish 8 day long case clock with painted face.

Lot: 79

A Framed composite stamp picture sympathy.

Lot: 95

Revolving low book case with leather insert to top

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 96

An overlay decorative ceiling light.

Lot: 112

18ct white gold ring set with solitaire diamond with baguette diamonds to the shoulders

Lot: 97

A F+G Spy print HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 'first violin'.

Lot: 113

18ct white gold drop earrings set with rubies and diamonds

Lot: 98

A Portrait of a native American oil on canvas signed lower left.

Lot: 114

Solitaire sapphire set in a white gold and diamond mount

Lot: 99

An Oil on panel continental market scene.

Lot: 115

A long necklace of grey fresh water pearls

Lot: 100

A Gilt framed oil of a castle.

Lot: 116

Pair of silver locomotive, train cufflink's

Lot: 101

18ct white gold drop earrings each set with seven round cut diamonds

Lot: 117

A heavy silver curb bracelet with heart shaped padlock

Lot: 102

A three row pearl necklace with 14k gold clasp set with pearls

Lot: 118

Pair of silver horse shaped cufflink's

Lot: 103

18ct gold cluster ring set with peridot and diamonds

Lot: 119

Pair of silver spitfire shaped cufflink's

Lot: 104

Pair of diamond set earrings with frosted amethyst drops

Lot: 120

A long necklace of white fresh water pearls

Lot: 105

18ct white gold cross pendant set with round and baguette cut diamonds

Lot: 121

A selection of costume jewellery and silver necklaces, rings etc

Lot: 106

18ct gold ring set with three diamonds

Lot: 122

14ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring

Lot: 107

18ct white gold ring set with round and baguette cut diamonds

Lot: 123

9ct gold oval art deco style ruby and diamond ring

Lot: 108

9ct gold necklace in the form of a horse shoe set with diamonds

Lot: 124

Five stone opal ring

Lot: 109

18ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring

Lot: 125

Ruby and diamond wishbone style ring

Lot: 110

Ring set with three aquamarines surrounded by diamonds

Lot: 126

14ct gold diamond and emerald cluster ring

Lot: 111

Pair of diamond solitaire ear studs, approx .90ct

Lot: 127

Antique 18ct gold sapphire, diamond and enamel child's ring

Lot: 128

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

9ct gold ring set with five garnets

Lot: 143

An Oil on board dog with cat up tree unsigned.

Lot: 129

Hand painted Oriental porcelain and silver pendant on silver chain sold with a long blue glass necklace

Lot: 144

A Ltd edition print 571/900 kingfisher in an exotic garden J Hook 91.

Lot: 130

Diamond set half eternity ring on white metal

Lot: 145

A Framed pencil drawing of a Roman bust signed and dated.

Lot: 130A

Victorian gold bar brooch set with diamond

Lot: 146

An 18th Century oak coffer

Lot: 131

A Gilt F+G Watercolour of a windmill signed Malcolm Craig.

Lot: 147

A F+G Hall marked silver Royal Geographical society silver map.

Lot: 132

An Octagonal oak table with galleried shelf beneath.

Lot: 148 Lot: 133

A Pair of irons. A Pastel portrait of a young man.

Lot: 149 Lot: 134

An oak cricket table with drop flap A Framed oil on panel quayside signed Ernest Payne.

Lot: 150 Lot: 135

A pair of cherry wood tripod tables A Framed embroidery Royal Crest.

Lot: 151 Lot: 136

A Pair of 19thc silver plated candlesticks. A F+G Oriental watercolour on rice paper birds in a tree.

Lot: 152 Lot: 137

A Victorian cast fireplace, A Royal Doulton charger "The Gleaners" series ware .

Lot: 153 Lot: 138

A F+G Watercolour of a bride over a river signed. A heavily carved mahogany sideboard on stretcher base

Lot: 154 Lot: 139

A Framed oil on panel of a coastal scene signed Elliot. A Wedgwood dinner service circa 1900 approx 50 pieces.

Lot: 155 Lot: 140

A Framed tapestry classical greek scene. A Framed photo print of a yacht choppy scene by AK Beken.

Lot: 156 Lot: 141

A Signed watercolour beach scene by P Padden. A Large framed and glazed watercolour of Oxford.

Lot: 157 Lot: 142

A Framed oil on board winter in the park by Monica Leighton Hicks. An oil on panel American school portrait of a woman.

Lot: 158

A framed and glazed etching of Solimere from the original

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from


Lot: 174

A Good stoneware pestle and mortar.

Lot: 159

An oil on panel street scene signed Germaine Nepoty.

Lot: 175

A Silver plated cake dish.

Lot: 160

A Framed watercolour of 18thc axe man and dog.

Lot: 176

A 19thC Vaselike glass vase chip to base.

Lot: 161

A Framed abstract pastel of a lake landscape.

Lot: 177

A Large pair of cranberry vases.

Lot: 162

A Pair of Julian Opie silk screens on canvas of bananas, beans, aubergines, and a pepper both signed - on stretchers.

Lot: 178

A Bronze of a nude lady.

Lot: 163

Large silver photo frame - boxed

Lot: 179

A Bronze mouse on boot.

Lot: 164

A Satsuma vase.

Lot: 180

A Small bronze with child.

Lot: 165

An Inlaid prisoner of war military photo frame.

Lot: 181

Four Chinese artist brushes.

Lot: 166

A Novelty French bronze inkwell on malted marble stand with blotter.

Lot: 182

A tortoiseshell jewellery stand.

Lot: 167

A Compass.

Lot: 183

A Serrento mystery box.

Lot: 168

A Collection of 4 chinese painted scent bottles.

Lot: 184

A Large silver bud vase.

Lot: 169

A Model of canon.

Lot: 185

A Silver bud vase.

Lot: 170

A Pair of 19thC French porcelain figures.

Lot: 186

A Silver framed clock.

Lot: 171

A Box of pre decimal coins.

Lot: 187

tortoiseshell and silver plated tea caddy.

Lot: 172

A 19thC Japanese Kutani bowl.

Lot: 188

A Silver topped scent bottle.

Lot: 173

A leather cased Carl Zeiss monocular.

Lot: 189

A Mary Gregory scent bottle.

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 190

Ross rifle bayonet

Lot: 206

A Pair of silver topped trinket boxes.

Lot: 191

A Silver cigarette case with nude figure to the cover.

Lot: 207

Two silver plated salts.

Lot: 192

A Good silver cigarette case with nude figurine.

Lot: 208

A Silver plated shell dish.

Lot: 193

A Silver cigarette case with naked figure to the front.

Lot: 209

An Art deco wall mask.

Lot: 194

An Enamel cigarette case depicting a nude.

Lot: 210

Four wade circus figures.

Lot: 195

A selection of s/plated flatware some silver.

Lot: 211

A Small ice bucket.

Lot: 196

A Small brass double carriage clock.

Lot: 212

Two carved wooden panels.

Lot: 197

Five silver spoons.

Lot: 212A

A Silver plated wagon style barrel.

Lot: 198

Silver sugar tongs

Lot: 213

A Silver plated double inkwell.

Lot: 199

A silver spoon

Lot: 214

A Silver plated hors d overs dish and silver plated inkwell.

Lot: 200

A silver guitar

Lot: 215

A Collection of caricatures to include Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Lot: 201

A Georgian hall marked silver salver.

Lot: 216

no lot

Lot: 202

Three items of silver.

Lot: 217

An Elchwald ceramic planter shape 7795

Lot: 203

A Silver overlay nut dish.

Lot: 218

A set of rare French hankie's circa 1950s.

Lot: 204

A Small Oriental dish from the Nanking Cargo.

Lot: 219

A Selection of coronation ware.

Lot: 205

A Bronze cat in a basket.

Lot: 220

A 1901 Vol of animals friend and collection of old sepia photos taken from the family related to the book.

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 221

An oil On panel of a jazz band attributed to P Lake.

Lot: 237

A 19thC mahogany boudoir sofa.

Lot: 222

A framed print highs and lows.

Lot: 238

A Victorian mahogany carved button back chair

Lot: 223

Carinthia, a Cunard liner print mounted and framed.

Lot: 239

French sofa with two chairs

Lot: 224

A mahogany three tier dumb waiter

Lot: 240

A Hand embroidered table cloth with pom pom frill.

Lot: 225

A Bronze and iron pair of fire dogs.

Lot: 241

A Silver plated hors d'overs dish and silver plated inkwell.

Lot: 226

A Minton figure.

Lot: 242

A circular mahogany tilt top table

Lot: 227

A large Silver plated tankard.

Lot: 243

An Interesting perspex bowl.

Lot: 228

A Bronze model of a leopard on marble base.

Lot: 244

An oak early 19thC tilt top table.

Lot: 229

A Quantity of bank notes.

Lot: 245

A pair of gilt decorated continental salon chairs

Lot: 230

A Bronze jardiniere.

Lot: 246

Carved mahogany cupboard with linen slides and two drawers, small three drawer chest, bedside cabinet and dressing chest all matching

Lot: 231

Six large glass eggs.

Lot: 247

12 Miniature models of cannons.

Lot: 232

A 19thc Imari dish.

Lot: 248

A 19thC mahogany bidet.

Lot: 233

A Pair of blue and white Dutch vases with covers.

Lot: 249

A set of four inlaid mahogany dining chairs c.1900

Lot: 234

A Ltd Edition Moorcroft vase.

Lot: 250

A carved oak coffer with candle box dating around 1700

Lot: 235

Maroon upholstered mahogany library chair

Lot: 251

Georgian oak chest of two short of three long drawers

Lot: 236

A 19thC mahogany framed library chair.

Lot: 252

A Selection of misc ceramics to include oriental etc

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 253

An English winter lightness oil on canvas 1950 by peter chandler smith Friba in need of restoration.

A Jacobean style chest three drawers and two cupboards under.

Lot: 269

An Edwardian mahogany piano stool.

Lot: 254

A Framed and glazed watercolour rural scene with monogram lower right.

Lot: 270

An enamelled bowl and mahogany wash stand on barley twist supports with mirror.

Lot: 255

An Unsigned oil on canvas of a hill top town.

Lot: 271

Edwardian inlaid bureau

Lot: 256

An oil on board of two gentleman.

Lot: 272

A 19thC Adderly's dinner service.

Lot: 257

A white painted cheval mirror circa 1900

Lot: 273

Two elm spindle back country chairs

Lot: 258

A bow front yew wood side cabinet

Lot: 274

A tribal stool and drinking vessel

Lot: 259

A mahogany chest of two short drawers over three long

Lot: 275

Mother of pearl inlaid ebonised child's chair

Lot: 260

A Carved wooden fish.

Lot: 276

A small spindle back child's chair

Lot: 261

A serpentine three drawer chest with brushing slide and tambour door, bureau to top

Lot: 277

A Large silver plated tray.

Lot: 262

Carved oak occasional table with locker beneath

Lot: 278

A Large s/plated cake stand.

Lot: 263

A Pair of American mahogany side tables.

Lot: 279

A Regency ebonised and pen work sewing table

Lot: 264

A burr walnut oval dining table on quad support pillared base

Lot: 280

A Nest of 3 figured walnut occasional tables.

Lot: 265

Enamelled tray top table

Lot: 281

A George III oval pad back gents chair

Lot: 266

An inlaid 18thc famille rose large charger.

Lot: 282

A 19th century lace makers table

Lot: 267

Victorian mahogany chest two short, three long

Lot: 282A

A Persian silk mix Nairn rug

Lot: 268

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 283

A Pair of embroidered pictures flowers in baskets.

8 Military shields.

Lot: 299 Lot: 284

A Pig skin case. A mahogany double stool on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet

Lot: 284A

A Hand made Turkish floor rug.

Lot: 300

A Victorian mahogany tilt top breakfast table.

Lot: 285

A Gilt framed and glazed mixed media painting of snowy owl.

Lot: 301

A good set of seven Georgian style dining chairs

Lot: 286

An Unusual study of life through a broken window unframed oil on canvas Yoffe.

Lot: 302

Tony Brown, September 93, mixed media painting of a boat yard and harbour unframed.

Lot: 288

An old outside lamp and a coloured glass lamp shade

Lot: 303

An Oil on paper rural scene.

Lot: 289

A mahogany love seat circa 1920

Lot: 304

Original screen print, 19/26 by Anita Ford

Lot: 290

An oak barley twist drop leaf table.

Lot: 305

A Victorian pine tray top washstand

Lot: 291

A box of mixed model railway items

Lot: 306

A Victorian stool.

Lot: 292

Two pencil sketches of nudes.

Lot: 307

A Pair of 19thC Gothic revival patented brass candlesticks.

Lot: 293

Newlyn goose platter needing minor restoration

Lot: 308

A Pair of walnut lamp tables enclosing drawers and bookrack on ornate carved end supports.

Lot: 294

A 19thC mahogany bow fronted chest of 2 short over 2 long.

Lot: 309

An Edwardian mahogany pedestal desk

Lot: 295

A Very large French slate mantel clock with open escapement to the face.

Lot: 310

An Edwardian rosewood and satinwood marquetry inlaid card table after Edward and Roberts.

Lot: 296

Two stools, one with padded lid

Lot: 311

A Hand painted charger.

Lot: 297

A Box containing magazines and newspapers commemorating major events.

Lot: 312

A Hand painted charger.

Lot: 298

Lot: 313

Edwardian mirror back side board two drawers and cupboard

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from


Lot: 329

A Victorian inlaid mahogany octagonal centre table

Lot: 314

An Oak framed print orient line to Australia.

Lot: 330

A two drawer mahogany Victorian side table on barley twist legs with beaded trim

Lot: 315

A Framed oil on board modernist painting.

Lot: 331 Lot: 316

An Acrylic on canvas patio and the iris pound by Clark. A Tuscan bone China tea service

Lot: 332 Lot: 317

A 19th Century watercolours, Eastern street scene, continental market square and a church interior (3) A Mahogany breakfast table on tripod base.

Lot: 333

An Edwardian twin pillar dining table with extra leaf complete with a set of 8 chairs including two carvers.

Lot: 318

A pair of fashion plates by Jules David

Lot: 333A Lot: 319

Three watercolour and pastel pictures of dogs. A Small 19thC country chair.

Lot: 334 Lot: 320

A Slate mantle clock. A brass magazine rack

Lot: 335 Lot: 321

A 19th century butter churn (no handle) A mahogany three drawer ladies desk

Lot: 336 Lot: 322

Three volumes Cassell's history and other encyclopedias A Victorian painted bamboo and lacquer tray top table.

Lot: 337 Lot: 323

A Large collection of cigarette cards to include John player Gallagher's circa 200 cards. An early 19th Century mahogany secretaire bookcase

Lot: 338

A Victorian hall mahogany library bookcase

Lot: 324

A pair of Edwardian Hepplewhite style carver chairs

Lot: 339

An Edwardian ebonised mahogany display table with rising glazed top with a velvet interior.

Lot: 325

An oak country elbow chair.

Lot: 340 Lot: 326

A 1930s oval coffee table. Mahogany chest of four long drawers

Lot: 341 Lot: 327

A Georgian mahogany chest of two short over three long drawers A Pair of regency style reeded framed mahogany desk chair in close nailed green leather.

Lot: 342 Lot: 328

A Small Moorish urn stand inlaid with mother of pearl. A Chippendale style mahogany chair with drop in seat.

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 343

A Regency inlaid mahogany chair with leather seat.

Lot: 358

A Carved mahogany continental display cabinet with mirrored top.

Lot: 344

A cherry wood candlestick (a/f)

Lot: 359

A pine double wardrobe with fitted cupboards and four drawer centre section.

Lot: 345

A Ramsgate engraving viking picture hussar and a floral frame.

Lot: 360

A 19th Century four door oak corner cupboard

Lot: 346

Edwardian walnut chest two short three long

Lot: 361

A Framed and glazed drawing of A.U.S.A.F Fighter aircraft.

Lot: 347

A Set of four ebonised barley twist chairs in the Jacobean revival style.

Lot: 362

A F+G Print Auguste Renoir the luncheon of the boating party.

Lot: 348

A green lacquered gilt decorated chinoiserie cabinet

Lot: 363

An Edwardian four poster bed with two uprights missing

Lot: 349

A William iv mahogany metamorphic buffet .

Lot: 364

Two leather suitcases with keys, one Orient, the other with fitted interior

Lot: 350

A Pair of 19thC Georgian Mahogany side chairs.

Lot: 365

Glazed oak display cabinet with plate rack shelves

Lot: 351

A marble and gilt metal standard lamp

Lot: 366

Mahogany chiffoniere base

Lot: 352

An Edwardian mahogany twin mirror door wardrobe

Lot: 367

A Gilt framed oil on canvas clipper at sea.

Lot: 353

An unframed oil on board of a tranquil sunset signed Raymond Klee.

Lot: 368

An Oriental rug, 10 x 8ft

Lot: 354

A Large mirror backed wall cabinet.

Lot: 369

A large fine quality Turkish rug.

Lot: 355

An art Deco study of a pair of bronze dogs on a veined marble plinth.

Lot: 370

A Selection of glass items.

Lot: 356

A Pair of Edwardian oak and copper banded jardiniere on stands by Lister.

Lot: 371

Three Noritake dishes, two Delft items, a ginger jar and three majolica leaf plates

Lot: 357

A Bird and marker pen portrait monogram to lower right.

Lot: 372

Plave Trio cup, saucer and plate - boxed

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Antique & Collectables Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 373

A Pair of bedside lamps modelled as puttis.

Limoges Eau Du Nuit

Lot: 389 Lot: 374

Karl Ens Grebe group a/f Dresden coffee pot Maria Therese design

Lot: 390 Lot: 375

A Sitzendorf pot pourri pot - boxed Dresden footed dish 10909 Floral

Lot: 391 Lot: 376

Meissen Lady in a Carriage. Dresden oval dish

Lot: 392 Lot: 377

Round Meissen box floral painted Pierced Plave box with cobalt flowers

Lot: 393 Lot: 378

Three miniature plave planters Pair of Plave Art Nouveau Figures in Shells

Lot: 394 Lot: 379

A Dresden vase with floral decoration. Large Limoges Egg with a sea scape scene

Lot: 395 Lot: 380

Various miscellaneous items A Colour print of horse racing.

Lot: 396 Lot: 381

Monkey female singer A Handmade Turkish rug.

Lot: 397 Lot: 382

A Small Dresden mouse. Pair of Plave baskets

Lot: 398 Lot: 383

A Selection of banknotes. 19th century engraving of a harbour scene by William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931), framed and glazed

Lot: 384

Two Limoges items etc.

Lot: 399

A small inlaid bureau

Lot: 385

Three silver desert spoons and a candlestick and tea spoon

Lot: 400

A large pine corner dresser

Lot: 385A

Colt Patented Brevette pocket percussion pistol, circa 1860-70. Serial number 19218, 35 cal, all original.

Lot: 401

A mahogany dining table with two extra leaves

Lot: 402 Lot: 386

Two large silver plated vases with blue glass liners. A fossil stone table with ammonites and belemnites

Lot: 387

Figurine of a pair of Grey Dresden Horses (carriage missing)

Lot: 388

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