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St. Cecilia Catholic Church 1310 Madison Avenue North Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110

St. Cecilia Ministry Directory

(Revised January 2012)

Pastor and Parish Staff

Pastor Business Manager Parish Secretary Facilities Supervisor Custodian Emmett Carroll, SJ Don Scott Ginna MacLeod Walter Kniginyzky Shirley Torento Ext 104 Ext 103 Ext 101 Ext 105 ---------

(206) 842-3594

Religious Education

(206) 842-3594

Director of Religious Education: Terry Markuly Ext 102 (Coordinator of various religious education programs) Youth Ministry: Neill & Patty Raymond, Patrick Middleton Ext 101 (Religious education grades 9-12 & Confirmation) Jr. Hi PREP: (Parish Religious Education Program) Julie Cini (206) 780-2804 (Religious education grades 7 & 8) Baptism Preparation : Patrick Middleton, Dick Hassell, Ann Marmesh Ext 101 (Baptism classes for parents & godparents) Baptism Family Support: Mary Feeney (206) 201-3956 (Community & faith building activities) RCIA:(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Patrick Middleton (206) 321-0050 (For new & interested Catholics)

St. Cecilia Catholic School

Principal Administrative Assistant Liz Chamberlin Janice Moehring (206) 842-2017 (206) 842-2017

Stewardship Ministries

Parish Council Finance Council Liturgy Committee Bob Earhart Bob Leigh Mary Feeney (206) 842-3594 (206) 842-4464 (206) 201-3956

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Linens "Scooty" Kellogg Altar Servers Kelly Gallivan, Mike MacEvitt, Children's Liturgy Jane Astle Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) Annie Laurie MacEvitt Don Harrington Readers/Lectors Ushers & Greeters Virginia Carter Visiting Eucharistic Ministers Ginna MacLeod (206) 842-6109 (Cleaning & custody of linens used in Mass) (206) 780-0707 (Coordinates & trains altar servers for Mass) (206) 780-7833 (Liturgy for 3-7 yr olds during 10 AM Mass) (206) 842-8086 (Assist in offering Communion at Mass) (206) 842-0850 (Reads announcements & Scripture) (206) 842-5563 ("Traffic control"; Communion and collection) (206) 842-3594 (Brings Eucharist to sick and homebound)

Participation in ministry is a way to extend faith in concrete ways, make new friends, and experience parish life.

All ministries are open to new members!


Music Ministries

Nancy Dorsey is the Coordinator of Liturgical Music; Call (206) 842-2300 to join a Choir. Liturgical Choir serves during 5:00 PM Saturday, Vigil Mass Contemporary Music Choir serves the 10:00 AM Masses Meditative Choir serves at the 7:00 PM Sunday Masses Children's Choir serves during Masses at Christmas, First Communion and others; A Youth Choir serves on a 1st Sunday

Devotional / Contemplative Ministries

Eucharistic Adoration Centering Prayer Prayer Chain Rosary Recitation Simbang Gabi Virginia Carter Marcia Kilbane Mary Corbin Julie Cini Phil Velasquez (206) 842-5563 (Adoration for 10 AM Fri to 4 PM Sat) (206) 780-8128 (Popular form of contemplative monastic prayer) (206) 842-2947 (Offers intentions for those in need of prayer) (206) 780-2804 (Recite this timeless devotion @ 5:30 PM M-Th) (206) 842-3594 (Filipino Advent Novena, a community tradition)

Educational Ministries

Spiritual Enrichment Ann Nagle (206) 842-3908 (Events & Small Groups for Adult Education) Bible Study Bob/Sue Kuebler (206) 842-9933 (Learn the most important book you can read!) Evening Bible Study (winter) Patrick Middleton/Orysia Earhart 206-842-3594 (Salvation History with Jeff Cavins) Parish Library Sonya Countryman (206) 780-1134 (OPEN Sunday AMs and weekdays; check it out)

Community Service Ministries

Crop Walk Interfaith Caregivers Knights of Columbus Legion of Mary Don Harrington Right/Respect for Life Sacred Heart Shelter Super Suppers St. Vincent de Paul Bring parishioners to Mass Marian Malonson (206-842-3594) (Annual autumn fundraiser to fight world hunger) Len Beil (206) 780-2111 (Serves the sick and homebound with care & service) Dick Hassell (206) 842-2115 (Catholic men's service organization since 1880s) Verna Sorenson (206) 842-5115 (Spiritual needs service group, began in Ireland 1921) Matt Talbot Center (206) 842-0850 (Center serving Seattle's poor & homeless) Kerry Daly (360) 649-2770 (Co-ordinates nat'l & state RTL actions for parish) Scooty Kellogg (206) 842-6109 (Order of Malta's Seattle homeless women's shelter) Garnet Logan (206-780-9685 (Dinners served last Wed. of month for Island poor) Noel Saunders (206) 842-5142 (Provides material help for poor, began in Paris 1844) Ginna MacLeod (206) 842-3594 (Arranges rides to church for those who need it)

Parish Life Activities

Parish Auction Coffee and Doughnuts Fashion Show Irish Dinner Italian Dinner Parish Office Helpers Wine and Cheese Parish Bulletin OPEN!! Annie Laurie MacEvitt Liz Chamberlin Tim Cunningham Brendan Curran Ginna MacLeod Len Korslund Mary Mullaney (Annual autumn parish fundraising event) (206) 842-8086 (This Sunday morning favorite doesn't just happen) (206) 842-2017 (SCCS Spring fundraiser & "model for a night" dream) (206) 842-3594 (Parish St Patrick's Day Gala for that Irish in all of us) (206) 780-6907 (Annual winter respite hosted by parish men) (206) 842-3594 (Help! I'm drowning in a sea of papyrus!) (206) 842-5212 (The Saturday post-Mass social) (206) 842-3594 (Have a story to tell? Put it in writing!)



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