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The AutoMax ® PC3000 Solution

Integrated Drive System Control

AutoMax PC3000:

Flexible. Powerful. Functional.

The AutoMax PC3000 processor is the newest powerful combination of controls in the Reliance® AutoMax family of control products. This unique design solution reduces the entry-level costs of distributed drive control, significantly extending the networking and interfacing capabilities of motor-control applications. With the PC3000, you get connectivity with the entire Reliance "3000" family of standard drives (GV3000 and FlexPak® 3000), plus: · Exceptional design flexibility, with IBM® PC open architecture and plug-and-play modularity · Exceptional power, with an AutoMax 7010-equivalent processor, a high-speed deterministic DCS-NET, and an Allen-Bradley remote I/O (RIO) master in a single PC board · Exceptional functionality, with a WindowsTM 95 programming environment and three distinct programming languages · Exceptional affordability, with all the reliability of the AutoMax Distributed Control System (DCS) family

Conveniently Configured For PC Workstation Or Industrial Applications

The AutoMax PC3000 processor is ideal for PC workstation drive system supervision. Since the PC3000 uses the ISA bus interface for power only, the workstation processor is free to run man-machine interface (MMI), operator interface (OI), or other software without adversely affecting system performance. System capabilities can be further extended using an optional board with two serial ports. An alternative packaged version encloses the PC3000 processor, a serial interface card, a power supply, and a fan in a panel-mounted industrial chassis for industrial control applications.

The AutoMax Family: A Powerful Combination Of Controls

The AutoMax DCS family was founded in 1984, with the introduction of the DCS integrated drive system controller. From its inception, AutoMax adopted a modular approach to drive control, offering users the flexibility to expand and adapt their distributed power and control systems to meet everchanging application requirements. Today's AutoMax hardware and software solutions encompass a vast array of speed, power, and memory capabilities for multifunctional AC and DC industrial drive regulation and control, including the most critical position and motion control applications. The entire line of AutoMax products is designed to interconnect with multivendor remote I/O systems, networks, and interfaces, including performancematched Allen-Bradley and Reliance AC and DC motors and drives. As the newest addition to the AutoMax DCS product family, the PC3000 offers small- to medium-sized applications, unhappy with the rigidity of programmable logic controllers, an affordable, flexible, integrated control alternative.


· Supports wide range of Reliance and Allen-Bradley I/O devices for optimum versatility · Data exchange through PC ISA bus for MMI and OI applications · Multiple interfaces provide system accessibility for programming and testing applications: - Optional serial ports - DCS-NET - Backplane of PC · Two optional serial ports (standard with packaged version) offer inter-system connectivity


· AutoMax 7010-equivalent processor using Motorola 68040 ® CPU provides top-of-the-line performance · Deterministic network using master/slave protocol provides a 3 millisecond per drop update time and 875 kbaud throughput for synchronous control - Fifty-five slave drops - Drop number set in software - Compatible with the Reliance "3000" family of standard drives, including the GV3000 and FlexPak 3000 · Multi-tasking operating system allows you to subdivide programs into manageable tasks for optimum programming efficiency · Allen-Bradley remote I/O scanner offers connectivity to Allen-Bradley remote I/O products and 1336 AC drives, and third-party specialty items · 370K RAM application memory for powerful programming capabilities · Extensive diagnostics facilitate software-based troubleshooting · LED indications for DCS-NET and Allen-Bradley RIO status


AutoMax PC3000:

Integrated Drive System M In A Single PC Board

"PC-Integrated" Workstation Drive System Control

1336 AC drives

PanelViewTM operator interface terminals 1771 I/O (PLC-5®)

GV3000 AC drive



PC connection to EthernetTM and many standard factory-floor management systems

FlexPak 3000 DC drive


1791 I/O (BLOCK)

1746 I/O (SLC)

1794 FLEX I/O


· AutoMax V4 programming executive uses on line and off line graphical ladder editing for extended sequential logic control and diagnostics that take advantage of the Windows 95 operating environment, including the flexibility of a pointing device (mouse) · Three programming languages in a single package for optimum versatility: - Enhanced real-time BASIC for complex mathematical and logical operations - Full-featured ladder language with on line and off line editing that use the same user-friendly graphical displays and functions - Control block language using commonly understood terminology for creating industrialcontrol process loops · Modularity and symbolic programming for easy import, export, and readability · Processor-centric database provides access to data across programs for simplified programming · Downloadable operating system for easy upgradability


Designed specifically for smaller control applications, the AutoMax PC3000 realizes cost efficiencies by using a proven AutoMax design adapted for single processing applications that do not require distributed power. Like all AutoMax products, it is manufactured under ISO-9001 certification and conforms to UL/CSA and CE standards.

AutoMax PC3000 Specifications

The AutoMax PC3000 processor uses common hardware and software to help reduce interfacing requirements. Processor Board Model No. 57C560: · ISA interface (IBM PC standard) with full-size ISA card · AutoMax 7010-equivalent processor · DCS-NET interface · Allen-Bradley RIO master · LED displays - Card OK - System Fault - Network OK - RIO OK · Connectors - 9-pin D shell for network - 3-pin Phoenix for RIO · DCS-NET drop number set in software · Local bus interface to optional serial I/O card · 370K RAM application memory Optional Serial Board Model No. 57C565 (standard with packaged version): · Full-size ISA card · Two serial ports - RS232 programming/application port - RS232/RS422 application port (optional serial I/O card features local bus interface) · Two connectors - 9-pin D shell female - 25-pin D shell female Enclosure Model No. 57C570 (packaged version only): · Heavy-duty steel construction · One 49-CFM fan with air filter on front panel · Weight: 12.3 lb. (5.6 Kg) · Dimensions: - Width, 6.5" (166 mm) - Depth, 6.7" (170 mm) - Height, 15.5" (393 mm) · Six full-size ISA bus slots (four slots unused) · PS-150 power supply: - Output rating, 150 watts max. - Input voltage, 90-132 V or AC 180-264 V @ 47-63 Hz, autoranging AC · Safety: UL/CSA/TUV approved · EMI: FCC/VDE Class A · Environmental: CE compliant Software requirements: · AutoMax V4 programming executive · Windows 95

Worldwide Training, Service, And Support

Reliance Global Technical Services provides comprehensive training for AutoMax PC3000 and all Reliance products. For information on class availability and pricing, call 1-800-RELIANCE (1-800-735-4262). For information on the AutoMax DCS product family, call (800) 241-2886 or FAX (216) 646-5353. To obtain the latest information about Reliance products, services, career opportunities, and contacts worldwide, visit us on line at


This brochure is not intended to provide operating instructions. Appropriate Reliance Electric Industrial Company instruction manuals and precautions attached to apparatus should be read carefully prior to installation, operation, and/or maintenance of equipment.

©1996 by Reliance Electric Industrial Company Reliance®, AutoMax®, and FlexPak® are registered trademarks of Reliance Electric Industrial Company or its subsidiaries. IBM® is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. CERTIFIED WindowsTM is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Motorola 68040® is a trademark of Motorola Corporation. The Powered By Motorola name and logo are trademarks and Motorola and are registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. EthernetTM is a trademark of Intel Corporation, Xerox Corporation, and Digital Equipment Corporation. FLEX I/0TM and PanelViewTM are trademarks, and PLC-5® is a registered trademark, of Allen-Bradley Co.

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The AutoMax PC3000 Solution, Integrated Drive System Control

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