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Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables

Wednesday 17 February 2010 10:30

Jubilee Auction Rooms

Fordbrook Business Centre Pewsey Wiltshire SN9 5NU

Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1

A composite stone large circular shallow planter.

Lot: 16

A large quantity of mainly 1970's popular and classical music and LP's.

Lot: 2

A composite stone tulip shaped planter with blind fret decoration.

Lot: 17

A quantity of china and three lined curtains.

Lot: 3

An iron work exterior light of tapering square form on an ornate wrought iron wall bracket.

Lot: 18

A reproduction cast iron GWR railway notice.

Lot: 4

A galvanised watering can of oval form with brass rose.

Lot: 19

A Victorian trinket box, a folding brass fire screen, a jardinire and a wooden flask.

Lot: 5

A galvanised watering can of oval form with brass rose.

Lot: 24

Four pairs of circlip pliers.

Lot: 6

A green glazed garden planter and a quantity of terracotta flower pots.

Lot: 25

A reproduction cast iron dog bowl advertising Hudson soap.

Lot: 7

An iron push along seed drill with two wheels.

Lot: 26

A cast iron door stop in the form of the Titanic.

Lot: 8

A cantilever tool box with contents and a quantity of other tools.

Lot: 27

A cast iron "door mat".

Lot: 9

A wooden pulley block and tackle, six various pulleys and other sundry items.

Lot: 28

A garden loppers, shear and secateur set.

Lot: 29 Lot: 10

A box of mainly wood working tools. Two hay/manure forks.

Lot: 30 Lot: 11

A boxed Tilley pressure lamp and a quantity of oil lamps, mantles and glass chimneys. A Spear and Jackson garden ratchet loppers.

Lot: 31

A pair of sash cramps.

Lot: 12

A quantity of panel beating hammers, dollies, lasts and other tools.

Lot: 32

Two strong bars.

Lot: 13

A quantity of assorted hand tools in two boxes.

Lot: 33

Two dust sheets.

Lot: 14

A leather pony collar with hames and a quantity of assorted horse harnesses.

Lot: 34

A soldering gun set.

Lot: 15

A quantity of 78 rpm records.

Lot: 35

A garden bird box.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 36

A tungsten router set.

A quantity of etched glass ware and a carved wooden frame in the form of a life belt marked HMS Danae.

Lot: 37

Four adjustable wrenches.

Lot: 54

A walnut cased "Black Box" record player.

Lot: 38

Three security padlocks.

Lot: 60

A pine single bedstead with wooden slats for base.

Lot: 39

A quantity of stainless steel padlocks.

Lot: 61

A cast iron Victorian style 3' bedstead with brass decoration complete with base. NB mattress available direct from vendor if required.

Lot: 40

A set of wood carving chisels.

Lot: 62

A cast iron Victorian style 3' bedstead with brass decoration complete with base. NB mattress available direct from vendor if required.

Lot: 41

A cast iron reproduction Somerset and Dorset railway sign.

Lot: 42

A cast iron boot brush/remover.

Lot: 63

A cast iron Victorian style 4' 6" bedstead with brass decoration complete with base. NB mattress available direct from vendor if required.

Lot: 43

A heavy duty chain with padlock.

Lot: 64

A tin trunk containing a variety of household sundries.

Lot: 44

A 600 amp set of jump leads.

Lot: 65

A Windsor and Newton artists box/easel, one other box and various painting accessories.

Lot: 45

A trolley jack.

Lot: 66 Lot: 46

Two pipe clamps, an axe head and other tools contained within a wooden box together with a cabin trunk. A pair of dining chairs, a tea trolley and a quantity of small tables and stools.

Lot: 67 Lot: 47

A 'C' Scope CS770 metal detector. A rush stool/laundry basket, a Lloyd loom style laundry basket and a two tier bamboo framed unit with glass shelves.

Lot: 48

A large quantity of assorted tools.

Lot: 68

An embroidered fire screen, a quantity of mirrors and pictures.

Lot: 49

Two plastic cantilever tool boxes and contents.

Lot: 69

A pair of bed side cabinets and a pair of metal framed bar stools.

Lot: 50

A reproduction cast iron level crossing sign.

Lot: 70

An enamelled railway signal (yellow with black chevron).

Lot: 52

An oak cased Singer treadle sewing machine.

Lot: 71

A yew wood hi-fi cabinet in the form of a chest of drawers.

Lot: 53

Lot: 72

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A large quantity of curtains and pelmet's. Books: The Lakes by W Heaton Cooper second edition and The Lake Counties by W G Collingwood New Edition 1932.

Lot: 75

A quantity of books, mainly paperbacks.

Lot: 87

Books: Oscariana by Oscar Wilde in blue slip cover and An Illustrated Catalogue of British Plants by C E Sowerby printed for the author in 1841 and Domestic Medicine by William Buchan sixth edition.

Lot: 76

Books: A quantity of mainly biographical books and some art related volumes.

Lot: 88 Lot: 77

Books. A quantity of books mainly contemporary novels and some related to Rugby. Books: The River Windrush by Wilson MacArthur second edition; The English at the Seaside by Christopher Marsden from Collins Britain in Pictures series; Fishing in the South paper back by JWG Tomkin; Ireland as a Kingdom and a Colony published 1843 and two Ward and Lock red guides.

Lot: 78

Books: A large quantity of books of varying interests.

Lot: 89

Books: An 18th century pocket Baskett Bible: The Holy Bible containing The Old Testament and The New Testament. London, printed by John Baskett....and by the assigns of Thomas Newcomb and Harry Hills deceas'd 1718 12mo (12 x 6 cm) in slightly later binding with strap metal clasps etched ML and 1721

Lot: 79

Books: A quantity of assorted books.

Lot: 80

Books: J McGregor Robertson "The Household Physician" in two volumes published by Gresham 1908.

Lot: 90

Books: Giryphius Christian "Poetische Walder" printed Berlin 1698 with velum binding.

Lot: 81

Books: Christopher Finch "The Art of Walt Disney", two paper back volumes.

Lot: 91

Books: DAugustin de Zarate, Histoire de la Decouverte et de la Conquete du Perou, Volume I published Amsterdam 1700 (later Victorian calf binding).

Lot: 82

Books: Han Suyin "A Share of Loving", "A Many Splendoured Thing" and five other titles by the same author, some first editions.

Lot: 96

Two oval gilt framed wall mirrors and one other.

Lot: 83

Books: Hoots by J J Bell first edition paper back published 1929; The Jungle School by S H Hamer 1900; Tally Ho by Moyra Charlton illustrated by Lionel Edwards published 1945 and three King Penguin books: Highland Dress; The Isle of Wight and English Tradition in Design.

Lot: 97

Three Trilby style hats and a quantity of scarves contained within a hat box.

Lot: 98 Lot: 84

Books: The Phantom Major by Virginia Coles; The Rainbow and the Rose by Nevil Shute; (both first editions) A Daughter of the Samurai by Etsu Sugimoto; Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak and two re-bound volumes by J M Barrie. Five boxed as new die cast model vehicles to include: A Jada Toys "D Rod" '47 Ford COE truck 1:24 scale; A Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger; A Welly 1962 VW Classical Bus; a Kandy Toys 1:87 Porsche with caravan and a Lledo RNLI truck.

Lot: 85

Books: Sport and Adventures among the North-American Indians by Charles Alston Messiter illustrated by Charles Whymper and printed by Taylor and Francis 1890 and The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes Longmans Green & Co 1890.

Lot: 99

A Burago 1/18 die cast model Morgan Aero 8 and a similar 1/24 Lamborghini Reventon both boxed as new.

Lot: 100

Four die cast model vehicles to include a Maisto Volkswagen 1600 fastback; a Maisto Bugz 1:24 Volkswagen Beetle; a Jada Toys '41 Willys Coupe and a Sunnyside 1:24 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, all boxed as new.

Lot: 86

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 101

A Maisto 1:18 Collectors Edition 2002 FXDL Dyna Low Rider Harley Davidson Motor Bike, boxed, a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Collector tankard and cover and a Kandy Toys die cast Scooter, boxed.

Lot: 115

A reproduction enamel advertising sign for Brasso.

Lot: 116

A pair of wood framed coloured glass lead panels depicting birds and foliage, two mirrors and a five branch candlestick.

Lot: 102

A Maisto Special Edition die cast 1967 Ford Mustang GT boxed and a framed contemporary photographic poster depicting a 1966 Mustang.

Lot: 117

A long armed Bradbury patented workshop car lift jack.

Lot: 103

A drill chuck and a quantity of collets and pin vices.

Lot: 118

A quantity of 45rpm records mainly from the 1970's.

Lot: 104

A boxed Record plough plane, a smoothing plane, an open throat router, a rabbet plane, a Yankee 130A screw driver and a mitre cutter.

Lot: 119

A modern mahogany finish freestanding corner cabinet.

Lot: 120 Lot: 105

A collection of glass and other lenses, two Perspex cylinders, other prisms and magnifiers. Three Wedgwood Susie Cooper design jugs, a part dinner service and a quantity of decorative figurines.

Lot: 121 Lot: 106

Three novelty cast iron wall hooks. A Sony XR-CA440 radio cassette car stereo, a Sony compact disc changer CX-656 and a pair of Blaupunkt 180 watt speakers all boxed and new.

Lot: 107

An oversized Oriental paint brush with jadeite handle.

Lot: 122

A Salters improved family scales no. 50 weighing to 50lb and a set of cast iron platform scales with weights.

Lot: 108

A carved wooden figure of a recumbent dog.

Lot: 123

A Victorian walnut framed overmantle, an E Knapp & Co Swindon stoneware cider flagon, a green glass acid flask and a glass jar.

Lot: 109

A carved wooden figure of a sleeping cat.

Lot: 110

Seven various contemporary copper saucepans.

Lot: 124

An oval reproduction cast iron wall plaque "Wagon and Wheel Works".

Lot: 111

A Victorian clockwork spit, a coffee grinder, two lozenge mirrored panels, six decorative tiles and sundry metalware.

Lot: 125

A quantity of Corgi vehicles and accessories to include a Motorway ambulance.

Lot: 112

Two Italian mosaic panels depicting exotic birds.

Lot: 126

Two boxes of household and decorative china, glass and metal ware.

Lot: 113

A reproduction enamel advertising sign "MG cars"

Lot: 127

A papier mache crumb tray and brush, a tray, a copper pot and other sundries.

Lot: 114

A reproduction enamel advertising sign for Brasso.

Lot: 128

Various model makers plans for the HMS Victory and a quantity

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

of wooden turned parts.

Lot: 143

A quantity of duck ornaments.

Lot: 129

Two stirrup pumps, a copper hose nozzle and other sundries.

Lot: 144

A boxed brass Stanley rolling ruler and a quantity of box wood scale rulers in case.

Lot: 130

A quantity of games and jigsaws including Monopoly, Camelot, Oscar, Halma, Scoop and others.

Lot: 145

A pair of Chinon 7 x 35 binoculars and an SLR zoom lens.

Lot: 131

An early 20th century Baby Daisy manual bellows action vacuum cleaner.

Lot: 146

A cased BMW car first aid kit.

Lot: 132

A Technic SA-EH550 stacking system.

Lot: 147

An oval butter dish with moulded cow cover, other decorative china and glass wares.

Lot: 133

A public address system including a Maestro amplifier, a VHF diversity receiver, a radio microphone, a pair of Bose speakers and associated cables. NB this equipment has not been tested for electrical safety but has been in use up until recently.

Lot: 148

A Victorian brass and iron magic lantern and a candlestick telephone.

Lot: 134

A crested china tea pot stand, a pestle and mortar, a house bell and other sundries.

Lot: 149

A contemporary Steif style straw filled jointed Teddy with rust coloured mohair.

Lot: 135

A copper coal hod with swing handle, a spark guard, a log basket and a slate picture.

Lot: 150

A quantity of mainly metal working tools including callipers and a micrometer.

Lot: 136

A bisque Nao dog figurine, a Blue Mountain Pottery Fawn and other figurines.

Lot: 151

Three cast iron cobblers lasts, a copper planter and a Victorian circular needlepoint finished foot stool.

Lot: 137

A polished stone encased aneroid barometer, two geodes and a Welsh love spoon.

Lot: 152

A quantity of Hornsea "Contrast" tablewares and a part Poole Pottery turquoise and pink tea service.

Lot: 138

Eight hand painted fruit decorated Bridgwater pottery mugs, four others similar and a quantity of stoneware.

Lot: 153

A Bradon three light railway lantern stamped BR.

Lot: 154 Lot: 139

A wooden bread bin, set of six game bird decorated ramekins, a part Old Coalport tea service, other china and collectables. A brass sundial inscribed "Transit Umbra Lux Permanet", gnomon missing.

Lot: 155 Lot: 140

An oak cased mantle clock fitted with a single train Bulle movement. A pair of Edwardian oak Gothic style wall brackets.

Lot: 156

Four pairs of early ice skate blades.

Lot: 141

A wooden printers block tray and a 19th century elm pestle.

Lot: 157

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A Smiths Enfield Bakelite cased single train mantel clock .

Lot: 177

WB Watson, Victorian oil on board still life study of grapes, signed and dated 1879.

Lot: 158

A set of four Tyrolite crown green bowls in leather case with shoes and measure.

Lot: 178

A quantity of contemporary Indonesian straw worked pictures and an unsigned oil on board beach scene.

Lot: 159

A 1930's oak Grandmother clock case.

Lot: 179 Lot: 160

A cast iron rectangular Railways notice "Forty Shillings fine for omitting to shut this gate". Michael Power, an architectural pen and ink drawing depicting Bowood, one other of Althorp and two water colours, Althorp and Sudley Castle.

Lot: 161

A mahogany framed rectangular cheval mirror raised on twin splay supports.

Lot: 180

D Smith, a contemporary water colour river and meadow landscape, signed.

Lot: 162

A pair of urn shaped china table lamps and a quantity of other lamps.

Lot: 181

A set of four early 19th century coloured engravings depicting the Temples to Minerva at Athens, Venus in Cyprus, The Grand Gallery in Rome and the Temple of Jupiter, published by John Bowles.

Lot: 169

H M Hoefman, 20th century watercolour, extensive lake view with lily pads and bull rushes, signed.

Lot: 182

Oil on canvas, river scene, a pen and ink picture of a Dutch barge scene and a quantity of other prints.

Lot: 170

John Duncan, watercolour sketch Shellducks landing, signed and dated 1942.

Lot: 183

A quantity of pictures frames and photographs including a photograph of a party of soldiers in Marlborough town hall, possibly a post WWII celebration.

Lot: 171

Michael Power, a contemporary water colour of the River Wye and two others including Swallow Falls.

Lot: 184

After John Piper, coloured lithograph depicting a church with tower, inscribed in pencil "unsigned studio proof by John Piper".

Lot: 172

Susan W Harper still life watercolour "Quinces" signed.

Lot: 185 Lot: 173

Michael Power, four contemporary water colour Italian scenes. Michael Power three pen and ink drawings to include Scotnee Castle and two water colours depicting garden scenes at Down House and St Brisley.

Lot: 174

Oil on canvas laid on board country lane with figures, unsigned.

Lot: 186

A pair of 19th century coloured engravings "La Paix Reunit........" and "L'union Recompensee......" contained within ornate gilt frames with trophy of arms finials.

Lot: 175

After Ando Hiroshige a 20th century woodblock print "Snow Scene at Kinryuzan Asakusa and one other with cliff and lake scene.

Lot: 187

Six coloured nursery prints on material ground contained within a single frame.

Lot: 176

After Ando Hiroshige two 20th century coloured wood block prints from the Tokaido Hoeido series.

Lot: 188

After Garretta Lamore a print of Jim Thompsons house in Thailand and other Thai related pictures.

Lot: 189

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A 19th century coloured engraving depicting a horse drawn carriage with three characters and Mount Etna in the back ground. signed.

Lot: 202 Lot: 190

An 18th century coloured engraving "A Perspective View of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich". Stephen Moss Horton a three dimensional mixed media study "Waiting for the Outcome" depicting a masked lady, Halcyon Gallery label verso.

Lot: 191

Wheatley, 20th century oil on board, downland landscape with sheep, signed.

Lot: 203

Indistinctly signed ( A Vitolonic? ) oil on canvas Continental fishing harbour scene.

Lot: 192

After Georges Mathieu, coloured lithograph "L'election de Charles Quint" published Brauen et cie 1974 signed by the artist in '78

Lot: 204

A pair of Victorian water colour lake and mountain landscapes, unsigned.

Lot: 205 Lot: 193

After Harry Hall two sets of four coloured prints depicting jockeys up including Robinson, Arnell, Boyer, Chifney, Flatman, Marlow and Day. After James Abbott McNeil Whistler an etching "Thames Police" depicting Wapping Wharf with policemen (one of sixteen from "A Series of Etchings on the Thames) dated 1859.

Lot: 206 Lot: 194

After Claude Lorraine four 18th century engravings of water side scenes numbers 2, 14, 16 and 19. A coloured engraving from the Modern Universal British Traveller series, "View of the City of York from the River Ouse".

Lot: 207 Lot: 195

After Audobon a coloured ornithological print "Tropic Bird" and three other bird related prints. A 19th century pen and ink study of a farm labourer, unsigned.

Lot: 208

After Rene Gailland print "Les Blessures de Paris" depicting the liberation of Paris by the French Forces of the Interior, signed, titled and dated August 1944 and one other print of marching soldiers and trucks, inscribed Tim XXXVI.

Lot: 196

After Lowry coloured print "The Procession" and a quantity of other prints.

Lot: 197

After Orovido Camille Pissarro an engraving from the tiger series, Toilette, inscribed in pencil Trial Proof No 48, signed and dated 1916.

Lot: 209

A pair of 19th century coloured cartoon sketches depicting horse riding scenes.

Lot: 210 Lot: 198

After Orovido Camille Pissarro an engraving from the tiger series, La Pursuit, inscribed in pencil Trial Proof No 44, signed and dated 1917. G Findey ? (indistinct signature) 20th century water colour of an English country garden signed and dated 1913.

Lot: 211

A contemporary African print on cloth depicting two ladies with a basket of fruit and water carrying gourds, indistinctly monogrammed.

Lot: 199

Two contemporary Japanese wood block prints.

Lot: 200

Early 20th century English school oil on canvas of a Dartmoor landscape, unsigned.

Lot: 212

An Eastern water colour illuminated panel with figures in a circular border.

Lot: 201

Philip Rickam, contemporary watercolour "Mallards in Flight",

Lot: 213

P Smart contemporary watercolour "Mountain Road to Rhyadir Dyfed" signed and labelled verso.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 214

P Smart contemporary watercolour "Reflections" lake landscape, signed and titled verso.

village and mountains and one other similar, both unsigned.

Lot: 227

An unsigned watercolour study of a processional sailing/rowing barge with oars.

Lot: 215

An early 20th century water colour depicting trees on dunes with village in distance, indistinctly signed.

Lot: 228

After George Wright, a hunting print "Well Away".

Lot: 216

Peter May an equestrian pen and ink sketch "On Newmarket Heath" depicting Messrs. Jewitt and J B Leigh on horse back with Lady Rose Leigh standing, signed, titled to mount.

Lot: 229

After Kilburn, coloured print portrait of a huntsman.

Lot: 217

A 19th century coloured print Sam Slicks Oddities No 10 published by Spooner.

Lot: 230

Michael Power, a pen and ink drawing of St Alban's Cathedral and two similar of other churches.

Lot: 218

Michael Power, a framed contemporary water colour depicting Loch Linnhe and one other of the Falls of Leny.

Lot: 231

A 19th century architectural sepia tone pen and ink drawing depicting a Continental palace and mosque, unsigned.

Lot: 219

Michael Power a framed architectural water colour scene in Paris and two others in Italy.

Lot: 234

After Dendy Sadler, a 19th century engraving of seated gentlemen in riding attire smoking and drinking outside a country house, signed by both artist and engraver.

Lot: 220

After Jamshid Kooros, contemporary coloured map "A prospect of London from the West" dated 1989.

Lot: 235

Michael Power, a pen and ink drawing depicting Lacock Abbey and two others similar.

Lot: 221

A 19th century embroidered sampler with buildings, farm animals and fishing scenes, wrought by Harriet Bakewell 1811.

Lot: 236

Ernest Andrews, water colour depicting the original Severn Bridge, signed.

Lot: 222

Three large coloured aviation prints depicting an airborne Mosquito, Halifax and Sunderland.

Lot: 237

Kevin Scott, a pair of contemporary water colour sketches depicting characters from a Don Giovanni opera performed in Marlborough in '91, signed in pencil.

Lot: 223

A pair of contemporary oil on panel coastal views, Mullion and Looe, Cornwall, indistinctly signed and titled verso.

Lot: 238

After Christopher Saxton an 18th century coloured map of Buckinghamshire.

Lot: 224

After Newhouse, a 19th century coloured engraving "The Mail Arriving at Temple Bar" and one other depicting the Peace Coach crossing Rochester Bridge.

Lot: 239

E Duncan English school water colour landscape view through woodland and fields to village beyond with figures and cattle.

Lot: 225

Unsigned oval 19th century pencil and wash view of a fisherman in parkland setting with church beyond and one other oval landscape.

Lot: 240

After Kay Boyce two limited edition coloured prints "Holly" and "Holly Study II", three similar prints and a black and white photograph Lovers".

Lot: 226

A 19th century water colour Italianate landscape with lakeside

Lot: 241

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Michael Power, a pen and ink drawing of Stowell Church and two others similar, The Green and Priory Marlborough. C L Manlove, ARPS 20th century pastel, village cottages with figures, signed.

Lot: 242

Cecil A Hunt (RWS) watercolour "Above the Lake" inscribed verso and dated 1958.

Lot: 258

R Kirkland Jamieson a British 20th century oil on canvas "Summer Storm Clouds" signed and titled to canvas verso.

Lot: 243

K Seki Oriental water colour landscape picture with cherry blossom laden trees and Mount Fuji in distance.

Lot: 259

C P Shilton a 20th century oil on board "Grange by River Derwent" signed and titled verso.

Lot: 244

Samuel Austin water colour farm workers in a field with trees and buildings in background J Maas label verso.

Lot: 260

G Pizzenro contemporary oil on canvas, figures on a village lane, signed and dated '70.

Lot: 245

Tomblesons, a pair of coloured engravings Billingsgate and Somerset House, London and a collection of other prints.

Lot: 261

After P Bisson a limited edition coloured print "Mill, River Kennet".

Lot: 246

Michael Power, three contemporary architectural pen and ink drawings of local interest, Lechlade Bridge, Kelmshot Church and the Maybush pub, monogrammed MCP.

Lot: 262

Hugh Padwick, oil on board of a thatched cottage with figures, unsigned.

Lot: 247

After Adam Pynacker, an 18th century engraving Europa Point Gibraltar and six other monochrome engravings.

Lot: 263

Michael Power, a framed contemporary water colour of Harlech Castle and one other scene on Anglesey.

Lot: 248

After Keller 19th century oval engraving Joseph Addison Esq and four others similar.

Lot: 264

A 19th century French coloured engraving "Le Supreme Bon Ton" No 23

Lot: 249

After Kneller, two 18th century engravings depicting The Duchess of Monmouth and The Lord Brockhurst.

Lot: 265

Vivienne Smith, early 20th century water colour "The Old Castle Yard", signed and titled verso.

Lot: 250

M Burns pastel sketch portrait of a King Charles Spaniel "James" signed and dated 1956.

Lot: 266

A coloured hunting print "Blackmore Vale" labelled verso.

Lot: 267 Lot: 254

A pair of framed Victorian monochrome romantic prints. G P Jacomb Hood pencil sketch of a lady, unsigned, labelled verso.

Lot: 255

T Bar, 19th century oil on board depicting Prussian soldiers on horseback, signed.

Lot: 268

A series of six watercolour on silk circular studies of sailing yachts, contained within a single frame.

Lot: 256

After Namatjira, colour print of gum trees in the Australian outback.

Lot: 269

After Alken, a set of four horse racing prints, "Training, Weighing", "Preparing to Start" and "Running" at various racecourses.

Lot: 257

Lot: 270

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A 19th century Continental pencil drawing of a female in classical pose.

Lot: 283

Two framed coloured prints.

Lot: 271

After Durer a set of three coloured prints depicting 16th century costume (with Albertina Facsimile blind stamp) and one other similar.

Lot: 284

Two similar Chinese silk embroidered sleeve panels contained within glazed frames.

Lot: 272

Contemporary oil on board Dutch skating scene, indistinctly signed.

Lot: 285

A water colour depicting a Spanish scene on St John's eve with a bonfire and characters dancing, titled verso, unsigned.

Lot: 273

A 19th century embroidered silk panel depicting a tied posy of flowers and one other a cornucopia with flowers and a butterfly.

Lot: 286

An over painted photographic portrait of a Victorian lady in an ornate gilt frame, labelled verso Mrs Ireland nee Cresdee.

Lot: 274

A pair of 19th century embroidered silk panels, the oval centres depicting a lady with sheep and another placing flowers on Shakespeare's grave each surrounded by an embroidered floral and ribbon border.

Lot: 287

DL Walker, eight various unframed watercolours depicting still life studies mainly flowers, signed.

Lot: 288

DL Walker, six various unframed watercolours of still life studies, signed.

Lot: 275

Starberg, 20th century oil on canvas extensive woodland landscape with cock pheasants, signed.

Lot: 289

A Victorian architectural water colour depicting a Queen Anne style house with figures walking in the gardens.

Lot: 276

D I Smith water colour "Chateaubourg" signed and titled.

Lot: 290 Lot: 277

After MC Wyatt a pair of coloured engravings depicting a boy "Waking" and "Sleeping". A Victorian picture on glass "The Longcase Clock" and one similar maidens and sheep.

Lot: 291 Lot: 278

An ivorex relief panel "Extraordinary Fox Chase at Upper Castle Combe 1794" in original black frame, interesting notes verso. "Bygone Eton a Collection of Permanent Photographs" published by Spottiswoode.

Lot: 292

A 19th century folio scrap album mainly containing engravings.

Lot: 279

A 19th century water colour sketch Venetian scene with gondolas.

Lot: 293

L Ellingham a contemporary oil on board "Portree Harbour Isle of Skye" signed and dated August '76, labelled verso.

Lot: 280

Five 19th century sepia toned water colour scenes from a Grand Tour.

Lot: 294

An 18th century Continental oil on canvas still life of Summer flowers in a classical vase, unsigned.

Lot: 281

After Henderson a coloured botanical engraving "American Cowslip", one other "White Lily" and three other botanical prints.

Lot: 295

A Victorian oil on canvas still life study of Iris's monogrammed FRF.

Lot: 282

After Michail Dewjatow a coloured print "Oktoberwind" depicting a man in uniform by a river with buildings.

Lot: 296

An early 20th century English school water colour landscape

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

with cattle grazing, unsigned. shepherd, dog and sheep.

Lot: 297

After Jean Duplessi Bertaux a series of 24 French engravings depicting battle and revolutionary scenes framed in eight matching frames.

Lot: 310

A 17th century processional engraving depicting trumpeters and flautists on horse back.

Lot: 298

Oil on canvas depicting figures on land with water and boats in distance in ornate gilt frame.

Lot: 311

A George V gold sovereign 1913.

Lot: 312 Lot: 299

A late 19th century watercolour Mediterranean harbour scene with mountains beyond. A George V half sovereign 1911.

Lot: 313

An Edward VII gold half sovereign 1902.

Lot: 300

A 19th century water colour Italianate landscape with lake and sailing boats, unsigned.

Lot: 314

Coins: two cased 1953 crowns, twenty shilling coins dating from 1943-1966, a 1947 florin, a quantity of six pences 1947-1964, two Maundy four pence pieces 1838 and 1849 and five George V silver three pences.

Lot: 301

Five 19th century Continental engravings with detail in French titled Mozeppa.

Lot: 315 Lot: 302

A Victorian watercolour depicting castle ruins in an extensive landscape, unsigned. Coins: A Victorian 1895 crown, a 1935 cased crown and other cased commemorative crowns.

Lot: 316 Lot: 303

A pair of contemporary oil on panel Venetian scenes, unsigned. Coins: a 1797 George II cartwheel penny, an 1807 George III penny, other pennies dating 1854-1967, half pennies from 19331967, two other half pennies dated 1754 and 1822, a quantity of farthings from 1860-1954, a 1913 one third farthing and other copper coinage.

Lot: 304

After William Russell Flint coloured print "The Bathing Pool".

Lot: 317

Coins: various foreign and commonwealth coinage to include Indian Annas (a two Anna 1841 Maundy coin, a 1904 one Anna and a 1918 two Anna), South African coins from 1895 - 1955, a variety of Pfennigs and Reichspfennigs and others.

Lot: 305

After Huggins, a 19th century coloured nautical engraving "Reefing Top Sails".

Lot: 306

F Francis a pair of Victorian water colour coastal scenes with mountains beyond, unsigned inscribed verso.

Lot: 319

A large punch ladle with gilt bowl interior the handle with raised crest and inscription "Veritas et fortitudo".

Lot: 307

After Michael Lyne coloured print "First Time Around Beechers Brook".

Lot: 320

A silver pendant with three purple stone in heart shaped settings and a brooch.

Lot: 308

A copy of an 18th century style oil on canvas depicting a maiden with cherub and dove (Cupid and Psyche), contained within a heavy gilt swept frame.

Lot: 321

A 19th century carved ivory trench art figure depicting General Gordon wearing a fez, medals and staff and riding a camel, the integral plinth with scratched dates of his birth and death and makers initials MW, 11cms tall.

Lot: 309

Early 20th century naive oil on board woodland scene with

Lot: 322

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A miniature bronze figurine depicting Dachshunds.

Lot: 337

A circular silver brooch with cut and etched panel "Anna" in a beaded circular hallmarked silver frame, makers mark WGN and a white metal padlock clasp with enclosed hair behind glass panel.

Lot: 323

An 18ct gold ladies ring with central sapphire flanked by diamonds.

Lot: 324

A 9ct gold oval white stone solitaire ring.

Lot: 338

An 18ct gold cased Rolex watch with 9ct expanding link bracelet, the movement marked Rolex Prima, with shaped oval engine turned face.

Lot: 325

A 9ct gold ring set with chip diamonds in wavy setting.

Lot: 339

A 9ct gold cased ladies 1930's Rolex wrist watch, marked to face Sam Lyon Junr Blackpool, strap missing.

Lot: 326

A contemporary London hall marked cast silver brooch of an otter and fish.

Lot: 340

An 18ct gold cased key wound pocket watch, the gold face with engine turned centre panel surrounded by gold Roman numerals and three coloured applied floral border decoration, 1830

Lot: 327

A 9ct gold full hoop eternity ring with white metal heart shaped decoration.

Lot: 341 Lot: 328

Two gilt metal equestrian tie clips and a similar brooch with four galloping horses. A ladies silver key wound fob watch with floral decoration to the dial fitted a Swiss movement.

Lot: 342 Lot: 329

A gold and white metal banded gentleman's wedding ring inscribed to inside Olimpia 17/1/1955. A circular embossed brass fob sovereign case.

Lot: 343 Lot: 330

A pearl set gold mourning ring with rectangular clear centre section. An 18ct gold key wind hunter pocket watch the white enamel dial inscribed T Cogdon & Son, London.

Lot: 344 Lot: 331

An enamelled gold cross shaped locket with central pearl A double string of freshwater pearls and a quantity of other part pearl necklaces.

Lot: 345 Lot: 332

An unmarked 18ct gold ladies ring set with five moon stones in a raised pierced straight setting. Two linked strands of black and white pearls with 9ct gold clasp.

Lot: 346 Lot: 333

A 9ct gold gentlemen's signet ring with engraved crest. A string of white pearls interspersed with black pearls and gold rope links, with pearl mounted gold clasp.

Lot: 347 Lot: 334

A white metal ring set with a large oval amber coloured cabochon stone and a sterling silver wedding band. A string of pearls of various shades with 14k white gold clasp.

Lot: 348 Lot: 335

A 9ct gold Mordan telescopic propelling pencil. A mother of pearl brooch with carved bird decoration, a pair of jade ear rings, a jade circle pendant and a Chinese double collar brooch "Good Health and Long Life"

Lot: 336

A miniature suede sovereign purse and one other similar.

Lot: 349

A Ciro gilt bracelet with large rectangular amber glass

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

decorated links, a faux diamond and sapphire ear ring and pendant set and a gilt brooch with similar ear rings.

Lot: 363

A string of carved coral skull shaped beads.

Lot: 350

An amber pendant with similar ear rings, an opal mounted pendant with two pairs of opal ear rings, a pair of Whitby jet pendant ear rings and a foil fairy pendant on chain.

Lot: 364

A Seiko automatic gilt cases Gentleman's wrist watch with expanding bracelet and date aperture.

Lot: 351

A contemporary embossed silver decanter label with presentation inscription.

Lot: 365

A quantity of costume jewelry and various ladies and gentlemen's wrist watches

Lot: 352

After Gainsborough a 19th century miniature oval portrait of a young lady in a hat contained in an ivory frame.

Lot: 366

A German WWII oval brass third class wound badge, a 1939 birthing medal, an enamelled pin badge with swastika and two others.

Lot: 353

A pair of 9ct gold oval ear rings set with pink veined cabochon stones.

Lot: 367

A plastic wrapped "tube" of fifty uncirculated 1971 half pennies, other coins watches and collectables.

Lot: 354

A pair of circular silver napkin rings Birmingham 1976.

Lot: 368

A contemporary Masonic pocket watch.

Lot: 355

A silver plated waistcoat hip flask, three rings, a pair of cuff links and a Saint Christopher medallion.

Lot: 369

A reproduction bulls eye fob watch.

Lot: 356

An oval portrait brooch with open work marcasite decorated frame and portrait of a woman and child and one other cast metal brooch.

Lot: 370

A wooden Netsuke in the form of a cobra and two others.

Lot: 371

A collection of Wills's and Players early cigarette cards in albums to include "Life in the Royal Navy", "Railway Engines", "Sea Fishes" and "Cycling 1939-1939" and one other album of black and white war time cards.

Lot: 357

A jewelry box and contents to include an intaglio cut blue stone and moonstone brooch depicting an Oriental building, several pairs of silver and other metal ear rings, a cased pair of mother of pearl cuff links and two gentleman's watches.

Lot: 372

A collection of early and mid 20th century postcards mainly topographical and scenic but including others.

Lot: 358

A contemporary pewter necklace with amber coloured stone pendant, a contemporary Perspex and foil pendant with matching ear rings, a gilt dolphin brooch and a cast pewter dolphin brooch.

Lot: 373

Twelve colour postcards from the "Song" and "Hymn" series.

Lot: 359

A quantity of gold, silver and other jewelry to include bangles, ear rings, brooches and chains.

Lot: 374

A quantity of post cards and photographs to include a set of black and white pictures of Tripoli, various military related cards, one of the wreck of The Ekbatana and other novelty cards.

Lot: 360

A Timex Indiglo Gentleman's wrist watch boxed as new.

Lot: 375

A large quantity of mainly Sunlight Soap and Brooke Bond tea cards of various subjects.

Lot: 362

A long string of jade beads.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 376

A Dunhill Art Nouveau style cream alabaster table lighter with inlaid green malachite line and a matching ashtray.

Lot: 390

A hollow silver cross with raised floral and leaf decoration Birmingham Circa 1915.

Lot: 377

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre "Orange Roof" tea plate.

Lot: 391

A pair of large oval pierced silver table centre sweetmeat baskets each raised on four pierced scrolling legs terminating in pad feet, Sheffield 1906.

Lot: 378

A 19th century yellow glazed dish with black transfer decoration depicting a seated harpist and child.

Lot: 392

A boxed five piece cruet set, Sheffield 1946.

Lot: 379

Four graduated, stacking Chinese brass coasters and a brass tear shaped brass scent bottle.

Lot: 393

Two similar silver plated salts and spoons each salt raised on three legs.

Lot: 380

A pair of white metal and paste shoe buckles, other buckles, a glove stretcher and an ivory napkin ring.

Lot: 394

An Art Nouveau dish with central embossed silver plated panel depicting a ladies head, signed F Lutiger, 1907.

Lot: 381

Two reeded glass silver mounted tall dressing table bottles the covers inscribed Joe.

Lot: 395

A Georgian silver helmet shaped cream jug with etched floral decoration raised on a square base, London 1796, makers mark overstamped GG.(George Gray).

Lot: 382

A Georgian silver shaped oval pierced mustard stand raised on four ball and claw feet Sheffield 1782 and a silver toasting fork tines.

Lot: 396

A miniature silver two handled lidded trophy cup 3.75" Chester 1914

Lot: 383

A 9ct gold stick pin with central white stone mount.

Lot: 397

A six division silver toast rack, Birmingham 1896.

Lot: 384

An oval cameo brooch/pendant in white metal frame, a polished agate brooch, a silver coloured crucifix and other brooches.

Lot: 398

A silver two handled porringer, Birmingham 1931, a sterling silver dish of octagonal form and an enamelled spoon with hoof foot finial.

Lot: 385

Four various white metal decorative brooches.

Lot: 399

A Continental silver belt buckle of circular form with lattice centred writhen rose encrusted heart decoration and four retaining lugs verso together with an early 20th century bronze pin tray in the form of a Cheshire cats head raised on three stub feet.

Lot: 386

A large collection of mainly 20th century loose postcards and albums, in all some 400 cards.

Lot: 387

A 9ct gold ladies cocktail watch with bracelet strap.

Lot: 400

An early 20th century reproduction miniature brass lantern clock fitted with a key wound French movement.

Lot: 388

A Harrods's enamelled gilt Teddy Bear brooch in its original box.

Lot: 401

A Beswick bay horse figure.

Lot: 389

A Limoge novelty pin dish in the form of a pea pod, the hinged rising lid opening to reveal five graduated peas.

Lot: 402

An etched glass celery vase with fern leaf decoration.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 403

A Baccarat clear glass paper weight in the form of a porcupine.

A reproduction circular miniature portrait of a gentleman.

Lot: 419 Lot: 404

A contemporary Baccarat butterfly paperweight. A reproduction oval Georgian style miniature half length portrait of a lady.

Lot: 405

A contemporary Lalique pin dish with moulded glass owl.

Lot: 420

A Watcombe Pottery green glazed three handled vase, a Foley Shelley vase with moonlit sailing scene decoration on blue ground and a Danish Copenhagen Marselis globular vase.

Lot: 406

A heavy Mdina glass "Fish" vase marked to base.

Lot: 421

A Wade Nat West pigs family group including Sir Nathaniel, Lady Hilary, Maxwell, Annabel and Woody.

Lot: 407

A painted Parian figure depicting a robed female carrying a water pot.

Lot: 422

A large Royal Doulton character jug Dick Turpin.

Lot: 408

A pair of early 20th century Oriental ivory barrel shaped pots and covers intricately carved and coloured depicting village life with figures and buildings.

Lot: 423

A large Royal Doulton character jug The Cardinal.

Lot: 409

Five early 20th century Persian Fritware decorative plates.

Lot: 424

A large Royal Doulton character jug Mozart D7031

Lot: 411

An early Victorian papier mache entree tray of dished form with serpentine rim hand painted with gilt ecclesiastical interior scene with choristers on brown ground, 26.5cm diameter.

Lot: 425

A Royal Doulton character jug The Sleuth with certificate D6773.

Lot: 426

A French pottery floral decorated vase signed Fontinelle, a glass vase, a ring stand and a pen holder.

Lot: 412

An Arcadian crested china lighthouse and two others.

Lot: 427 Lot: 413

An Arcadian crested china model of Bill Sykes Bulldog with Wellington Somerset crest. A Knightsbridge heirloom collection limited edition doll with bisque porcelain head "Zoe" together with a solid seat stick back elbow chair.

Lot: 414

A pair of carved ivory bud vases decorated with crocodiles and snakes.

Lot: 428

A contemporary cased scent bottle.

Lot: 429 Lot: 415

A Whitefriars moulded blue glass vase of pyramid form. Two decorative china balls.

Lot: 430 Lot: 416

A pair of green glazed Carter Stabler Adams Poole Pottery 1930's Art Deco candlesticks with grape decoration. A pair of 19th century lustre cups with pink resist glaze, a Ridgway beaker retailed by Clagues I O M with Isle of Man scene decoration and a pair of squat blue floral decorated baluster shaped vases.

Lot: 417

A Moyses Stevens shaped oval jardinire decorated with flowers and insects, the wavy rim decorated with green scale and gilt border.

Lot: 431

An Edward VII commemorative coronation plate and three other commemorative plates.

Lot: 418

Lot: 432

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A collection of toys and games to include miniature solitaire board and clay marbles, wooden skittles, balls, a bezique marker, a Mahjong card game and others. A limited edition Davenport rectangular framed porcelain plaque "Hornblower and the Atropos" depicting sailing ships at anchor with original box and paperwork.

Lot: 433

A silver topped small Worcester vase with fruit decoration, two Torquay Pottery green glazed vases with daffodil decoration and a pottery jug.

Lot: 445

A limited edition 14/40 compact disc Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band contained in an LP style frame with CD cover and plaque.

Lot: 434

A quantity of mother of pearl handled tea knives and forks.

Lot: 446

A Keswick School of Industrial Arts hammer finished circular bowl with rope border raised on three acorn feet stamped KSIA.

Lot: 435

A blue and white oval pierced china lattice basket, a blue and white rectangular shallow bonsai planter with blind reticulated side panels, a contemporary Russian blue and white chocolate mug and saucer and a reproduction blue and white tulip vase.

Lot: 447

An Arts and Crafts circular embossed copper shallow dish with floral hammered decoration.

Lot: 436

Five miniature sponge ware dolls tea cups, a pair of miniature vases and other collectables.

Lot: 448

A Newlyn rectangular embossed copper dish depicting a four masted ship and stamped Newlyn together with a copper tray.

Lot: 437

Four 19th century Japanese dishes with scallop edges, two smaller and a similar bowl.

Lot: 449

A quantity of contemporary decorative kitchen and household china.

Lot: 438

A Wedgwood Blue Jasper Ware powder bowl and cover and two other pieces.

Lot: 450

An eight place Royal Worcester "Woodland" tea service.

Lot: 451 Lot: 439

A quantity of serving dishes, other china bowls and plates and a quantity of stemmed glass ware. A Victorian Rococo style Copeland Garrett china teapot with slop bowl and milk jug.

Lot: 452 Lot: 440

A Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest biscuit barrel and a similar jug each with basket weave affect ground and raised fruit decoration. A floral encrusted creamware china lattice basket and a similar bowl, a Staffordshire flatback depicting a Scots lad and lass and a figurine depicting a pair of mice together with a quantity of tea wares, dressing table china and a Wedgwood jug.

Lot: 441

A two handled circular brass tray, two brass chambersticks, other brass ware and collectables and a cased set of ivorine handled fish eaters.

Lot: 453

A Villeroy and Boch contemporary porcelain figurine depicting an owl with mouse on shoulder.

Lot: 455 Lot: 442

A blue glass decanter of pinched waisted form and a Holmegard Art glass vase signed and dated 1955. A hand knitted double bed throw.

Lot: 456

A reproduction Nazi Goering presentation dagger with case.

Lot: 443

A red painted wooden model of a Norwood horse drawn fire engine.

Lot: 457

A brass banded copper hunting horn.

Lot: 444

Lot: 458

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

An Oriental ginger jar and cover, two Royal Doulton character ash pots, a Holkham pottery square table lamp base, a Marazian Cornish pottery mug and three glass baskets.

Lot: 471

A Clarice Cliff two handled soup dish and saucer and an oval plate.

Lot: 459

A pair of mid 20th century brown leather Huco (Australian) child's lace up shoes, size 9 in original box.

Lot: 472

A Continental green glazed Art Nouveau pottery globular vase.

Lot: 460

A boxed set of dominoes.

Lot: 473

A bronzed figure of a Tang style horse.

Lot: 461

Six various lustre jugs, a small tankard and two other pieces of lustre ware.

Lot: 474

A 19th century carved wooden biblical figure of a robed bearded man, inscribed Chartis.

Lot: 462

A fruit wood walking stick with carved dog head handle.

Lot: 475

A naively carved lime wood statue of a cloaked figure purportedly retrieved from a Cornish monastery.

Lot: 463

A quantity of stemmed and other drinking glasses, a blue Whitefriars style jug and other decorative glass wares.

Lot: 476

A Chinese terracotta House God figure depicting the God of Longevity holding a peach and staff, clear marks to base.

Lot: 464

A pair of brass piano candle sconces, three brass door handles and a quantity of sundry metalware.

Lot: 477

A carved wooden Oriental figure depicting a bearded deity with high domed head wrapped in a cloak.

Lot: 465

A WH Goss crested Exeter teapot stand, two glass vases and a pin dish and cover.

Lot: 478

An Oriental cast pewter five piece altar set to include a pair of pricket candle sticks, a pair of vases and an incense burner and cover.

Lot: 466

Two boxes of photographic lantern plates depicting film titles to include "The Man Who Never Was", "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" in all some sixty plates.

Lot: 479

Taxidermy: Four wart hog tusk bangles.

Lot: 467

Six Wedgwood Susie Cooper Carnaby Daisy coffee cans and saucers.

Lot: 480

An early 20th century hippopotamus tusk carved in the form of an elephant train and a set of Gaucho horse reins.

Lot: 468

A 19th century French Faience ink well/pen holder of octagonal form, a Masons's Penang pin dish with cover and other items of decorative china wares.

Lot: 481

A pair of contemporary bronzed effect rams head book ends.

Lot: 482

A pair of carved green quartz elephant figurines raised on oriental carved hardwood bases.

Lot: 469

A Poole Aegean ash tray, a Poole dish with orange pattern, a Poole otter holding a fish and a Wade Viking long boat.

Lot: 483

A pair of Continental blanc de chine figures of young children kneeling at prayer (with blue cross marks to base).

Lot: 470

A Capo De Monte figurative group depicting a young seated man and guitar with a young lady with basket of flowers, blue glazed crown over N mark to base and two other Continental china figure groups..

Lot: 484

A pink glass table lustre with hand painted floral and butterfly decoration.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 485

A large Laurel Burch design Studio pottery charger decorated with stylised animals, a tall clear glass vase and two table ornaments.

Lot: 498

A four faced brassed Buddha's head

Lot: 499 Lot: 486

A 19th century cream ware ribbon plate decorated with Summer flowers and fruits. A collection of six various pre-war Continental enamel railway carriage signs.

Lot: 500 Lot: 487

A pair of Royal Doulton series ware two handled vases, one depicting Haverford West the other Ludlow Castle. A quantity of china, metalware and household sundries.

Lot: 501

A pair of Victorian iron and brass candle powered carriage lamps.

Lot: 488

A 19th century china mousse mould in the form of a fish, a Victorian glass ball with decoupage and painted interior and two stone ware jars.

Lot: 502

A pair of 19th century Staffordshire seated Dalmatian figures.

Lot: 489

Aviation: A wooden biplane aircraft wing strut with transfer label "Graham White Aviation Ltd Hendon (Purportedly from a WWI biplane that crashed near Devizes Wiltshire).

Lot: 503

A 19th century Staffordshire recumbent Dalmatian pen holder, a seated Dalmatian figure and a poodle and pup group.

Lot: 490

A white glazed porcelain bust depicting Lenin, indistinctly signed and dated.

Lot: 504

A china and cast metal desk ink well/pen stand in the form of a water fountain, a pierced rococo style continental china Standish and a cast metal bowl with integral tripod base.

Lot: 491

A pair of contemporary painted carved pine torchere stands in the from of Blackamoor figures each raised on square stepped bases.

Lot: 505

A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasper Ware two handled vases and covers of Campagna form, a hexagonal Oriental style planter and dish decorated in the Imari palette and a pair of white Italian lamp bases with applied pink decoration.

Lot: 492

A Continental bronze bust of a distinguished gentleman raised on a square socle indistinctly signed D Plichta 1999.

Lot: 506

A decanter and a quantity of mainly stemmed glass ware.

Lot: 493

Three Scalextric McLaren MP4-21 cars in Vodafone colours (two in original boxes) and one other Ferrari 248F1 Scalextric Digital car.

Lot: 507

Two 4.5" 1933 shell case bases and a circular pierced brass trivet.

Lot: 494

A Pakflat folding theatre with original box, characters and scenery missing.

Lot: 508

A large iron bound eight spoke ships wheel.

Lot: 509 Lot: 495

Two silver coloured rectangular photograph frames. A wrought iron six light ceiling lamp made from an old spoked farm wheel.

Lot: 496

A magnifying glass with wooden handle.

Lot: 510

An artists studio easel.

Lot: 497

A cast iron towel holder in the form of a stags head.

Lot: 511

An ornate brass framed ceiling hanging oil light with circular frame decorated with stylised crosses.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 512

A limited edition Coalport 150th anniversary Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race plate.

Lot: 525

A set of twelve Meissen plates with reticulated borders, hand painted floral panels to the centres and similar oval panels to the borders on a dark blue ground with gilding together with a matching oval dish.

Lot: 513

A Meissen cup and saucer with applied forget me not decoration on a white ground with insect and other flower decoration and a quantity of other cups and saucers and decorative china.

Lot: 526

A pair of 19th century marble effect alabaster Corinthian column oil lamp bases with faceted glass reservoirs.

Lot: 514

A pair of Staffordshire recumbent sheep figures and a similar spill holder with standing sheep by a tree.

Lot: 527

An octagonal wall mirror contained within an ornate gilt gesso frame.

Lot: 515

A brass table lamp in the form of a street lamp with open barley twist stem, one other table lamp and a barley twist stemmed ashtray with copper dish.

Lot: 528

An ornate brass sheathed six branch ceiling light fitting with raised hare bell decoration.

Lot: 516

A collection of Wills's Heraldic Design cigarette cards.

Lot: 529

A pair of Oriental style table lamps and a candlestick effect table lamp with rosebud decoration on white ground.

Lot: 517

A collection of Wills's Old Pottery and Porcelain cigarette cards.

Lot: 530

A gilt mounted white china table lamp with integral three candle sconces.

Lot: 518

An album of over three hundred black and white and colour post cards from world wide mainly topographical.

Lot: 531

A coloured and painted lead glass panel with wheat ear tracery one panel depicting a white horse together with a Wedgwood Wellesley platter.

Lot: 519

A large Aspreys black leather Gladstone case and a small tan leather suit case.

Lot: 532

A continental blue decorated washstand jug and bowl.

Lot: 520

A glass and wrought iron bound hanging ceiling lamp.

Lot: 533

An early Singer industrial sewing machine 35K1.

Lot: 521

A 19th century Ridgway pot pourri dish with perforated cover and a quantity of decorative china ware.

Lot: 534

Two Royal Doulton figurines Elaine HN2791 and Top of the Hill HN1834.

Lot: 522

A small brass bound oak barrel.

Lot: 535

Two Royal Doulton figurines Fragrance HN3220 and The Favourite HN2244.

Lot: 523

A mark IX A bubble sextant with clockwork driven averaging attachment and original Bakelite case.

Lot: 536

Two Royal Doulton figurines Winsome HN2220 and Hazel HN3167.

Lot: 524

A collection of signed photographs and programmes including Elton John, Coldplay, Helen Shapiro, Bobby Kee, the Merseybeats, Marty Wilde among others.

Lot: 537

A cut glass mallet shaped sherry decanter and one other.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 539

A beige ground Indian floral carpet square 9ft x 12ft.

Lot: 555

An Edwardian aneroid mahogany cased banjo barometer with mercury thermometer.

Lot: 540

A beige ground Chinese wash woollen rug, 1.52m x 0.90m and one other yellow ground.

Lot: 556

An Edwardian aneroid oak cased banjo barometer the dial inscribed CW Dixey & Son with max/min mercury thermometer.

Lot: 541

A beige ground patterned rug with blue central panel decorated with gulls 1.2 x 2.1m.

Lot: 557

A William IV mahogany mantle clock fitted with a two train fusee movement striking on a bell with brass ring carrying handles and pierced brass side grills.

Lot: 542

A beige ground floral decorated Chinese wash woollen rug 1.83 x 1.22m.

Lot: 558

An Edwardian oak 12" diameter circular cased school clock fitted a Tameside fusee movement.

Lot: 543

A Persian design blue ground woollen rug 0.9 x 1.3m.

Lot: 559

A Rumanian cello and one other (neither complete).

Lot: 544

A Persian wool rug with orange motifs on a brown and blue ground and diamond lozenge border 2.3 x 1.35m

Lot: 560

An English violin labelled J Gilbert Peterborough contained within a wooden Hill and Sons fitted case with bow stamped Alfred Knoll.

Lot: 545

A blue ground Aztec style runner with pink border 1.2 x 2.9m.

Lot: 561 Lot: 546

A red ground Bokhara rug 1.33 x 2.2m. A Czechoslovakian violin with paper label for the Metro Violin Class Organization London WI.

Lot: 547

A red ground Hamadan woollen rug, 1.55m x 1.05m.

Lot: 562

A 20th century Bohemian 3/4 size violin with paper label.

Lot: 549

A pair of brass Dutch style andirons.

Lot: 563

A German students violin in a fitted canvas covered viola case.

Lot: 550

An ornate pair of wrought iron andirons, a fire basket and a fire back.

Lot: 564

Two contemporary Chinese student violins contained within fibre cases with bows.

Lot: 551

A Victorian wrought iron fireplace pot hanger with iron bracket.

Lot: 565

An 18th century English cello contained within a fibre glass case with a silver mounted bow stamped E Startory A Paris.

Lot: 552

A 19th century cast iron fire back of arched form, the central panel depicting a vase of flowers.

Lot: 566

An early 20th century brass and Bakelite "The Fly Fisher SEJ winch" 3.25" dial.

Lot: 553

A BSA Airsporter .177 Mk 1 air rifle with under lever action.

Lot: 567

A quantity of various greenheart, cane and other fishing rods.

Lot: 554

A 1930's oak cased Grandmother clock fitted with a single train movement.

Lot: 568

A 6'8" two piece split cane fly fishing rod #3 contained within a

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

codura tube.

Lot: 583

A large quantity of 0 gauge railway track to include a single and double level crossings, points and a cross over.

Lot: 569

A Flextec CRX88 11' 3 piece #7/8 graphite fly rod in tube.

Lot: 585 Lot: 570

A Flytec Speycaster double handed 13' 3 piece #8/9 graphite salmon fishing rod in tube. A contemporary white painted ladder back rocking chair and a folding chair.

Lot: 586 Lot: 571

A Flytec Speycaster double handed 14' 3 piece #9/10 graphite salmon fishing rod in tube. A large stripped pine open display cabinet fitted with hanging rails.

Lot: 587 Lot: 572

A Flytec Speycaster double handed 15' 3 piece #10/11 graphite salmon fishing rod in tube. A large pine freestanding display cabinet fitted with three adjustable shelves.

Lot: 588 Lot: 573

A Flextec CRX88 9' 3 piece #5/6 graphite fly rod in tube. A large stripped pine freestanding display cabinet fitted two adjustable shelves and hanging rail.

Lot: 574

A Scierra sports bag (weekend size).

Lot: 589

A modern pine open front freestanding display shelf fitted four shelves with hanging rail.

Lot: 575

A Vantage black aluminium #3/4 trout fly fishing reel.

Lot: 590

An oak two tier narrow display cabinet fitted with two glazed doors.

Lot: 576

Four Hywel Morgan fishing DVD's.

Lot: 591

An Edwardian mahogany dressing table with oval mirror over and three long drawers.

Lot: 577

A Scierra game fishing bag.

Lot: 592

A walnut bedside cabinet, one other and a folding table.

Lot: 578

Two Scierra fly safe boxes with reservoir dry flies.

Lot: 593 Lot: 579

Two Scierra fly safe boxes with sea trout specials and Superglue Buzzer flies. A 1930's HMV wind up record player cabinet with hinged rising top, no contents.

Lot: 594 Lot: 580

Two Scierra fly safe boxes , a nymph collection and CDC dry flies. A mahogany display cabinet with glazed upper section over doors and drawers with a matching hi-fi cabinet.

Lot: 595 Lot: 581

A Bing O gauge live steam Freelance 4-4-0 locomotive 3410 with tender (front bogie missing). A reproduction yew wood display cabinet with glazed top over doors and drawers.

Lot: 596 Lot: 582

Four Hornby O gauge clock work locomotives Nos. 1, 2 M3 tank and M3 George V, an assortment of carriages, rolling stock and accessories. A reproduction mahogany free standing corner display cabinet with glazed door over panelled door.

Lot: 597

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A green upholstered tub chair and matching wing back ladies open arm chair. three shelves.

Lot: 598

An upholstered wing back fireside chair and a bentwood carver chair with impressed solid seat.

Lot: 613

A white painted side table fitted with a single long drawer raised on turned legs.

Lot: 599

A stick back solid seat rocking chair and a shaped oval walnut occasional table.

Lot: 614

A Georgian style mahogany drop leaf oval gate leg dining table, fitted one drawer raised on delicate tapering legs terminating in pad feet.

Lot: 600

A reproduction mahogany cabinet with two glazed doors over two doors.

Lot: 615

An Edwardian inlaid mahogany rectangular occasional table and a small circular oak table.

Lot: 601

A 1930's walnut bedroom suite comprising two single bedsteads, dressing table, low boy and chest of two short and three long graduated drawers each raised on shell carved cabriole legs.

Lot: 616

A 1930's light oak square occasional table with star inlaid top raised on curved supports with under tier and an oak wash stand base.

Lot: 602

A small oak wardrobe with two panelled doors.

Lot: 617

A pair of pine effect bedside chests of three drawers.

Lot: 605

An octagonal mahogany two tier occasional table and one other square table.

Lot: 618

An oak octagonal two tier occasional table.

Lot: 619 Lot: 606

A contemporary cherry wood open book case with five adjustable shelves. An Ercol style dresser with two tier plate rack over two drawers and two doors.

Lot: 620 Lot: 607

A late Victorian light oak Maple & Co dresser with open plate rack over three frieze drawers and three carved panel doors. A cane backed and seated open arm commode chair.

Lot: 621

An Adam's style carved pine fire surround.

Lot: 608

A contemporary unpolished three tier wall shelf unit.

Lot: 622

A pair of painted bedside chests of two drawers with stripped pine tops.

Lot: 609

An oak three tier open plate rack with shaped under frieze.

Lot: 623 Lot: 610

An oak framed three fold dressing table mirror. A rectangular stripped pine blanket chest with hinged rising top.

Lot: 624 Lot: 611

A kidney shaped kneehole dressing table with glass top and drapes. An oak oval drop leaf occasional table raised on an ornate barley twist base.

Lot: 625 Lot: 612

A mahogany cigar cabinet the two fielded panelled doors each stamped "Cosmopolitana (Cuba) Habana opening to reveal A 1950's twin pedestal desk with a green inset top.

Lot: 626

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

An early 20th century mahogany Regency design twin pedestal D end dining table with central leaf. A 19th century elm pierced ladder back single dining chair with a rush seat.

Lot: 627

An Indonesian hardwood cabinet fitted with two doors.

Lot: 641

A 19th century solid seat spindle back chair with rocker base.

Lot: 628

An oak oval drop leaf dining table raised on barley twist supports.

Lot: 642

An Edwardian blue velvet upholstered nursing chair raised on turned legs and one other nursing chair with loose covers.

Lot: 629

An Ercol oak Welsh dresser with carved frieze over two tier plate rack all over two frieze drawers and two panelled doors.

Lot: 643

Two Edwardian arm chairs with loose floral covers.

Lot: 630

A narrow oak chest of six drawers.

Lot: 644

A 19th century country oak child's single dining chair with pierced vase shaped back splat raised on square legs.

Lot: 631

An Edwardian string inlaid mahogany straight front bedroom chest of two short and one long drawers.

Lot: 645

A set of eight oak single dining chairs with carved panelled backs and upholstered seats raised on barley twist legs.

Lot: 632

An open mahogany three shelf open bookcase.

Lot: 646

A pair of Regency mahogany Biedermeier carver chairs with scrolling open arms and upholstered seats raised on square sabre legs.

Lot: 633

A set of four Victorian balloon back salon chairs with upholstered seats.

Lot: 647

A Victorian faux rosewood bedroom chair with twisted vertical back splats and cane seat.

Lot: 634

A piano stool with hinged upholstered seat raised on cabriole legs.

Lot: 648

A set of three Edwardian style single dining chairs with turned legs.

Lot: 635

A pair of late Victorian mahogany bedroom chairs with upholstered seats.

Lot: 649

A set of eight contemporary chromed ladder back single dining chairs with cream upholstered seats.

Lot: 636

An upholstered gout stool, one other and two bedroom chairs.

Lot: 650

A square mahogany occasional table raised on square legs with label "Ashford and Cook from the wrecked Ocean Spray washed up at Woolacombe 1947."

Lot: 637

An 18th century elm "saddle" seated Windsor armchair with pierced yew wood vase shaped back splat raised on cabriole legs united with a crinoline stretcher.

Lot: 651

Mahogany framed carver chair with drop in seat and a single bar back dining chair.

Lot: 638

A circular oak coffee table and a stripped beech bedroom chair with rush seat.

Lot: 652

A black leather office swivel arm chair.

Lot: 639

A late Victorian upholstered armchair with blue floral loose cover raised on flattened bun feet.

Lot: 653

A Victorian upholstered and buttoned nursing chair of scrolling

Lot: 640

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

form raised on turned ebonised tapering legs.

Lot: 667

A large oak rectangular dining/reading table raised on four cannon barrel turned legs, stamped D Serota Ltd to base.

Lot: 654

An Edwardian style contemporary arm chair with cut velvet upholstery raised on turned legs.

Lot: 668

An Oriental style hardwood table cabinet fitted with two single drawers over two panelled doors.

Lot: 655

A 19th century elm seated stick back Windsor elbow chair with wheel back splat.

Lot: 669

A light oak low boy with panelled sides fitted with two drawers over a central cupboard door.

Lot: 656

A Victorian walnut show wood framed nursing chair with oval buttoned back and oval stuffed seat raised on carved cabriole legs.

Lot: 670

A 1930's oak dressing table with oval mirror over three drawer together with a matching low boy.

Lot: 657

An Edwardian upholstered arm chair raised on ball feet.

Lot: 671

A reproduction Chinese Chippendale style cross banded mahogany coffee table.

Lot: 658

A green velvet upholstered fan back ladies armchair with serpentine fronted seat raised on cabriole legs.

Lot: 672

An oak two tier circular table raised on delicate bobbin turned legs.

Lot: 659

A child's high back cane arm chair.

Lot: 673 Lot: 660

An early Victorian mahogany rectangular swing mirror with breakfront box base fitted with three drawers. A 19th century mahogany square shaped occasional table raised on a tripod pedestal base.

Lot: 674 Lot: 661

An early 19th century Georgian mahogany straight front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles raised on bracket feet. A 1930's mahogany bureau, the fall front opening to reveal pigeon holed and single drawer interior over three glazed drawers raised on carved cabriole legs.

Lot: 675 Lot: 662

A mahogany framed rectangular fire screen with floral decorated embroidered silk panel. A George III mahogany bureau with fall front opening to reveal a well drawered and pigeon holed interior over four long graduated drawers raised on ogee bracket feet 38" wide.

Lot: 663

An Edwardian wing backed armchair with loose cover raised on square tapering legs.

Lot: 676

An early 20th century satin walnut chest of three drawers raised on square legs.

Lot: 664

A French Empire style three seat sofa with loose seat cushion and striped upholstery raised on tapering turned legs.

Lot: 677

An oak three tier folding cake stand of octagonal form.

Lot: 678 Lot: 665

A tray top kidney shaped mahogany occasional table raised on pierced end supports. An oak dressing chest with rectangular mirror over three drawers.

Lot: 679 Lot: 666

A contemporary retro curved glass coffee table. An oak oval drop leaf supper table raised on square legs.

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Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art and Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 680

A mahogany drinks cabinet fitted two doors over two doors

Lot: 692

A Georgian mahogany cross banded oak low boy with shaped apron and three drawers with brass handles raised on cabriole legs terminating in pad feet.

Lot: 681

A pine marble topped rectangular wash stand with floral tile splash back.

Lot: 693

A French style Kingwood veneered marble topped serpentine fronted chest of two drawers raised on delicate cabriole legs.

Lot: 682

A Victorian mahogany kneehole inverted break front dressing table with swing mirror and three shallow drawers over a single central drawer flanked by banks of four short graduated drawers.

Lot: 694

An Edwardian string inlaid two tier mahogany corner wash stand with single door and marble top.

Lot: 683

A 1920's mahogany framed display cabinet with shaped arched top fitted with a single central glazed door with panel under and shaped apron, raised on cabriole legs.

Lot: 695

A reproduction oak dresser base fitted with two pairs of panelled doors raised on a shaped plinth.

Lot: 684

An apprentice piece miniature burr wood veneered straight front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers raised on bun feet.

Lot: 696

A Gothic style oak framed freestanding dinner gong complete with sounding stick.

Lot: 697 Lot: 685

A 19th century mahogany dresser base with string inlaid decoration fitted with three frieze drawers raised on cabriole legs terminating in hoof feet. A 1930's mahogany display cabinet fitted with three glazed doors raised on cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw feet.

Lot: 698

A Victorian mahogany framed two fold screen with floral painted panels.

Lot: 686

An 18th century style Continental oak two door hall cupboard of panelled construction with carved frieze over two doors.

Lot: 699

A Georgian mahogany double wardrobe with swan neck pediment fitted over two doors each with inlaid flower and vase decoration over a single long drawer raised on bracket feet.

Lot: 687

A late Victorian 4' 6" mahogany bedstead with vertical splats and central panels with a curved foot board and ivorine circular disc inscribed Sopwith & Co, London.

Lot: 700

An oak refectory dining table together with six solid seated wheel back single chairs.

Lot: 688

A Victorian style show wood framed single end chaise longue with buttoned green upholstery.

Lot: 701

A child's arm chair with floral upholstery.

Lot: 689

A Victorian mahogany framed rectangular wall mirror.

Lot: 702

An Edwardian ladies fan back nursing chair with pink upholstery.

Lot: 690

An early 19th century rectangular mahogany three division cutlery tray with brass carry handle.

Lot: 703

A two seat kidney back sofa upholstered in pink.

Lot: 691

A fine Georgian style early 20th century serpentine fronted chest of four long graduated drawers, with blind fret carved canted corners and a brushing slide raised on bracket feet.

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