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LA PARROQUIA DEL SAGRADO CORAZON SACRED HEART PARISH a people called to be a Christian community and to stand on the side of GIAO X U THANH TAM life with all the struggling people of PAROISTE AN CHROI NAOFA Camden and the world. Gathering

1739 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ 08104 SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2011

FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT Lent has begun...forty good days to use for sharpening and refining our lives. Individually, and as a parish, it is time for renewing all that is most important to us. We want to be ready for Easter morning. O Good One, make us worthy, thy Passover to see.

"The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert, and he remained in the desert for 40 days tempted by Satan. He was among wild beasts, and the angels ministered to him." From Today's Gospel around God's table every Sunday, we celebrate that Christ is Risen and ultimately all is well.

ASHES 2011 Ashes were given out from 7 AM to 6 PM by Michael Doyle and Dennis Bajkowski. 287 adults and 216 children (including 208 Sacred Heart School students and 22 staff members) came for ashes including the 40 people who attended the 8:15 Mass. 97 people attended the Evening Service which included receiving ashes. THE RICE BOWL OF ASH WEDNESDAY to which people were generous, will continue during Lent on Friday nights. Put an empty bowl on your own table for Lent. Bring the gifts to church on Palm Sunday. Thank You! LENTEN SERIES 2011 BEGAN with Michael Doyle's reflection on fear and fortitude, courage and confirmation. Watching the great fire of old palm and 97 people so reverently placing ashes on their foreheads with a hand on the Cross, was sacred time of deep prayer and commitment. It was a sacred evening! BROTHER MICKEY MCGRATH On Friday night gave us, an extraordinary Lenten presentation, in his words and paintings, of Dorothy Day's life. The focus was the Holy Spirit's gift of counsel and right judgment. 75 people were present. It was an awesome presentation. God bless Brother Mickey! FIRST COMMUNION OPENING RITE Today, at the 10:30 Mass, the children who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion in May were presented to the congregation. They are Dynasty Birriel, Joseph Degenhart, Lucas Dunn, Rachel and Mason Greathead, Henry Guerin, Aidan Kilgannon, Isaiah Polin, Lauren Ricci, Celeste Rodriguez, and Vincent Tran. We are all asked to pray for them as they continue their preparations for May. God bless them all !


Masses for the Week

Sunday Masses: 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM Daily Mass: 8:15 AM in the rectory chapel. March 14th March 15th March 16th for Henry (Ricky) Martinez Louise de Marillac for Gene Luyster for Helen Sokolowski and Olga Derowski

March 17th Patrick for Msgr. Sal Adamo/Fr. Frank McDermott March 18th March 19th for Mary Fox Zwally Joseph for Mary Bernadette Miller

Mass in Lourdes Chapel Saturday, 4 PM; Sunday, Noon for people on the east side of the parish who cannot get to Sacred Heart. WE PRAY FOR OUR SICK that they may be healed and comforted. This week, we especially remember: Justin Laurenzi, Mary Lou Kraemer, Jack Shannon, John Opacak, William Greenan, Dan Davis, Girard DiFalco, Mary Jane Snider, Kathleen Pierce, Dean Cucinotta, Kathleen O'Beirne, Stephanie Grubb, Brian Spence, Marie Warrington, Jimmy O'Donnell, Harold Ehrhardt, Tony Prete, John O'Toole, Mike Esola, Mae Servis, Catherine McGinley, Laura Lipetz, Joe Balzano, Jeanne Victor, Rosemary Reilly, Othmar Carli, Gerry Karafin, Darrel Ann Britton, Kazimiera Olejnik, Patricia Jackson, and Gus Marini. WE PRAY FOR THE DEAD especially those we knew and were privileged to love and whose lives touched ours. This month we remember those who died and were buried from our church during the month of March: Carmen Diaz, Anna Waterhouse, Julia Kauffman, Rose Christy, Michael Costello, Joe Rita, Wilma Carr, John Lyons, Mary Ellen Naughton, Ramona Hinkle, James Gavin, Belton Kirkland, Armond Leonardi, Benjamin Lubrant, Bruce Leusner, Silvio Guzzi, Mary Kappa, Charles Hadfield, Theresa Simmons, Stephen Szwak, Larry Egan, James Regan, Jack Roy, John Flynn, Nong Nguyen, Mary Procida, Mary Tighe, Michael Jeckot, and Sophie Domeraski, Carlo DiCarlantonio, Jr., Joseph Del Pidio, Ernestine Harris, Zachary Carcich, Calvin Borman, Ernie Gunn, Chickie DePrince, Raymond Cianfrani, George Thomas, and Mary Louise Scanlan. WE REMEMBER OUR PARISHIONERS who died and/or were buried from this Church since April 2010: Louis Wisely, Lois Conroy, Ophelia Turlington, Ann Marie Flynn, Jean Veterano, Joanne Marshall, Joan Knecht, Helen Sokolowski, Catherine Boyle, Bill Hopkins, Diane Cawley, Angelo Del Rossi, Paul Than Vu, Nick Bovino, Virginia Egan, and Peter Volz; 2011: Anjanea Williams, Gene Luyster, and Jeanette DiCarlantonio. MEMORIES....WE REMEMBER... George Thomas of Dayton Manor died on March 13, 2010, his first anniversary today! Helen O'Reilly on her 110th Birthday! She died on November 18, 2003. On March 17th, Msgr. Sal Adamo on the anniversary of his ordination and Fr. Frank McDermott on the anniversary of his birth! May they all rest in peace!

When they call to me, I will answer; I will rescue them and give them honor. Long life and contentment will be theirs.

(Psalm 90: 15-16)

Today's Entrance Antiphon OUR LENTEN SERIES continues on Friday night, March 18th at 6:30 PM for soup and 7:30 for the program. With the help of our friends from the Muslim religion, Bareeq Albarqawi and Zahida Rahman, we will examine the religion of Islam and consider the gifts of Knowledge and Courage in confronting the misunderstandings about and between the religions of the West and the Arab world. We will view the very insightful film, Inside Islam and gain a better understanding of the religion and cultures of the Arab world. DAILY MASS AT 8:15 AM Attendance at morning Mass in most parishes increases, often dramatically, during Lent. Not at Sacred Heart. Make it happen in the Year 2011. Come! 7:40 AM - Monday to Friday at the Thea Bowman House, 418 Jasper across from the Sacred Heart driveway. Pick one day a week to pray with us!

Pray for Camden

HOUSE OF CHARITY TODAY! The Bishop's Annual Appeal 2011 - Our goal is $15,000 this year! If you forgot, bring it next Sunday. Cards are in the pews for those who didn't receive the letter in the mail this past week. The House of Charity supports the catholic social services of the Diocese of Camden.

making this week joyful, hopeful, and holy in a way that is nurturing and charming at the same time. Three different people in the challenges they faced but surely meeting in the center of their focus... Jesus Christ. Louise de Marillac, the co-founder of the Daughters of Charity, friend of St. Vincent de Paul, who said: "Love the poor, honor them, as you would honor Christ." She is known as the patron of Social Workers and has become more well known through the art work of Brother Mickey McGrath. She also was mentioned in our Pope's first encyclical. St. Louise, pray for us! Patrick, the public man on a mission to christianize a little island. Patrick has a lot of people and churches called after him. Not to mention religious orders, parades, places, coins, and medals. St. Patrick, pray for us! Joseph, the patron saint of travelers and pilgrims, of artisans, craft-makers, and laborers, of those inspired by dreams, patron saint of fathers, husbands, families, of hospice care and a peaceful death. He is very busy! St. Joseph, pray for us! They are great blessings in the world! They are good neighbors on the calendar of the saints! So celebrate them! Louise Tuesday! Rest! Patrick on Thursday! Rest! Joseph on Saturday. May you be blessed by them in the home you live in and on the mission you undertake outside of it!

THE "GREENING" TIME IS COMING! Annual Sale of Irish Imports by Dick Kelly TODAY after both Masses in the cafeteria for St. Patrick's Day! ST. PATRICK'S CELEBRATION at Sacred Heart Church Thursday, March 17th at 7 PM Our annual "place to go" for St. Patrick's Day with Shauna Dever, Don Harle, Joe Degenhart, and Michael Doyle. It's a family event with music, song, poetry, and good Irish Soda Bread, of course! Why would you go anywhere else? All for $10. Please come! CEAD MILE FAILTE! ST. PATRICK'S DAY POTATO PLANTING PARTY Come and join members of the Center for Transformation with the gardeners of the neighborhood to plant our potatoes in the Waterfront South Community Garden followed by a potato feasting beside the bread oven. Starts at 3 PM. Bring a dish to share. Email Andrea at [email protected] A MAGNIFICENT EVENT ON MARCH 6TH! The ALL WOMAN CONCERT last Sunday afternoon could not have been better (long but lively!) Over 400 people were in attendance! The music of the 18 performers was extraordinary! It was truly "Herstoric!" Many thanks to Susan Cedrone, the Council of Women (Turtle course graduates), Barbara Dever, Ben Hill, Sean Dougherty for their time and hard work creating the event and managing the event. Of course, our deepest gratitude to the 18 women performers and especially to our 3 Sunday Singers: Barbara Dever, Eileen Coyle and Shauna Dever! It was a financial success as well! May the blessing of Thea Bowman help us to make "our Little Light Shine" in Camden! BIG BIRTHDAY FOR BOB MORAN! What age is the man? Take the number of letters in Happy Birthday Bob and divide by Christmas baskets, multiply by Morna and divide by books, multiply by Moorestown and divide by Jim Delaney, multiply by Scranton and divide by Ireland. Add the actual number of front teeth in a Jersey cow and then multiply by the number of letters in his age, add Saint Ignatius and you will have the number of letters in "Toast to Bob on Yardley Night." God Bless your Mother! "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" CORNER Sacred Heart Peace Community meets at Brigid's House, 1719 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ. Business meeting: fourth Sunday of the month at noon (March 27th); NO potluck/ discussion on the second Friday of the month in March/April because of the Lenten Series. Centering prayer every Sunday, 10 to 10:25 AM. Contact Cassie MacDonald at (856) 361-7887 or [email protected] March at Brigid's House: Wednesday, March 16th, 7PM: Poetry with Michael Doyle. Saturday, March 19th, 7 PM: Open the Love Window. See separate flyer!


Up-Coming Events

MARCH LITURGY COMMITTEE MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT at 7 PM in the Rectory Chapel. All coordinators of ministries and special liturgies are expected to attend. All parishioners are invited to attend. Easter is coming! MISSION WITHOUT BORDERS Next Meeting, Saturday, March 19th at 10 AM in rectory chapel. DINNER AT JOE'S PLACE Saturday, March 19th at 4 PM coordinated by Lisa Del Duke. Please call her at (856) 546-8589 with your usual offers of food and time. You will be blessed! PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING Thursday, March 31st (instead of the High Holy Day, March 17th), at 7 PM in the Rectory Chapel. Please come or send your alternate. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! March 18, 19, 20th, a special performance of GO IRISH, The Purgatory Diaries of Jason Miller, written by Tom Flannery and Rodger Jacobs, featuring Bob Hughes at the Waterfront South Theatre on Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 2 PM. Tickets online or call 866-811-4111. CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSFORMATION Thursday, March 24th at 7 PM at the Center. Please come to celebrate and evaluate our first week-long, overnight guests. MARCH FOOD SHARING DAY Saturday, March 26th from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Most volunteers begin the day at the 8:15 AM Mass. Prayer Service led by the neighborhood women at approximately 9:15 AM. Volunteers always wanted and needed. Please email Susan Cedrone at [email protected] THEA BOWMAN NIGHT Wednesday, March 30th, at 7 PM in the Rectory Chapel. We will celebrate and remember Sister Thea Bowman. It is her feast day--it commemorates the day she died, March 30, 1990....her 21st Anniversary! We will show two videos of her life. Let's make it an old fashioned pot-luck! "THE GIFT OF DAYS" A Day of Recollection for Men and Women at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in Cape May Point, NJ on Thursday, April 7th from 9 to 3 PM for those over 55 years, and it will address the mystery of aging as God's desire for the fulfillment of our lives and our spiritual development. Facilitators: Ray McCracken, Brother Tom Redmond. The cost is $23. To register, call 609 884-3829 or [email protected] A RETREAT FOR WIDOWS & WIDOWERS Journey Together to Reclaim Joy, April 8-10 at the Marianist Family Retreat House, Cape May Point, NJ. Facilitators are Madge Hempsey and Pam Laurenzi. For further information, call Madge at (856) 848-5346 or Pam (856) 783-0218.

Sacred Heart Church

1739 Ferry Ave. Camden, NJ 08104 (856) 966-6700 Fax: (856) 756-0102

E-mail: [email protected] Website: Priests: Michael Doyle, Pastor Dennis Bajkowski Music Director: Barbara Dever Editor of Bulletin: Susan Cedrone

DINNERS AT JOE'S PLACE yesterday thanks to Kathy Birmingham and all her helpers. It is holy work to feed the poor! Especially on Broadway in Camden, NJ! SOUP! WONDERFUL SOUP! Will you help? FOUR soup nights to go: March 18, April 1, 8, 15. All soups should be here by 6 PM...enough for 25 servings. Naturally, meatless. Let us know the type of soup in advance so a variety is available. If you don't make soup, perhaps you can add to our bread, drinks, or sweet table. Please see or call Josephine/Michael Giacchino at (609) 387-4951. PRAYER TEAMS

Mar. 13th: Elizabeth/John Dearhouse Doyle, Anne Marie/Bob Dixon, Joe Balzano, Kay Caracciolo, Dorothea Rex, Emma Martin, Kaitlyn Menefee, Marge O'Donnell, Connie Pennock, Larry Polansky. Mar. 14th: Rod Herrera/Maria Mitarotondo, Rosemary/Jim Hally, Thanh Thuy Nguyen, Gail/Ernest Bollin, Pat Browne, Gina Kost, and Florence MacDonald. Mar. 15th: Pam Laurenzi, Anndee Byers, Harry Gould, Marge/Lou Papa, Patty Connor, Eugene Sheils/ A. Arnold, and Pat McMullen. Mar. 16th: Betsi Bell, Henry Brann, Daniel Douglas, Laurie/Don Olsen, Sen Tran, Nadia Newell, Jeanette McMurtrie, Quan Tran, Francine Grabowski/Tony DeSantis. Mar. 17th: Lily/Pat Mulligan, Kim Ngan/Thanh Nguyen; Amanda Higgins, Helen Scanlon, and S.J. McGeady. Mar. 18th: DeLarge-Morgan family; Donnelly Family, Annmarie/ John Dunn; Shakira Sullivan, Doris Nogueia Rogers, Florence Schiavo, Alice Sullivan. Mar. 19th: Irene/JoeGavin, Nha/ Hung Nguyen, Karen Beckmeyer, Anne Bower, and Wilma Shrift. For more information, please call Gail Gooney at 856-429-3129.

Will you sponsor the education of a child for $300?

$300 - 1 payment $100 - 3 payments $50 - 6 payments

$25 - per month


"People come to Sacred Heart to this lonely church in a forlorn neighborhood. They bring food for the poor, money for the school and they listen to the priest plead for Camden." Harry Reasoner - CBS 60 Minutes



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