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Configuration Document of Mozilla Thunderbird for SUD Life Sales Email Id: Mozilla Thunderbird is already sent in the CD either with the laptop or to your AVP or Download Mozilla Thunderbird from site, link is: Follow below steps for installation and configuration: (i) Double-click on Installation file, click `Next' to continue.


Select `I accept the terms in the License Agreement' and Click on `Next' to continue.


Select `Standard' as Setup Type, Click on `Next' to continue.


The installation will start and it will take couple of minutes to finish.


Select `Launch Mozilla Thunderbird now' and Click on `Finish' to finish the installation and open Thunderbird for the first time to use.


Select `Don't import anything' and Click on `Next' to continue.


Mozilla Thunderbird installation completes successfully and you can see configuration window as shown below: Select `Email account' and Click on `Next' to continue with the setup of Email Account configuration.


In `Your Name' text box, enter your name, in `Email Address' text box, enter your full sales email Id, Click on `Next' to continue.


Select `POP' as type of incoming server, Enter `' in `Incoming Server' text box. Ensure to Uncheck `Use Global Inbox (store mail in Local Folders)' to separate your official mails with other email accounts configured in Mozilla Thunderbird. Enter `' in `Outgoing Server' text box, Click on `Next' to continue.


Enter your full sales email Id in `Incoming User Name' text box and the same in `Outgoing User Name' text box, Click on `Next' to continue.


Enter your name in `Account Name' text box, Click on `Next' to continue.


Check `Download messages now' check box to continue with downloading all your mails in Mozilla Thunderbird, Click on `Finish' to finish the Email Account Configuration. Before performing above step, make ensure that your internet connection is working successfully.


Enter the password of your official email Id, the same which you are entering at the time of opening your mails on website. Check `User Password Manager to remember this password.' check-box to let application remember your password and avoid entering password every time you open application for receiving or sending mails.


Click on `Ok' on the alert window.


You can see all your mails in `Inbox' folder shown at left panel of Mozilla Thunderbird under the Account Name selected by you. The application will fetch new mails from the server in every 10 minutes interval, in the mean time if you want to check mails, Click on `Get Mail' button on Left ­ Top corner to get your mails from server to this application.


For sending mails to others, Click on `Write' button available on Left ­ Top corner, enter email Id in `To' box, enter the `Subject' line and the Message body and Click on `Send' to send the mail. In case of sending mails to multiple users, you can enter multiple email Ids in separate rows and select `To' of `CC' or `BCC' for the type of sending mails, available in the box below `From' box.


Select `Sent' box in Left side Panel to see all mails sent.


In case if you wish to leave one copy of your incoming and outgoing mails on server, you can go to `Tools' and `Account Option', Select `Server Settings' option available on Left side panel, Select check-box `Leave messages on server' and Check check-box `Until I delete them' This option will help you in checking all your mails from site from anywhere in world in case you don't have an access to Mozilla Thunderbird at some other location or place but it will keep a copy of your mails on server and in case the size of mails exceeds 200 MB in your inbox on server, your mails will start bouncing and you will not receive any mails from then onwards until you delete all mails from, so it is smart practice not to choose this option to Archive all your mails in Mozilla Thunderbird.

In case of any further issue, please send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]


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