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High Potency Homeopathic Breakthroughs

Homeopathy is a remarkable healing art with therapeutic abilities reaching deep within our nervous system that can correct a broad spectrum of acute, chronic, and even genetic weaknesses. The key to penetrating this depth and dimension of therapeutic ability is primarily found in applying a broad spectrum of homeopathic potencies. The "homeopathic potency factor" differentiates its dynamic healing abilities and depth of cure from other health care approaches. In fact, homeopathy works so deeply that even genetic weaknesses and predispositions to disease dating back a thousand years into our family chain can be corrected. Homeopathic potency is achieved through a complex, labor-intensive laboratory procedure consisting of serial dilutions and 40 succussions (intensive shakes) that establish a therapeutic imprint or energetic makeup of the substance in the water molecule. For example, one part of a substance mixed with nine parts of water creates a 1X (1+9=10) hence the X. Then one part of the 1X remedy mixed with 9 parts water and succussed 40 times creates 2X potency. One part of the 2X potency mixed with 9 parts of water and succussed 40 times creates a 3X potency, and so on. The C potencies are done in the same manner, with a ratio of one part substance to 99 parts water. The difference between the X and C potencies mathematically is a 6X=3C, 12X=6C, and so on. One scale is not superior to the other. As you can see, homeopathy is not a componentintensive product, but rather a very labor-intensive product. Higher potencies are much more expensive and not commonly seen in the marketplace. 1M potency has been attenuated 1,000 times or 990 times the labor of 10X or 10C potency. Higher potencies, such as the 200X potency, are the forementioned laboratory procedure done 200 times or attenuations. 1M potency is a similar procedure done a remarkable 1,000 times. LM potency is an incredible 1:50,000-dilution ratio. Ironically, the further you go with the serial dilutions and successions (potency), the stronger and deeper the therapeutic actions. At 24X, we have reached Avagadroes Number, indicating we have gone beyond the molecular level or, theoretically, we have no molecules of the original substance left. As we know, life is more than just molecules. A corpse has all the molecules. The difference between the corpse and a living being is what homeopathy and chiropractic is all about. Chiropractic calls this Innate Intelligence and homeopathy calls this Vital Force. This bioenergetic realm controls and coordinates all body functions. Every biochemical substance has a specific charge to it, waiting to be told what to do by the bioenergetic aspects of life. Homeopathy has demonstrated its therapeutic consistency with dilutions of potentization beyond the molecular level, or 24X. The higher the dilution or potency, the deeper and generally more dynamic the therapeutic result. So much so that homeopaths warn against using higher potencies unless professionally trained over time since healing crises or reactions can be intense at times. The higher

potencies are like higher frequencies or vibrations that permeate deeper within the control systems of the body, coordinating our core issues or underlying causes for disease. As we shift from the biochemical realm into the bioenergetic realm, the laws of physics change. For example, the smaller the radio wavelengths, the more powerful the radio frequency and the further its range. A laser pointer has a broad wave band and a much smaller laser wave band can burn through metal. When we get down to splitting atoms we begin to experience extreme powers unimaginable. Much to my surprise, about 20 years ago when we were experimenting with multiple potencies, I discovered that we were able to achieve a much higher percentage of results, as well as a higher percentage of cure in less time. Over the past five years, we have been further investigating the use of much higher potencies, including 1M and many of the LM potencies. Again, to our surprise, we have discovered that we receive even greater results without the negative effects, healing crises or toxic release responses that have been commonly experienced, especially with single higher potency homeopathics. The key to the greater successes without the aggravations was in the mixing of a broad spectrum of potencies (high, medium and low) all together in one product. The appropriate mixing of specific homeopathic ingredients made in a broad spectrum of potencies gives the body the opportunity to pick both the individual remedy (remedies) out of a formula that best fits the specific needs of the body as well as the potency (potencies) that can most gently and deeply correct the core causes of the health condition. Almost every health condition we deal with consists of multiple components. For example, a patient bends over to pick up a paper clip and blows out a disc. The weight of the paper clip isn't the primary causative factor. Other components or causes would be: · · · · The stresses of life, including adrenal exhaustion, weakening the ligamentous support of the low back. The burdens or weight upon our shoulders from life that weakens us. The mental and emotional issues that we carry within us that sabotage our health and the highest expressions of life. The physical health issues (injury, degenerative and genetic).

The low potencies will work on the more superficial muscle and joint injuries. The medium potencies will work on strengthening the organ and glandular dysfunctions and the high potencies will work on the mental and emotional stresses as well as the genetic factors that are commonly causative factors to many injuries and diseases. Combining high, medium and low potencies best equips us to: · Broaden the therapeutic potentials of homeopathy, · Increase the safety of homeopathy · Simplify what was once a complex and elusive healing art into a faster and easier procedure for the high volume demands of today. · More effectively apply the remedies with faster, deeper and longer-lasting results.

LM Potencies Dr. Hahnemann stated in his 6th and last edition of the Organon Of Medicine, "The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles." Hahnemann, in his later years, practiced homeopathy in Paris, France. He encountered patients with more chronic disease conditions due to the rich foods, excessive wine and more sedentary lifestyles. Chronic degenerative disease was a new and different experience for Hahnemann, who previously practiced in rural Germany. Hahnemann was not satisfied with his highest ideal of cure being a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health when dealing with chronic, sensitive and miasmic aspects of disease. The centesimal "C" potencies did not meet his highest principles of homeopathy. 1. The lower C potencies did not adequately stimulate the healing reaction. (Lacking consistent or permanent restoration and results). 2. The higher C potencies caused serious aggravations or healing crises. (Lacking the gentleness of cure). 3. The C potencies, in general, took too long in the curing processes. (Rapid cure not achieved). 4. Too much waiting time was required between remedies and dosages causing decreased positive outcomes and prolonged suffering of the patient. (In it's shortest, most reliable and most harmless way). 5. There was too much controversy, confusion and difficulty discerning dosage and potency administration. (On easily comprehensible principles). Hahnemann spent about a decade between 1832 and 1841 experimenting with new methods to solve these problems with regard to maintaining his high standards of homeopathic cure (rapid, gentle and permanent cure). Through many trials and tribulations, Hahnemann discovered the LM potency system (1:50,000 dilution ratio), saying: "This method of dynamization, I have found, after many laborious experiments and counter-experiments, to be the most powerful and, at the same time, (the) mildest in action, as the material part of the medicine is lessened with each dynamization 50,000 times and yet incredibly increased in power." The introduction of the new LM potency was Hahnemann's last great gift to homeopathy. The outcome of his 50 years of research, Hahnemann found the LM potency to be what he called "the most perfect method." The advantages of the LM potencies include:

1. A more efficient, rapid, gentle, and permanent cure of acute and chronic diseases. The courses of treatment can be minimized to one-half, one-quarter, or even more. 2. Offers the highest development of power with 100 succussions per potency. This process produces the most powerful therapeutic effects for the most rapid and long lasting cure. 3. Offers the safest, mildest response with the much higher ratio of 1 part substance to 50,000 parts diluting medium. By widening the gap between the medicinal substances and diluting we reduce the healing aggravations, toxic release reactions and furious responses. 4. Frequent repetition of dosage is permissible. This allows regular dosing that maximizes therapeutic results without creating the aggravations or therapeutic impairments found in the old methods. 5. Observation of the patient is very easy. This eliminates the complex, elusive procedures of the past with simpler, more easily comprehensive principles that Hahnemann set as the prerequisites for the perfect medicine of homeopathy. There is no need to be guessing whether the new symptoms are aggravations that need to be antidoted or new treatments needed. Don't wait until your patients run out of patience.


High Potency Homeopathic Breakthroughs

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High Potency Homeopathic Breakthroughs