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START believes that children should be given every opportunity to be successful. START fosters enthusiasm for learning by engaging children in fun, literacy-focused activities. In a safe and caring environment, START expands the school day and supports district goals.


On behalf of our entire team, we would like to welcome you aboard! You have now demonstrated your willingness and commitment to make a significant difference in the lives of the children we serve. This mini-guidebook can serve as a reference for you as you begin what we hope is a long-term involvement with the program. Our senior staff, as well as our site directors, are all here to offer you the support you need to experience success as you do your job. Thank you for joining our team. We look forward to a positive experience for you and the children you serve each day. Andee Press-Dawson, Recreation Superintendent


Sacramento START is a public/private collaboration that is working to build the capacity of all children to succeed academically and socially while reconnecting families and neighborhoods with their schools.


As a member of the Sacramento START team I am committed to and will demostrate the following Code of Ethics: · Have excellent work habits · Always perform at my absolute best · Learn and develop skills needed to perform my job with excellence · Be a positive role model for all START students · Teach and model the six pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS at all times · Present myself as an After­School educator; professional in appearance and communication at all times · Commit to giving the Gift of Supportive Relationship to your START students for at least one school year · Work collaboratively with the team to provide the highest quality of After­School Programming · Provide an exemplary after­school experience for every START student each day


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start staff andee Press-Dawson · Recreation Superintendent · 808-6196 allena Price · Accountant Auditor · 808-6022 Linda Vivian · Personnel · 808-6188 Esther Pinola · Accounting & Purchasing · 808-2331 Luz avalos · Receptionist · 808-6197 Program CoorDinators trisha Dixon · Enrichment & Recreation · 808-6179 Beryl Johnson · Staff Development · 808-6115 Bruno marchesi · Program Mentor · 808-6109 Program suPErVisors Leslie garner · 808-1224 richard Lincoln · 808-6199 Joane marson · 808-6089 Pam rhodes · 808-6075 shirley rosenbloom · Academic Support alex Vargas · 808-2314


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In order to provide the highest quality program and after school experiences for the children we serve, we need to employ a top flight Sacramento START staff. Here ae the expectations for our Sacramento START staff: · As a staff member you will show up on time to work ­everyday­ready to give your all. · As a staff member you will treat each child with dignity and respect. · As a staff member you will understand the significance and the responsibility that you have taken when you signed up for this job. · As a staff member you will actively participate in all of the training sessions that are made available to you and that will help you to grow professionally. · As a staff member you will represent Sacramento START in a professional manner at all times. · As a staff member you will present and carryout all of the program components that are required of your job position. · As a staff member you are a positive, energetic employee fully committed to making great things happen for children.

As a staff member here's what you can expect from your START Senior Team: · Clear expectations of your job assignment. · A clear and understandable work schedule. · Adequate training and ongoing coaching and men toring to do your job. · Continuous support from your Site Director and your Regional Director · Adequate supplies and resources to carry out your program component. · A supported sense of value and respect from all members of your team.


These program principles will be practiced and visible at every START Site: a Physically safe environment that includes; · a student and staff check in&out system · students traveling with buddies or in groups · a site safety plan that is known, practived and carried out as needed · a place for everything and everything in its place an Emotionally safe environment that includes; · identifiable START staff · caring and supportive staff and student communications · smooth and timely transitions · a welcoming environment for START students, staff, parents and partners an Engaging Learning envirnonment that includes; · · · · developmentally appropriate activities fun, challenging and learning experiences leadership opportunities for all students and staff community involvement activities and events


31/2Daily ComponenTs of sTaRT

heRe's whaT ouR paRTiCipanTs Can expeCT!

samPLE DaiLy sCHEDuLE Check­in > Rotation 1 - Academic Support, Snack > Rotation 2 & 3 - Enrichment + Recreation > Check­out FRIDAYS ARE CLUB DAYS! otHEr EXCiting offErings 3 Family nights per year · Lights on After School · 2 Community Service Projects · Tribes · Pen Pals · Youth Councils · Character Counts · YES (Youth Experiences in Science)

Youth Development Practices

START has incorporated youth development practices into the overall delivery of our program.

DEVELoPmEntaL youtH outComEs

Learning to be productive Learning to be connected Learning to navigate

suPPorts anD oPPortunitiEs

safety Emotional Physical relationship Building Guidance Emotional Support Practical Support Knowledge of youth youth Participation Input and decision making Leadership opportunities Sense of belonging Community involvement Ability to impact community Knowledge of the community skill Building Challenging Interesting Growth and progress

EarLy aDuLt outComEs

Economic self-sufficiency Healthy family/social relationships Contributor to community



Powerful visions underlie all good program practices. They capture our hearts and ignite our passions. They inspire us to do our best by telling us what we really stand for, where we're going and why it matters. By creating a compelling vision, you'll be able to bring people with diverse interests, backgrounds and experiences together in a common purpose to create the future of your program together.


The purpose of staff development is to build a high performing team that's empowered to do its best work ­ and does! Empowerment isn't about giving people authority and responsibility and walking away. It's about knowing your staff as people and not just employees and providing them with the support they need to be successful. Do this through a combination of training, coaching and mentoring and you'll create a team that resonates with excitement about the value of everyone's work, stays committed to your program and makes a real difference in the lives of children and young people


No matter what it says in your job description, as a leader you're responsible for keeping your program focused on achieving its vision, moving it forward toward the accomplishment of its goals, motivating people to do their best work and holding everyone accountable for results. Doing this well means learning to lead strategically, act intentionally and work collaboratively.


Managing for the best possible results means meeting the operational requirements of you organization and the social and psychological needs of the people who work for and with you. When you learn to develop effective systems and create an environment in which structures and functions support people rather than dominate them, you'll get the results you want.



Safety is more than taking precautions to ensure the physical well­being of children and young people. The most successful programs ensure that this happens ­ and much more. They know that for children and young people to achieve their potential they must feel emotionally as well as physically secure. By developing approaches that strengthen feelings of both physical and emotional safety, you'll have a strong foundation for achieving positive student outcomes.

Being intentional in the way you go about developing and maintaining supportive relationships between and among adults and students will make a lasting difference in students' lives.


Meaningful youth participation gives every child and young person opportunities to set goals, create plans, design projects, solve problems, make decisions and take actions in areas that directly affect them. By systematically developing gateways for participation and ensuring that this leads to a sense of personal belonging, ownership, investment and skill building, you'll go a long way toward helping children and young people achieve their potential.


There's overwhelming evidence that the presence of supportive relationships is one of the most critical factors in the positive development of children and young people. In the research on childhood resiliency, it ranks as the leading indicator in predicting whether they'll become healthy and productive adults­regardless of their economic circumstances or other risk factors.

From... A Guide to Developing Exemplary Practices in After School Programs.


Engaging and challenging learning experiences provide young people with opportunities to expand their understanding and knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live. They help students master new concepts and skills, motivate them to try new activities, increase their enthusiasm for learning­and are the key factor in attracting and retaining students in after­school programs. Learning to do this well is essential to your success.


Exemplary after­school programs are seen as an integral part of their communities and receive strong, broad­based support from parents, local residents, community organizations and civic leaders. They draw on community resources to offer a wide range of opportunities for children and young people and know that community involvement is too important to leave to chance. Approach community engagement systematically and you'll develop powerful long­term connections that will dramatically improve the quality of your program.


In an era of high stakes testing, No Child Left Behind legislation and comprehensive budget cuts, the purpose of after­school programs is being redefined. Programs are increasingly expected to provide children and young people with a safe, positive learning environment­ and reinforce learning, support student academic achievement, increase attendance during the school day and help reduce grade retention. By creating authentic partnerships with schools, hiring academic coaches and creating classroom connections, you'll mearsurably strengthen student academic performance.


The most outstanding programs support the healthy social, cultural and cross­cultural development of all participants, teach and model values of respect and inclusion of all people and offer programming that helps reduce social disparities and inequities. This is reflected in their vision, values an leadership, and in their relationships with their staff and with children, and young people and their families. It's embedded in staff development, integrated into their program's content and approaches and apparent in their everyday environments. This isn't only the right thing to do ­ it's vital to building a high quality program.


A growing body of research and experience tells us that high quality programs are making a real difference in the lives of children and young people. Most of us intuitively know this but face serious challenges coming up with evidence that can confirm it. High quality, after­school programs recognize the importance of measuring the right things in the right way and managing outcomes in real time. Learn to do this well and you'll have the tools you'll need to continually strengthen your program


START Program Leader

DEsCriPtion of Position Under the supervision of the site director, the program leader provides assistance in reading, math, homework, enrichment and/or recreation activities for elementary school children by selecting and coordinating a variety of age-appropriate activities such as games, arts, crafts and other literacy-focused activities at a school site.

· Provide opportunities for children to succeed through developing and strengthening their skills in literacy and social development. · Work as part of a team to design and implement age appropriate after school literacy-focused activities.

· To develop activities for those who are done with homework, which focus on subjects seen during the school day. · To actively participate and evaluate the effectiveness of activities and events.

Behavior Management

· Instruct children in the safe and proper use of supplies and equipment. · To establish and enforce classroom guidelines and discipline techniques. · Be able to communicate and instruct the children by using positive means. · Work cooperatively with students in cleaning and maintaining the facility and equipment. · To observe policies, rules and safety practices as they pertain to both, the children and the employees. · To establish and maintain good communication with parents. · To effectively communicate with teachers and school staff to ensure student academic and social success. · To prepare a weekly lesson plan outlining planned activities that are aligned to the school curricula. · To participate in weekly site staff meetings, on going training opportunities, special events and START-related workshops. · Perform related duties as assigned.

Work Habits

DutiEs inCLuDE Program Components

· To carry out, with self initiative, the school site's planned program of literacy-oriented activities for elementary school children to develop and strengthen their skills in literacy (reading and math), homework and enrichment/recreation. · Be able to foster the importance of the program's components in a fun and creative way. · Review program plans with site director, classroom teacher and the literacy coach for effective program implementation and school alignment.

START Site Director

DEsCriPtion of Position The Site Director is responsible for providing leadership to a team of program leaders in the design and implementation of after school literacy-focused activities. The site director will be working with the school principal, teachers, academic alignment coach and the START regional director to accomplish these objective:

· To direct and oversee after school educational enrichment, literacy-oriented programs and activities; · Work with the academic alignment coach to ensure measurable improvement in childrens' social and academic performance; · Serve as liaison between school staff and START staff; · Work with the academic alignment coach to support the site staff in the alignment and implementation of the literacy program used in the school (Open Court, Success For All, LAP etc.) ,

DutiEs inCLuDE:

· Plan, organize, coordinate various educational enrichment and literacy-focused activities and programs at a school site; · Design, evaluate and recommend different activities for the program; · Prepare, review and approve daily and monthly program plans and assign activities and events to program leaders; · Maintain participant files in accordance with state and other grant funing requirements;

· Identify and encourage youth development and capacity building activities to encourage family involvement; · Investigate complaints, accidents, and injuries and submit necessary reports along with documentation; · Inspect the site and equipment to ensure proper maintenance, cleanliness, operation and safety; · Observe children on a daily basis to detect health problems and special needs; · Assist Program Leaders in developing positive expectations along with consequences and classroom management techniques; · Paricipate in cleaning and maintaining the facility and equipment; · Interact and work effectively with personnel from the site school in planning and implementing site activities; · Attend and/or conduct various school functions, meetings and in-service training opportunities; · Monitor and order program supplies · Prepare forms, records and reports necessary to site management; · Recruit students into the program; · Supervise, train and evaluate program leaders, volunteers and other assigned personnel; · Plan, coordinate and implement four family night events per school year; · Perform related duties as assigned.

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