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School Bus Seating

The SafeGuard® line of school bus seating products is built on a common platform, with options that enable transportation departments to safely transport students of a wide range of sizes and needs. New advanced protection technologies available from SafeGuard provide the security of lap-shoulder belts without reducing the capacity of the bus. Clearly a step ahead, SafeGuard innovates practical solutions to real transportation problems, redefining what school districts expect from belted seating.

One seat fits all.


School Bus Seating


ith exclusive, patented SmartFrameTM W technology, SafeGuard school bus seats are the only seats that provide the protection of lap-shoulder belts for belted passengers, while offering full compartmentalization protection for unbelted passengers in frontal collisions. afeGuard school bus seats are built with thin S backs (virtually the same thickness as standard seats), so schools can provide belted seating while maintaining the same number of rows found in most traditional floor plans. djustable lap-shoulder belts properly fit A occupants of a wide range of sizes, from a 40-pound, 4-year-old child (over 40" tall), through a large adult. afeGuard seats offer a LATCH option for S easily installing and securing child car seats. pper torso control devices are available U for children with physical needs requiring additional upper body support. afeGuard seats meet or exceed all applicable S government safety standards.


Premier TM activity seat

The new SafeGuard PremierTM activity seat, with lap-shoulder belts and exclusive, patented SmartFrameTM technology, provides compartmentalization protection for unbelted occupants per FMVSS 222. When a district uses school buses for activity or sports team transportation, students can have school bus safety with motorcoach comfort. Adjustable recline with contoured back and headrest offer sleeping comfort. Supple vinyl and softer seating foam optimize passenger comfort. Lap-shoulder belts with shoulder height adjusters accommodate children as small as 4 years old and 40 pounds, up to large adults. For children under 4 years old and 40 pounds, Premier includes (as standard) a LATCH system for easily installing and securing child car seats.

flexseat ®

SafeGuard FlexSeat safely transports three elementary size students or two high school size students on a standard 39-inch seat. This innovative bus seat with three lap-shoulder belts resolves capacity issues and enhances bus safety with its unique approach to maintaining compartmentalization. Maintains current unbelted seat rated capacity. Flexible capacity enables belted seating for one, two or three students with proper fit and geometry. Allows transportation directors to easily use buses for elementary, middle and high school routes as they do today.

Options: - LATCH - Track - Upper Torso Device

standard Bus seat

The SafeGuard Bus Seat, first introduced to the school transportation industry in 2002, offers students the safety of lapshoulder belts and SmartFrameTM full compartmentalization protection. SafeGuard school bus seats are protecting over 200,000 children in more than 40 U.S. states. Interchangeable seat module allows for future upgrades including FlexSeat and LATCH. Various sizes are available.

Options: LATCH Track Upper Torso Device Lap belts only

integrated child seat

The SafeGuard Bus Seat with Integrated Child Seat (ICS) offers the security of a five-point harness for children 22 to 85 pounds and eliminates the need for add-on restraints. Sliding shoulder height adjusters enable ICS to accommodate significantly taller children than can be restrained in other integrated child seats. Seat cushion with replaceable pad folds under itself for added comfort, elevation and cleanliness. Available on new buses and as replacement seating on existing buses. Now with the thinnest seat back of all integrated child seats on the market, SafeGuard ICS takes less space in the bus.

Options: - LATCH - Track - Upper Torso Device Available with and without lap-shoulder belts.

Available with and without lap-shoulder belts.





With exclusive, patented SmartFrame technology, SafeGuard bus seats are the only seats that provide the protection of lap-shoulder belts for SafeGuard bus seats undergo the most rigorous testing in the transportation industry. Over the past decade, SafeGuard engineers have conducted the following tests to gain a full understanding of bus occupant protection: · 12 full bus barrier crash tests · More than 250 sled tests · 20 bus rollover tests

belted passengers, while offering full compartmentalization protection for unbelted passengers in a frontal collision.

With SmartFrame

SmartFrame Outer Seatback

Without SmartFrame

smartf rame rameTM: Protection for Belted and u nBelted elted

Here's how SmartFrame works: SafeGuard bus seats are made with two structures. The inner structure provides lap-shoulder belts and absorbs crash energy for the belted passenger. The outer seatback structure remains upright to cushion and then yield to absorb the energy of anyone in the seat behind who isn't wearing a seat belt.

SmartFrame yields forward in a collision.

Full compartmentalization helps contain passengers in frontal crashes.

Seating without SmartFrame leaves unbelted passengers vulnerable to forward momentum.

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maintenance advantage


The modular design of SmartFrame allows simple access and easy service of restraint systems and upholstery.

, a division of IMMI, has been the industry leader in child and bus passenger protection for more than 25 years. The modern crash-test facility, sophisticated engineering, and advanced manufacturing operations of IMMI enable SafeGuard to develop innovative, proven restraint systems and seating solutions for customers worldwide.







Upper Torso Device

*See website for information on 22", 30", 39" and 45" seating options.


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