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Division Commander Cpt Gutzwiller

Road Days A-1 Sgt Garabelli

Road Days A-2 Sgt Stevens

Road Nights B-1 Sgt Jolin

Road Nights B-2 Sgt Henige

Detective Bureau D/Sgt Pfau

Admin/Relief Sgt Sgt Fitzmaurice

R Desander Deputy D Tohm Deputy H Dvorak Deputy T Sewell Deputy

S Fausnaugh Deputy M Andreotti Deputy S Fresorger Deputy M Martin Deputy

A J Wise Deputy K Weber Deputy W Gutzwiller Deputy N Wahnefried Deputy

J Kruszka Deputy J Brown Deputy R Kolb Deputy A Simons Deputy

I Davies Det M Gomez Det D Kerns Det N VanTifflin Det J Butcher Det DEA

J Lysogorski Deputy Health Dept K Shields Deputy Traffic J Yeager Deputy Motor Carrier A Kocsis Deputy Merrill Con-

Juvenile Center

Courthouse Security

MBS Airport Security A-2 B-2 Umbrella Field Training Officer

R Boylen Deputy Juvenile R VanAcker Deputy Juvenile

M Williamson Deputy Courthouse S LeRoux Deputy Courthouse B Kappen Deputy Courthouse Open Deputy Courthouse

T Crane Deputy MBS J Jurik Deputy MBS M Kimsel Deputy MBS C Jaime Deputy L Biniecki FTO M Oswald FTO


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