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Orientation Programs

Welcome to

Welcome to the University of Southern California and the Trojan Family! We are excited that you are admitted as a student transferring from another institution. The steps outlined in this checklist are specifically designed to help you have a successful transition to USC. These steps are intended for admitted/confirmed students. However, if you are a prospective student, this checklist can provide you with useful information to help in your decision process.

Orientation Programs

Welcome to USC!

Please use the checklist below to ensure you fulfill all the requirements of being a new student at USC. if you are unable to attend Orientation, you will register for classes following the last orientation session. While ultimately you are responsible for ensuring all of the steps in the checklist are completed, the staff in Orientation Programs are happy to assist you as needed. you can contact us by phone at 213.740.7767 or by e-mail at [email protected]

STeP 4: HOUSing and TRanSPORTaTiOn

Whether you are applying for on-campus housing or looking off-campus, we recommend you apply early. Oncampus housing is limited for transfer students; however there are many housing options that are close to campus and convenient for students.

STeP 5: RegiSTeR FOR yOUR ORienTaTiOn SeSSiOn OR MaTeRialS ReqUeST

We strongly recommend all transfer students attend Orientation. attending Orientation is the best way to acclimate yourself to life at USC. Orientation provides you with a chance to become familiar with the campus, learn about student life, receive academic advisement and register for your first semester of course work.

· USC Housing CliCK HeRe · Off Campus Housing Website ­ Undergraduate



To accept your admission offer from USC, complete the enrollment Commitment deposit Form and pay the $300 deposit (or valid waiver request) by June 1 or two weeks after receiving your admission letter. instructions for submitting the deposit are included in your admission packet.

STeP 2: COMPleTe FiRST lOgin

Once your enrollment Commitment deposit has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from Orientation Programs instructing you to complete your first login (username and e-mail account). you will need your username to make a reservation for Orientation. This will give you access to all electronic student services, including USC e-mail, OaSiS (online student information system), and MyUSC (student portal). To access first login CliCK HeRe.

Student government (USg) CliCK HeRe · Ten important items to be aware of before, during and after entering into your residential lease. CliCK HeRe · Off Campus Housing directory Search CliCK HeRe · Student Support and advocacy alternative Housing Options and Resources CliCK HeRe · Family Housing CliCK HeRe · USC provides limited housing for students with spouses and/or no more than two children. Priority is given to students who have submitted the earliest housing applications for their first semester at USC.

· To make reservations for an Orientation session

CliCK HeRe Please note: advance payment is required to make a reservation. if extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending an orientation session, you may order a materials packet. To order materials, log into the Student Reservation System and complete a Materials Request submission. a materials packet includes the following: · USC Catalogue · SCampus (student handbook) · Orientation handbook · Contact sheet for academic advisors

Transportation and Parking

if you plan to park on campus, you are required to display a valid parking permit at all times. We advise you apply for a parking permit early because many of the popular lots sell out due to the high demand and limited permits available.


Before attending your Orientation session, you must complete the Pre-Orientation Homework which will help you prepare for your time on campus at Orientation. To access your PreOrientation Homework CliCK HeRe.

Semester and monthly permit options:

· gold Permits: all on-campus structures and lots. · Cardinal Permits: all off-campus lots. Only · Parking Center: located 2 blocks east of campus on

applicable if living in USC housing. Jefferson and grand. door-to-door USC tram service available from the parking center to campus every 10 minutes. · Carpools are 2 or more persons, commuting at least 80% of the time. Must commute at least three miles from campus. USC provides free transportation for students as well as options for alternative transportation. USC trams provide service from parking structures and other various locations. For tram routes CliCK HeRe

STeP 7: OBTain yOUR USCaRd

as a part of your Pre-Orientation Homework you will upload a picture for your USCard. a USCard is essential to you as a student at the University of Southern California and should be carried at all times while on campus. CliCK HeRe for the USCard website or visit the USCard office in Parking Structure X. your USCard identifies you as a currently enrolled student and entitles you to the certain privileges. note: if you attend a transfer orientation session you will complete the following steps on-campus during your session. if you are not attending an orientation session and request a materials packet, please continue to the following steps regarding academic advisement and class registration.

STeP 3: Finalize FinanCial aid PaCKage

if you have not already applied for financial aid, do so as soon as possible. Through the USC Financial aid Office, you can apply for financial aid and manage your financial aid documents online. CliCK HeRe to visit the USC Financial aid website. The following are some basic steps and resources to help you complete the financial aid application process.

· Complete your Free application for Federal

Student aid (FaFSa) application online at · Register for and complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial aid PROFile® online. USC's CSS School Code is 4852. The information from this application will be used to determine your eligibility for USC student aid funds.

STeP 8: aCadeMiC eleMenTS

Review academic Policies The USC Catalogue is a useful resource for you as a USC student. Review USC's academic policies, procedures and deadlines prior to meeting with your academic advisor. These may be very different from your previous institution. The following are some suggestions of information to look for:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. add/drop/withdraw policies p. 31 Prerequisites p.31 definition of grades p.34 Probation and disqualification p.36 gPa categories and class levels p.34 academic integrity at USC p.32 Family educational Rights and Privacy act (FeRPa) p.32 8. Policy on accommodations for Students with disabilities p.33 9. articulation Petitions p.37

Permit to Register in order to register for classes, you must obtain a Permit to Register. you can access this information on OaSiS on the Permit to Register page. you can also pick up your permit at the Registration Building. Please bring your official letter and valid id. Register for Classes after meeting with your academic advisor, you can register for classes using the USC Portal, MyUSC. For instructions on class registration and using our online Web Registration system, refer to the Registration section of your Orientation Handbook. This provides you with step by step instructions on accessing the Web Registration System.

note: Students not attending an orientation session will not be able to register for classes until after the last on-campus orientation session.


The Post-Orientation Homework is available to you after your Orientation session or after you have received your Materials Request packet. Post-Orientation Homework must be completed prior to the first day of classes.

STeP 12: Sign UP FOR TROJanSaleRT

Trojansalert is an alert system that allows University officials to notify you during an emergence by sending text messages to your: · e-mail account (school, home, office, etc) · Cell phone, pager · Smart Phones and handheld devices · land lines CliCK HeRe to sign up for Trojansalert.

Review Transfer Credit Report (TCR) Online The TCR is an official record of your collegelevel work and is required for proper academic advisement and planning. This report will list your transferable unites and courses, and show how your courses have been applied to USC's core requirements. you can view you TCR through OaSiS. · Office of degree Progress - Transferring coursework CliCK HeRe · Understanding your TCR CliCK HeRe Meet with your academic advisor (in person or via phone) your academic advisor will be an important resource throughout your time at USC. academic advisors can guide you to an academic path that is right for you. it is important that you assume responsibility for your course selection but your advisor is here to review your selections, offer additional perspectives to your academic path and give advice for future planning.

during the course of your time at USC you can make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor anytime. The following is a list of the important contact information you should have for your academic advisor:

STeP 9: Send Final TRanSCRiPTS

Send your transcripts showing final grades for the most recent term to: University of Southern California Office of admission UndeRgRadUaTe 700 Childs Way University Park Campus los angeles, Ca 90089-0911 Once your complete official transcripts are received, you will be given your transfer credit report (TCR) based on an evaluation by the degree Progress department. if you are a conditional admit, you must send your final transcripts prior to registering for classes.

STeP 13: ReSeaRCH CaMPUS invOlveMenT OPPORTUniTieS

as a student transferring to USC, we encourage you to share your previous college experiences with your peers at USC. The best way to do this is to get involved on campus. USC has a variety of student clubs and organizations for you to join. CliCK HeRe to visit the Office of Campus activities for more information.

STeP 15: aTTend WelCOMe WeeK aCTiviTieS

USC offers many welcome programs and activities for new students. as an incoming Transfer student you are invited to attend the annual Welcome Week. The fall Welcome Week schedule is available on august 1 and the Spring Welcome schedule is available december 1. Register for Welcome Week activities CliCK HeRe

STeP 10: Pay TUiTiOn and FeeS

Tuition, fees and other charges on your student account are due in full by Friday, august 21, 2009. late fees will be assessed after this date. Monitoring your billing account: · login to MyUSC ( · Click on OaSiS · Select the "e-pay" link For more information about tuition and fees, payment schedules, deadlines and deferment procedures, refer to the Schedules of Classes CliCK HeRe · USC Monthly Payment Plan ­ CliCK HeRe to apply. · Financing Programs CliCK HeRe

advisor's name: Office location: Phone number: e-mail address: Office Hours:

Use your Transfer Credit Report and the articulation website to help you complete the following worksheet before you meet with your academic advisor. geneRal edUCaTiOn/CORe ReqUiReMenTS

Category Previous course to Satisfy category notes (etc.) number of credits you receive from USC

Category i: Western Cultures Category ii: global Cultures Category iii: Scientific inquiry Category v: arts and letters diversity Requirement

Foreign language Requirement


Course name Previous Course to Satisfy Category notes (etc.) number of credits you receive from USC


during your first semester at USC, we recommend you become familiar with the opportunities available to you at USC.

Center for Black Cultural Student affairs (CBCSa) CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-8257 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 415 el Centro Chicano CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-1480 e-mail: [email protected] United University Church 300 lgBT Resource Center CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-7619 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 202B Office of Fraternity and Sorority leadership development CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-2080 Student Union 200

aCadeMiC SeRviCeS

list of academic advisors CliCK HeRe Office of Overseas Studies CliCK HeRe Phone: 213.740.3636 e-mail: [email protected] College House 201 USC libraries CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-2543 e-mail: [email protected] Writing Center CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-3691 e-mail: [email protected] Taper Hall 321


CliCK HeRe to visit the division of Student affairs Website. Student affairs encompasses a wide variety of USC activities and seeks to create an integrated experience that helps students reach their educational, personal, and professional aspirations. Career Planning & Placement Center CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-9111 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 110 Center for academic Support CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-0776 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 301 USC Recreational Sports CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-5127 e-mail: [email protected] lyon University Center Undergraduate Student government (USg) CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-5620 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 106 disability Services CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-6948 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 301 Campus activities CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-5693 e-mail: [email protected] Hazel and Stanley Hall Suite 100 volunteer Center CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-7012 e-mail: [email protected] Hazel and Stanley Hall Suite 100 asian Pacific american Student Services (aPaSS) CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-4999 e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 410


USC Transportation CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-3575 e-mail: [email protected] Parking Structure X USC Housing Services CliCK HeRe Phone: (800) 872-4632, (213) 740-2546 email: [email protected] Parking Structure X 137 Child Care Programs CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 743-2446 email: [email protected] anna Bing arnold Child Care Center department of Public Safety CliCK HeRe University Park Campus (213) 740-4321 (emergencies) (213) 740-6000 (non-emergencies) Parking Structure a Health Sciences Campus (323) 442-1000 (emergencies) (323) 442-1200 (non-emergencies) Health Sciences Parking Structure University Park Health Center (UPHC) CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-UPHC (8742) 849 W. 34th Street Student Health insurance CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-0551 email: [email protected] Parking Structure d USC Ticket Office CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-gOSC (4672) e-mail: [email protected] Student Union 100

enROllMenT SeRviCeS

Office of academic Records and Registrar CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-4080 Registration Building 207 articulation Office CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-4628 e-mail: [email protected] Registration Building 208 degree Progress department CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-7070 email: [email protected] John Hubbard Hall room 010 Office of Undergraduate admissions CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-111 e-mail:[email protected] John Hubbard Hall Financial aid CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-1111 e-mail through website John Hubbard Hall lobby Student Financial Services CliCK HeRe Phone: (213) 740-4077 e-mail through website King Hall 200


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