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Romiette and Julio--Chapter 13-18 Stop-n-Jot

1. Romiette's Journal Make an inference. How does Romiette feel about Julio? Circle One. Repulsed Fondness Ambivalent Secretive Textual Evidence. Copy the sentence from Romiette's journal that clues you in to how she feels about Julio. Phone Call From the text you can tell that "incompatibility" means _______________________________________. Julio and Ben 3. "Julio bounded into the band room." A synonym for bounded is ______________________ An antonym for bounded is ______________________ 4. "Julio, excited yet relaxed, grinned back and played like he was Kenny G." This type of comparison is called a (circle one) simile 5. metaphor



From the above sentence the reader can tell that Julio played ________________________(adjective).


Julio says that Romiette has one fault. What is it? Computer Chat

7. 8.

Recall Information. Romiette says Julio can call her _______________. Recall Information. Romiette would rather die by _________________. Julio would rather die by ___________________. Literary Devices. With this conversation the author is using the element of flashback foreshadowing (circle one)



Recall Information. When is Julio's birthday?


Conversation 11. Julio has six reminders of his childhood in a box. They are: 1. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ 5. ___________________________ 6. ___________________________


Romiette's Journal 12. 13. Julio gave Romi ___________________. Romi gave Julio _____________________. Two boys make trouble for Romiette and Julio. Their names are ________________ and _______________.


Make an inference. Why do you think the boys just stared at Romiette and Julio?


What does Romi say about being afraid?


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